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Marvelous MINX

Marvelous MINX 0

I am so beyond honored to introduce my readers to the wondrous world of MINX Professional- which brings fashion to your fingertips!!

Created in 2007 by friends Dawn Lynch-Goodwin & Janice Jordan, Minx has transformed the way manicure clients and A-list celebrities view their nails, primarily as fashion forward accessories.  

I had the distinct privilege and honor of meeting Janice Jordan, aka the Master Minx, at this years Nails Only Trade Show in Pasadena CA, back in April.  She could not have been more wonderful! 

No amount of artistic ability of hand painted nail art by the world's greatest artist could achieve or duplicate what one can do easily with Minx.  The holographic and foil finishes are something truly unique and out of this world, and simply can not be replicated using conventional nail polish or gel for that matter. There are even cheap imitation stickers available for sale on Ebay, that do not last or apply well.

Minx has adorned the nails of countless celebrities for both live performance, magazine shoots, and red carpet events; just ask Beyonce or Lady Gaga

With literally hundreds of designs to choose from, with various finishes, the possibilities are infinitely endless with regards to the magic one can create with a Minx Manicure. 

The Minx styles I have showcased here include:

- Gold Lightning: pure liquid yellow gold.  The grand daddy of all appliques.  Many competitors have tried to duplicate this bad boy, but with very little success.  

- Silver Lightning: a sterling shiny silver, think of this as the silver counter part to Gold Lightning.

- Radiant Orchid: Pantone's color of the year 2014, re-envisioned by Minx, done in a stunning metallic way.

- Hawaiian Sunset: the perfect combination of shiny metallic, bright colorful floral art, and plaid patterns.  I love how truly eye catching this print is!

- Metallic Snake: a silver and gold holographic snake skin.  Need not fear folks, for no animals were harmed in the making of this incredibly awesome design!

- Garden Trellis: a pink floral print with a black and white circle background.  A great option for a summer garden party.

Minx recommends you apply their product using Minx Heat, however, I was able to achieve good results from using a hair dryer.  Much like any new system, practice make perfect.  It might take a few sets of Minx to get the hang of it, but I promise you and your clients will not regret it.

For more information on Minx, or to purchase, check them out here:

Lady Gaga + Nailing Hollywood

Lady Gaga + Nailing Hollywood 0

Always fashion forward and on trend Lady Gaga brand new music video G.U.Y. manicure by amazing talented Karen Gutierrez for Nailing Hollywood. Gold leaf tips on white almond shaped nails, Azature’s Faint White Diamond Nail lacquer!! It’s all in the details. Always.

Check out Karen’s Tumblr page here: