CND Shellac Fall 2013 Forbidden Collection Review/Swatches 0

For the Fall 2013 season, CND has come out with 6 new shades that will have your fingers Falling into the winter season wit ease.

Steel Gaze: a multi-color, multi-faceted metallic pewter.  Falls more in the silver than gold side of the color spectrum.

Tinted Love: a rich opaque dark raspberry red

Dark Dahlia: an opaque blackened plum. Almost looks black, but is a very dark and deep purple.  Reminds me of OPI’s famed Lincoln Park After Dark.

Burnt Romance: a rich rusted brown tinged ruby red.

Night Glimmer: also a multi faceted metallic deep chocolate brown/ grey shimmer.

Blue Rapture: a dusty and muted Dodger blue.

All swatches are 2 coats, cured in a UV light for 1 minute.

To find out where to purchase these fabulous Fall shades or for further information, contact CND at: