No-Blend Tips from Dashing Diva 0

I absolutely LOVE these No-Blend Tips from the wonderful folks at Dashing Diva.  I have worked with tips from multiple different brands in the past, but these are significantly superior.  For starters, I find them incredibly easy to work with.  They are very flexible, yet incredibly strong. The shapes are absolutely perfect, very little filing is required for the perfect fit on ones clients.  I personally love to use them for extensions to add length when I am doing gel manicures.

The No-Blend Tip comes in a few different varieties including natural, french, and glitter styles.  Pictured here are: Natural, White, and Glitter (white- an iridescent glitter embedded in a white nail tip).

Also featured above are 2 different brush on glue options:

Brush-on Glue: has a thin viscosity, and is very flexible, allowing for excellent adhesion.

Tailor Bond: has a thick viscosity, and is designed to be used with full cover nails. Has very minimal bubbles upon application.

For more information on these products, or to purchase, check them out at Dashing Diva’s website here: