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INM Educator Training 2015

INM Educator Training 2015 0

Hi everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend;  mine was relaxing and rather delightful.

Last week, on May 14th & 15th,  INM held a two day education class at their headquarters in Anaheim, CA. The class was led by industry sensation Naja Rickett (celebrity manicurist, Guinness Record holder, reality TV star) {ig: the_naja), and 5 new INM educators from around the country: Marisol Alvarado (ig: sinplycreativeartistry). Selina Rodriguez (ig: selinasnailart). Ashley "Miami" Francois (ig: nailsbymiamiashley). D Malone (ig: therealdmalone). and Denise Washington (ig: chinanails).  

Naja started off day 1 by sharing her amazing story of her roots in the industry.  How she initially started off doing makeup, then became a chef... to finally years later becoming a reflexologist pedicure mastress to an all male clientele.   Naja was very inspiring, and spoke from the heart about her own personal experiences.  She's very business savvy, and put a fresh spin on things.  She demonstrated how to sell with confidence to your clients; empowerment if you will.  She explained that you want to create a conversation with people, and not "present" to them.  That you want to engage with your audience;  get them involved by finding a common ground.   

Naja talked a lot about what it means to be a team, stressing the notion "we believe in each other." She also emphasized how important one's appearance is- that your nails should Always be done. I couldn't agree more! 😉

We discussed how you make people feel is very important in the industry, because ultimately it is what keeps clients coming back.  

Naja explained how to give the perfect presentation by using a sandwich metaphor.  The top slice of bread explains who you are and why you are qualified. The middle contents/meat provide a more thorough explanation containing myths and important facts, while the remaining slice of bread serves as a summary of everything you just covered.

We also talked a lot about coaching and what it truly means- unlocking a person's full potential.

After a nice pizza lunch break, everyone individually presented to the class their best skill set.  We then provided in depth constructive feedback on each presentation.  I chose the importance of social media and having an online presence as the focus for my presentation.  

We can all learn a lot from each other.  We all have different strengths, and we all have different levels of experience.  I for one learned a Ton about working with acrylic.  First off, I learned my colleagues prefer using a much larger acrylic brush than I'm accustomed to, a size 14 or 16! vs. my usual size 8!!   That you pinch the ferrule of the brush with pliers.  Use clear nail polish to maintain the brush's shape.  That you run a flared brush under hot water to reshape it and keep the flyaways at bay.  Who knew?!

Around 5:30 pm, the class stopped for the day.  We then took a field trip over to the local Staples and Michael's Art Supply  for last minute supplies needed for demonstrations the next day.

On Friday, day 2, we each got to demonstrate the strengths we presented to the class the day before.  Miami demonstrated prep and shaping acrylic with a 2 ball method.  China demonstrated a 1 ball acrylic method, with how to lay a foundation. Selina demonstrated nail art.  Marisol showed 3-D & 4-D art using a mixture of acrylic and hard gels.  And D Malone showed her knack for sculpting using forms.  

As the day wound down, each girl got to physically put her skills to the test, and Ms. Naja got a complete new set of nails with each student demonstrating what they did best, coming together as a whole, one unit.  

I must say that I am very pleased and happy with this group of fine individuals, and look forward to seeing more of the magic they create in the future.

INM offers an amazing array of products and excellent incentives for those looking to become brand educators.

For more information on INM, check them out online here: 




INM’s 1st Elite Educator Training

INM’s 1st Elite Educator Training 0

The weekend of March 1-3,  thirteen nail technicians from around the country were hand selected to congregate at INM’s headquarters in Anaheim, CA to participate in INM’s first ever Elite Educator Training.

The 3 day extravaganza was organized and ran by the remarkable, and newly appointed director of education for INM, Lorena Marquez,  a 26+ year nail tech veteran who has competed in over 200 competitions.

We laughed, we cried, we worked out butts off, and learned a ton.

 We started off the first day with an initial ice breaker, not only to get to know one another, but also to familiarize with each other’s artistic and creative abilities.  We were assigned a homework assignment prior to the weekend, where we had to create a nail design in 6 steps or less.  We than presented our work in front of the class.  After all the presentations and ice was officially melted, the initial training day was devoted to acrylics- Pink and whites, and colored acrylic, using INM’s numerous and beautiful powder paint acrylic powders.  We were partnered up, and got to work.

The second day of training was devoted entirely to gel- both traditional hard gel systems, the Entity gel system, and soak off gel polish, Gelavish.  We really got to get creative and have fun when it came to designing nail art with INM’s Gelavish soak off gel polish.

The third and final day was split into two parts.  The first half of the day each educator was assigned an INM product they had to present and “sell.”  The second half of the day was devoted to an exam to test what we’d learned the last couple of days.  We first had a 40+ question fill-in the blank exam that tested our knowledge of the INM brand, its history, and all of their products.  Than we had the practical part of our exam, where we were all partnered up and had 2 hours to perform 4 nails.  Two acrylic nails, one pink and white, one artistic colored acrylic.  And 2 gel nails, one a pink and white performed with traditional hard gel, and the second nail being a nail art design of our choosing using Gelavish soak off polish.

The educator training closed with a fabulous dinner/ awards ceremony at The House of Blues in Downtown Disney.  Christian Mans, was the star winner of the weekend, taking home 3 trophies.  Jessica Luna, Shannon Weissinger, and Elyse Perry also went home not empty handed.  Nonetheless, we are all winners.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and a tremendous experience.  We built relationships with fellow nail techs that will last a lifetime.

The INM Elite Educators include: Tara Cote, Sheera Gerth, Deneen Daniels, Elyse Perry, Sharon Midgley, Christian Mans, Jessica Luna, Isabel Olmeda, Tita Carter, Shannon Weissinger, British Burnett, Diane Self, and yours truly Merrick Fisher.

For more information on INM and their products, check them out at:

inm Gelavish Northern Lights Collection!!

inm Gelavish Northern Lights Collection!! 0

Brand spanking new, introduced for the first time ever at the ISSE Beauty trade show last weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center. This collection is comprised of 7 densely packed glitter gel polishes, that will allow you to never hand mix glitter again, saving tons of salon time. I could not recommend these enough! They are each so great and wonderful.

Red: a sparkling pure ruby red.

Mauve: a soft shimmering salmon pink.

Fuchsia: a fabulous fine fuchsia

Aquamarine: an aqua blue with micro green shimmer particles as well.

Silver: micro fine holographic silver. My personal favorite in the collection.  I’ve looked all over for the perfect holographic glitter gel, and I feel I have finally found it.

Gold: micro fine holographic gold. Has reflective green glitter particles in it that really help add dimension and sheen. Also one of my favorites in the collection.

Black: an opaque black gel, with multi colored glitter

(all swatches shown here were 2 coats, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp.)

For more information on INM, check them out at: