AnGel by Ikonna

AnGel by Ikonna 0

I recently got to visit the AnGel booth during the ISSE Convention in Long Beach, and was pleased to see some fantastic new tools to facilitate the creativity of all nail artists.

First up is their wonderful AnGel Artist Gel Brush Kit.  The kit comes in a black leather case that’s ideal for traveling.  The brushes are fantastic and cover Every aspect of nail art you will ever perform.  The Brushes come in various sizes, and are numbered accordingly 1-8 (they can also be purchased individually):

1) Falthead brush: to paint wide brush strokes, or to create ombre fade effects.

2) Round brush: to paint large areas.

3) Stroke brush: to paint long lines.

4) Wide angle brush: to blend and create fade effect.

5) Thin angle brush: to perform detail blending or fading.

6) Blunt brush: creates thick lines.

7) Detail Brush: perfect for painting small details or fine lines.

8) Small flat brush: paint dual colored art, or help blend colors.

These are without a doubt the BEST brushes I have Ever used.  I have used many brushes, synthetic, natural, fine, thick, from craft stores, from nail supply stores, from Japan, and these out perform ALL of them. I could not recommend them more.

I also came across the remarkable AnGel Gel Pot Series 1 featured here. The collection comes conveniently in a plastic case and features 12 perfect shades to aid in creating whatever nail art you desire.  No longer having to rush with conventional acrylic paint, these potted gels do not set until you cure them in the light. The gels are incredibly thick and very easy to control and work with.

The colors include:

The Dark Ages: black

Blank Pages: pure bright white

Kiss This: primary fire engine red.

Never Evergreens: kelly green

Warmest Wishes: sunshine yellow

Its OK to be Blue: cobalt blue

Plumb out of Luck: a deep dark purple

Plain Orangutan: bright orange

Feeling Fierce: fun fuchsia

Turquoise Tantrum: a turquoise aqua blue

Tan my Hide: a rich camel beige

Beg for Burgundy: a perfect dark burgundy

To purchase any of these AnGel products, or for more information, check them out here:

Empower Nail Art

Empower Nail Art 0

Introducing this awesome new technology that will Wow your clients and nail art lovers alike!  I had the pleasure of meeting the creator of Empower Nail Art at the ISSE convention recently.  Not only did he explain to me all about his awesome creation, but he commissioned celebrity Nail Artist Kandi Banks, aka KandiYamz, to perform demonstrations.

The product is an adhesive film, NOT a foil or a transfer.  It is significantly thinner and more flexible than traditional nail decals/polish strips presently on the market.  Also, unlike Minx, this does not require any heat or special light fixture to set it, the product is ready to go as is!

The nail films are specifically designed to be used either on their own over the natural nail, or to accompany Any conventional acrylic, polish, or gel that you wish.

The Intro Kit, featured above, has everything you need to get started, and retails for under $50:

– 1 Nail Template: can be used to create full finger wraps in 11 different sizes, and in 4 cuticle shapes.

– 1 Crystal File: to file off and remove excessive product at the free edge.

– 1 X-Acto Knife: for precise cutting.

– 1 pair of Squeezers: a small scissor-like apparatus to aid in post application trimming or detailing.

– 4 Half Size Nail Film sheets: so you can play around and get familiar with the product.

Full sized sheets, also pictured above, can be purchased separately and come in a variety of prints and styles.  I particularly am drawn to the holographic ones.  The sheets measure 3”x 7” & feature 150 different design shapes printed on the back of each film, so you can cut them out easily and perfectly in no time at all.  The films retail for under $10 each.

For more information or to purchase, check out Empower Nail Art here: 



I recently met with the wonderful folks of VETRO at this years ISSE Convention in Long Beach.  Introduced for the first time ever to the US market at the convention. VETRO is a gel polish line made in Japan from the creators of ever popular brand Bella Forma.

The line has 69 beautiful gel colors.  The line also has some innovative products exclusive to them, such as the “Flat Design” and “Design Liner,” that are nail art brushes suspended in a cleansing solution, that enable you to easily create peacock designs, fine art, marble effect, or tie- dye patterns using any color you prefer.

Some of their colors, like 065 Luce Bronze, swatched here, come with a built in thin detailing liner brush, so nail art and design are a breeze.

I chose 3 colors from the line to showcase and swatch here.

076-Oro: a shiny sparkling bright yellow gold.

006-Seta Lip: a pearlized soft baby pink.

065-Luce Bronze: a sparkling rose gold.  This shade as the built in liner brush for detailing and nail art work.

Each of the colors shown here are two coats, cured each for 20 seconds in an LED lamp as directed.

For more information on VETRO, check out their website:

My Top 9: CND Shellac

My Top 9: CND Shellac 0

Because CND’s Shellac has won #1 best gel polish formula from NAILS Magazine for the last 3 consecutive years, I decided to give CND some extra love.  I have chosen my top 9 favorite colors from their core collection to swatch and review.  I can not number them or choose favorites, for I love them all equally.

Azure Wish: the perfect creamy robin egg blue.

Water Park: a metallic shimmering ocean blue.

Lilac Longing: a soft purple that’s irrisistible.

Purple Purple: a true blurple.  In some light it’s purple, in other light it’s blue.  The perfect combination of both colors.  I love the dual chrome characteristics of this shade shifting color.

Rock Royalty: a rasin purple.

Rubble: a smoky taupe.

Fedora: a vampy blood midnight burgundy red.

Asphalt: a dark slate granite/gray.

Overtly Onyx: a light metallic black with gunmetal/silver shimmer running through it.

(each swatch shown here is 2 coats)

Check out for more on their incredible Shellac, and other nail products

inm Gelavish Northern Lights Collection!!

inm Gelavish Northern Lights Collection!! 0

Brand spanking new, introduced for the first time ever at the ISSE Beauty trade show last weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center. This collection is comprised of 7 densely packed glitter gel polishes, that will allow you to never hand mix glitter again, saving tons of salon time. I could not recommend these enough! They are each so great and wonderful.

Red: a sparkling pure ruby red.

Mauve: a soft shimmering salmon pink.

Fuchsia: a fabulous fine fuchsia

Aquamarine: an aqua blue with micro green shimmer particles as well.

Silver: micro fine holographic silver. My personal favorite in the collection.  I’ve looked all over for the perfect holographic glitter gel, and I feel I have finally found it.

Gold: micro fine holographic gold. Has reflective green glitter particles in it that really help add dimension and sheen. Also one of my favorites in the collection.

Black: an opaque black gel, with multi colored glitter

(all swatches shown here were 2 coats, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp.)

For more information on INM, check them out at:

Cuccio Colour Veneer Pastel Collection Spring 2014

Cuccio Colour Veneer Pastel Collection Spring 2014 0

I recently got my hands on the la

test collection for Spring 2014 from the folks of Cuccio and I LOVE it!! The collection is comprised of 6 highly pigmented and beautiful pastel shades that will definitely satisfy even the pickiest of salon customers.

The colors include-

Pinky Swear: a pretty pastel pink.

Quick as a Bunny: a light cement gray.

Life’s a Peach: a creamy pastel peach. Reminds me of peach flavored yogurt from when I was a kid.

In the Key of Lime: almost a pure chartreuse.  It is a perfect cross between yellow and lime green.

Mint Condition: a pastel green mint. Reminds me of the melt-away mints from my childhood.  One of my favorite shades in the collection.

Under a Blue Moon: the perfect cornflower blue.  This is my personal favorite color in the collection!  It reminds me a lot of Essie’s highly popular “Bikini so Teeny,” but this is so much better because it’s gel and will not chip.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats, each cured for 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

For more information on these or other Cuccio products, check them out at:

Gel II Rave Glow in the Dark Gel Polish Review!

Gel II Rave Glow in the Dark Gel Polish Review! 0

I recently played around with Gel II’s Rave, an awesome glow in the dark gel polish that is quite unique!

As with many of Gel II’s gel polishes, they are always coming up with the latest in nail technology, and this product is no different.

Rave does not require a base coat or a primer.  It can be used on its own, and goes on clear.  Or, it can be used as a top coat over any other gel polish shade you prefer and it wont alter the color.  The glow effect was quite strong and vibrant and I was highly impressed.  I can not wait to try this out on a full manicure and see all the compliments I receive.

For more information on Gel II products, check out their website at:

CND Additives Review

CND Additives Review 0

I recently tried 2 of the Additives from CND‘s staple collection.  I could not be more pleased with these pigments.  I find Additives to be the easiest & most fun way to create an amazing gel ombre effect that will please All of your clients.

The creative possibilities with Additives is truly endless, & CND offers many suggestions on their website:

I’ve said it before, and I will re-state it again, I personally am OBSESSED with CND’s Additives!! They are so unique, and no other nail companies on the market are making anything similar.  And I receive countless compliments and positive feedback from others whenever I use them in my manicures.

The 2 Additive colors I tried are:

Spectrum Shimmer: a chunky glittery pink/purple iridescent pigment.

Haute Pink: a deep rich hot magenta pink pigment.

For both swatches shown here, I buffed the Additive into the tacky layer of a black Shellac gel polish.

For more information on CND Additives, or any of their other products, check them out online at:

Gelish gel polish Swatches

Gelish gel polish Swatches 0

I recently tried some of the gre

at Gelish gel polish colors by Hand & Nail Harmony.

Carnival Hangover: a warm fuchsia.

Shake it till you Samba: a bright neon pink watermelon shade.

Gossip Girl: a dark fuchsia.

Strut your Stuff: a deep dark rich chocolate brown.

Hot Rod Red: a true pure perfect red shade.

Sweet Dream: a milky white sheer shade.  Would be great for french manicures, or for clients who want a white washed look.

Simple Sheer: an incredibly sheer, virtually clear shade.  There is a subtle light pink tinge to this essentially sheer clear shade.  Makes the nail appear a healthy and with a slight rosy pink glow.  Is ideal for clients who prefer a natural nail look.

Each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light.

For more information on Gelish, please check them out at :

ENP Nail Design Glitter Acrylic Powder Pt. II

ENP Nail Design Glitter Acrylic Powder Pt. II 0

I recently tried more of the awesome glitter acrylic powders from ENP Nail Design, and again I’m pleased with their color offerings.

1) Supernova a white base, with multi- irridescent glitter.  .

2) Pink Lace– a pale baby pink, light baby pink with holographic iridescent glitter particles in various sizes.

3) Sassy Purple– a sparkling purple with purple and copper micro glitters.

4) Sunburst– a bright lemon yellow glitter.

5) Cosmic Blue– an aqua cerulean blue glitter.

6) Rocky Road– a rich chocolate brown glitter. A Perfect shade to do desert themed art with!!.

7) Blueberry Hill– a rich navy blue glitter.

8) Mint Hint the palest mint green glitter shade.

9) Orange Slice- a vibrant summery orange glitter.

10) Wintergreen- a teal green glitter.

11) Mai Tai- a tropical pink glitter.

For more information on ENP Nail Design Acrylic powders or other products, check them out at:

ENP Nail Design Metallic Acrylic Powder

ENP Nail Design Metallic Acrylic Powder 0

I recently tried out some shimmering metallic acrylic powders from ENP Nail Design. 

1) Metallic Pink a warm shimmer pink.

2) Metallic Bright Blue- a shimmering primary classic blue.

3) Metallic Lemon Gold– a holiday worthy gold with yellow undertones.

4) Metallic Bright Red– also a holiday worthy shade, a red with brown undertones.

5) Metallic Multi Silver– a micro multi shimmer holographic fine glitter.  This is my personal favorite in this collection! It is so shiny and beautiful!!

For more information on ENP Nail Design Acrylic powders or other products, check them out at:

inm Out the Door PINK Nail Polishes!!

inm Out the Door PINK Nail Polishes!! 0

Sweet Bouquet: a pearlized soft ballet slipper pink.

Pink Carnation: a bright 70’s diner pink.  Reminds me of a bright strawberry milkshake.

1st Kiss: a metallic light silvery infused pink.

Rio Razzberry: a neon fuchsia.

A Good Year: a metallic magenta.

(All swatches shown here are 2 coats.)

To find out more about inm nail products, check them out at:

inm Out the Door Red Nail Polishes!!

inm Out the Door Red Nail Polishes!! 0

I recently tried some of the red polish offerings from inm’s “Out the Door” nail lacquer line, and was pleasantly delighted by it’s offerings. I found the formula to be quite great and consistent, with most shades becoming perfectly opaque in 2 coats.

Heart of Glass: a classic red, with a slight orange undertone.

Winner’s Red: a warm classic red, with a slight blue undertone.

Cabernet: a deep rich wine red.

It’s Red-iculuos: red sheer micro glitter. This was 3 coats to be fully opaque.

Goth Grape: a blackened purple.

Black Hole: a pure classic jet black.

Unless otherwise stated, all swatches shown here are 2 coats.

To find out more about inm nail products, please check them out at: