Deborah Lippmann Summer 2015 Collection: Painted Desert Review

Deborah Lippmann Summer 2015 Collection: Painted Desert Review 0

"Deborah Lippmann Summer 2015 Collection: Painted Desert. Wild. Blazing. Boundless. (Limited Edition) 

This summer, travel with deborah lippmann on an exotic journey deep into the Sahara where the sun blazes, the sky glows and the sand swelters.  This collection of four full coverage nail lacquers is your ticket to explore the vast, arid terrain.  Each shade reflects the desert's remarkable beauty and rich, earthy landscape.

Get lost in a desert paradise with these new full coverage neutral shades: Shifting Sands, a light khaki previewed at Eva Fehren, Terra Nova, a warm camel previewed at Narciso Rodriguez, Desert Moon, a pebble gray and Love In the Dunes, a purple mauve" according to the press release. 

The Painted Desert Summer 2015 Collection includes:

Shifting Sands: a creamy beige nude. Shifting Sands song by Caedmon's Call. [light khaki creme]

Love in the Dunes: a dusty medium purple mauve creme with gray undertones. a 1 Coat Wonder!! Smooth, easy, perfect application in a single coat!! Love in the Dunes song by Elliot Goldenthal. [purple mauve creme]

Terra Nova: a dusty cappuccino brown creme with slight mustard undertones. Terra Nova song by James Taylor & Carly Simon. [warm camel creme]

Desert Moon: a deep medium gray creme, with sage green undertones. Also a 1 Coat Wonder!! Desert Moon song by Dennis DeYoung. [pebble gray creme]

(all swatches shown here are two coats, taken outdoors in natural light.)

 I am so beyond obsessed and in love with this collection.  It is such a pleasant departure from typical bright neon color palettes you see for summer collections.  This color palette to me represents what Deborah does best- understated elegance.  The formulas were a dream come true to work with, going on very smoothly and evenly, with some of the shades were even One Coat Wonders!! Apparently this collection is Limited Edition, so I highly recommend you pick it up before its too late.

The Painted Desert collection will be available in May, retailing for $18 each online at, and at Barneys, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Sephora stores nationwide.

For more info on Deborah Lippmann, check her out online:

Deborah Lippmann- Bold Glitters

Deborah Lippmann- Bold Glitters 0

Back by very popular demand, Deborah Lippmann has re-introduced 2 fabulous glitter polishes to her permanent collection.

The shades initially came out in miniature bottles as a gift set sold exclusively at particular department stores, but due to high demand, and after swatching them, I too understand why they are back and here to stay.

The 2 new glitter shades are:

Just Dance: a sparkling bright aqua blue glitter.

Flash Dance: a sparkling glimmering purple with fuchsia glitter.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats & a top coat.  

I personally have never come across such Fantastic glitter polishes.  Usually glitter polishes are very sparse, and require multiple coats to build up the color for full opacity.  Not these! In 2 coats the color is completely solid! I have Just Dance on my toes right now, and I can't even begin to tell you the amount of compliments I have received in the last couple of days alone! (and I haven't even made it to a beach or pool yet ^-^).  I can't choose a favorite out of these two because I love them both so much, and recommend you pick them both up, for they're an excellent addition to any ones collection.

For more information on Deborah Lippmann, or to purchase, check out:





Deborah Lippmann: “80’s Rewind” Summer 2014 Swatches

Deborah Lippmann: “80’s Rewind” Summer 2014 Swatches 0

For summer 2014, Deborah Lippmann has introduced six fabulous brightly colored retro shades that are inspired by the 80's.  I'm a product of the 80's, born in '85, so I have a personal connection to this glam collection. And as per usual, each shade takes it's name from a hit pop/rock song from the era.  

The collection includes:

Walking on Sunshine: a bright sunny yellow creme. This is an Excellent yellow! Usually yellow polishes are very streaky, and need to be applied in 3 thin coats.  Not this one! 🙂

Whip It: a strong rich pink.

Don't Stop Believin': a perfect cross between red and orange.

Video Killed the Radio Star: a vivid true blue.

She Drives Me Crazy: a teal with green undertones.

Maniac: a popping purple. 

All swatches shown here are 2 coats with a top coat.

I found the formula of all the colors in the collection to be great.  They all painted very smoothly and easily.  I love creme polishes, and can never get enough of them.  My personal favorites include: She Drives Me Crazy, Whip It, & Video Killed the Radio Star. 

The 80's Rewind Collection is out now for a limited time, and can be purchased online at:

Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer

Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer 0

I am proud to introduce to my readers- Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer by Marc Jacobs.

The famed American Fashion House came out with a cosmetics line last summer, and it's been making quite the splash.

Each nail lacquer comes beautifully packaged in a small cardboard box, typical of most high end cosmetics. The bottles are highly unique, and come in a sideways ovular shape, which is said to be reminiscent of a smile. There is also a removable domed lid atop each bottle.   The polish itself is 0.43 fl oz (13ml), is made in the UK, & retails for $18 a bottle, and at the moment comes in approximately 25 shades inspired by Marc Jacobs latest fashion collections.  They are sold exclusively at Marc Jacobs boutiques, online, and at Sephora stores.

The colors displayed and swatched here include:

OUI!: a metallic high shine magenta.  I usually find metallic polishes to be very streaky in formula, but this one was so smooth and delightful to work with.  As evident in the pics, there are absolutely NO brush strokes or streaks in the swatch.

SNAP!: a bright traffic cone orange. One of the hottest and most in demand nail colors for this summer season.

ULTRAVIOLET: a deep bright violet purple.

LUX: a true chartreuse yellow cream.  My personal favorite color out of these four reviewed.  Also, chartreuse tends to be a very difficult color to come by in the nail polish world, so if you've been searching for one high and low, no need to look any further!

(each swatch shown here was 2 coats for full opacity, and a top coat).

Whether you own a salon, are passionate about painting your own nails, or are a huge fashionista,  I highly recommend you check out Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquers for yourself.  The formula is quite excellent, very smooth application, and easy to control, and the bottles are so unique and beautiful, and will definitely stand out and impress others in your polish collection.

For more information or to purchase, check Marc Jacobs cosmetics out here, :

Formula X – Swatches Pt. 2! 0

Here are some more shades I recently played around with from the Formula X line sold exclusively at Sephora.

The polishes were all highly pigmented and covered well in 2 smooth coats.

Again, not to brag or suggest anyone try this, but over the years I have accidentally dropped and broken many a nail polish bottle, but these seem to be indestructible!  My butter-hands were extra slippery for whatever reason, and I managed to drop these a few times accidentally onto my hard wood floors, and they remained perfectly in tact. .

Infamous: a metallic shade shifting (dual chrome) deep purple/ teal. Part of the Shifters collection.

Dynamic: a creamy beige taupe. Part of the Spring 2014- The Cut collection.

Inspiring: a shimmering turquoise blue. Also part of the Spring 2014- The Cut collection.

Need 4 Speed: a highly metallic, almost foil like, shiny silver.  looks like liquid metal.  Part of the Chromes collection.  

Astonishing: a matte textured deep purple. Do not use with a topcoat, as shown here, to maintain matte gritty texture. Part of the Celestials collection.

Glitter Rocket: a matte textured light lilac. As shown here, no top coat was used.  Also part of the Celestials collection.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats for full coverage.

To find out more about Formula X, or to purchase, check it out at:

Formula X- Swatches!

Formula X- Swatches! 0

I recently got to play around with the newly launched Formula X line sold exclusively at Sephora.  I really liked how highly pigmented and smooth the colors all were, and very easy to work with.  Not that I typically mention this in a product review, but the glass the bottles are housed in are virtually indestructible; I mistakenly dropped the bottles multiple times from high up on accident onto my hard wood floors, and not even as much as a scratch appeared on the bottles.  I’m not saying one should try doing this at home, but it is nice to know how durable the packaging is.

Fluorescent: a sparkling and shimmering lime green. Took 3 coats to become fully opaque.  Part of the Liquid Crystals collection.

Wavelength: a shimmering 90’s bright pink.  Also took 3 coats to become fully opaque, and is part of the Liquid Crystals collection.

Cloud 9: a semi sheer porcelain white. Part of the Translucents collection.

Chaotic: is a black and white opaque glitter splatter top coat.  This can be used on its own, or over another base color. Part of the Xplosives Top Coat collection.  

Flashy: a slightly sheer jelly bright ruby red. Part of the New Classics collection.

Ignite: a deep dark rich blood red. Also part of the New Classics collection.

Unless stated otherwise, all swatches shown here are 2 coats for full coverage.

To find out more about Formula X, or to purchase, check it out at:

Formula X- The System

Formula X- The System 0

The fabulous folks of Sephora have completely scraped their old nail line endeavors, and have come out with the exclusive Formula X line.  The line has launched with various nail lacquer shades, and this Great customizeable kit called The System.

The System is a 4-piece totally customizeable manicure kit to provide you with the perfect long lasting at home manicure in 4 easy to follow steps. The System retails for $32, but is a $44 value if sold separately.

You can chose whatever Formula X lacquer you like from the entire line.  For the review purposes here, I have chosen Alive, a pretty peach pink from Sephora’s latest Spring 2014 collection.

Step 1) CLEANSE- Nail Cleanser: a wonderful cleanser that removes any residue or remaining product from your nails, prior to applying the base coat.

Step 2) Base Coat: a slightly red tinged base coat that provides from maximum polish adhesion.

Step 3) Polish- Alive: I chose this gorgeous peachy pink shade from The Cut Spring 2014 collection. I applied 2 thin coats.

Step 4) Top Coat: the final step in creating the perfect manicure.  I found this top coat to be both incredibly shiny, and dried relatively quickly.

I couldn’t recommend The System enough.  It also makes a wonderful gift for friends, family members, or even teachers.

For more information, or to purchase, check out Formula X and it’s entire line exclusively at Sephora