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GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit- Summer 2014

GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit- Summer 2014 0

I am very excited to introduce to my fellow readers the latest gel polish kit from ANS (Alfalfa Nail Supply)- the GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit for Summer 2014. This is hands down the most comprehensive and complete gel polish kit I have ever seen on the market place!  If you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with gel, or if your collection can use some bright popping neon colors, than search no further, this is the kit for you!

 The amazing GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit literally contains everything you will need to perform a perfect sumptuous summer gel manicure from start to finish.  Inside the kit, you receive:

-2 bottles of Geluv Pro Coat (which serves as both your base and top coat. Also it cures in LED light in a record 10 seconds!! or 30 seconds in traditional UV lamps.)

- 10 shades of Geluv Gel Polish 

- 10 GelOff soak off clips (I personally LOVE these! They make soak off removal so easy, and not having to cut and fuss with aluminum foil ever again, these save me so much time!)

- 8oz Cleanser (Alcohol based)

- 8oz Remover (Acetone based)

- a French Gel Brush (for doing art/detail work, or for those who prefer to apply their gel polish in a more traditional paint- on application method).

- 5 Nail Files

- 5 Buffers

- 50 Wood Sticks

- 250 Lint Free Wipes

- a wheel of Neon Studs for Nail Art


The 10 GELUV Gel Polish shades included in the kit are:


- Deep Thoughts: the perfect quintessential black.

- Porcelain White: ideal bright white.  It can be used on it's own, or as a base to make the neon colors really pop to the extreme.

- Tupi Tupi Too: a bright hot firey apple red.

- Lipstick On His Collar: a hot magenta pink.

- Tetra-Cana: A stop traffic bright orange. 

- Tweet-This: a neon bright Highlighter yellow. One of my personal favorites in the collection.

- Mojito- Rita: a neon lime green with yellow undertones.  Also one of my favorite in the collection.

- Lucky Me: a bright grass green.

- Macaw-Ling Zoo: a beautiful bright sea ocean blue.

- Leggo My Eggplant: a pretty purple with a punch.

 (all of the colors shown swatched here, except for Deep Thoughts & Porcelain White, I layered over a base of Porcelain White in order to make the neon colors truly pop.)

All in all I am very pleased and impressed with this latest kit from GELUV.  Not only did I find the gel polishes of fantastic quality, but they were also very easy to work with.  I am so in love with the Pro Coat that cures in LED in just 10 seconds! That saves me so much time when performing manicures.  Most importantly, I can not get over the incredible value of this kit!  At only $149 this kit truly has Everything you need! I highly highly recommend it!

For more information on GELUV, or to purchase, check them out here:

Essie- Neon Too Taboo Swatches

Essie- Neon Too Taboo Swatches 0

Introducing Essie's latest collection "Neon 2014".  Comprised of 6 new bright fun colors, these will definitely get one in the mood for warm summer weather that's upon us.  Unlike conventional neon polishes, these do not require a white base coat;  they pop beautifully on their own!  According to the folks at Essie, they "added white pigments... for better reflection and a bright opacity.  Because the neon pigments dry matte, be sure to finish the look with a top coat to add shine."

The collection includes:

Too Taboo: a bright fuchsia.

Chills & Thrills: a cobalt blue with purple undertones.

I'm Addicted: a bright aqua blue.

Vices Versa: a neon lime green.

Serial Shopper: a bright traffic cone orange, with coral undertones. 

Sittin' Pretty: a bright lavender.  Reminds me a lot of Essie's "Play Date".

All swatches shown here are 2 coats for full opacity with a top coat.

Overall I am quite pleased with this collection.  The formula was really great, with zero streaking, and a smooth and easy application. I really appreciate that the colors are so vivid, and highly pigmented.  My personal favorites are: I'm Addicted, Serial Shopper, and Vices Versa.  

For more inforamtion on Essie, or to purchase, check them out here:

Zoya MagicalPixie 2.0 – Summer 2014

Zoya MagicalPixie 2.0 – Summer 2014 0

in addition to the "Tickled & Bubbly" collections, Zoya has also introduced a brand new line of their highly popular matte glitter  MagicalPixies for Summer 2014, deemed- "2.0". Although the collection is small, only 3 shades, it does pack quite a punch!

- Bar: a sandy nude beige with holographic silver glitter.

- Ginni: a Barbie pink with holographic silver glitter.

- Arlo: a purple/pink magenta with holographic silver glitter.

Like all MagicalPixies, these do not require a base or a top coat, and covered completely and beautifully in 2 coats.  My personal favorite of the 3 is Bar, it's beyond stunning!! 

For more information on Zoya, or to purchase, check them out here:



Zoya “Tickled & Bubbly” Collections- Summer 2014

Zoya “Tickled & Bubbly” Collections- Summer 2014 0

The folks at Zoya have introduced a few new polish collections for summer 2014, 3 to be exact.  The first collections up for review are the "Tickled" & "Bubbly" collections, both creams and glittery metallics to pacify even the pickiest of polish lovers.

Tickled- is comprised of 6 opaque cream colors with a summer flare.

- Rocha: a bright coral-y red.

- Wendy: a dark pink with red undertones.

- Kitridge: a bright bubble gum pink.

- Rooney: a hot magenta pink.

- Ling: a deep dusty blue.

- Tilda: a grass green.

The formula was quite excellent on all of these, each covered beautifully in 2 thin coats.  My personal favorites are Rocha & Wendy.

Bubbly- is made up on 6 semi- sheer glittery metallic shades that can be used either on their own, or to complement the colors in the Tickled collection.

- Alma: a golden yellow glittery shimmer with small silver glitter flecks.

- Jesy: a tangerine orange glittery shimmer with small silver glitter flecks.

- Harper: a bright pink glittery shimmer with small silver glitter flecks.

- Binx: a darker magenta pink glittery shimmer with small silver glitter flecks.

- Muse: an ocean blue glittery shimmer with small green glitter flecks.

- Stassi: a summery light green glittery shimmer with small silver glitter flecks.

Because these are a bit sheer, they required 3 coats for full opacity.  They do however build up quite nicely.  My 3 favorites include: Alma, Binx, & Muse.

For more information on these Zoya products, or to purchase, check them out here:


CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014

CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014 0

For Summer 2014, the creative minds at CND have concocted a beautiful array of Shellac hues perfect to embrace those scorching sunny summer days.  According to co-founder Jan Arnold, "lush tropical hues capture the beauty of a faraway island... the exotic exploration of bold gorgeous colors transports you to a world of fantasy and hedonism." 

This exotic and bright 6 piece collection includes:

Electric Orange: a bright creamy summer orange.  This is a majorly hot on trend color for the summer season!!

Cerulean Sea: a bright cerulean aqua blue.

Tango Passsion: a shimmering magenta purple.

Sultry Sunset: a bright and shiny magenta pink, with purple undertones.

Bicycle Yellow: a sunshine yellow.

Lush Tropics: a bright green. This shade totally brings me back to the 90's and I Love it!!

(Each shades is 2 coats, cured each for 2 mins in a UV light).

For more information on CND or Shellac, check them out here:


CND Vinylux- Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection

CND Vinylux- Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection 0


I would describe CND’s latest summer 2014 "Paradise" Collection as Bold, bright & beautiful.  The 7 day wearing, chip free, fast drying Vinylux line created by the master minds at CND, have done it again with yet another fabulous collection.

What I love most about the Vinylux collection, besides the week long wear, is the no need for a base coat, saving tons of time when performing manicures, and saving on unnecessary product, it’s a win win.

The Paradise Collection includes:

Sultry Sunset: a metallic shimmering magenta.

Cerulean Sea:a creamy aqua blue.

Bicycle Yellow: a shimmering streak-free sunny yellow.  Usually I find yellows difficult to work with, but this was smooth sailing, streak free, and a pleasure to paint with.

Lush Tropics: a bright green. Reminds me of my childhood in the 90’s.

Tango Passion:a shimmering pink purple.

Electric Orange: a bright creamy orange.

(each shade shown here was 2 coats for full opacity, with the Vinylux weekly Top Coat.)

For more information on CND and their products, check them out here: