ENP Nail Design Glitter Acrylic Powder

ENP Nail Design Glitter Acrylic Powder 0

I recently tried out some of the awesome glitter acrylic powders from the folks at ENP Nail Design, and I am swept away with the color offerings. These are so beautiful and jam packed with glitter of various sizes, shapes, and colors!

1) Emerald City #90622 a dark emerald green shade, featuring tiny blue, green, and gold glitter particles.

2) Fairy Dust # 90602– a light baby pink with holographic large iridescent glitter particles.

3) Rock n Roll #90627– a dark navy blue with multi colored glitter. My personal favorite in this collection!!

4) Snowflake #90600– a very soft white with super fine micro shimmer glitter.

5) Hot Apple Cider #90605– a darker autumnal red with multi glitter.

6) Dill #90550– a light mossy green.

7) Fireworks #90453a hot sparkly red.

8) Cosmopolitan #90461 a bright pink.

For more information on ENP Nail Design Acrylic powders or other products, check them out at:

ARTGENiC the hygienic Gel!!

ARTGENiC the hygienic Gel!! 0

I recently got to try out the first and only hygienic gel available on the marketplace= ARTGENiC.  ARTGENiC gels come from Japan, and are formulated with Nano Silver, which is said to posess natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

I LOVE this gel for so many reasons.  First, it comes in professional jars, as opposed to the polish-style bottles.  This means the nail technician has to paint on the gel, which allows for a more controlled application, and looks better to the customer.  In addition, the jars allow you to  you mix colors together easily to create new colors.

I have never seen gels in a jar that cure in both LED or UV light systems. This can save a lot of time when performing a manicure.  Also this gel is highly fantastic for doing any nail Art related work! I did some various Union Jacks/British Flags as a quick demonstration.



The 3 gel colors I tried were:

Non-Yellowing White 001: classic pure white. Would be excellent to use in a French Manicure.

Forever Black 107: the perfect black.

XOXO 109: a deep dark red.

The formula was Excellent and self- leveling on all colors.

All swatches shown here have a Base G (clear base), 2 coats of color, cured each in an LED lamp for 30 seconds, and Brush on Top Gel.

For more information on ARTGENiC, or to purchase, go to: