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Introducing Phuse Implements

Introducing Phuse Implements 0

"Made from professional grade materials, the Phuse implement collection is all about the fine details.  Hang nail? Not having it- trim it.  Straight eyelashes? Curl it! Blemish, pimple, blackhead? Ugh.  Remove it! Head to toe tools that will take you from eek to awe," according to the official press release. 

I've got two Phuse's implements to share with you all.

Push It Cuticle Pusher: "With the Phuse Push It cuticle pusher you can push away unsightly overgrown cuticles on both your hands and feet.  Constructed from professional grade stainless steel the Push It cuticle pusher will not rust and will offer a lifetime of cuticle beauty." 

I love the size of this tool.  It's shorter in length than conventional cuticle pushers I'm used to, but I like that; it still gets the job done [it measures approximately 4.5" from end to end].  The body of the pusher contains a slightly ridged design which allows for an excellent grip.  There are two different ends to the pusher, one end is squared, the other is slightly rounded, allowing you to customize your manicure/pedicure to you or your client's needs.  The suggested retail price is $13.

Trim It Cuticle Nippers: "The Phuse Trim It cuticle nippers are equipped with a heavy-duty box joint, double spring tension and ultra-sharp tip closure that trim with professional preciseness.  Constructed from professional Japanese stainless steel, the Trim It cuticle nippers can be cleaned and sanitized without rusting, so start trimming."

It's a new year.  What better way to start off the new year than with a brand new set of nippers?! These are slightly smaller than nippers I am accustomed to, but let me tell you, don't let the diminutive size fool you.  These bad boys are super sharp, and hang nails physically don't stand a chance.  One can't own too many cuticle nippers, especially if you're a busy nail tech.  These nippers feature a black rubber non slip coating which allows for an excellent grip.  The suggested retail price is $25.

For more information on Phuse, and the other implements they make, check them out online:  

Introducing Beauty Hardware by Cricket

Introducing Beauty Hardware by Cricket 0

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week thus far.  Today I am excited to share with you all a new implement company I have been using the past few weeks now on my clients, and I must say I am very happy with.

"Cricket Company, a brand known for its innovative portfolio of professional hair tools, is taking the sterile-looking world of grooming tools by beautiful storm with the launch of Beauty Hardware by , a line of professional beauty maintenance tools. Cricket ®

“Plucking eyebrows and clipping cuticles isn’t always a glamorous process, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be beautiful and efficient tools to get those jobs done,” said Jared Clark, General Manager of Cricket.“Beauty Hardware by Cricket gives the at-home groomer a selection of tools that meet beauty maintenance needs with precision and look beautiful in the process” according to the official press release.

The products I have been working with and are featured here include:

Pro Ultra Fine Point Tweezer – An all around multi purpose ultra fine point tweezers, with incredible preciseness.  Whenever I work with crystals or small bits, these tweezers sure do come in handy. Retails for $29.95.

Pro Cuticle 1⁄4” Nipper – made up of imported Japanese stainless steel, they featured a highly durable double spring tension which allows for smooth cuticle trimming.  Can be used by either left or right handed technicians. Feels great in my hand as I used it. Retails for $38.95.

Classic Cuticle Pusher – This dual ended pusher allows you to both safely bush back the cuticles, while using the other side you are able to clean under the finger nails. The body of the tool features a rough, sort of embossed texture, which is slip resistant, allowing for a secure firm grip. I personally love the length of this tool.  It's somewhat on the shorter side, compared to other cuticle pushers I've used.  It comes in at approximately 4.5".  Despite it's small size, it works great, and doesn't take up much space in my tool kit.  A win win! Retails for  $26.95.

Pro Acrylic Nipper – also constructed from Japanese stainless steel, offers a double spring tension that is guaranteed to not break when removing acrylic nails.  It is also designed to be used by both left or right handed technicians.  It feels very sturdy and substantial in my hands.  I have used other acrylic nippers before that felt weak and flimsy, and definitely didn't get the job done.  $36.95.

Overall I am really impressed with the implements I have used from Cricket.  I think it's a great brand and I would recommend you try it out for yourself.  

For more info on Cricket, or to porder online, check them out here:


INM Says “Cheese” @ NailPro Pasadena 2014 !!

INM Says “Cheese” @ NailPro Pasadena 2014 !! 0

I would have to say the biggest draw and commotion at this years NailPro “nails only” show in Pasadena was not the presence of multi talented singer/actress Anna Kendrick, but INM’s introduction of their Photobooth! Everyone from show regulars, top personalities- Katie Cazorla (the Painted Nail), to top competitors- Lorena Marquez & Chris Mans, to brand reps- Mami Griffin (Sha-Nail) & Morgan Haile (Morgan Taylor Lacquer) all stopped by INM‘s newest addition to their booth to flash their pearly whites along with some fun goofy props.

Not only was INM’s photobooth a huge draw, but so were the amazing nail demos they performed by top industry leader Lorena Marquez, and new competing protegee Chris Mans.

Also at NailPro Pasadena, was a challenge for the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest pink & white nails ever in history, to perform a full set in under 10 minutes- a truly remarkable feat!

In case you missed out on all the great deals on INM’s wonderful products, you can still check them out on their website:

Dashing Diva Pro French Wrap Manicure – Tutorial 0

I Love how easy to use the French Wrap Manicure kit from Dashing Diva Professional is. You create the Perfect smile line each and every time, and there is absolutely No chipping!

The French Wrap Manicure Kit physically includes Everything you need to create 20 full sets of Perfect French manicures:

– 140 French white thick bands (for long free edges)

– 140 French white thin bands (for short free edges) 

– Base & Top seals

– Brush on Glue

– Pink file 150/240 grit

– White file 100/180 grit

– an informative display table tent

– and instruction booklet

For more information on this or any other Dashing Diva Professional products, check out their website here:

It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva

It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva 0

Leave it to the fabulous folks of Dashing Diva to offer these fun fabulous 3D Jewels that will add immediate pizzazz to any manicure or pedicure!

Pictured here is a sampling of the many bejeweled add on’s to the vast Dashing Diva arsenal from fun floral flowers, to loving hearts, to the rebellious rocker with skulls.

The jewels are super easy to apply, and can be secured with either acrylic or nail glue.

This is a fantastic addition to any salon service, and your client’s are going to love you for it as they gain countless complements on their new bling.

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase, check the out here:

My Top 9: CND Shellac

My Top 9: CND Shellac 0

Because CND’s Shellac has won #1 best gel polish formula from NAILS Magazine for the last 3 consecutive years, I decided to give CND some extra love.  I have chosen my top 9 favorite colors from their core collection to swatch and review.  I can not number them or choose favorites, for I love them all equally.

Azure Wish: the perfect creamy robin egg blue.

Water Park: a metallic shimmering ocean blue.

Lilac Longing: a soft purple that’s irrisistible.

Purple Purple: a true blurple.  In some light it’s purple, in other light it’s blue.  The perfect combination of both colors.  I love the dual chrome characteristics of this shade shifting color.

Rock Royalty: a rasin purple.

Rubble: a smoky taupe.

Fedora: a vampy blood midnight burgundy red.

Asphalt: a dark slate granite/gray.

Overtly Onyx: a light metallic black with gunmetal/silver shimmer running through it.

(each swatch shown here is 2 coats)

Check out for more on their incredible Shellac, and other nail products

Gel II Reaction Remix Color Changing Gel Polish Swatches!!

Gel II Reaction Remix Color Changing Gel Polish Swatches!! 0

I recently got to try out some of the best selling shades from Gel II’s Reaction Remix color changing gel polish line available now.  I Love Gel II gel polishes for many reasons, because they are always on the forefront of technology, and they do not require a base coat or primer!!

Aloha Bay Bay: a dark sparkly cobalt blue when room temperature.  A mint green when warm. As seen on singer Rihanna recently!! This is my personal favorite in this collection.

Sun Goddess: a shimmering bright orange-coral when at room temperature.  A shimmering light ballet slipper pink color when warm.

Hibis- Kiss:  a shimmering dark burgundy purple when at room temperature.  A shimmering rich pink color when warm.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats cured in an LED lamp for 30 seconds each.  Colors change based on temperature.

For more information on Gel II or any of their products, check them out at their website:

CND Additives Review

CND Additives Review 0

I recently tried 2 of the Additives from CND‘s staple collection.  I could not be more pleased with these pigments.  I find Additives to be the easiest & most fun way to create an amazing gel ombre effect that will please All of your clients.

The creative possibilities with Additives is truly endless, & CND offers many suggestions on their website:

I’ve said it before, and I will re-state it again, I personally am OBSESSED with CND’s Additives!! They are so unique, and no other nail companies on the market are making anything similar.  And I receive countless compliments and positive feedback from others whenever I use them in my manicures.

The 2 Additive colors I tried are:

Spectrum Shimmer: a chunky glittery pink/purple iridescent pigment.

Haute Pink: a deep rich hot magenta pink pigment.

For both swatches shown here, I buffed the Additive into the tacky layer of a black Shellac gel polish.

For more information on CND Additives, or any of their other products, check them out online at:

CND Fall 2013 “Forbidden Collection” Additives Review

CND Fall 2013 “Forbidden Collection” Additives Review 0

For the Fall 2013 season, the folks at CND created an incredible new limited edition Additives nail art kit.  I personally am OBSESSED with CND’s Additives, they are so wonderful and unique, and no other nail companies on the market are making anything like it.

The kit comes with 5 limited Additive shades, 20 Silver round studs, 20 Gold round studs, and a Silver roll of decorative nail foil.  All of this comes packaged in a beautiful & highly chic metallic silver travel case; it even has compartments to store your nail art brushes!!

The limited edition Additive colors include:

Burning Ember: a metallic red- bronze pigment.

Deep Blue: a deep cobalt royal blue pigment.  My personal favorite in the collection!

Blue Heaven: an ultra fine blue/purple holiday iridescent shimmer pigment.

Plum Love: a metallic mid-tone plum purple pigment.

Steel Dreams: a metallic gunmetal pigment.

For all swatches shown here, I buffed the Additive into the tacky layer of a black Shellac gel polish.

For more information on CND Additives, or any of their other products, check them out at:

ENP Nail Design Glitter Acrylic Powder

ENP Nail Design Glitter Acrylic Powder 0

I recently tried out some of the awesome glitter acrylic powders from the folks at ENP Nail Design, and I am swept away with the color offerings. These are so beautiful and jam packed with glitter of various sizes, shapes, and colors!

1) Emerald City #90622 a dark emerald green shade, featuring tiny blue, green, and gold glitter particles.

2) Fairy Dust # 90602– a light baby pink with holographic large iridescent glitter particles.

3) Rock n Roll #90627– a dark navy blue with multi colored glitter. My personal favorite in this collection!!

4) Snowflake #90600– a very soft white with super fine micro shimmer glitter.

5) Hot Apple Cider #90605– a darker autumnal red with multi glitter.

6) Dill #90550– a light mossy green.

7) Fireworks #90453a hot sparkly red.

8) Cosmopolitan #90461 a bright pink.

For more information on ENP Nail Design Acrylic powders or other products, check them out at:

ARTGENiC the hygienic Gel!!

ARTGENiC the hygienic Gel!! 0

I recently got to try out the first and only hygienic gel available on the marketplace= ARTGENiC.  ARTGENiC gels come from Japan, and are formulated with Nano Silver, which is said to posess natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

I LOVE this gel for so many reasons.  First, it comes in professional jars, as opposed to the polish-style bottles.  This means the nail technician has to paint on the gel, which allows for a more controlled application, and looks better to the customer.  In addition, the jars allow you to  you mix colors together easily to create new colors.

I have never seen gels in a jar that cure in both LED or UV light systems. This can save a lot of time when performing a manicure.  Also this gel is highly fantastic for doing any nail Art related work! I did some various Union Jacks/British Flags as a quick demonstration.



The 3 gel colors I tried were:

Non-Yellowing White 001: classic pure white. Would be excellent to use in a French Manicure.

Forever Black 107: the perfect black.

XOXO 109: a deep dark red.

The formula was Excellent and self- leveling on all colors.

All swatches shown here have a Base G (clear base), 2 coats of color, cured each in an LED lamp for 30 seconds, and Brush on Top Gel.

For more information on ARTGENiC, or to purchase, go to: