AZATURE- the Diamond Collection 0

To  continue the positive energy from radiating diamonds, I would like to present some of the wonderful shades in AZATURE‘s diamond collection.

Each bottle of polish features a real black

diamond inside, and has a charming story printed on the back of the bottle regarding properties pertaining to the color.  They retail for $25 each

Azature Light Pink Diamond: a violet pink. (This shade is inspired by the pale pink diamond. Playful, youthful, and demure,this color calls to mind warmth, compassion and love).

Azature Light Lilac Diamond: a soft pungent purple.  (This shade is inspired by the light lilac diamond. Balancing the boldness of purple with the femininity of pink, the color of some of nature’s most gorgeous flowers).

Azature Silver Diamond: a metallic high shine silver. (This shade is inspired by silver, one of our most versatile metals.  The illuminating color reflects energy, light and offers an alluring shimmer).

Azature Light Blue Diamond: a gorgeous pale robin’s egg blue. (This shade is inspired by the light blue diamond.  The color brings with it the tranquility and calmness of the summer skies and seas).

Azature Ruby Diamond: a true classic bright red. (This shade is inspired by the ruby diamond. Ruby has long been linked to vitality, passion, and energy, and is also the birthstone for the month of July ).

All swatches shown here were 2 coats.

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