Make it a “HABIT”

Make it a “HABIT” 0

I am pleased to introduce "HABIT Cosmetics"! Deemed the world's best natural nail polish, it is fortified with Myrrh extract, which naturally strengthens nails.

Created and founded by Aja Frierson last year, Frierson was frustrated with how weak and damaged her nails had become from using conventional polish.  After much trial and era, HABIT Cosmetics was born.  

Staying true to it's natural roots, the bottle's are packaged beautifully and feature a bamboo lid. Not only does this waste less plastic that can contaminate the environment, it looks Beautiful and can spruce up any makeup vanity!  Even the box the polish is packaged in is said to be "made with sustainably forested paperboard."

The colors featured here include:

Belle De Jour: a creamy khaki nude with a pink iridescent shimmer. This is said to be one of their best selling shades, and I can definitely see why. It's an excellent excellent natural shade. 

Sweet Life: an electrifying pink purple punch.

Moss: a green pea with subtle yellow undertones.

(All swatches shown here are 2 coats and a top coat.)

Overall I am very pleased with HABIT Cosmetics.  Regardless of the fact that the polishes are natural, I think they hold up well to their more chemical laden competitors.  I'm not sure what I was to anticipate regarding the Myrrh extract, perhaps an overwhelming or slightly overpowering scent, but needless to say, the polish was highly pleasant- nothing out of the ordinary.

For more information on HABIT Cosmetics, or to pick up some for yourself, check them out here:

MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer- Top Coats

MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer- Top Coats 0

As if I wasn’t already well enamored with MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer‘s purely pigmented polishes, they had to come out with comparably amazing top coats, infused with precious metals.

Packaged in the same incredible black boxes, housed inside hand cut Austrian crystal, sits these luxurious lacquers that can be worn alone, or a top a favorite shade.

As with their lacquer shades, it is recommended you apply only 1 coat.

In order to properly showcase the magic of each of these shades, I have swatched them both alone, and over a black base.

White Gold Leaf Top Coat: bright white gold flakes in a clear base.  Even with just one coat, this covered substantially better than other gold leaf top coats I have tried from other brands.  Retails for $125.

Fine Silver Shimmer Top Coat: a micro fine silver shimmer. When layered a top another shade, adds tremendous depth and brilliance.  Formulated with pure crystalline fine silver (.999).  Retails for $100.

Gold Shimmer Top Coat: a gorgeous glistening gold.  My personal favorite in this bunch.  When I applied it over a black base, the result was remarkable- a unique antiqued green gold shade pictured above.  Retails for $250.

Much like their accompanying pigmented shades, I highly recommend MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that finicky individual you don’t know what to buy, stress no more.

For more information, or to purchase, check out MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer here: