The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 Collection 0

"Joy to the world, Gelish and Morgan Taylor bring you the Little Miss Nutcracker 2017 Collection for the holiday season! Inspired by toy soldiers and nutcrackers, this collection brings holiday cheer to light with seven lively shades. From glistening silver metallic to a bold, red shimmer, each shade will bring cheer to your nails and heart throughout the festivities.  As an added Holiday bonus the collection features a limited edition silver special effect glitter than can be worn alone or as an overlay on top of any of the collection shades for an even more festive look! 

"We like to keep the color palette joyful and full of spirit for the holidays," says Danny Haile, CEO. "This collection was extra fun to create as we used an assortment of glitters and metallic finishes expressing that new toy shine look for your manicure.  We also wanted to make the shades even more over the top so we created a special glitter effect that should be paired with all of the collection colors." according to the official press release. 

The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 collection is comprised of the following shades-

You Crack me up: a glittery green. [bright green glitter]

Baby its Bold Outside: a navy blue cream. [navy blue cream]

Dreaming of Gleaming: a shimmering metallic silver. [silver metallic]

Silver in my Stocking: an irregular chunky shaped silver glitter in a clear base.  Can be used on its own with a few coats, or can be painted on top of any shade. [silver special effect]

Just tutu Much: a shimmering metallic gold. [gold metallic]

Plum- thing Magical: a shimmering purple plum. [royal purple shimmer]

Don’t toy with my Heart: a crimson red shimmer. [red shimmer]

     This is a super fun collection especially for the upcoming holiday season.  The collection plays with a lot of different textures and finishes- some glitter, some shimmer, some metallic, there is a bit of something for everyone.    

     I found all of the shades applied smoothly, evenly, and easily and didn't give me any trouble whatsoever.  Each color was fully opaque in two coats, except of course for Silver in my Stocking.

My personal favorite shades in this collection are: Baby its Bold Outside, and Silver in my Stocking.  They would also look beautiful layered together 😉

The Morgan Taylor lacquers are 0.5 fl oz (15 mL), and the Gelish MINI are 0.3 fl oz (9 mL).

 “The joy doesn’t stop there; get the entire collection in matching nail lacquer and gel polish shades! Pop open the toy box and get ready to play with the Little Miss Nutcracker 2017 Collection from Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor; at and For more info, please visit or