Shine bright like an “Azature” Diamond

Shine bright like an “Azature” Diamond 0

Check out some of the latest shades of Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish I got to review.  Like all Azature polishes, each bottle of polish is infused with a black diamond! The colors are beautiful, and I always love the little individual stories printed on the back of the bottles.

The colors swatched here include:

White: standard bright French tip white. The story on the back reads: "This shade is inspired by the faint white diamond. White captures the energy of light, and it brightness and clarity is associated with purity and fresh starts." 

Gold Diamond: a shimmering metallic yellow gold.  I find most metallic polishes to be quite streaky in application, but this shade was a dream to work with.  Absolutely streak free and paints on very smoothly. The story on the back reads: "This shade is inspired by the gold diamond.  Gold represents achievement and glamour with its eye catching shimmer -- and its the color of first place the world over."

Wine Diamond: a glittery glistening deep magenta wine color. The story on the back reads: "This shade is inspired by the wine diamond.  The versatile color plays well with a range of tones, calling to mind balance & harmony."

Charcoal Diamond: a shimmering multi- faceted dark coco color. The story on the back reads, "This shade is inspired by the charcoal diamond, the confluence of blues, black, and grey give this color a depth and strength."

Plum Diamond: a shimmery blurple, depending on the shifting of the light, the shade can appear anywhere from a deep metallic purple to a dark sultry blue. The story on the back reads, "This shade is inspired by the plum diamond. Plum is a deep, feminine color that reflects spirituality and mystery." 

Blush Diamond: a ballet pink slipper.  The story on the back reads, "This shade is inspired by the blush diamond. The playful, young shade is a modest-yet-girly play on pink."

(each swatch shown here was 2 coats for full opacity, and a top coat.)

For more information on Azature and it's brilliant black diamond infused polishes, check them out here:

Merricures interviews MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer

Merricures interviews MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer 0

I recently had the honor of having brunch with MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer’s awesome Creative Director Veleta Vancza on her recent trip to Los Angeles. We had an amazing time together.  Such a beautiful and creative spirit. Check out our interview below.

1) What are some of your key responsibilities as creative director of MINE Lacquer?

I wear many hats, I do product development, in every way from formulation to packaging and design; the overall vision of the company.  Everything about the company is in my head, and so it’s my job to get it out into the world in the way I want other people to see it.

2) What initially inspired you to create the product?

The idea that there could be a gold nail polish, and how do I make it happen.  it was really a research quarry for me than a vision I would have a brand.  Once I was able to make gold nail polish, I thought, “Okay, I can really make this into something truly amazing.” So, the brand came after.  It’s all inspired by the idea of gold nail polish.

3) What inspires you most now?

People’s reactions.  I like making things people interact with , and I’ve been making art that hangs on walls for so long that it’s nice to make something people actually wear.  I’ve been out of jewelry for a while so it’s refreshing to make a new kind of jewelry.  I am inspired by design & symmetry.  Basic design principles are exciting to me, and working them into the world in new ways. 

4) Has your experience in the jewelry world aided your transition into cosmetics?

Yes, because I think about adornment all the time.  There’s this catch phrase in the art/jewelry world – “wearability is determined by the wearer.”  I might think a pair of 6” stilettos are totally ridiculous and I can’t wear them, but there’s a lot of people that choose to wear them because they love them and they want to wear them, so in art/jewelry we have the same idea.  What’s great about nail polish is anybody can wear it – Anybody, and that makes me happy, that I have created something anyone can wear on their nails.

5) How has your knowledge and appreciation for jewelry affected your product?

MINE is inspired by jewelry and precious materials, and an appreciation for purity and the intrinsic value and beauty that are inherent qualities in precious materials.

6) What does luxury mean to you?

Quality, perfection, and desire.

7) Which of your lacquers do you wear most often?

The Gold + Graphite combination is my favorite.  Mostly because I wear black every day.  I love that it’s this olive-y green color, and it changes in the light, so it can come off as either punk or elegant.  But truthfully I wear them all, I love them all, and I made them all because I really liked them.

8) What are your thoughts on men wearing nail lacquer? Are you seeing it more often, or do you believe it’s just a trend?

I do not think it’s a trend, I think it is becoming more trendy,  and I think it is here to stay.  Every day I see more and more men wearing nail polish and it makes me incredibly happy.  I find that MINE is actually an easy sell to get men to wear polish because of the material.  Often I will say to a guy “can I paint your nails?” He will respond “I don’t know,” to which I reply “Well, it’s 24KT gold.” He will say “Huh!  Maybe just one nail.” After I paint the one nail he’ll say, “Wow, that’s beautiful, you can paint them all.” They never say “get it off of me!” Even people who don’t wear nail polish or who have never considered wearing nail polish I feel MINE is the perfect transitional product to get men to wear nail polish all the time.  I personally love doing men’s nails, and I like watching them enjoy it.  There is no reason nail polish should be gender specific.  Beauty is beauty, and its fun, and there’s no reason both men and women can’t enjoy it.

9) Do men tend to have a favorite color?

Men who paint their nails often tend to gravitate towards the Graphite.  However, it varies all over the place;  I feel it depends on their mood. The fact that there’s precious material in the polish helps persuade their decision making.  I see men say “Should I do Graphite because it’s so cool, or should I just do Gold because it’s Gold?” 

10) What are you most excited about next for MINE? Will there be more colors, perhaps a rose gold, diamond, or ruby infused lacquer in the future?

I personally love product development, there are infinite colors I can make. Right now is a really exciting time because I am finally seeing [the product] in the world.  I have been working on MINE for 7 years, and I love seeing people wearing it that I don’t know.  I get really excited to see it on a blog post or mentioned somewhere.  Some of the [colors/gemstones] mentioned will be available very soon (wink wink).

 For more information on MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer, or to purchase, check it out here:

AZATURE- the Diamond Collection

AZATURE- the Diamond Collection 0

To  continue the positive energy from radiating diamonds, I would like to present some of the wonderful shades in AZATURE‘s diamond collection.

Each bottle of polish features a real black

diamond inside, and has a charming story printed on the back of the bottle regarding properties pertaining to the color.  They retail for $25 each

Azature Light Pink Diamond: a violet pink. (This shade is inspired by the pale pink diamond. Playful, youthful, and demure,this color calls to mind warmth, compassion and love).

Azature Light Lilac Diamond: a soft pungent purple.  (This shade is inspired by the light lilac diamond. Balancing the boldness of purple with the femininity of pink, the color of some of nature’s most gorgeous flowers).

Azature Silver Diamond: a metallic high shine silver. (This shade is inspired by silver, one of our most versatile metals.  The illuminating color reflects energy, light and offers an alluring shimmer).

Azature Light Blue Diamond: a gorgeous pale robin’s egg blue. (This shade is inspired by the light blue diamond.  The color brings with it the tranquility and calmness of the summer skies and seas).

Azature Ruby Diamond: a true classic bright red. (This shade is inspired by the ruby diamond. Ruby has long been linked to vitality, passion, and energy, and is also the birthstone for the month of July ).

All swatches shown here were 2 coats.

For more information on AZATURE, check them out at:

AZATURE- the Black Diamond Nail Lacquer

AZATURE- the Black Diamond Nail Lacquer 0

I am very proud and excited to present the world’s first and only “black diamond” polish to all of my readers. AZATURE is a family owned and operated diamond jewelry business, so these folks definitely know their stuff when it comes to stones.  They’ve gotten into the polish market and are quickly proving they know what their doing in the nail sphere as well.

The line is the more affordable sister to their $1 million polish I have previously posted.  These retail for $25 each, and in every single bottle is a real black diamond.  As if that weren’t amazing enough, each color has it’s own special story printed on the back of the bottles.

Azature Black: a dark grey jelly base with black and silver glitter specks. Required 3 coats for good dark coverage.  (The black diamond is the ultimate fine jewel. its combination of beauty, mystery, and sophistication make it a timeless luxury).

Azature Champagne: a micro fine orange, bronze, copper, and yellow gold glitters. (This shade is inspired by the sparkle of champagne diamonds. Subtle yet distinct, the gems are as celebratory as a glass of bubbly).

Azature Green: a rich sparkling emerald green.  Required 3 coats to fully cover. (This shade is inspired by the green diamond, one of history’s most coveted gems, with astonishing depth and unmatched beauty).

Azature Blue: a gorgeous sparkling royal blue.  Probably my most favorite out of this collection. (This shade is inspired by the blue diamond’s intensely hued shade, which symbolizes balance and inner strength).

Azature Red: a sparkling shimmering micro fine red glitter. (The shade is inspired by the red diamond, the worlds rarest diamond of all. Flaunt your power and make a bold, fearless statement with this extravagant luxury in a classic shade).

Azature Canary: a shiny yellow fine glitter.  Almost looks like 24kt gold.  Also one of my favorites in this collection, and is presently on my toes 🙂 (This shade is inspired by the canary diamond: a daring, unique choice that radiates glamour, light, and joy).

Azature Pink: a shimmering micro fine pale pink glitter. (This shade is inspired by the flirtatious and youthful pink diamond, this classically feminine shade offers the perfect balance of softness and sophistication).

Unless mentioned otherwise, all swatches shown above were 2 coats.

For more information on AZATURE, check them out at:

Gel II Reaction Remix Color Changing Gel Polish Swatches!!

Gel II Reaction Remix Color Changing Gel Polish Swatches!! 0

I recently got to try out some of the best selling shades from Gel II’s Reaction Remix color changing gel polish line available now.  I Love Gel II gel polishes for many reasons, because they are always on the forefront of technology, and they do not require a base coat or primer!!

Aloha Bay Bay: a dark sparkly cobalt blue when room temperature.  A mint green when warm. As seen on singer Rihanna recently!! This is my personal favorite in this collection.

Sun Goddess: a shimmering bright orange-coral when at room temperature.  A shimmering light ballet slipper pink color when warm.

Hibis- Kiss:  a shimmering dark burgundy purple when at room temperature.  A shimmering rich pink color when warm.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats cured in an LED lamp for 30 seconds each.  Colors change based on temperature.

For more information on Gel II or any of their products, check them out at their website:

CHANEL Couture Fall 2013 Nail Rings!!! 0

O- M- G!! What will they think of next!??