ISSE Long Beach 2017

ISSE Long Beach 2017 0

I had the best time this year at ISSE 2017.  The annual hair, beauty, makeup, nail, and spa show that takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center was held this year on January 28-30.  

This year was very different from years passed.  Primarily, almost all of the nail brands were situated near each other, making my life and job a whole lot easier.  In years passed, nail companies were mixed throughout the show so you kind of had to search high and low to find them.

Some of the nail brands in attendance included: Akzentz, Belava, Bio Sculpture Gel, China Glaze, Christrio, Color Club, Skyline Beauty Supply, ibd, Jessica Cosmetics, LeChat, Nail Labo, Orly, E Nail Couture, Sha-Nail Pro, Vetro, Young Nails, Gelish, Morgan Taylor, Entity Beauty, Artistic Nail Design, Famous Names, Bio Seaweed Gel, etc.  

Some nail brands that showed there for the first time included: Aora Nails, Kokoist, Joya Mia, Brillbird USA, and NCLA. 

Some of the nail brands not there this year: essie, CND, Light Elegance, INM, Crystal Nails, ENP, OPI, & Apres Nails. 

I loved meeting up with the various companies and catching up and seeing whats new.

I also enjoyed meeting with the newer brands showing for the first time at the convention.  Brillbird USA, for instance, is an awesome highly extensive product line from Hungary.  They offered so many cool things including one stroke art paint, 3-D sculpting gels, and flakey chrome pigments, which is soon to become all the rage.

Aora Nails, this was their first year at the show and they made quite a splash with their huge and highly impressive booth showcasing their chrome pigments and magnetic gel polishes. 

Kokoist, a fantastic brand from Japan, was there for the first time, showing their gorgeous highly pigmented potted gels and highly popular fine brushes.

NCLA was there to promote their new line of gel polishes, Gelous?, which I recently got to try and must say, I really Love the formula. They're all 7-free, highly pigmented, and last up to three weeks. 

As a whole, I would say this year was year of Chrome. Almost every brand was offering some sort of iteration of the trendy pigment powder, and performing many demos showing what can be achieved with it.  Some of the brands offering chrome included- Skyline Beauty Supply, Nail Labo, Aora Nails, Bio Seaweed Gel, Bio Structure Gel, LeChat Nails, and E Nail Couture. The most impressive and informational of all the brands I felt was LeChat.  They have a rather extensive offering of chromes, 12 colors, and one of their top educators, Anastasiia Morozova, showed me a few of her award winning design techniques. 

Some of the brands did things differently this year and combined booths creating an almost mega booth.  Hand and Nail Harmony, for instance,  partnered up with Skyline Beauty Supply and had one large booth representing many of their brands, including: Morgan Taylor, Gelish, Artistic Nail Design, and Entity Beauty. 

Skyline Beauty Supply probably had the biggest of all the companies booths, having 5 different segments all showcasing different things.  There was Whale Spa on one end,  Vetro in the middle,  Sha-Nail Pro on the other side of that wall, Chrome Pigments and matte top coats were in their own section, and then Hand and Nail Harmony section as mentioned previously.  So they definitely took up the most floor space at the show this year and had the largest booth.  

Nonetheless, I would have to say Nail Labo was yet again the busiest booth of the show.  Whether it's demos with famed celebrity nail artists, like Britney Tokyo or Miho Nails, looki-loos, or just shoppers stocking up on their favorite brand at a discount.  

I can't fail to mention I met one of my favorite YouTubers, Suzie Manko, from Suzie's Nail Career Education.  She was so sweet and lovely in person I adore her all the more.

Like every year, I had each of my nails done by a different nail artist from around the world.  My absolute favorite this year goes to my left thumb which features a hand drawn portrait of my malti-poo BooBoz, by the highly talented Vu Nguyen.  It took him around ten minutes to do, and literally used just white and black gel polish in various mixed ratios.  The result is absolutely stunning and so life like.   

If you weren't able to make it to this years show, I highly suggest checking it out next year, there is already information up on the website.  Also, if you don't want to commit to a three day pass, you can always go for one day and still have an amazing experience.

For more info on ISSE, check out their website here: 



NCLA: an L.A. Fairytale Spring 2015 Review

NCLA: an L.A. Fairytale Spring 2015 Review 0

Hey guys.  Happy Hump Day!

I hope you're all doing well.  

Today I'm stoked to share with you all the latest collection from hip Los Angeles based nail brand NCLA- An L.A. Fairytale for Spring 2015.  Comprised of four matte glitters, although a relatively small collection it still packs a magical punch!

an LA Fairytale Collection includes:

Once Upon a Time: a creamy oatmeal beige with white, magenta, baby pink, baby blue round matte glitter particles and yellow tiny bar glitters.  Has great coverage with even just one coat! ["Your fairytale finish is here with this multi-colored glitter confection that adds a magical final touch to any look!"]

Enchanted City: a sheer clear base with micro fine silver holo glitter, and larger matte aqua blue glitter bits.  Visible nail line does show if used on its own. ["Who needs a bluebird on their shoulder when this sparkly baby blue lacquer adds a cheerful dose of color to any look?"]

Valet My Carriage: a sheer clear base with micro find gold holo glitter, and larger matte light peach round glitter bits.  Also has visible nail line showing if used on its own. ["No need for Rumpelstiltskin here! This glitter-infused topcoat will give you more gold than any princess in all of La La Land."]

Ever After in LA: a sheer clear base with fine silver holo glitter, and larger matte white/pink glitter bits.  Also has visible line showing through if used on its own.  ["Mirror, mirror, on the wall, our silver glitter polish is the best reflective surface of them all!"]

(all swatches shown here are two coats and are shown without a top coat, as recommended to ensure matte effect.) 

This was my first time trying NCLA's nail lacquer line, although I have used and Love their Nail Wraps.  I must say I was also pleased with their polishes.  Glitter can be a nightmare, we've all been there, and know it all to well.  However, these all removed very easily;  I didn't have to struggle or soak them in acetone, they simply came off with regular polish remover.  Also, I have to note how densely packed with glitter they are.  Unlike most other glitter polishes on the marker these didn't require multiple coats or finagling of the glitter in any way to get specific pieces.  It painted on smoothly and easily.  

Once Upon A Time aside, I recommend using the other three shades to layer atop other solid shades, for instance paring Enchanted City with a baby blue creme like Santa Monica Shore Thing or Eight Days a Week (not shown here).  But if you are into the sheer look and want some magical pizzazz and sparkle wear them alone.  Either way you can't go wrong.

Each of the NCLA shades from an L.A. Fairytale retails for $16 and is available now.

For more information on NCLA or to purchase, check out their website: