inm Gelavish Northern Lights Collection!! 0

Brand spanking new, introduced for the first time ever at the ISSE Beauty trade show last weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center. This collection is comprised of 7 densely packed glitter gel polishes, that will allow you to never hand mix glitter again, saving tons of salon time. I could not recommend these enough! They are each so great and wonderful.

Red: a sparkling pure ruby red.

Mauve: a soft shimmering salmon pink.

Fuchsia: a fabulous fine fuchsia

Aquamarine: an aqua blue with micro green shimmer particles as well.

Silver: micro fine holographic silver. My personal favorite in the collection.  I’ve looked all over for the perfect holographic glitter gel, and I feel I have finally found it.

Gold: micro fine holographic gold. Has reflective green glitter particles in it that really help add dimension and sheen. Also one of my favorites in the collection.

Black: an opaque black gel, with multi colored glitter

(all swatches shown here were 2 coats, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp.)

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