Morgan Taylor Gifted with style holiday collection 2015 review

Morgan Taylor Gifted with style holiday collection 2015 review 0

"Spreading holiday joy won't be a problem this year with Morgan Taylor's Gifted with Style 2015 Holiday Collection.  With six festive colors, there is no denying holiday parties will be filled with cheer and sassy style.  From sultry red creme and lush dark purple to a silvery shimmer, every shade will make your nails the life of any celebratory occasion.

"For this collection, we wanted to build a selection of luxurious cremes and brilliant shimmers that any lacquer lover would feel confident wearing during the holidays and beyond," namesakes Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniels express.  "With any of these shades you can create applause-worthy nail art or rock a solid finish with distinction." according to the official press release.

The Morgan Taylor Gifted with Style Holiday Collection 2015 is comprised of the following-

Ruby Two-Shoes: a bright and bold red creme with a magenta pink undertone upon closer inspection.

I'm So Hot: a sultry metallic shimmering deep cranberry crimson red. 

All Wrapped Up: a shimmering purple with some silver flecks in it. a very unique shade.  I absolutely love it.

Gifted in Platinum: a shimmering shiny silver with a slight iridescent shimmer running trough it.  The iridescent shimmer not only adds extra beauty to this shade, but it also makes it very unique compared to conventional silver shades.

Tinsel My Fancy: a light gunmetal shimmer that also features an iridescent shimmer running through it, like Gifted in Platinum has.  I also absolutely adore this shade. 

A Little Naughty: a dusty light burgundy plum creme.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, & are taken outdoors in natural light).

  I must say I am really happy with this collection.  I feel that when most companies come out with a holiday collection this time of year they always include at least one color that totally doesn't make sense to me.  However, this collection is totally not like that.  All of the shades are super holiday appropriate, and are all very pretty.

  They each painted on smoothly and evenly, with absolutely no streaking, which can be a major issue with silvery metallic shades like Gifted in Platinum and Tinsel My Fancy are.  Even if at first glance these shades don't seem to be super unique, do not pre-judge, because upon closer inspection they are quite special and multi faceted.

My personal favorites in this collection include: All Wrapped Up & Tinsel My Fancy

The Gifted With Style 2015 Holiday Collection from Morgan Taylor is out and available now for a limited time, so make sure to grab your before it's too late.  The shades retail for $8.50 per 0.5 fl oz (15 mL).

For more information on Morgan Taylor, check them out online here: 



Nubar Chromatic collection fall 2015 review

Nubar Chromatic collection fall 2015 review 0

Hey all.

I hope your having a great week. 

I'm proud to introduce the new Chromatic Collection for Fall 2015 from Nubar.  This awesome new collection is comprised of 5 shade shifting shades that truly come to life when applied over a black base.

The Chromatic Collection from Nubar is made up of:

Moon Dance: a shimmering purple and midnight navy blue duo chrome.

Chill in the Air: a blue and purple duo chrome.  The blue in this is lighter then the shade of blue in Moon Dance.

Peacock Feathers: a purple and deep dark green duo chrome.

Bonfire: a maroon and gold duo chrome.  

 Amber Sparks: a bronze, gold, brown multi chrome. 

(all swatches shown here are two coats laid over a single coat of Noir.  all swatches are taken outdoors in natural lighting).

Included in the kit featured in this post is all 5 colors that comprise the Chromatic Collection, a bottle of Noir, (which is a highly pigmented jet black creme; worth mentioning it provides excellent coverage with even a single coat, a Foundation Base Coat,  and a bottle of Nubar's revolutionary new top coat Poli-cure, which is a 7 day top coat that dries in under 2 minutes and offers a gel like finish.

I absolutely love this new collection.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous in person, and are very difficult to properly display via images.  The color shifting effect is simply mesmerizing.  I honestly can't stop staring! I applied two coats of each shade over a single black coat of Noir, however, you most definitely could get away with painting just one coat. 

What's also really nice about these shade shifting colors is they applied very smoothly and evenly without any brush strokes or streaks, which makes me very happy.  Often chrome shades tend to be streaky, but these aren't.

My personal favorite shades in the collection are: Chill in the Air and Peacock Feathers.

For more information on Nubar, check them out online:

Nubar Holiday Collections 2015

Nubar Holiday Collections 2015 0

Hey guys.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I personally am still so stuffed 😉

Turkey and stuffing aside, I am pleased to introduce two new holiday themed kits of nail polishes from Nubar.  Introducing the new Holiday Collections 2015 from Nubar.

I have two different kits to share with you here, both sets beach comprised of 4 glittery holiday themed shades.  And as with all Nubar polishes, these too are 5- free and Vegan. 

Holiday Gala Collection- (4 full sized shades)

Ruby Red Glitz: a ruby red fine glitter in a semi sheer red base. 

Violet Sparkles: a purple grape fine glitter in a clear base.

Petunia Sparkles: a magenta fuchsia fine glitter in a clear base.

Celebration Sparkles: multi sized glitters in yellow, pink, and bright blue, all in a clear base.

Holiday Celebration Collection- (kit also contains a full size base coat and top coat)

Fire Celebration mini: a super fine red glitter in a clear base with large silver hologram glitter flakes.

Gold Celebration mini: a super fine gold glitter in a clear base with large silver hologram glitter flakes.

Silver Celebration mini:  a super fine chrome silver glitter in a clear base with large silver hologram glitter flakes.

Green Celebration mini: a super fine emerald green glitter in a clear base with large silver hologram glitter flakes.

(all swatches shown here are three coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

I really like these kits.  I think they make excellent holiday gifts for people.  You can either split up the contents of the kits, and gift individual shades, or use them as stocking-stuffers. Or, you can gift the entire kit as is.  Either way, I think the receiver will be very satisfied.

For more information on Nubar, check them out online: 


Essie winter 2015 collection review

Essie winter 2015 collection review 0

"Introducing the essie winter 2015 collection.  Temperatures are dropping.  Snow is falling.  Ski chic adventures await.  Now is the perfect time to make a dash for the mountains where beautiful vistas, clear skies and a winter wonderland will give you a taste for life at the top.  A mountain holiday is the ideal moment to showcase your elevated style; and no apres-ski ensemble is complete without the perfect manicure. 

Whether you're feeling luxe or low-key, essie's new collection of six wintery shades are sure to melt hearts- and the winter's chill.  Showcasing seductive reds and crisp pastels with an iconic platinum and fiery black, this collection is perfect for me-time or ski-time" according to the official press release.

The Essie Winter 2015 collection is comprised of:

Apres-Chic: a metallic chrome silver.  Applied smoothly and evenly without any brush streaks at all.  I am so impressed.  Highly pigmented.  Provided amazing coverage with just a single coat! I am absolutely obsessed with this silver.

Shall we Chalet?: a deep crimson red creme.  Has slight blue undertones.

Peak Show: a very light ballet slipper soft pink creme.

Virgin Snow: a light lilac creme.

Altitude Attitude: a brighter red creme, with slight pink undertones.

Haute Tub: a blackened amethyst purple complete with fine purple shimmer. Very highly pigmented.  Provided excellent coverage with just one coat.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light). 

I really enjoyed this collection.   I think it is very fitting for the upcoming holiday season, and will be the perfect offerings as the cooler crisp weather comes our way.  

I find the shades to be very sophisticated, yet still maintaining a playful side.  I still can't get over how wonderful the formula is on Apres-chic.  Usually metallic silver polishes can be extremely streaky, but this wasn't at all.  Also, I appreciate that Essie continuously goes out of their comfort zone and introduces new innovative shades to their collection like the gorgeous shimmering Haute Tub.       

My personal favorites from this colleciton are: Haute Tub and Apres- chic.

Essie's Winter 2015 collection retails for $8.50 per 0.46 fl oz (13.5 mL) bottle, and is available now.

For more info or to order online, check out:

Dermelect ME Holiday Collection for Winter 2015

Dermelect ME Holiday Collection for Winter 2015 0

"Dermelect Cosmeceuticals is thrilled to introduce its first "ME" Holiday Collection for Winter 2015.  Featuring four season-inspired hues that combine sophistication and fun with a dose of merriment to holiday nails.  Hold me, Thrill "ME", Kiss "ME", and Sleigh "ME", combine the joyful spirit of the holiday season with refined elegance.  Utilizing Dermelect's signature keratin protein peptide to help strengthen nails and extend length of a manicure, this lavish collection of colors steer clear from the hazy shades of winter and create a sexy and coveted manicure that is both festive and beautfiul. 

Celebrity nail tech Elle developed this limited edition collection exclusively for Dermelect.  Elle combined jewel tones with glimmering neutrals to encapsulate the season's jubilance with sophistication.  "This collection's colors bring out the holiday spirit and look glamorous on all skin tones," says Elle, Dermelect Color Curator.  "I love how the shades add a little sparkle to nails, especially for year end festivities," according to the official press release. 

Key Ingredient: Keratin Protein Peptide- Hydrolyzed Keratin extracted from New Zealan Sheep's wool that helps strengthen the nails.


  • Strengthens weak, brittle nails
  • Restores nail flexibility
  • Helps nails resist chipping and splitting
  • Provides long-lasting, high shine and bold color
  • Water and detergent resistant
  • Protects against UV rays
  • 5 free
  • Cruelty free, no animal testing ever.

The four new Dermelect shades comprising the Holiday 2015 collection include: 

Sleigh "ME": a multi-dimensional glistening white glitter. (arctic shimmer)

Kiss "ME": a deep dark crimson red shimmer. (velvet crimson)

Thrill "ME": a dark forest green pearl.  (frosted evergreen)

Hold "ME": a black base with holographic multi fine glitter. (sparkled midnight noir)

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

I absolutely LOVE this collection.  I think the four colors are perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing.  The formulas were very liquid smooth, and didn't give me any issues whatsoever; I didn't experience any streakiness which usually occurs with metallic finishes like Kiss "ME" and Thrill "ME" have.  I think all of the colors show a lot of depth and dimension.  In particular, I love how prismatic the multi flecks of Hold "ME" and Sleigh "ME" shine throughout. 

I highly recommend you pick up all four limited edition shades before its too late.  It's so hard for me to pick only one favorite, but if I absolutely have to choose, I would say Sleigh "ME".

Dermelect's "ME" Holiday Nail Collection, available in November 2015, retails for $14 per .4 fl oz (11 mL) bottle.

For more information or to order online, check out: