Color Club Fiber Optics set swatches

Color Club Fiber Optics set swatches 0

Hi Everyone.  Today I have the latest limited edition mini set from Color Club, "Fiber Optics" to share with you.  

According to their press release, the kit includes "4 unique glitters that'll make heads turn."

The set contains four 0.25 fl oz bottles.

The Fiber Optics set includes:

Neon Static: a mix of neon pink, blue, white, black, and yellow glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Watt's Up: shiny silver glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Electric Spark: gilded yellow gold glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Wired: black and white glitter bar particles in a clear base.

(all swatches shown here are two coats.) 

In general I did not think I was going to like this collection at all.  I have come across similar "bar glitter polishes" in the recent past, with different companies calling them things like "feathered nails" or "fuzzy coat", but I just ignored them.  

These however, despite their diminutive size, pack a punch.  They remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting.  

I was particularly surprised as to how densely packed they were with glitter.  I got excellent coverage with even a single coat, and with two coats, I achieved complete coverage.  

I feel there's a few different ways you can wear or use these polishes as well. You could paint the entire nail, you could do a funky take on a French manicure, or you could do an interesting gradation fade.  Nonetheless, the artistic freedom is totally up to you. 

 I also found the removal to be very easy, which is always a major plus with glitters.

I believe the Fiber Optics set will retail for around $12.95, and should be available soon for purchase on Color Club's website.

For more information regarding Color Club, check out their website in the meantime:


Zoya Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014 Swatches & Review

Zoya Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014 Swatches & Review 0

Hi guys.  I hope everyone has has a great week.  It's been crazy hot here in Los Angeles, but it is finally starting to cool off. 

Today I've got the latest collection from Zoya to share with you: "Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014." 3 new beautiful red toned textured matte glitters that sparkle and shine.  

The Ultra PixieDust collection includes:

Oswin: a classic ruby red matte textured glitter.  

Arianna: a magenta red matte textured glitter.

Noir: a deep magenta purple matte textured glitter. My personal favorite of the three shades! 

(all swatches shown here are two coats. there was no base or top coat used, as suggested for maximum effect.)

Although I myself am not a huge fan of red polishes, I enjoyed this Ultra PixieDust collection.  If it were up to me, I personally would have also included some darker more vampy shades of red, especially because this collection was released for fall, but that's neither here nor there.  

Nonetheless, I am a big fan of Zoya's PixieDust collections as a whole.  I love the fact that you do not need to apply a base or top coat.  This saves so much time.  They also dry very quickly, which is a great thing.  No one likes to wait around endlessly for their polish to dry.  Lastly, I was amazed at how easily they removed.  Naturally I used "Zoya's Remove +" which is an excellent nail polish remover in general, but usually I have to struggle to remove glitter polishes.  These removed very easily after holding a cotton soaked in the solution over the nail for a couple of seconds, and then I gently rubbed from side to side, and voila! 

The Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014 collection comes in 0.5fl oz bottles, retails for $10 each, and is available now.

For more information on Zoya, or to purchase online, check them out here:


FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Swatches + Review

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Swatches + Review 0

I am very excited to introduce to my readers FACE Stockholm's Nail Polish Line.  These lovely lacquers come in a gorgeous variety of over 130+ shades and finishes, ranging from cremes, glitters, crackle top coats, to holographic.

According to the FACE Stockholm website: "Our exclusive three-free formula contains no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde and is available in a variety of long lasting hues. A full spectrum of sheer iridescence, deep color and glitter to take you from classic to cutting edge with just a few brush strokes."  They retail for $12 each.

And regarding their holographic lacquers: "A new dimension in nail color, this special effect polish offers high impact holographic shimmer.  Each shade captures the light to reveal a full spectrum of radiant, iridescent color combinations.  Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP-free." They retail for $16 each.

The shades I have swatched here include:

#33: a gorgeous deep jungle green.  

#72: a beautiful bright peacock blue.

#15: a multi-colored medium sized hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  

Aura: a lavender pink tinged holographic shade.

Athena: a silver holographic shade.  My personal favorite of the shades shown here!! 

(each color shown here is 2 coats, with a top coat.)

Overall I am very impressed with FACE Stockholm's line of nail polish.  The formula was great, and applied very smoothly, and provided full coverage in two coats, even with the glitter (#15).

I am personally swept away with the Holographic polishes in their line! Typically holographic polishes can be a major pain to work with, and require specific nail bed preparation, or a special base coat to make the holographic effect truly pop, but not these!  I have been searching for years now for the perfect holographic polishes, and at long last I have finally discovered the perfect ones.

I highly recommend my readers pick up some FACE Stockholm polish for themselves and give it a try, you wont regret it.

For more information on FACE Stockholm, or to purchase, check them out online at:


Introducing Kur + Lakur by Londontown

Introducing Kur + Lakur by Londontown 0

I am very excited to introduce my readers to Kur + Lakur by Londontown, a healthy natural nail oriented company.  I always love trying out new brands to see what they offer differently from their competitors.  

According to the company-  "Londontown is a luxurious and healthy nail treatment and color line that was created by Natasha Dillon after she noticed the negative effects the chemicals in UV gels had on her nails.  Natasha created kur, an innovative treatment system that strengthens and hydrates damaged nails and lakur, an enhanced formula nail colour line. Both kur and lakur are free of harsh chemicals and mysterious synthetics and both are infused with Londontown's innovative remedy of natural extracts and oils, including rapeseed flower oil, evening primrose and biotin. 

 In addition to being "5-free", lakur has been stripped of all other harmful toxic chemicals that deplete the nails of their natural nutrients causing them to weaken and dry and has been infused Londontown's uniquely formulated family remedy that adds nourishment and hydration to nails while wearing polish.  We have also done away with wheat and animal protein but preserved strength by enhancing lakur with vegetable protein, keeping Londontown vegan, gluten free and cruelty free."

The colours swatched here include:

Teatime: a creamy beige nude.

Foglifter: a dusty army green with brown undertones. I would say this definitely falls into the "greige" color  category.

Water in my Wellies: a grayed out teal with green undertones. 

Beau of the City: a royal blue jelly.  My personal favorite shade in this lineup.

To the Queen with Love: a dark smokey plum purple.

Pence by the Pound: a rich deep chocolate brown. 

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats) 

I found both of the Kur products (Nail Hardener & Protective Top Coat) complement the Lakur colour polish well.  According to Londontown you are supposed to use all of the products in conjunction with one another, to ensure a healthful manicure.  I wore Beau of the City on my nails for a week, along with the Nail Hardener as a base, and the Protective Top Coat, and I received countless complements.  

As a whole I really enjoyed trying out the products from Londontown.  I found the polishes painted on very smoothly, without encountering any problems.  I can't yet say whether or not my nails feel any stronger per say, however, there was zero visible damage done to my natural nails upon removing the product.  I would definitely advise you pick up some Londontown for yourselves and give it a try.

For more information on Londontown, or to purchase, check them out on their website here:


CND Additives- Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Swatches

CND Additives- Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Swatches 0

Introducing, brand new for Fall 2014, the CND Additives Modern Folklore Collection.  Five stunning new pure pigments to add nail art and creative designs to your client's manicures.  I LOVE CND's Additives, and this new collection definitely doesn't disappoint!

Included in the Modern Folklore Collection is:

Ornate Halo: a glistening gilded golden yellow.

Rose Notion: a sparkling shimmering rose magenta pink.

Crushed Suede: a micro iridescent pearlized magenta/blue.  My personal favorite in this collection! It is so stunning in person, it is hard to put into words.  

Jade Rekindled: a glowing emerald jade green.

Plush Velour: a matte velvet navy blue.  I think this particular pigment would look incredible with a matte top coat. 

(all swatches shown here are over a black Shellac gel polish). 

All in all, I absolutely Love the Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Additives Collection.  I think the colors are absolutely stunning, and are quite different from all the other pigment Additives CND has already created.  As per usual, this Fall set is limited edition so I highly recommend picking up yours fast before it's too late!

For more information on CND, or to purchase, check them out here:

Essie Summer 2014 Swatches- Haute in the Heat

Essie Summer 2014 Swatches- Haute in the Heat 0

Essie's latest collection for Summer 2014, is deemed "Haute in the Heat." Said to be "dedicated to the women [or men] who aren't afraid to take control and ruffle some feathers on her way to the top, this varied medley of shades is the perfect accessory to an unstoppable attitude." Comprised of 6 new shades, many of which are what I like to deem "One Coat Wonders", this collection serves as a nice departure from the conventional summer polish collections being released by other companies.

The new summer shades include:

Urban Jungle: a milky white with pale pale pink undertones.

Fierce, No Fear: a dark mud brown.

Roarrrrange: a true orange creme.

Strut your Stuff: a bright and bold aqua blue. A "One coat wonder". Applies very smoothly and opaquely in one coat, saving tons of time and product.  

Ruffles & Feathers: a teal with more green undertones than blue. A "One coat wonder".

Haute In The Heat: a deep red tinged magenta. Also a "One coat wonder".

(All swatches shown here are 2 coats, with a top coat.)

All in all I am quite pleased with this collection.  I think Essie chose their colors well, and didn't over due it with obnoxiously bright colors.  My personal favorites in this collection are: Urban Jungle and Ruffles & Feathers. 

For more information on Essie, check them out here:

Zoya- Naturel Collection

Zoya- Naturel Collection 0

The wonderful folks at Zoya have introduced a fabulous 6 piece rose tone nude collection called "Naturel". I personally love this collection for there is a color in it to complement Everyone’s unique skin tone, and also because who doesn’t adore and appreciate and amazing nude nail?! It elongates the finger naturally, and makes hands look beautiful and feminine.

The 6 hues in the Naturel collection include:

Chantal: a creamy peach nude.

Taylor: an opaque beige nude.

Rue: a beautiful blush with rose undertones.

Odette: a light aubergine/maroon shade.

Normani: a smokey gray purple.

Brigitte: a deep creamy dusty rose/mauve.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats for full opacity, and a top coat.

Each shade retails for $9.

For more information on Zoya, or to purchase:

CND Additives Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection

CND Additives Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection 0

As you all my now know I am a huge fan of CND’s Additives, and for summer 2014 they have introduced 5 brand spanking new limited edition shades that definitely set the summer sun ablaze. I personally love how creative one can truly be with the Additives, the possibilities are endless.

The “Paradise” collection of Additives includes not only the 5 new shades, but 2 awesome art implements- a Spatula for mixing (I personally love mine to custom mix glitters for gel manicures) and an Amazing Thumb Palette (which I Love and use all the time, and previously wrote a blog post on:

The 5 limited edition pigment shades in the Paradise collection are:

Tropic Sunrise: a sultry hot neon yellow.

Island Heat: a shimmering gold kissed hot orange.

Pink Lotus: a bright neon hot pink.

Midnight Tide: a metallic shimmering deep ocean blue.  My personal favorite in this collection!

Sizzling Sand: an iridescent sparkling white.

As per usual, this CND Additives kit is limited edition, so pick up yours fast before they’re all gone!

For more information on CND, check them out:

Zoya- Magical PixieDust Spring 2014

Zoya- Magical PixieDust Spring 2014 0

For Spring 2014, Zoya introduced a brand new beautiful line to their already popular PixieDust textured polishes, the Magical PixieDust collection.  What sets this collection apart from Zoya’s conventional matte textured glitter polishes, is these are infused with my personal favorite- large holographic glitter particles.  These bad boys sparkle and shine like no ones business, and I am a huge fan. The 3 shades in this initial collection include: Cosmo: a silver, with holographic glitter infused. My personal favorite in this collection.  I can’t get enough of this particular shade!! Vega: a light blue, with holographic glitter infused. Lux: a baby pink, with holographic glitter infused. (all swatches shown here were 2 coats for full opacity, and NO Base or Top coat, as recommended by Zoya.) Each shade retails for $10. For more information on Zoya, or to purchase, check them out here:

CND Vinylux- “Open Road Collection” Spring 2014

CND Vinylux- “Open Road Collection” Spring 2014 0

Introducing CND’s latest collection of week long wearing Vinylux polishes for Spring 2014 called the “Open Road Collection”.  The collection is comprised of 6 earthy and beautiful shades that are the perfect pedicure complement to the Shellac collection of the same shades, or for the customer who prefers polish as opposed to a gel manicure.

I love this collection and found the formula incredible.  All shades covered completely to full opacity in two coats, and there was zero streaking.

The collection includes:

Sage Scarf: a rich sage green.

Desert Poppy: a shimmering fiery orange coral.

Sun Bleached: a pale buttery yellow

Clay Canyon: an earth toned dark dusty rose.

Powder My Nose: a very clean milky nude.

Mint Convertible: a mint green colored apple.

(All swatches shown here are 2 coats, and are sealed with a top coat).

For more information on CND and their Vinylux line of polishes, check them out here:

MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer- Top Coats

MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer- Top Coats 0

As if I wasn’t already well enamored with MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer‘s purely pigmented polishes, they had to come out with comparably amazing top coats, infused with precious metals.

Packaged in the same incredible black boxes, housed inside hand cut Austrian crystal, sits these luxurious lacquers that can be worn alone, or a top a favorite shade.

As with their lacquer shades, it is recommended you apply only 1 coat.

In order to properly showcase the magic of each of these shades, I have swatched them both alone, and over a black base.

White Gold Leaf Top Coat: bright white gold flakes in a clear base.  Even with just one coat, this covered substantially better than other gold leaf top coats I have tried from other brands.  Retails for $125.

Fine Silver Shimmer Top Coat: a micro fine silver shimmer. When layered a top another shade, adds tremendous depth and brilliance.  Formulated with pure crystalline fine silver (.999).  Retails for $100.

Gold Shimmer Top Coat: a gorgeous glistening gold.  My personal favorite in this bunch.  When I applied it over a black base, the result was remarkable- a unique antiqued green gold shade pictured above.  Retails for $250.

Much like their accompanying pigmented shades, I highly recommend MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that finicky individual you don’t know what to buy, stress no more.

For more information, or to purchase, check out MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer here: 

Unboxing MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer

Unboxing MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer 0

I recently had the privilege of unboxing and playing with the worlds first and only luxury nail lacquer- MINE.  I know what you might be thinking, this seems silly for nail polish, but I stand corrected, and so will you.

From conception to packaging the attention to detail is insane amazing.  Conceived by jeweler and artist, Veleta Vancza, a pioneer in the industry unto herself; each polish comes wrapped by hand in a custom black wrapped box that is sealed by hand with a wax stamp; very old school prim and proper.

Once opened, the magic continues to reveal an incredible hand cut Austrian crystal bottle epitomizing the utmost of luxury.  Even the bristles of the polish brush are completely custom and and are comprised of natural hair.  To protect the bottle, each shade comes with a black satin jewelry pouch, perfect for travel, or when you take your bottle to your manicurist.  Also included inside are two 24K Gold and 12K White Gold nail decals of the brands logo.

The polish itself is a force to be reckoned with.  This is not your ordinary high end department store brand of polish.  Hand poured, 5-free, richly and purely pigmented using only raw minerals, each shade require solely 1 coat (which is unheard of in the nail industry).  Upon reading this in the instructions I myself was highly skeptical, but was proven wrong very quickly.

Yes luxury is not without a high price.  MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer retails for $100-$500 depending on the valuable materials used, 24K Gold should be costly.  However, this is for the individual who truly wants to relish in all of the finest luxuries life has to offer.

The three sumptuous shades I reviewed include:

Fine Silver Lacquer: a pretty pale metallic silver.  Formula was non streaky, and very smooth and easy to use.  This shade is made with pure silver .999 !! Retails for $175.

Pewter Lacquer: a gorgeous green hued light gray.  This color is made with lead- free Pewter, and dries to a beautifully understated matte finish.  If you desire a glossy sheen, you can apply top coat, or take a more natural approach, and use a burnishing buffer as the company recommends, to reveal a metallic sparkle. Retails for $125.

Graphite Lacquer: a glistening dark gunmetal. The darkest of the 3 shades, I was in shock when I saw how opaque and prefect the coverage was in a single coat. Retails for $100.

(All swatches shown here were just 1 coat, as recommended).

All in all I am very impressed and am definitely a fan of MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer, and would recommend it to nail enthusiasts who appreciate luxury, or even to give it as a gift to loved ones; it’s already wrapped.  The presentation of the product is impeccable, and would proudly sit atop the most beautiful of vanities in ones home, or mansion, or apartment even.

For more information on MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer, or to purchase, check them out at:

Need not Fear, Essie Gel is here!!

Need not Fear, Essie Gel is here!! 0

At long last Essie has come out with a line of LED gel polishes to match their incredibly popular lacquer line. Presently, there are 36 colors in the line, but I can almost guarantee there will be many more in the near future.

No longer will customers come into your salon and say “Give me a gel manicure that looks like “Mint Candy Apple.” And then you have to go struggle to find something that closely resembles it.  Problem is finally solved.

I’ve italicized the nail polish equivalent for each gel shade mentioned below.

Dance Class: a pale semi- sheer beige nude. (Ballet Slippers)

Members Only: a shimmering pink beige. (Tea & Crumpets)

Well Collected: a creamy rose. (Eternal Optimist)

Net Worth: a bright aqua turquoise. (Where’s my Chauffeur)

Break a Sweat: a shimmering deep purple. (Sexy Divide)

Decadent & Devine: a shimmering deep dark chocolate brown.(Decadent Diva)

Life Partner: a deep dark burgundy. (Sole Mate)

Leather on Top: jet black. (Licorice)

All swatches shown here were 2 coats, cured each in an LED light for 30 seconds.

For more information on essie, check them out here:

Essie- Resort Fling, Resort 2014 Collection Swatches!

Essie- Resort Fling, Resort 2014 Collection Swatches! 0

Essie recently came out with a 4 piece collection for Resort 2014.  Every year Essie’s resort collection tends to be a personal favorite of mine; the colors are usually so gorgeous.  This year was no exception 🙂

Find me an Oasis: a super light blue. My personal favorite in this collection!

Resort Fling: a creamy coral peach.

Cocktails & Coconuts: a khaki beige with very fine micro subtle shimmer.

Under the Twilight: a deep dark midnight purple, almost black. What I like to call a “1 coat Wonder,” meaning you can get full coverage and opacity with a single coat of this shade.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats.

For more information on Essie, or to purchase, check them out here:

Formula X – Swatches Pt. 2! 0

Here are some more shades I recently played around with from the Formula X line sold exclusively at Sephora.

The polishes were all highly pigmented and covered well in 2 smooth coats.

Again, not to brag or suggest anyone try this, but over the years I have accidentally dropped and broken many a nail polish bottle, but these seem to be indestructible!  My butter-hands were extra slippery for whatever reason, and I managed to drop these a few times accidentally onto my hard wood floors, and they remained perfectly in tact. .

Infamous: a metallic shade shifting (dual chrome) deep purple/ teal. Part of the Shifters collection.

Dynamic: a creamy beige taupe. Part of the Spring 2014- The Cut collection.

Inspiring: a shimmering turquoise blue. Also part of the Spring 2014- The Cut collection.

Need 4 Speed: a highly metallic, almost foil like, shiny silver.  looks like liquid metal.  Part of the Chromes collection.  

Astonishing: a matte textured deep purple. Do not use with a topcoat, as shown here, to maintain matte gritty texture. Part of the Celestials collection.

Glitter Rocket: a matte textured light lilac. As shown here, no top coat was used.  Also part of the Celestials collection.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats for full coverage.

To find out more about Formula X, or to purchase, check it out at: