Sheera Gersh of- Addicted to Nails 0

Name - Sheera Gersh
Salon - Addicted to Nails, in Tempe, AZ
Instagram - Addictedtonails
Website -

1)What inspires you and your designs?
I love designs that are unique and have a "POP" that most people have never seen. I have to say there are all kinds of things that inspire me, bright colors, embedments...even wrapping paper at holiday time. My clients get super excited and loving my work is what makes my heart happy! 

2)What's the most "out there," non-traditional material you've incorporated into a manicure?

I have embedded all kinds of material such as lace, glitter, sequence, paper, rhinestones, seashells, tinsel, mylar, dried flowers even beads but the most "out there" is still to come....keep watching 🙂

3)Describe a favorite manicure you've preformed?
One of my absolute favorite gel polish manicures is a jawbreaker design. It is a layering technique of different colors then gently using an e-file (you can hand file as well) to break through areas of the polish creating the look of a jawbreaker candy. LOVE! 

4)What's a favorite trick you've learned?
The most recent "trick" I learned was totally by accident...using the tip of your stripping brush to run 2 or 3 colors through uncured gel polish (could be done with nail polish as well). Love using bright or neon colors to create a tye dye effect. 

5)What's the most unique request you've received from a client?

I have all kinds of clients from all walks of life, from stay at home conservative moms to tattoo covered alternative models to a few drag queens so this is why my salon motto is "Nail Artistry from Mild to Wild." I've created nails that mimicked Lady Gaga's perfume bottle. I have embed photos of one client's children. I have another client who attended a scrap booking convention; we recreated the companies logo on a computer and embedded the design in her nails, this was a BIG hit with convention goers!