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Lauren B. Beauty Botanical Nail Treatments

Lauren B. Beauty Botanical Nail Treatments 0

Hi guys.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween weekend, and a nice Dia de los Muertos celebration.   

I have some fun at-home, not designated for professionals only, nail products from Lauren B. Beauty to share with you all today.  I introduced you last week to Lauren B's Nail Couture, the nail polish line; and now I am following up that post with a review of her Botanical Nail Treatment products.

Although I haven't tried and reviewed all of Lauren B. Beauty's treatment products, I will share with you the ones I have.

Cucitle Oil: "Massage in this luxuriously light oil at the start of your manicure, or anytime your cuticles need a little extra moisture. Custom-blended from 12 pure plant, nut and flower oils, it’s packed with amino acids to promote healing, and comes with a little brush so you can take as little or as much as you need – no mess. So good you will want to rub it all over your body!" 

It is lightweight, non greasy formula that sinks right into the nail plate and cuticle area.  It didn't smear onto my cell phone as I began to text after applying it.  There is a light floral scent, that reminds me of gardenia or rose, but the scent isn't overpowering or unpleasant by any means in the slightest.  The scent reminded my bestie of Johnson's Baby Shampoo, the one in the yellow bottle, but I am not familiar with that.

Retails for $20 for a .5fl oz bottle.

Nourishing Hand Creme: "A super rich indulgence. Laced with antioxidants, peptides and amino acids, this remarkably non-greasy hydrator leaves hands ridiculously smooth and soft. A special delivery system ensures that moisturizing agents sink in fast to plump and soothe for hours. And the heavenly orchid and peony scent alone will make you want a lifetime supply."

It is lightweight.  Absorbed quickly, which is always a major plus in my book.  Was non- greasy, and didn't have a tacky feel to it like some had creams do.  It has a very pleasant light floral scent to it.  Comes in a great compact size that is ideal for travel, in either your purse, a car glove compartment, office desk, etc.  

Retails for $24 for a 2 fl oz (60 ml) tube.   

Nail Polish Remover Pads: "A nail polish remover is a nail polish remover – unless it’s ultra-gentle, spring blossom-scented, and a joy to use. Our set of 15 non-acetone pads are infused with aloe to leave skin silky and moisturized. They also come stacked in an adorable screw-top puck, making them perfect for quick polish changes or on-the-go touchups."   

There is a very sweet scent to them that reminds me of  Mr. Sketch Scented Markers from the 90's.  The container aspect of the packaging is very smart and practical, and makes this remover excellent to travel with.  I found the remover pads did an okay job at removing regular nail polish.  It was however a bit greasy, slightly too oily for my taste, and can get a bit messy/runny.  I would not recommend these to remove stubborn glitter polishes.    

Retails for $15 for 15 pre- soaked pads.   

Nail & Cuticle Balm: "This rich hydrator absorbs instantly to restore parched, straggly cuticles to their prime. Our advanced amino acid complex and biotin promotes healing; sweet almond oil, mango & shea butter, and Vitamin E add moisture; and beeswax creates a water-resistant barrier for extra protection. We love the click-pen applicator – perfect for dotting on throughout the day."

 This was probably my favorite of the Lauren B. Beauty nail treatment products! I really loved this.  It provides a thick consistency, probably do to the nourishing mango and shea butters, which made it very easy to control.  I found it non messy and not greasy in the slightest.  I love the packaging, along with the click-twist pen applicator.  It is ideal for travel: the car, gym bag, purse, nightstand, office desk, etc.  I highly recommend this product for everyone, buy a few of them and store them in different places to make sure your nails and cuticles are always properly taken care of.

Retails for $30 for .05 fl oz (1.5g) pen.  

For more information on Lauren B. Beauty, or to purchase any of the products mentioned in this post, check them out online here:

Lauren B Beauty Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Swatches

Lauren B Beauty Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Swatches 0

Hi guys.  I am very excited today to introduce Lauren B Beauty.  A relatively new luxury nail lacquer line that is treatment based.  

Lauren B herself is California born, and was raised in the high end beauty industry; her uncle is the creator of fine hair care line Philip B, (so we know beauty is in her roots 😉 )

According to the company, "Our nail couture's are not only good for you; they are where beauty meets trend setting fashion, creativity, and luxury. After all nails are your best accessories!"  I couldn't agree more !

The Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture, or polishes as they're traditionally called, are 5 free (no formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, resin or camphor), are made in the USA, are cruelty free and vegan friendly.  The brush bristles are of high quality and are double packed, ensuring a smooth application.  The over cap on the lid is removable, so you can choose whether to paint with a square or cylindrical cap.  The polishes retail for $18-$20 per .50 fl oz bottle.  They are available for purchase at:,, Bergdorf Goodman, Planet Beauty, etc.

I have a few colors from their latest Fall/Winter 2014 collection to share with you all.  "Filtered through Lauren's own youthful L.A. sensibility, her 16 hew fall/winter polish colors represent historical Hollywood influences in ways that look totally fresh now.  From a Chateau Marmont- inspired Cabernet to an Elizabeth Taylor- worthy silver glitter, each hue is designed to flatter hands and feet better than most shades, and with just the right amount of attitude" according to the press release. 

The Fall/Winter 2014 Collection includes:

Sunset Tower: a creamy pinky peach. ["The perfect marriage of peach and pink, this is so much more interesting than either one: the color glows. "]

Hollywood Royalty: a deep dark plum purple with shimmer. ["A hint of gray lends this inky purple tone a little toughness.  The result: a luminous, velvety shade that take our breath away."]

Greystone Grey: a cool grey with slight subtle shimmer. ["Muted but with a wild side: This glossy dark slate hue makes the prettiest neutral, while staying unexpectedly moody and dark."]

33 Carats: a holographic silver glitter in a clear base.  I used three coats for the images shown.  I found this shade applied best in a dabbing motion; I placed a nice large bead in the center of the nail, wiped off my brush, and then I would play around moving and spreading the glitter particles with the dry brush.  This is my personal favorite in this collection! It is so stunning and incredibly shiny. ["Sounds like a rock that Elizabeth Taylor might wear, and that's what inspired this polish.  Packed with flecks of silver glitter... it's diamond sparkly and festive without being gaudy."]

House of Blues: a shimmering navy blue. ["Almost black and just as edgy.  One swipe of our dark midnight blue leaves nails looking drop-dead gorgeous in a subversive yet sophisticated way."]

Angeleno: a metallic pewter with a faint lavender/rose undertone. ["A shimmery rose gold with silver undertones and chameleon properties.  Up close it looks more golden; at arm's length, it has more of a purple-y effect.  Either way, it's hauntingly beautiful."]

One Night in WEHO: a multi-colored glitter extravaganza in a clear base.  The dominant glitter color is fuchsia.  Also featured in: blue, silver, green, and holographic glitter particles.  Like 33 Carats, is best applied in a dabbing motion.  I used three coats for the swatches shown here.  ["If we want to look Rock-and-roll one swipe of this glinty polish does the trick.  Apply it to nude or painted nails: the mix of sheer, kaleidoscope glitter- with particles of purple, blue, green, silver, gold, turquoise, and hot pink- creates a dazzling metallic gleam."]

* #ImSoLA: a bright hot magenta cream.  Very highly pigmented; it covered completely in a single coat!! ** please note this is not part of the Fall collection.  This is part of the spring/summer collection.**

Calabasas Cash: a shimmering deep emerald green. ["The look of the season is metallic- and there's nothing more thrilling than this dark, glossy emerald.  Laced with glints of shimmer, it looks cool and provocative, and lifts a minimalist outfit into a whole new league."]

Gel Like Top Coat: a clear top coat that plumps up the look of polish and provides immense amazing shine.  Applied smoothly and dried relatively quickly.  I wore it over 33 Carats and my nails look like gels.  There is such shine to them in person, they truly look stunning!! ["offers the long-lasting gleam of a salon gel manicure, without any dangerous exposure to UV light.  It comes off with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover."]

(please note, also from the Fall/Winter 14 collection, but missing from this review are: Polo Lounge Punch (deep burgundy), The Chateau (cabernet), Runyon Canyon (deep caramel), Coachella Valley Sun (yellow), #ImJuicing (kiwi green), Sky Bar (pale blue), Private Cabana (pale mint green), Hollywoodland (pure white).

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, unless stated otherwise.)

Overall I really enjoyed the Lauren B Beauty polishes.  I found them well pigmented, easy to work with, and they all had a smooth application.  I found the body of the brush to be quite long, which helped apply the polish evenly and smoothly, but be sure to wipe off any excess product on the neck of the bottle to prevent dripping.  I like the removable lid, and the fact it provided options I though was really great and different.    

I think this collection as a whole is fun and reflective of the fall and winter seasons.  There is something here for everyone. I recommend you all pick up a couple bottles for yourselves and give it a try.

My personal pics include: Calabasas Cash, 33 Carats, Angeleno, and One Night in WEHO and the remarkable Gel Like Top Coat.   

For more information on Lauren B Beauty check them out online here: