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Introducing Kiara Sky Gel Polish

Introducing Kiara Sky Gel Polish 0

I hope you've all had a great week so far.

I am very excited to introduce a really cool and innovative gel company- Kiara Sky

Fall in love with Kiara Sky® Soak-off Gel Polish, a patent-pending formula that assures long lasting wear, high-gloss shine that resists fading and color changes over time. The only gel polish in the market that can be applied as a three or two-step system. Yes, you heard it right base coat application is completely optional.  Finally every woman has a choice! Perfect over natural nails, overlays and pedicures. Cure 30 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp. Removes quickly and completely in just 8 minutes without any damage to the natural nail. Available in 101 trendsetting colors and matching nail lacquers.  LED and UV light compatible.  Size:  15 ml.  Made in the USA," according to their website.

 In addition to their regular line of gels, they also have a selection of color changing shades. "Introducing Kiara Sky’s mood changing gel polish collection, OMBRE! This glossy and long-lasting temperature active gel polish changes color as your body temperature and mood changes. Have an Enchanted-soft color in warm temperature and a vibrant Wicked shade in cooler temperature. With 33 mood-changing colors, you wont be disappointed with Kiara Sky’s new OMBRE collection."

I've got a few shades from both lines to share with you all. 

High Mintenance: a mint apple green creme. [When your spirits are as high as your standards there’s only one way to go…straight to the top. Let this cool mint pastel take you there and make them stare!]

Out on the Town: a fine purple glitter.  Requires about three to four coats for complete coverage. Could also be used to make an excellent gradation design. [A night out doesn’t start until you show up…wearing shimmering purple glitter to your fingertips! Let your inner party animal go wild!]

And from their color changing Ombre collection-

Pumpkin Carriage: a bright peach cream.  When warm, a flamingo pink.  The shimmer in it is incredibly fine and virtually undetectable. [Medium orange transitions to salmon pink from just the warmth of your hands.]

Fairy Dust: a vivid magenta cream.   When warm, a hot pink. [Bubblegum pink transitions from dark to light from just the warmth of your hands.]

Sour Apple: a bright turquoise cream.  When warm, a light mint. [Regal teal transitions to a minty green from just the warmth of your hands.]

Abracadabra: a bold blue cream. When warm, a darker royal blue. [Glossy purple transitions to peacock blue from just the warmth of your hands.]

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, unless specifically stated, and are cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp.)

I am really impressed with this brand.  I really enjoyed working with the product.  I found the gel to be highly pigmented, much more so than most gel polish brands on the market.

The fact that a base coat is optional with this brand is totally awesome and a huge time saver.  Saved time means you can take more clients on in your salon.  More clients means more money. It's a win win.

The color changing effect was really awesome and magical.  

If you haven't yet tried out this brand, I highly recommend it.  

The gel polishes retail for $13-$15 each per 15 mL (0.5 fl oz) bottle. 

For more information on Kiara Sky or to purchase online, check out:


IBX System Duo review 0

Hello everyone.  

I am very excited to introduce a revolutionary treatment product in the nail industry.  IBX Repair System Duo Pack by Famous Names, is a two part nail system to help heal and strengthen the natural nail from within.

A husband and wife operated business, Linda and Jim Nordstrom, have an extensive background working in the nail industry, developing revolutionary products for some of the biggest brands in the industry.  The two went off on their own to pursue their own venture and Famous Names was born.  

Their star product is their IBX Repair System Duo.  These two products work in harmony together to protect the nails, serving as a shield or barrier if you will, between the natural nail plate and gel polish.  The company says to think of it "as a built-in insurance policy for gel clients, simultaneously toughening the natural nail and protecting against frequent and potentially damaging removal."   Unlike conventional nail treatment products, this doesn't just rest on top of the nail, it's a penetrative system designed to work inside the nail plate.  

The product is a two part system comprised of IBX Repair and IBX.  

IBX Repair: you use IBX Repair first in the treatment process.  This is used to specifically target damaged nails. It helps reduce "white spots" on the surface of the nail.  If applied to particularly damaged areas of the nail, for instance: peeling, splits, and free edge delamination.  The product "acts like double-sided sticky tape to seal damaged areas together.  It sells for $19.95 for a .33 fl oz bottle.  

IBX: creates a protective invisible strong shield for the nail. It strengthens and toughens the nail plate, which in turn allows it to grow healthfully even under nail enhancements or gel polish. It can fill in grooves to smooth out the nail plate, and can improve the natural healthy pink color and appearance of the natural nail. It sells for $22.95 for a .5 fl oz bottle.  

The IBX System Duo Pack costs $34.95, and provides enough product to perform 50-70 full set applications!

The system is suggested to be used as an add-on service, with a cost ranging from $8-$15, and takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

The product is very easy to use.  Apply it like you would any polish, use mild heat, I used a hair blow dryer on a medium setting, for 2-4 mins, lightly blot any excess, cure in an LED light for approximately 30 seconds, cleanse and voila! Check out the video below for further instruction explanation, but truly is an easy process.

Because I am constantly having to test new products for my blog, happily and with great pleasure of course, my nails suffer a major beating and at times become very weak, supremely unhealthy, and brittle.  I have applied the IBX System Duo twice now and must admit I am highly impressed with the results.  I found the application process to be very easy, after you do it once or twice you'll have it down pat forever.  There was very little to no odor, which always makes me happy.  And most importantly it truly works!  There is significant visible improvement in the health, strength, and look of my natural nails.  

I highly recommend every nail technician try this product out for themselves; you'll be making it a new add-on service to your salon's menu in no time.  

For more information on IBX or to purchase, check them out online here:

No-Blend Tips from Dashing Diva

No-Blend Tips from Dashing Diva 0

I absolutely LOVE these No-Blend Tips from the wonderful folks at Dashing Diva.  I have worked with tips from multiple different brands in the past, but these are significantly superior.  For starters, I find them incredibly easy to work with.  They are very flexible, yet incredibly strong. The shapes are absolutely perfect, very little filing is required for the perfect fit on ones clients.  I personally love to use them for extensions to add length when I am doing gel manicures.

The No-Blend Tip comes in a few different varieties including natural, french, and glitter styles.  Pictured here are: Natural, White, and Glitter (white- an iridescent glitter embedded in a white nail tip).

Also featured above are 2 different brush on glue options:

Brush-on Glue: has a thin viscosity, and is very flexible, allowing for excellent adhesion.

Tailor Bond: has a thick viscosity, and is designed to be used with full cover nails. Has very minimal bubbles upon application.

For more information on these products, or to purchase, check them out at Dashing Diva’s website here:

INM’s 1st Elite Educator Training

INM’s 1st Elite Educator Training 0

The weekend of March 1-3,  thirteen nail technicians from around the country were hand selected to congregate at INM’s headquarters in Anaheim, CA to participate in INM’s first ever Elite Educator Training.

The 3 day extravaganza was organized and ran by the remarkable, and newly appointed director of education for INM, Lorena Marquez,  a 26+ year nail tech veteran who has competed in over 200 competitions.

We laughed, we cried, we worked out butts off, and learned a ton.

 We started off the first day with an initial ice breaker, not only to get to know one another, but also to familiarize with each other’s artistic and creative abilities.  We were assigned a homework assignment prior to the weekend, where we had to create a nail design in 6 steps or less.  We than presented our work in front of the class.  After all the presentations and ice was officially melted, the initial training day was devoted to acrylics- Pink and whites, and colored acrylic, using INM’s numerous and beautiful powder paint acrylic powders.  We were partnered up, and got to work.

The second day of training was devoted entirely to gel- both traditional hard gel systems, the Entity gel system, and soak off gel polish, Gelavish.  We really got to get creative and have fun when it came to designing nail art with INM’s Gelavish soak off gel polish.

The third and final day was split into two parts.  The first half of the day each educator was assigned an INM product they had to present and “sell.”  The second half of the day was devoted to an exam to test what we’d learned the last couple of days.  We first had a 40+ question fill-in the blank exam that tested our knowledge of the INM brand, its history, and all of their products.  Than we had the practical part of our exam, where we were all partnered up and had 2 hours to perform 4 nails.  Two acrylic nails, one pink and white, one artistic colored acrylic.  And 2 gel nails, one a pink and white performed with traditional hard gel, and the second nail being a nail art design of our choosing using Gelavish soak off polish.

The educator training closed with a fabulous dinner/ awards ceremony at The House of Blues in Downtown Disney.  Christian Mans, was the star winner of the weekend, taking home 3 trophies.  Jessica Luna, Shannon Weissinger, and Elyse Perry also went home not empty handed.  Nonetheless, we are all winners.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and a tremendous experience.  We built relationships with fellow nail techs that will last a lifetime.

The INM Elite Educators include: Tara Cote, Sheera Gerth, Deneen Daniels, Elyse Perry, Sharon Midgley, Christian Mans, Jessica Luna, Isabel Olmeda, Tita Carter, Shannon Weissinger, British Burnett, Diane Self, and yours truly Merrick Fisher.

For more information on INM and their products, check them out at: