Introducing Aora GEP Gel!

Introducing Aora GEP Gel! 0

Hi guys. I hope everyone has had a very Happy Holidays.

I am so excited to share this latest innovation with you all from the folks over at Aora.

It takes a lot to get me exited about something new in the nail industry, but I have found it. Introducing GEP gel from Aora! Forget the conventional and generic cat-eye magnetic nails people are doing, GEP gel color is said to look like “Northern Lights in Alaska, some say space nebulas and starbursts.”

Aora GEP is incredible, so cool and unique, and super easy to use.

Everything you need to get started comes in the kit. Begin with the Grip Base.  Two coats of Black gel, which is incredibly well pigmented, and from what I believe is pure gel in a bottle, not a gel polish.  I would use this gel on its own, its an excellent black gel. Then comes the magic- paint on a thin layer of the numbered color gel, shown here I have GEP #’s 5 and 6, do not cure, hold the magnet over the uncured gel for a few seconds, once the desired design is achieved cure.  Finish it all off with Titanium Top Coat, an excellent non-wipe super shiny top coat.

Pictures and videos do not do this product justice.  If I had a dollar for every complement I’ve gotten on my nails I would be Rich $$$!

I highly recommend you pick up a GEP kit for yourselves or your salon.  Your clients are going to absolutely fall in love.

The GEP Kit, retails for $59.95, and then each color of GEP can be purchased individually for $29.95.

For more info on Aora, or to order online: 



Street Beat Summer 2016 Collection Review

Street Beat Summer 2016 Collection Review 0

"Turn up your boom box this summer, it's time to start feelin' the beat on the street! Introducing Gelish and Morgan Taylor's bold and eye-catching array of bright colors for the summer 2016- the Street Beat collection.  The collection includes six new shades: from a striking coral, to a powerful pink pearl, and a fierce teal, to a wild style yellow-orange creme.

"We were inspired by the artistic expression of street art and hip hop for this collection," says CEO and founder of Gelish and Morgan Taylor, Danny Haile. "Each bright shade resonates with inspiration and expressiveness. From energetic, upbeat pinks to a must-have pastel lilac, every shade is trendy from the runway to the streets." according to the official press release.

The Street Beats Summer 2016 collection includes:

B-girl Style: a neon bubble gum pink creme. [neon pink pearl]

Street Cred-ible: a bright nacho cheese orange creme. Took 3 coats for full opacity. [orange/yellow creme]

Cou-tour the Streets: a light pink creme with slight lilac undertones. [lilac creme]

Tag, You're It: a bold neon magenta shimmer. [fuchsia pink pearl]

Give me a Break-dance: a more green leaning teal with slight shimmer running through it. Took 3 coats for full opacity. [teal pearl]

Hip Hot Coral: a bright coral/pink hybrid shimmer. Took 3 coats for full opacity. [hot coral pearl]

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats of the Gelish Minis, unless stated otherwise, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

What I love and enjoyed most about this collection is how fun, bold, and bright the colors all are.  What I didn't love about this collection is the lack of pigmentation.  As gorgeous as the colors are, half of them required 3 coats in order to become fully opaque.  The main downside to three coats is the time required for application.  If your clients aren't in a hurry, or if you don't have clients booked up back-to-back than it shouldn't be an issue.

My personal favorites include: Give me a Breal-dance, Tag, You're it, and Street Cred-ible.

The Street Beat Collection from Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor will be available for a limited time in May 2016.  Gelish MINI is available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and for $13.99 per bottle and Morgan Taylor is available at for $9 per bottle. 


Morgan Taylor Botanical Awakenings Spring 2016 Collection Review

Morgan Taylor Botanical Awakenings Spring 2016 Collection Review 0

"Spring into the season with fresh fingertips! Introducing a breathtaking arrangement of six stunning shades for Morgan Taylor’s Spring 2016 collection, Botanical Awakenings. With a lively, light coral, classic taupe, radiant hot red and more, this bouquet of pink shades is budding with personality fit for any flower child.

“We were inspired by soft pinks, rich reds and creamy neutrals for this romantic and sophisticated collection,” says CEO and Founder of Morgan Taylor, Danny Haile. “Each shade is reminiscent of a budding and chic garden. From irresistible, whimsical pinks to warm crème shades, every polish is the perfect spring accessory.”

The Botanical Awakenings Collection is comprised of the following colors-

Rose-y Cheeks: a bright and bold pink with a subtle iridescent shimmer running through it. [Bubblegum pink pearl]

I Or-chid You Not: a greige (grey/beige) cream.  [Dark taupe crème]

Warm Up the Car-nation: a bright raspberry magenta shimmer. Highly pigmented. [Bright magenta pearl]

Don’t Pansy Around: a hot pink magenta cream. Highly pigmented.  [Hot pink crème]

What’s Your Poinsettia?: a dark cranberry red shimmer. Also highly pigmented [Crimson red pearl]

Prim-rose and Proper: a light creamy nude. [Light taupe crème]

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

I think this is a beautiful collection to welcome the coming spring season.  The colors are all definitely wearable, and I really like the fact they're inspired by flowers, which couldn't be more apropos for Spring! 😉

I was most impressed by the formula.  A lot of the shades, about half of them, were very highly pigmented and provided excellent coverage in even a single coat.  I love a well pigmented polish.

I found the shades all painted on smoothly and evenly, without causing any brush strokes or issues of any kind.

My personal favorites from the collection include: Rose-y Cheeks, I Or-chid You Not, and Prim-rose and Proper.

The Botanical Awakenings Collection will be available for a limited time at select salons nationwide and at The suggested retail price for the lacquers are $8.50 each.

Morgan Taylor- The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Collection 2015

Morgan Taylor- The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Collection 2015 0

"Classic and sassy colors that beam in the night.  Start glowing in anticipation for Morgan Taylor's Halloween 2015 Collection, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the greatest cult film and longest running theatrical release of all-time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The Morgan Taylor collection includes a 4-piece mini pack with three classic shades- white, red, and black, and a NEW glow-in-the-dark top coat. to ready nails for midnight mayhem. 

"For this collaboration, we were immediately inspired by the iconic imagery from The Rocky Horror Picture Show," expresses Morgan Haile of Morgan Taylor.  "We hand-picked top colors from our collection that were stunning and captivating to best complement the special occasion," says Taylor Daniel of Morgan Taylor.  "In addition, the collection wouldn't be complete without a little mad scientist touch, so we added a glow-in-the-dark top coat for an electrifying and sassy finish to any look" according to the press release. 

The four piece mini collection includes the following shades:

All White Now: a classic bright white creme.

Pretty Woman: the perfect classic timeless red creme.  I absolutely LOVE this red.  It's so perfect and flattering and so many different skin tones.  You can't go wrong.

Little Black Dress: a jet black creme.

Glow-In-The-Dark Top Coat: a special effect top coat, that truly glows brightly in the dark.  When applied over the other shades it wasn't so evident, you could really only see it visibly over Little Black Dress.

(All swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light, except for the glow-in-the-dark top coat to better demonstrate the effect).

I found the three main shades to be very highly pigmented, providing fantastic full coverage.  These are all classic colors that are literally timeless, and you can't ever go wrong.  I am adding these little goodies to my main travel kit. I was also really impressed with how well the glow top coat worked.  I have tried a few different brands in the past but they never shined nearly as brightly as this one did. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Collection from Morgan Taylor will be available for a limited time beginning September 2015.  The suggested retail price for the 4-piece mini pack is $14.95.  Each bottle is 5 mL, 0.17 fl oz.

For more info on Morgan Taylor, check them out online:

CHANEL Nail Colour Fall 2015 Review

CHANEL Nail Colour Fall 2015 Review 0

Hey guys,

I hope your all having a wonderful week thus far  I know I sure am. 

I am so beyond excited, thrilled, privileged, honored, and overjoyed to say the least to present to you all the latest collection of nail polish from none other than CHANEL- what in my opinion is literally the "Holy Grail" of nail polishes. 

"Discover a rich tapesty of shades inspired by beautiful fall foliage.  Earthy neutrals dress eyes in natural splendor, while copper tones and deep reds blaze on the lips.  An ideal complement to autumnal colour, a new manicure range helps prep and perfect any nail look," according to the official press release.  

the CHANEL Fall 2015 Nail Colour collection includes the following three shades:

Chataigne (669): a semi-sweet dark chocolate creme.

Vert Obscur (679): a deep dark forest green jelly with slight teal undertones.  I am obsessed with the jelly formula.  It almost has some translucency to it.  The color builds up beautifully in just two coats too.  Also happens to be my personal favorite of the three! 

Ecorce Sanguine (671): a red apple creme with a very faint fine shimmer running through it.  Also has slight blue undertones.  

(All swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light). 

I am very pleased with this latest collection from CHANEL. I think the colors are all very pretty and highly wearable.  These are shades I know for sure my clients will be asking me for time and time again.  

I found the formula to be absolutely divine.  The colors were all incredibly richly pigmented, and painted on smoothly and effortlessly, with absolutely zero brushstrokes. Don't get me started on the jelly formula of Vert Obscur.  I don't have any other polishes in my immense arsenal that even come close.  Not only is the color very unique, but that jelly formula I just absolutely Love and can''t get enough of.

The bottles fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are so easy to work with.  The paint brush is phenomenal, allowing you to paint perfectly and with tremendous ease.  And the neck of the bottle is relatively thin, and in my opinion, wipes off any and all access paint from the brush, so each and every time you have the perfect amount of product to work with.    

I highly recommend all three shades, but if you have to pick just one, my personal favorite would have to be Vert Obscur.

The CHANEL Fall 2015 Nail Colour collection is out and available now for a limited time and retails for $27 per 0.4 fl oz (13 ml) bottle.

For more information on CHANEL or to purchase online, check them out here: 


Essie Summer 2015 Collection review

Essie Summer 2015 Collection review 0

"Introducing essie summer 2015 collection: Unleash your inner beach goddess with essie's stunning summer 2015 collection. Inspired by the season's molten days that stretch into fun-filled nights, essie's fresh new palette presents six shades that put a new spin on summer color.

Tuned up and plugged in, these vibrant shades fuse striking punch-brights with a razor-sharp edge and a touch of cool that's distinctively essie.  Each shade's unique sensibility and subtle wit make it easy to experiment with color, mix it up and play.  So head to the water's edge to soak up the sun and the scene with sizzling new colors!" according to the press release.  

The Essie Summer 2015 Collection includes:

Private Weekend: a pina colada white creme with a fine subtle shimmer running through it.  [sparkling crisp white]

Chillato: a mellow chartreuse creme.  Leans more on the yellow side then green.  [frozen cream pistachio]

Peach Side Babe: a vibrant peach creme with warm coral undertones.  [sun-ripe preach] 

Sunset Sneaks: a neon fire red with bold bright pink undertones.  Was richly pigmented.  I had complete coverage in one coat.  [bright energetic crimson]

Saltwater Happy: a periwinkle blue creme.  Also well pigmented.  I had complete coverage in a single coat. [sugar-sweet Atlantic blue]

Pret-a-Surfer: a cornflower blue creme.  Was also highly pigmented.  Full coverage in 1 coat.  A 1 coat wonder!! [immersive marine blue]

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight.)

 I am really impressed and super happy with this latest collection from Essie.  I think they definitely nailed it on the head with the color palette this season.  In my opinion, it's not necessarily that the colors are all super unique, however they all go together beautifully, and are shades I most definitely see clients requesting time and time again.  

I found the formulas on all of the shades to be quite great and very easy to work with.  I want to point out a few of the shades there were complete Superstars in my opinion, that literally painted on as smooth as butter: Pret-a-surfer, Saltwater Happy, & Sunset Sneaks.  

I highly recommend you pick up this collection once it hits stores.

My personal favorites include: Chillato, Sunset Sneaks, and Pret-a-Surfer

Essie Summer 2015 Collection retails for $8.50 per 0.46 fl oz (13.5 ml) bottle, and will be starting in June 2015.

For more information on Essie, or to purchase, check them out online:

The latest from ENP

The latest from ENP 0

Hey guys!

I've got some new exciting products and major changes from the folks over at ENP Nail Design.

They recently underwent a major repackaging of their products, and I am really pleased with the outcome.  

New Labels: the packaging has undergone a major transformation.  The bottles used to be black..  Now they are white, and feature a colored handle, so you can better see the color that is in the bottle.  Both myself and my customers prefer this new packaging.  

New Matchables: the Matchables include both a gel polish and a coordinating 5-chemical free nail lacquer, so for any clients who prefer to have matching hands and feet, now you can do so with great ease.  Featured in this post are Matchables in Red Carpet (glittering ruby red) and Ice Princess (a light lavender cream).  

New No Wipe Top Coat: the new no wipe soak -off gel top coat is a dream come true in my opinion.  It cures for 30-60 seconds in LED, or 2-3 mins in UV.  First of all, it is super shiny, like a sparkling diamond.  Secondly, the fact that you don't have to wipe the dispersion layer when finished is a major time savor, especially when you are booked with clients back to back.  I am obsessed with this product, and highly recommend you all pick up a bottle for yourselves.

For more information on ENP, check them out online here:


Cuccio Sweet as Sugar Summer 2015 Collection Review

Cuccio Sweet as Sugar Summer 2015 Collection Review 0

"Cuccio Sweet as Sugar the Candy Colour Collection: A hyperactive colour collection of charismatic confectionary classics that candy coat you nails for the ultimate taste of the sweet life," according to Cuccio

I'm excited to introduce the latest Summer 2015 collection from Cuccio.  The shades are bold, beautiful, and bright, and will look fantastic on either fingers or toes!  The Sweet As Sugar! Candy Colour Collection includes:

Goody, Goody Gumdrops!: a coral shimmer with slight orange undertones.

Sweet Treat: a bold bubblegum pink creme.

Sugar Daddy: an aqua blue shimmer.

Grape to See you: an electrifying grape purple with slight shimmer. 

Double Bubble Trouble: a deep magenta creme.

Lemon Drop me a Lime: a bright neon yellow creme.

Tutti Frutti: an orange creme.  Looks somewhat like a jelly formula when used on its own, but when used with white as a base color, could really Pop! 

Very Sherbert: a creamy apricot orange. 

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light. And images are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

I think overall this is a very fun collection.  I tend to be a fan in general of bright colors, they go perfectly with the warm summer weather.  Needless to say, this color palette definitely does remind me of candy :).  

The formulas were all great, I didn't experience any issues with any of the shades.  They all painted on smoothly and evenly in two even coats.

My personal favorites include: Grape to See You, Very Sherbert, and Double Bubble Trouble.

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online here:


Artistic Nail Design 2015 Wedding Collection Review

Artistic Nail Design 2015 Wedding Collection Review 0

"Sparkle and shine with fanciful colours in mind.  Artistic Colour Gloss 4 new wedding- worthy colours.  

Freshen-up bridal mani colours with sophisticated shades with a touch of glam.  Artistic Nail Design's 2015 Wedding Collection- With This Bling, introduces 4 brand new colours that boast of femininity and flair.  From a dreamy pink to a classic pearl white, each shade will have nails for an unforgettable wedding day.

"For this wedding collection, I was inspired by the excitement of getting married- from the proposal to walking down the aisle.  Every shade in this collection is perfect for any bride-to-be," says Artistic Nail Design Executive VP and Creative Director, Alisha Rimando Botero.  With playful soft colours to a timless pearl white, any pick will accent any ring bling!" according to the press release. 

With This Bling collection includes:

Mani of my Dreams: a light blue green mint creme. [celeste turquoise creme]

Always Right: a pale lavender creme, with a very subtle grey undertone. [wisteria creme]

Put a Ring on it: a shimmering white. [pearl white creme]

What a Girl Flaunts: a light carnation pink creme. [soft carnation creme]

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight). 

I must say I am very pleased with this collection; I know it's somewhat small, but it makes for a gorgeous color palette for the spring season.  These colors are pretty timeless and classic in my opinion, and are shades customers will always come back to year after year.  For that reason alone, I highly recommend them.  

I found the formulas on all be great, providing complete and smooth coverage in two coats.  

My personal two favorite shades are- Put a Ring on It & Always Right

The With This Bling collection is out and available now for a limited time.

For more information on Artistic Nail Design, check them out online here:


Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring 2015 Review

Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring 2015 Review 0

"Ji Baek's newest spring collection- Je t'aime! Je t'aime! - is inspired by her love of Parisian farmer's markets.  Who can resist the refreshing banter between sweet-talking vendors? Living in Paris has inspired Baek's aesthetic and color palette.  Je t'aime! Je t'aime! is her take on French culture," according to the press release.

The Je t'aime! Je t'aime! Spring 2015 Collection includes:

C'est Tout: metallic gray green.  Reminds me of a Tahitian pearl. A very rare and beautiful shade.  [a rivalry between gunmetal and green; sometimes it appears to be a dark gray with blue undertones and in another moment, you will see green with micro shimmers of pink, blue, and gold.  If you are ever asked, "Avec ca?" You should answer with a resounding, "That's all!"]

Ah, Oui: periwinkle purple jelly creme.  Reminds me of Essie's Boxer Shorts from a couple years ago, but this jelly-like finish is quite different and unique. ["Ah, yes." Just keep saying this if you don't understand a thing anyone is saying.  This colo epitomized Parisian chic.  It's not blue, not purple, and not gray; it is the embodiment of the picturesque, powdery cloudless Parisian sky.  This polish is a glasslike periwinkle cream-jelly, transparent in one coat with an exceptionally smooth application; you can even add another coat on the tips of your nails for an eiasy gradient effect.]

Bonne Journee: metallic strawberry pink delight.  Requires three coats for full opacity.  ["Have a good day," is how we should all take leave of anyone- this is a happy rose pink with blue undertones and a hint of copper.  The shimmery satin finish will put a smile on your face and spread happiness! This cool pink complements all skin colors and the formula simply glides on.  Pink shimmer has never looked this good.]

Pardonne Moi: metallic navy blue with purple and silver undertones. Reflects purple with catches of light.  It is very gorgeous in person! Also required three coats for full opacity. [This phrase somehow sounds more chic than "excuse me" when you're bumping into people at the market.  This color is a satin finish of exceptional indigo blue overcast with iris purple.  Flashes of beautifully generous shimmer gleams with stunning sparkles.]

(unless stated otherwise, all swatches shown here are two coats, taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

Overall I really enjoyed this collection.  I think it is a nice departure from the typical bright or pastel creme shades most nail companies usually introduce for the Spring season.  The formulas were all excellent and very user friendly.  I didn't have any issues with brush strokes or unevenness, including with the metallics.    

Also worth noting, I love that the names are in French, yet I can still manage to pronounce them even though I don't speak a word of the language. 😉

I think a couple of the colors are very unique and rare, and are most certainly worth picking up.  My two personal favorites from this collection are- C'est Tout & Pardonne Moi.

Please keep in mind there will be two new additional shades added to this collection at a later date- Combien? & Trois Oignons Rouges.  I will keep you posted as more information comes.

 The Je t'aime! Je t'aime! Spring 2015 Collection of Rescue Beauty Lounge will be  available exclusively on their website sometime in April, and will retail for $20 each.

For more information on Rescue Beauty Lounge, or to purchase online, check them out here:




Spring Summer 2015 from Akzentz

Spring Summer 2015 from Akzentz 0

Happy Hump Day!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week thus far.

Today I am excited to share with you all the latest gel collections from Akzentz for Spring Summer 2015.  From both of their popular soak off UV/LED gel lines, they've introduced 6 new shades to their gel polish LUXIO line, and 10 new shades to their potted OPTIONS gel line.

First up, I've got the new LUXIO gel polish collection to share:

Whimsical: a light sky blue creme.

Almondine: a creamy beige nude.

Pixie: a bright light peach creme.

Darling: a coral creme with orange undertones.

Enlighten: a pistachio light green creme.

Fanfare: a bright bold royal blue creme.

(all swatches are 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

Next up I've got the latest potted gels from the OPTIONS line:

Risky Pink: a bright magenta pink shimmer.

Snazzy Blue: a bold ocean blue with shimmer.

Bursting Yellow: a semi-sheer lemonade yellow shimmer.

Cream Mint: a light green mint creme.  Has more of green undertones and no blue undertones.  Sometimes mints can go either way, leaning either blue or green.   This definitely leans on the green side.

Bashful Pink: a semi-sheer beige nude creme with slight pink undertones.

Lily Lavender: a smokey mauve creme with lavender undertones.

Luminous Blossom: a carnation pink creme.

Pink Blush: a semi-sheer pink nude creme, with pink undertones.  It is significantly leans more on the pink side than "Bashful Pink" does.

Pristine Buff: a dusty rose pink creme.

Honey Almond: a khaki beige creme. 

(all swatches are 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

 Overall I am really happy with these new colors from Akzentz.  I think all of the shades are very practical and highly wearable, including most of the new OPTIONS colors that are very skin-tone oriented, these are excellent for all year round.  I like the fact that there's a little bit of everything for every type of customer: some shimmers, some nudes, some fun brights, some pretty pastels, its just a very nice and impressive color palette overall.

The formulas on all of the shades from both systems was excellent, causing absolutely no problems whatsoever.  I found the shades to all be highly pigmented, providing complete coverage in 2 nice coats.   

My personal favorite shades include: Fanfare, Enlighten, Pixie (from LUXIO soak off polishes)

& Snazzy Blue, Cream Mint, and Lily Lavender (from OPTIONS potted gels).

All of the Spring Summer 2015 colors are available now.

For more information on Akzentz, or to find a distributor near you, check them out online:

CND Summer 2015 Garden Muse Collection Review

CND Summer 2015 Garden Muse Collection Review 0


"Summer 2015 embodies a bold, bright garden filled with memories future-past.  Beauty awakes to fragrant notes of nostalgia with the new Garden Muse collection from CND.

This season's trends are all about sculpted, dramatic silhouettes and intense floral hues that invite abandoned reverie, says CND co-founder and style director Jan Arnold.  Nails are seductive and sleek, adorned with a harmony of vintage floral design elements and spellbinding patterns for an alluring effect," according to the press release.

The Summer 2015 Garden Muse Collection is comprised of 6 bright shades, and comes in both Shellac & Vinylux polish.  This collection does not include any Additives.

First up, the Vinylux Polishes.

Beckoning Begonia: a peony pink with purple undertones and a subtle shimmer.

Butterfly Queen: a bright glittering magenta.  I love this color, and it is pretty rare for CND to come out with a glitter, so I highly recommend this shade.

Lost Labyrinth: a metallic teal.

Wisteria Haze: a vivid violet creme.

Reflecting Pool: a bright medium blue creme.  Highly pigmented.  A one coat wonder.

Crushed Rose: a carnation pink creme.  Also highly pigmented.  A one coat wonder.

(all swatches are 2 coats, and are taken outdoors to depict most accurate color.)

Next up, the Shellac Collection.

Hot Pop Pink: a neon magenta pink creme.

Lost Labyrinth: a metallic aqua teal.

**Water Park: a metallic medium blue.  Please note this is a pre-existing so if you already own it, no need to get another bottle, unless of course you are out of it. 

Wisteria Haze: a light lavender creme.

Beckoning Begonia: a rosy pink with shimmer.

Butterfly Queen: a bright magenta glitter.  It is rare for CND to come out with a glitter shade, so I highly recommend you pick up this color.

(all swatches are 2 coats, and photos are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

 All in all, I am a fan of the Summer Garden Muse collection.  I think it is a very pretty yet unique color palette, that is also perfectly fitting for the season.  I like and appreciate that CND switches things up and keeps it fresh with different finishes.  In this collection there is glitter, creme, metallic, and shimmer.  As far as the quality is concerned, excellent.  I didn't have any issues with any of the colors in either the Shellac or Vinylux.  They were all well pigmented, and applied smoothly, evenly, and easily.  

My personal favorite shades include: Butterfly Queen, Wisteria Haze, & Lost Labyrinth.

The Summer Garden Muse Collection is out and available now.  

For more information on CND, check them out online: 

OPI Hawaii Collection Spring/Summer 2015 Review

OPI Hawaii Collection Spring/Summer 2015 Review 0

Hawaii Collection by OPI brings the fresh, bright colors of its namesake islands to nails and toes for Spring/Summer 2015.  This new collection features a palette ranging from muted tones of mint, peach, pink and nude to border hues of coral, green, purple and gold to deep tones of mauve, violet, brick red and shimmery blue. 

"After the long months of winter, women are eager to embrace color- from soft pastels to bold accents to gleaming metallics explains Suzi Weiss- Fischmann.  "Caught in a perpetual state of spring, the Hawaii islands were the ideal inspiration for this year's seasonal collection.  OPI looked toward the surf, sand, and sunsets found at Hawaii's beautiful beaches, as well as the islands' lush greenery, tropical flowers, and colorful fish, to create 12 fresh new nail shades" according to the press release.

The Spring/Summer 2015 Hawaii Collection includes:

Suzi Shops & Island Hops: a strawberry milkshake pink creme.  [a light and happy pink that's the perfect traveling companion.]

Lost My Bikini In Molokini:  a grape jellybean creme.  [with this reef-inspired purple, what's one bikini more or less?]

This Color's Making Waves: a metallic aqua blue with reflective green and gold undertones.  [this shimmery, lagoon blue has got heads turning.]

Pineapples Have Peelings Too!: a shimmering yellow gold base with large multi-colored round glitter.  I am not a big fan of this shade personally. [the heart of the matter lies in this gold shimmer with colorful sparkle.] 

Just Lanai-ing Around: a dusty magenta creme. [this dark, creamy mauve says "hang loose!" in style.]

Hello Hawaii Ya?: a dusty violet creme.  [in this gorgeous, dusky purple, I'm doing just fine.]

Is Mai Tai Crooked? an orange creamsicle creme.  [get it straight- this fruity orange creme is fabulous!]

Aloha From OPI: a fiery neon coral red.  One of my favs in the collection! It is so gorgeous and bright in person!  [let's give a warm island hello to this bright creamy coral!]

That's Hula-rious!: a pastel mint green creme. A very pretty shade.   [this pastel mint green makes me dance with joy!]

Do You Take Lei Away?:  a creamy deep nude creme.  [on second thought, I can't wait-  I need this creamy nude now!]

My Gecko Does Tricks:  a metallic grassy green with yellow golden undertones that flash in the light.  I love this shade.  I find it to be super unique, and its on my toes as we speak.  [being bright and pearly green is just one of its talents.] 

Go With The Lava Flow: a golden orange-ish red shimmer.  [you can feel the heat shimmering off this golden red.]

(all swatches are two coats, taken outdoors in natural light.)

Overall I think this is a great collection.  Because it is so large, 12 shades, there is something to literally offer every type of customer and person.  The quality and formula was excellent across the board on all shades, as is typically the case with OPI polishes.  I personally am not a fan of "Pineapples Have Peelings Too", because I find it to be an ugly color.  I could understand the initial concept they might have had when making it, I just think the vision and execution wasn't properly undertaken.  Other than that, the other 11 shades I think are totally great.

My personal favorites include: That's Hula-rious!, My Gecko Does Tricks, & Aloha from OPI.  

OPI's Hawaii Collection is available now & retails for $9.50 each at professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Chatters, Dillard's, Regis, ULTA, and

For more information on OPI, check them out online here: