NCLA: an L.A. Fairytale Spring 2015 Review

NCLA: an L.A. Fairytale Spring 2015 Review 0

Hey guys.  Happy Hump Day!

I hope you're all doing well.  

Today I'm stoked to share with you all the latest collection from hip Los Angeles based nail brand NCLA- An L.A. Fairytale for Spring 2015.  Comprised of four matte glitters, although a relatively small collection it still packs a magical punch!

an LA Fairytale Collection includes:

Once Upon a Time: a creamy oatmeal beige with white, magenta, baby pink, baby blue round matte glitter particles and yellow tiny bar glitters.  Has great coverage with even just one coat! ["Your fairytale finish is here with this multi-colored glitter confection that adds a magical final touch to any look!"]

Enchanted City: a sheer clear base with micro fine silver holo glitter, and larger matte aqua blue glitter bits.  Visible nail line does show if used on its own. ["Who needs a bluebird on their shoulder when this sparkly baby blue lacquer adds a cheerful dose of color to any look?"]

Valet My Carriage: a sheer clear base with micro find gold holo glitter, and larger matte light peach round glitter bits.  Also has visible nail line showing if used on its own. ["No need for Rumpelstiltskin here! This glitter-infused topcoat will give you more gold than any princess in all of La La Land."]

Ever After in LA: a sheer clear base with fine silver holo glitter, and larger matte white/pink glitter bits.  Also has visible line showing through if used on its own.  ["Mirror, mirror, on the wall, our silver glitter polish is the best reflective surface of them all!"]

(all swatches shown here are two coats and are shown without a top coat, as recommended to ensure matte effect.) 

This was my first time trying NCLA's nail lacquer line, although I have used and Love their Nail Wraps.  I must say I was also pleased with their polishes.  Glitter can be a nightmare, we've all been there, and know it all to well.  However, these all removed very easily;  I didn't have to struggle or soak them in acetone, they simply came off with regular polish remover.  Also, I have to note how densely packed with glitter they are.  Unlike most other glitter polishes on the marker these didn't require multiple coats or finagling of the glitter in any way to get specific pieces.  It painted on smoothly and easily.  

Once Upon A Time aside, I recommend using the other three shades to layer atop other solid shades, for instance paring Enchanted City with a baby blue creme like Santa Monica Shore Thing or Eight Days a Week (not shown here).  But if you are into the sheer look and want some magical pizzazz and sparkle wear them alone.  Either way you can't go wrong.

Each of the NCLA shades from an L.A. Fairytale retails for $16 and is available now.

For more information on NCLA or to purchase, check out their website: 

Essie Cashmere Matte Collection Swatches + Review

Essie Cashmere Matte Collection Swatches + Review 0

"The next big thing is here- essie's luxuriously ground-breaking cashmere matte 2015 collection.  With a satin-matte finish that is instantly iconic, these shades capture essie's powerful penchant for fashion and irresistible individuality.

Inspired bu the beauty and elegance of the world's best cashmeres, these six shades are infused with Reflective semi-matte agents and color mica-pearls to deliver a soft matte finish.  The revolutionary combination of matte and a subtle color is a best worn as a fashion accessory; it's a statement suitable for any and every season," according to the press release.

The Essie Cashmere Matte 2015 Collection includes:

Wrap me up: a creamy off-white with pale pink undertones.   They describe it as a whisper soft pink.

Coat Couture: a grayed out plum purple with shimmer running through it. They describe it as a sultry greige beneath deep purple shimmer

Comfy in Cashmere: a dusty mauve with grey undertones and shimmer running through it.  They describe it as mauve with deep velvet undertones.  

Spun in Luxe: a blackened blue.  They describe it as a sophisticated matte blue-black.  A One Coat Wonder! Has excellent full coverage in a single coat.  Very highly pigmented.  If you do use two coats, however, the blue gets lost and the color just looks like matte black.  In order to maintain the pretty blue/black shade, I recommend sticking with just one coat of this shade.   

All Eyes on Nudes: a creamy beige nude.  They describe it as a camel-hued neutral tone.

Just Stitched: a light carnation pink with shimmer running through it.  They describe it as a warm pearly-plush pink.  A very girly shade.  Reminds me of old- school Sanrio products from my childhood.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, with no top coat, as directed; in natural sunlight).

Please be advised, like all matte- finish nail products, it is not recommended you use them with a top coat.

Overall I really like this collection.  I think it's a perfect for a transition from dark winter hues to brighter pastel spring shades.

 I have read on other blogs some people have difficulty with application and brush strokes.  I fortunately didn't have any problems in the application.  I will say this, however, when applying this matte shades always be sure to apply with very light or no pressure; this will help avoid brush strokes.  I also found that each layer dried very quickly, which is always a huge plus.  With two coats, you are good to go within minutes.  I Love that about this collection: no top cot needed, and it dries super fast, who could complain?!

My personal favorite shades include:  Coat Couture, Comfy in Cashmere, & Spun in Luxe

Essie's Cashmere Matte Collection retails for $8.50 per bottle, and is available now at, fine salons, and beauty destinations nationwide.  Pick up yours now.

For more information on Essie, head over to their site:



Zoya Matte Velvet Fall 2014 swatches + review

Zoya Matte Velvet Fall 2014 swatches + review 0

Hi everyone.  I hope all is well and that you are all having a great week! It's almost the weekend, so hold on just a little longer.

Today I've got the latest collection from Zoya to share with you all, "Matte Velvet Fall 2014".  This collection is comprised of 6 matte shades that are both bold and mysterious. Zoya says, "All of the color, none of the shine!" 

Like most matte finishes, these polishes are to be used on their own, skipping both base and top coats.  This is a Huge time saver, that I absolutely LOVE.  As stated in the initial release, "*MATTEVELVET nail color by Zoya is not intended to be worn with a base coat, top coat or speed dryer of any kind. Due to the unique matte formulation, color is not as long-wearing as traditional nail color. A completely clean, dry nail surface yields the best results for matte nail color wear. If you do elect to use a base coat, make sure that it is 100% dry prior to color application to avoid color separation, cracking or shrinking."

The Matte Velvet collection includes:

Harlow: a matte magenta.  It has some plum purple undertones to it.

Posh: a matte ruby red.  It falls on the darker side of the red spectrum, it's certainly not a bright cherry red, and it has some berry/ blue undertones to it as well.

Dovima: a matte coal black.  It is not a super inky jet black Black, just a smidgen lighter.  It is much darker than a graphite gunmetal gray however.

Savita: a matte vibrant majestic royal purple.

Veruschka: a matte pine green.

Loredana: a dark matte gunmetal gray.  

(all swatches shown here are two coats, with NO top coat, taken outdoors in natural sunlight for accurate color rendering.)

I really enjoyed playing around with this collection.  I think it is a great release for the fall, and allows people to try a fun, fresh take on nails.

I found the formula was great, and I didn't experience any issues.  The product painted on very smoothly and easily, and didn't show any brush strokes or streaks.  The formula also dried very quickly, which is always a major plus in my book.  I also found it removed easily too.

The only suggestion I would make, is I wish they included a cobalt blue and burnished gold in this collection.  Those would have been spectacular in this formulation.  Perhaps in the next release. 😉

My personal favorites are: Dovima, Loredana, and Savita.  

The Matte Velvet polishes retail for $9, or $54 for a sampler set including all six of the shades.

For more information on Zoya, or to purchase, check them out online here: 



The Latest from ENP Gella, including new Matte Top Coat

The Latest from ENP Gella, including new Matte Top Coat 0

The folks at ENP Nail Design have introduced some new shades to their collection of Gella gel polishes, and a brand new Matte Top Coat.  What I personally love and adore about this brand is that each layer of color cures in a remarkable 10 seconds in an LED light, which is essentialy unheard of for the nail industy.  

Some of the new ENP Gella colors featured here include:

Judy:  an aqua turquoise with slight green undertones. If you look very closely there is a slight highly subtle shimmer.

Gabriella: a red/ dark pink hybrid.  

McKenzie: a semi sheer black base with multi-color glitter flecks. 

Daisy: a true magenta pink.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured for 10 seconds each in an LED Light.

Also featured is the new ENP Gella Matte Top Coat.  Whether you want to mattify the entire nail, or just sections of it to create unique and fun nail art looks this is the top coat for you.   

 For more information on ENP Nail Design, check them out here:

Zoya- Magical PixieDust Spring 2014

Zoya- Magical PixieDust Spring 2014 0

For Spring 2014, Zoya introduced a brand new beautiful line to their already popular PixieDust textured polishes, the Magical PixieDust collection.  What sets this collection apart from Zoya’s conventional matte textured glitter polishes, is these are infused with my personal favorite- large holographic glitter particles.  These bad boys sparkle and shine like no ones business, and I am a huge fan. The 3 shades in this initial collection include: Cosmo: a silver, with holographic glitter infused. My personal favorite in this collection.  I can’t get enough of this particular shade!! Vega: a light blue, with holographic glitter infused. Lux: a baby pink, with holographic glitter infused. (all swatches shown here were 2 coats for full opacity, and NO Base or Top coat, as recommended by Zoya.) Each shade retails for $10. For more information on Zoya, or to purchase, check them out here:

Formula X – Swatches Pt. 2! 0

Here are some more shades I recently played around with from the Formula X line sold exclusively at Sephora.

The polishes were all highly pigmented and covered well in 2 smooth coats.

Again, not to brag or suggest anyone try this, but over the years I have accidentally dropped and broken many a nail polish bottle, but these seem to be indestructible!  My butter-hands were extra slippery for whatever reason, and I managed to drop these a few times accidentally onto my hard wood floors, and they remained perfectly in tact. .

Infamous: a metallic shade shifting (dual chrome) deep purple/ teal. Part of the Shifters collection.

Dynamic: a creamy beige taupe. Part of the Spring 2014- The Cut collection.

Inspiring: a shimmering turquoise blue. Also part of the Spring 2014- The Cut collection.

Need 4 Speed: a highly metallic, almost foil like, shiny silver.  looks like liquid metal.  Part of the Chromes collection.  

Astonishing: a matte textured deep purple. Do not use with a topcoat, as shown here, to maintain matte gritty texture. Part of the Celestials collection.

Glitter Rocket: a matte textured light lilac. As shown here, no top coat was used.  Also part of the Celestials collection.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats for full coverage.

To find out more about Formula X, or to purchase, check it out at: