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Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ME Spring 2016 Outburst Collection Review

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ME Spring 2016 Outburst Collection Review 0

"Evoking a sense of renewal by energizing the season's most exuberant colors, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals' new 'ME' Spring 2016 Outburst Collection features an exciting palette, ranging from soft hues to bright statements. 

"We want to provide our clients with an avenue to express their individuality and personal style," explained Jodi Lavian, Dermelect Co-Founder.

Featuring four unmistakably unique shades, the collection is fresh, on-trend and vibrant.  Dermelect's new lacquers create a covetable, long-lasting manicure, as all four colors boast richly pigmented formulas with Dermelect's signature keratin protein peptide that works to strengthen nails and extend the life of the manicure.

Celebrity Nail Tech Elle personally mixed the formula to incorporate vivid tones married with shimmer and metallic accents to provide an abstract, unexpected quality.

"We're inspired by Outburst- these shades command attention! Through these stunning colors, Outburst lets you stand out and be heard, to express yourself and your personality...Dermelect's twist on traditional, more muted colors of spring brought out four bold, new hues that are on trend, elegant and in charge," according to the official press release.  

The Spring 2016 Outburst Collection consists of the following shades-

Impromptu: a shimmering dusty rose pink with lavender undertones.

Explosive: a bright coral cream. 

Unscripted: a lilac cream. A 1 Coat Wonder!! 

Frenzy: a metallic aqua blue.

(all swatches shown here are two full coats, taken outdoors in natural light). 

Talk about a fun, bold, bright collection for Spring; this is what I'm talking about people 😉  I have come across a few Spring collections as of recent that didn't really make sense to me. This however makes total sense. 

I found the formulation to be great.  I didn't experience any issues with the colors, including the metallic Frenzy.  Typically metallic shades of this nature can be very streaky, but not this one. 

I also found most of the colors to be very well pigmented.  

It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I would have to say Frenzy and Impromptu.

Dermelect's 'ME' Spring 2016 Outbrust Collection retails for $14 each and as a set for $29. The bottles are 0.4 fl oz (11 mL).

For more info or to purchase online, check out: http://dermelect.com/


CND Spring 2016 Art Vandal Collection Review

CND Spring 2016 Art Vandal Collection Review 0

"Spring 2016 will reinterpret the classics for a new masterpiece of self-expression. Leave your mark with originality, irreverence, and expressiveness with the new Art Vandal collection from CND.

“This season, bright strokes of color disrupt the familiar as art is redesigned and repurposed,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “Nails will be shaped into short, soft, squared canvases that evoke extraordinary color while articulating exquisitely abstract pattern and design. The ultimate Art Vandal is simply complex with organized clutter.” according to the official press release. 

I've got all three parts of the Art Vandal Collection to share with you all.  

First up, the Shellac shades-

Mauve Maverick: a soft pink peony cream.

Art Basil: a bright green that has slight teal undertones.  Has a subtle gold shimmer running through it.

Untitled Bronze: a glistening rosey coppery bronze.

Magenta Mischief: a deep shimmering magenta, that has slight purple undertones.

Digi-teal: a bold bright blue cream. Almost an aqua blue.

Future Fuchsia: a neon Barbie pink with shimmer running through it.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

Shellac retails for $15.95 per 7.3 mL (.25 fl oz) bottle.

With regards to Vinylux, most of the shades are the same color as the Shellac counterparts, except for the following which are exclusively Vinylux-

Irreverent Rose: a rich dusty rose pink cream.

Tutti Frutti: a neon Barbie pink with shimmer running through it.  This I believe is the lacquer version of Shellac: Future Fuchsia. They are very similar colors, if not identical.

Sienna Scribble: a creamy pearlized golden beige.  A rather difficult color to describe, but gorgeous nonetheless. 

(the swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

Vinylux retails for $10.50 per 15 mL (.5 fl oz) bottle.

And last but not least, the Additives collection-

Exhibition (glitter): a glistening fine almost white glitter.  Over white it looks like magical snow.  Over black it has a chunky gunmetal glitter appearance.   

Twinkle Pink (glitter): a glistening bright pink glitter.  Over white it retains its bright bold pinkness, but when applied over black, it becomes a shimmering blue/purple glitter.

Confetti Kiss (glitter): a chunky matte white hexagonal glitter.  Pretty straight forward on this one.

Cobalt Crush (pigment effect): a fine blue/purple shimmer powder.  Over white its a beautiful purple/blue.  When applied over black, it becomes a glistening deep purple.

Lavender Whispers (pigment effect): an iridescent light lavender pigment powder.  When applied over white it maintains it's proper color, but when applied over black it becomes like a gorgeous green/gray shimmering shade.

(for the Additives, I showed how they would look on both white and black shades as a base).

The Additives collection retails for $29.75 for the set. 

This is a super fun collection.  I absolutely Love the names.  To me these are some of the most creative/ tongue-and-cheek names CND has come out with yet! 

These are gorgeous shades to help us all transition into the new warmer weather.  Bold, bright, flirty colors reign supreme for sure.  There are a few different finishes too which I enjoy, ranging from solid creams to iridescent shimmers.

As far as the formulas are concerned I didn't experience any issues whatsoever.  I found both the Shellac and Vinylux to be very well pigmented, providing complete coverage in two coats. 

If I had to pick favorites, they'd include: Future Fuchsia, Art Basil, Untitled Bronze, and Sienna Scrible.

For more information on CND, check them out online: http://cnd.com/

Morgan Taylor Botanical Awakenings Spring 2016 Collection Review

Morgan Taylor Botanical Awakenings Spring 2016 Collection Review 0

"Spring into the season with fresh fingertips! Introducing a breathtaking arrangement of six stunning shades for Morgan Taylor’s Spring 2016 collection, Botanical Awakenings. With a lively, light coral, classic taupe, radiant hot red and more, this bouquet of pink shades is budding with personality fit for any flower child.

“We were inspired by soft pinks, rich reds and creamy neutrals for this romantic and sophisticated collection,” says CEO and Founder of Morgan Taylor, Danny Haile. “Each shade is reminiscent of a budding and chic garden. From irresistible, whimsical pinks to warm crème shades, every polish is the perfect spring accessory.”

The Botanical Awakenings Collection is comprised of the following colors-

Rose-y Cheeks: a bright and bold pink with a subtle iridescent shimmer running through it. [Bubblegum pink pearl]

I Or-chid You Not: a greige (grey/beige) cream.  [Dark taupe crème]

Warm Up the Car-nation: a bright raspberry magenta shimmer. Highly pigmented. [Bright magenta pearl]

Don’t Pansy Around: a hot pink magenta cream. Highly pigmented.  [Hot pink crème]

What’s Your Poinsettia?: a dark cranberry red shimmer. Also highly pigmented [Crimson red pearl]

Prim-rose and Proper: a light creamy nude. [Light taupe crème]

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

I think this is a beautiful collection to welcome the coming spring season.  The colors are all definitely wearable, and I really like the fact they're inspired by flowers, which couldn't be more apropos for Spring! 😉

I was most impressed by the formula.  A lot of the shades, about half of them, were very highly pigmented and provided excellent coverage in even a single coat.  I love a well pigmented polish.

I found the shades all painted on smoothly and evenly, without causing any brush strokes or issues of any kind.

My personal favorites from the collection include: Rose-y Cheeks, I Or-chid You Not, and Prim-rose and Proper.

The Botanical Awakenings Collection will be available for a limited time at select salons nationwide and at MorganTaylorLacquer.com. The suggested retail price for the lacquers are $8.50 each.