CND LED Lamp Review

CND LED Lamp Review 0

Hey guys!

Today I am excited to introduce you all to the latest in technology for gel lamps.  I know what you must be thinking what could be so great or different about a new lamp?, but leave it to the folks over at CND to come out with something revolutionary.  Introducing the CND LED Lamp featuring 3C Technology

"Cures all 5 fingers (or toes) in half the time, CND's 3C Technology optimizes light, energy, and time for maximum shine and long wear, uses optic mirrors to target exposure to the nail" according to the ad.

The machine is designed to work exclusively to cure CND Shellac and Brisa gels, however I have tried the machine out with many different brands of gels without having any issues.

Some of the features of this lamp that set it apart from its competitors:

- no bulb replacement ever!!

- acetone resistant, a major plus!!!!

- zero assembly is required

- its super quite

- very lightweight and portable

- it is very e.z. to use, and self explanatory with the labeled numbered step buttons- 1 ,2 , 3

- there are grooves for fingers/ toes to ensure proper placement

- highly compact and not bulky at all

- features a very cool and unique, almost "space like" design; by far the best looking and creative design for a lamp out on the market in my opinion.  

Also a major new bit of technology introduced with this lamp is the Pulse.  Pulse, or blink curing if you will, was developed exclusively by CND to help clients who feel heat when they first cure their gels.  If a client has a thin nail plate, they have a tendency to feel an exothermic reaction as the gel starts to cure, meaning their finger gets hot and the clients gets very uncomfortable.  In order to prevent this, CND's lamp pulses on and off for 10 seconds, specifically to prevent the spike in heat from occurring and to ensure a gradual yet complete cure.  

What do the different buttons on the machine represent?

1. This is for your base coat.  The lamp will pulse on & off for 10 seconds.

2B. For Brisa gel.  The lamp pulses for 10 seconds, and then stays on constant for a remaining 50 seconds.

2S. For Shellac.  The lamp illuminates for a constant 60 seconds.

3. For Top coat.  The lamp pulses for 10 seconds, and then stays on constant for the remaining 50 seconds.

I personally Love this machine and highly recommend it.  This the lamp I am presently using on all of my clients in my salon, and they too love it, and always think it looks super "cool".  

The only down side I have to mention, is it makes a beep when it's done curing.  Although it doesn't bother me or my clients, I was however doggy sitting recently, and whenever the machine beeped, the dog would bark and run to the front door.  I assume it's the pitch of the beep that made the dog crazy.  Needless to say, the sound shouldn't be a make or break in your decision to invest in the lamp.  I highly recommend it, and am sure even our little furry companions will learn to deal with the brief beep.

The lamp is out and available now for purchase.

For more information on CND, check them out online:





Dashing Diva- Get The Look

Dashing Diva- Get The Look 0

Of all the appliques Dashing Diva makes, the “Get the Look” all in one nail design kit is probably my most favorite.

Designed to be used on either fingers or toes, each Get the Look kit comes with 22 full appliques, in 11 sizes, with 83 accents.  Mix and match and get creative.  These kits are all about having fun and coming up with your own unique fabulous design.

At present, Dashing Diva offers 6 different designs in their Get the Look line.  Featured here are Mirage & Wild Belle

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase, check them out here:

Merricures x The Laser Girls- an Interview 0

Ever since I stumbled across the amazing technological feats of 3D Printed Nails created by NY based artists The Laser Girls, Sarah Awad & Dhemerae Ford, I knew I had to pick these girls brains. Check out my exclusive interview with The Laser Girls !
1) How did you two get together initially?
We met as student in NYU’s art department in a class about 3D printing.  From there, we were both hired at NYU’s Advanced Media Studio, the university’s 3D printing fabrication lab.  Although we had known and worked with each other for 2.5 years, it was not until August of 2013 when we actually collaborated on work
2) What’s your technical background?
 We are both trained artists who stared out as painters, but have grown into not just artists with well rounded skills, such as 3D modeling and drawing etc. but technicians and machine operators as well. 
3) How did you gals get started with this?
We were given an opportunity to participate in the first all-3D-printed art show in New York called “3D-Notion.”  Because we had both already shown our own work around at several other exhibitions, we thought it would be fun to collaborate on a project and show something new.  We created a mask for the show which we both loved, and since then we’ve been working together.  The nails formed out of that collaboration. 
4) What major problems did you face in the beginning?
Surprisingly, we didn’t really run into any major problems at the start which we both were very surprised by.  I would say the biggest problem was and still is figuring out the best way to apply them that both lasts long and won’t damage your nails (like normal nail glue does).  We’ve developed what we believe to be the best possible solution however we’re always looking out for better application practices.  Any problems we did face were mostly related to strict deadlines and the inability to produce our nails as rapidly as some people demanded. 
5) What inspires your designs?  
We both have very different interests (Dhemerae is into science fiction and machinery and Sarah is into flora and fauna) but somehow with this project, opposites blend together to create what we consider to be unique designs.
6) Where do you envision the future going with this?  
We hope to not only create more fantastical nails and push our designs to new levels, but also expand into jewelry, such as nail rings that we are currently prototyping!
For more on The Laser Girls check out their website:
And to purchase The Laser Girls magical creations, check them out here:
Light Caps by Cuccio!!

Light Caps by Cuccio!! 0

The folks of Cuccio have introduced a revolutionary new technology that is exclusive to them, an LED built in illuminated light cap.  This greatly helps with 2 main factors: 1) allows customers to properly see the true nail color, and 2) allows for nail technicians to perform a perfect manicure with ease; no more straining ones eyes or need to have a cumbersome desk lamp.

With a simple click on the cap, the light illuminates very brightly, and provides hundreds of hours of light without needed to change a battery or bulb.  Y

ou can purchase the LED Light Caps on their own, or chose from 100+ Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer shades and they will package the color with the light cap.

The colors I chose were:

Swept off your Feet in Sardinia: a creamy sheer porcelain pink.

Los Angeles Luscious: a shimmering peach nude with micro gold flecks.

Bologna Blush: a soft creamy rose blush.

Longing for London: a slightly smokey grayed lilac.

Dubai me an Island: a gorgeous rich khaki army green.

Grecian Sea: an ocean aqua blue green.

Playing in Playa del Carmen: a deep plum.

Brooklyn never Sleeps: a shimmering deep purple.

Belize in Me: a smokey dark gray with purple and brown undertones.

London Underground: a deep blackened midnight blue.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats).

For more information or to purchase go to: