Introducing Phuse Implements

Introducing Phuse Implements 0

"Made from professional grade materials, the Phuse implement collection is all about the fine details.  Hang nail? Not having it- trim it.  Straight eyelashes? Curl it! Blemish, pimple, blackhead? Ugh.  Remove it! Head to toe tools that will take you from eek to awe," according to the official press release. 

I've got two Phuse's implements to share with you all.

Push It Cuticle Pusher: "With the Phuse Push It cuticle pusher you can push away unsightly overgrown cuticles on both your hands and feet.  Constructed from professional grade stainless steel the Push It cuticle pusher will not rust and will offer a lifetime of cuticle beauty." 

I love the size of this tool.  It's shorter in length than conventional cuticle pushers I'm used to, but I like that; it still gets the job done [it measures approximately 4.5" from end to end].  The body of the pusher contains a slightly ridged design which allows for an excellent grip.  There are two different ends to the pusher, one end is squared, the other is slightly rounded, allowing you to customize your manicure/pedicure to you or your client's needs.  The suggested retail price is $13.

Trim It Cuticle Nippers: "The Phuse Trim It cuticle nippers are equipped with a heavy-duty box joint, double spring tension and ultra-sharp tip closure that trim with professional preciseness.  Constructed from professional Japanese stainless steel, the Trim It cuticle nippers can be cleaned and sanitized without rusting, so start trimming."

It's a new year.  What better way to start off the new year than with a brand new set of nippers?! These are slightly smaller than nippers I am accustomed to, but let me tell you, don't let the diminutive size fool you.  These bad boys are super sharp, and hang nails physically don't stand a chance.  One can't own too many cuticle nippers, especially if you're a busy nail tech.  These nippers feature a black rubber non slip coating which allows for an excellent grip.  The suggested retail price is $25.

For more information on Phuse, and the other implements they make, check them out online:  

Introducing Beauty Hardware by Cricket

Introducing Beauty Hardware by Cricket 0

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week thus far.  Today I am excited to share with you all a new implement company I have been using the past few weeks now on my clients, and I must say I am very happy with.

"Cricket Company, a brand known for its innovative portfolio of professional hair tools, is taking the sterile-looking world of grooming tools by beautiful storm with the launch of Beauty Hardware by , a line of professional beauty maintenance tools. Cricket ®

“Plucking eyebrows and clipping cuticles isn’t always a glamorous process, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be beautiful and efficient tools to get those jobs done,” said Jared Clark, General Manager of Cricket.“Beauty Hardware by Cricket gives the at-home groomer a selection of tools that meet beauty maintenance needs with precision and look beautiful in the process” according to the official press release.

The products I have been working with and are featured here include:

Pro Ultra Fine Point Tweezer – An all around multi purpose ultra fine point tweezers, with incredible preciseness.  Whenever I work with crystals or small bits, these tweezers sure do come in handy. Retails for $29.95.

Pro Cuticle 1⁄4” Nipper – made up of imported Japanese stainless steel, they featured a highly durable double spring tension which allows for smooth cuticle trimming.  Can be used by either left or right handed technicians. Feels great in my hand as I used it. Retails for $38.95.

Classic Cuticle Pusher – This dual ended pusher allows you to both safely bush back the cuticles, while using the other side you are able to clean under the finger nails. The body of the tool features a rough, sort of embossed texture, which is slip resistant, allowing for a secure firm grip. I personally love the length of this tool.  It's somewhat on the shorter side, compared to other cuticle pushers I've used.  It comes in at approximately 4.5".  Despite it's small size, it works great, and doesn't take up much space in my tool kit.  A win win! Retails for  $26.95.

Pro Acrylic Nipper – also constructed from Japanese stainless steel, offers a double spring tension that is guaranteed to not break when removing acrylic nails.  It is also designed to be used by both left or right handed technicians.  It feels very sturdy and substantial in my hands.  I have used other acrylic nippers before that felt weak and flimsy, and definitely didn't get the job done.  $36.95.

Overall I am really impressed with the implements I have used from Cricket.  I think it's a great brand and I would recommend you try it out for yourself.  

For more info on Cricket, or to porder online, check them out here:


Tweezerman Implements

Tweezerman Implements 0

Hi guys.  I hope all is well.

Fellow nail techs always ask me what implements I use for my services, and I am finally going to share that with you all.

I use all Tweezerman implements.  They are excellent quality, very trustworthy, non destructible, and easy to sanitize and keep client.

Some of the products I'm going to share with you include:  

Regency Finish Collection Fingernail Clipper: the stunning laser-etched pattern is 100% sanitizable and easily clips fingernails with ultra-precise blades and ultimate performance.

Regency Finish Collection Toenail Combo Clipper: this combo clipper and case feature an extra sturdy super sharp blades for clipping toenails with perfect precision.  The removable case is designed to catch clippings for easy throw away and clean up and is shaped for comfort and easy handling. $12  

I love these clippers especially for the removable case that collects all of the clippings.  I hate when you walk into a salon and you see discarded nail clippings all over the place- super gross! There are no excuses with this one!

 Pushy and Nail Cleaner (Stainless Steel): 2-in-1 nail tool combines our famous Pushy cuticle pusher with a convenient nail cleaner.  Super-thin edges are buffed smooth to prevent scratching while the textured body provides a perfectly secure grip. $18

I use this little tool particularly to clean under my clients nail beds, and it gets into the tiny grooves with no issues!

 Half Moon Pushy and Curette: half-moon shaped pushy is contoured to tenderly push back cuticles without scraping the natural nail. The reverse end of the tool features a curette designed especially for cleaning edges and tight corners where polish and debris hide, particularly essential in aiding the removal of gel polish that can remain on the nail after soaking.  

I use this gadget for removing all dead skin and excess cuticles from the nail plate.  It is gentle enough that it doesn't scratch the nail plate whatsoever, and it works Wonders with pedicures too. 

Eco Friendly File: for medium sanding on acrylic nails and for filing edge on natural nails. 100% biodegradable. $3.50

Premium Emory Board: pack of 5 thin wood files.  Ultra durable. ($5 for 5  files)

Sansation Nail File: reinforced center for durability and strength.  Durable, washable and sanitizable. $4  

I really like the shape of the files, and love the fact that some of them are washable and can be reused.

Ingrown Toenail File and Cleaner: after you soak and while nails are soft, gently slide either end of file under ingrown to lift nail- choose the flat or curved end depending on shape of nail. To file away ingrowns, slide file side under lifted area and slowly pull file out to thin the under-surface of the nail and relieve pressure. $14

I am personally very fortunate that I do not come in contact with many clients suffering from ingrowns, but when I do encounter them on occasion, this tool gets the job done!

Grip N' Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper: features a spiral spring for the ultimate in style, comfort and control. The looped handle maximizes precision and provides a no-slip grip, while the opening and closing action is ultra-safe and smooth. $25

Rockhard Cuticle Nipper: the sturdy design of this nipper is reinforced by its rock-hard, stainless steel construction.  Features sharp, long-lasting snipping tips for smooth cutting.  Great to take to the nail salon. 1/4 jaw. $26

If your only going to invest in 1 pair of nippers, I highly recommend the Spiral Spring ones.  I know the shape seems a bit odd at first, but let me tell you, don't be fooled by the shape.  This bad boy cuts like no other, and the spiral spring is so revolutionary, I don't know how I used traditional cuticle nippers prior!  The shape is so sturdy, and aerodynamic, it just feels so right when its in your hand. 

and last but not least,

Sapphire Crystal Foot File: features tiny, abrasive sapphire-ceramic crystals fixed to an easy to clean stainless steel handle and uses the latest, advanced surface technology to provide maximum abrasivity for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.  Created to withstand frequent sterilization by autoclave or hot-air devices, as well as spray or liquid disinfectants. $38

I can not perform a pedicure without this!  It is textured on both sides, with one side being significantly more coarse than the other.  I haven't had to use a chemical callus treatment on any of my clients since I started using this.  I can even perform dry pedicures without water and as long as I use this foot file my clients feet are baby soft like butter.  

 For more information on any of the Tweezerman products mentioned in this post, or to purchase online, check them out here: