Belava Foot Heater/Massager Review

Belava Foot Heater/Massager Review 0

Imagine your client getting to relax, soaking their feet in a warm heated bath that vibrates and eases their stress and tension to soothe tired aching feet.  Introducing the Belava Foot Heater/Massager, a revolutionary product that will forever transform the way you perform pedicures.   

Belava offers a complete pampering spa-like experience to placate all of your clients pedicure needs.  They are wonderful to use in salon, but are also lightweight enough for jobs on the go/ mobile technicians.  

The Foot Heater/Massager is very light weight, portable, and easy to store away.  It weighs approximately 7 lbs. I take it with me all the time to various clients homes to perform spa pedicures, and they Love it!  

It offers 3 different levels of heat and 3 levels of vibration.  Very easy to adjust, you just push the button once, twice, or three times for the different settings.  I was surprised at how hot the warmest setting was- pretty impressive.  The message vibration feels like a nice pulsating sensation; it gets quite relaxing.  

You can use the system entirely on its own, and let the client enjoy the benefits of a dry foot massage.  Also worth nothing is it's very easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp rag, if needed.

Also featured to use on its own or in conjunction with the Foot Heater/ Massager, is the Belava portable tub and disposable liners.  The tub is very light weight, but also quite sturdy.  It fits easily under almost any sink, faucet, tub, to retrieve water.  I love how easy it is to throw away the dirty liner once done with it; no muss no fuss.  

In addition to the spa like amenities and feelings of luxury, my clients even note and express their joy for how sanitary the system is.   

I absolutely love the Beleva Pedicure System as do my clients.  I highly recommend it for everyone, especially mobile techs. 

The Belava Foot Heater/Massager comes with a pedicure tub and 5 disposable liners.  It retails for $287 and includes a 1 year warranty.

 For more information on Belava, or to purchase, check them out online:



Spa-ify your Services with CND

Spa-ify your Services with CND 0

Hey guys!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week.

I am really excited to post my very first review featuring spa treatment products.  There is much potential here to up-sell your clients, and these services aren't even time consuming, but would increase salon profits!!  It's a win win.  

I can honestly say that after testing the following products my bathroom felt like it was transformed into a world renowned luxury day spa.  

Now onto the reviews.

From the Almond SpaManicure line, I tried:

Almond Milk Bath: a "warm-oil hand soak that transforms into a nourishing, milky bath to begin the service with an indulgent feel."  It conditions the skin and nails with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.  To me, this product makes soaking a more fun and luxurious part of the service.  There is a wonderful warm inviting scent.  It doesn't make the hands feel greasy at all.  They felt nicely nourished and moisturized.  Soaking in plain water is so boring.  Try something new and exciting.  I highly recommend you give this a try. The Almond Milk Bath is available in two sizes: 8 fl oz (retail/pro) and 33 fl oz (pro).

Almond Hydrating Lotion: a "silky hand & body lotion in a blend of jojoba oil and vitamin E.  Leaves a soft, satin feel and light almond fragrance."  I really enjoyed this lotion.  I found it absorbed well, and wasn't sticky, but also was excellent for massages.  The scent is warm and cozy and not offensive; it reminded me of eating Marzipan, but with no calories.  The Almond Hydrating Lotion is available in two sizes: 8 fl oz (retail/pro) and 33 fl oz (pro).   

Almond Soothing Creme: a "rich, intensive hand creme that deeply moisturizes and protects dry, parched skin.  Features a soothing blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and conditioning shea butter."  Although this product was very moisturizing, and it didn't feel greasy, for me it wasn't thick enough.  When you call a product a hand creme, I want it to be Thick!  To me, this had the consistency of a lotion, so I personally would stick with the Almond Hydrating Lotion mentioned above.  Nonetheless, the Almond Soothing Creme is available in a 2.6 oz jar (retail/pro).   

Almond Illuminating Masque: a "shimmering hand masque that deeply conditions and refines with a nourishing blend of sweet almond and jojoba oils and vitamin E." It is a luxurious conditioning treatment that helps elevate the manicure experience, and in turn the cost of the service; cha-ching $$. You apply a thin layer to hands and nails for 3-5 mintues, and let them soak in the glowing goodness.  It felt like silk on my hands, it was Incredible.  After one treatment my hands literally looked as if they'd gone to a spa for the weekend.  It was unreal.  It washed off very easily, and had a much lighter scent to it then the other products in the Almond SpaManicure line.  I also can't get over how beautiful the shimmer is;  it literally has this incredible glow, clients will definitely be impressed.  I highly highly recommend this and suggest you add it to your services offered.  The Almond Illuminating Masque is available in three sizes: 2.5 oz (retail/professional), 13.3 oz (pro), 27 oz (pro).    

 In addition to those mentioned from the Almond SpaManicure line, I also tried the following:

Cuticle Eraser: an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) cuticle treatment.  Used prior to applying cuticle oil, it acts as a gentle exfoliate for the cuticles, as well as moisturizes the nail plate and surrounding skin.  The mico- exfoliating AHA's in this are derived from: Sugar Cane Extract and a mix of Lactic, Malic, Glycolic and Citric Acids.  When combined with CND's Solar Oil (not featured here) think of it as a One-Two Punch to perfect cuticles.  This is also an excellent retail item you should encourage all of your clients to go home with.  Recommend they keep it by their nightstand, and make it an evening ritual.  My cuticles take a beating from all the product testing I conduct for my blog.  I have kept this by my bedside and applied it nightly for the last week, and I see a tremendous difference.  My cuticles are virtually gone and the skin around my nail plate is significantly softer and not rough like it usually is.  I highly suggest this product not only for your services but also for your clients as part of their take-home regimen. The Cuticle Eraser is available in two sizes: .5 fl oz (retail) and 1.75 fl oz (pro).    

Marine Cooling Masque: a "cooling, mineral clay foot masque with hydrating sea extracts and botanicals for soft, exhilarated feet."  Think of it as a facial for you feet.  It provides a cooling sensation, moisturizes, and is said to help calm both inflammation and irritation.  It is approved and tested to be used in a whirlpool tub.  The refreshing and energizing minty scent reminded me of Spearmint Gum.  I found it to be very relaxing and refreshing, especially with the nice cooling sensation.  It made me feel like I was at a luxury world class spa, but in the privacy of my bathroom.  My feet were baby soft after one treatment, and there was a lingering pleasant cooling tingle.  I highly recommend this product.  I think it makes an excellent up-sell for a pedicure.  The Marine Cooling Masque is available in two sizes: 19.5 oz (retail/ pro) and 75 oz (pro).

ProSeries Liquid & Powder Brushes:  they are "artist-quality nail sculpting brushes with Kolinski Red Sable hair and durable acrylic handles."  I love the clear acrylic handles; there is something very chic and retro about them.  So many other companies make their brush handles out of wood, or a black plastic.  The Kolinski hair bristles are very soft and luxurious.  For those of you who don't know, Kolinski bristles come from the tail hairs of a species of weasel.  The reason why these natural bristles are far superior to synthetic ones is they are better able to withstand the solvent quality of monomer liquid.  Synthetic brushes are not able to do so, least not consistently.  I have been using these brushes all week in my sculpting and I really love them.  I find them to be very light weight.  They feel great in my hand.  I am able to work quickly but also skillfully.  I find the design overall to be quite ergonomic.  If you're displeased with the current sculpting brushes you use now I highly suggest you give these a try.  The ProSeries Liquid & Powder Brushes are available in three sizes: #6, #8, #10.  

For more information on CND or to purchase any of the mentioned products, please check out their website:


It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva

It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva 0

Leave it to the fabulous folks of Dashing Diva to offer these fun fabulous 3D Jewels that will add immediate pizzazz to any manicure or pedicure!

Pictured here is a sampling of the many bejeweled add on’s to the vast Dashing Diva arsenal from fun floral flowers, to loving hearts, to the rebellious rocker with skulls.

The jewels are super easy to apply, and can be secured with either acrylic or nail glue.

This is a fantastic addition to any salon service, and your client’s are going to love you for it as they gain countless complements on their new bling.

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase, check the out here: