Morgan Taylor Fight Like A Lady mini pack review 0

"Stand up against Brest Cancer with Morgan Taylor's Fight Like a Lady Collection 2015.  Pretty Pinks unite to join the fight.

Never underestimate the power of pink! In support of Breast Cancer Awareness, Morgan Taylor introduces the Fight Like a Lady 2015 Collection.  With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to support mothers battling life-threatening cancer while raising young children.  The foundation provides everything from financial assistance to support groups for the families of survivors and those still battling cancer.  In donating to the Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation, Morgan Taylor hopes to reach those most in need an affected by this terrible disease.  

The Fight Like a Lady 2015 Collection features a team of courageous pink hues including a stunning sheer, a fearless glitzy glitter, a lively bubblegum, and a daringly bold creme.

"We look forward to releasing a collection of strong, yet feminine pink colors every year to support Breast Cancer Awareness." Taylor Daniel from Morgan Taylor expresses.  "This year, our team selected four pink shades that represent brave, confident women.  Bright and bold or chic and dainty, there's a color to empower every woman," Morgan Haile from Morgan Taylor says."

"We feel so honored that we can use this collection to benefit families most devastated by this disease.  From this collection, we also hope to provide support to young mothers with children who are braving the fight against cancer," Taylor Daniel adds- according to the press release.  

The Fight Like a Lady 2015 Collection includes the following shades:

Sweet Surrender: a semi sheer very light ballet slipper pink creme. Despite the color being on the sheer side, I was very pleased that I still had full coverage. (light sheer pink)

Sweetest Thing: a soft pink glitter with some fine holographic glitter particles mixed in.  Very densely packed with glitter.  I got complete coverage in just two coats, I was very impressed.  (light pink glitter)

Lip Service: a bright flamingo pink creme. (bubblegum pink creme)

Prettier in Pink: a deep magenta pink creme. (pink creme)

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural lighting). 

Who ever said nail polish is solely a vanity issue?! Now Morgan Taylor has teamed up with a wonderful foundation to donate a portion of the proceeds.  I think it is such a beautiful and wonderful thing, and I admire Morgan Taylor highly for doing so.  I think more companies should get behind other important causes, because together we Can make a difference.  

I think this is a beautiful color palette.  Excellent choices of pink shades that represent every kind of woman, young and old.  I think this mini pack makes for a very lovely gift to either friends, a co-worker, family, teachers, etc.  Buy a couple of them to keep around as last minute gifts even!

The formula was great on all of the shades, and I didn't experience any issues whatsoever painting with the small sized bottles;  they are just too cute.  

The Fight Like a Lady 2015 Collection from Morgan Taylor will be available for a limited time beginning September 2015, and will retail for $14.95.  The pack includes four mini 5 ml (.17 fl oz) bottles.

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