Artistic Colour Gloss Winter 2013 Collection 0

I recently had the privilege of trying out the latest Artistic Colour Gloss Winter 2013 Collection of micro fine glitter/shimmer gel polishes from Artistic Nail Design.  The colors in this 4 piece collection are all wonderful, and would be great to offer your clients.

Sinful: a shimmering cranberry holiday red.

Loyal: a shimmering denim blue shade.

Envied: a shimmering solid green shade.  Out of the 4 colors in this collection this was the only shade that was slightly problematic for me.  This shade did not apply as smoothly as the other shades did, and I had some issued with improper curing and shrinkage.  Perhaps I just got a faulty bottle.  Nonetheless, I am still a big fan of the color, and find it very pretty.

Desired: a shimmering purple magenta shade.

Each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp.

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