AnGel by Ikonna 0

I recently got to visit the AnGel booth during the ISSE Convention in Long Beach, and was pleased to see some fantastic new tools to facilitate the creativity of all nail artists.

First up is their wonderful AnGel Artist Gel Brush Kit.  The kit comes in a black leather case that’s ideal for traveling.  The brushes are fantastic and cover Every aspect of nail art you will ever perform.  The Brushes come in various sizes, and are numbered accordingly 1-8 (they can also be purchased individually):

1) Falthead brush: to paint wide brush strokes, or to create ombre fade effects.

2) Round brush: to paint large areas.

3) Stroke brush: to paint long lines.

4) Wide angle brush: to blend and create fade effect.

5) Thin angle brush: to perform detail blending or fading.

6) Blunt brush: creates thick lines.

7) Detail Brush: perfect for painting small details or fine lines.

8) Small flat brush: paint dual colored art, or help blend colors.

These are without a doubt the BEST brushes I have Ever used.  I have used many brushes, synthetic, natural, fine, thick, from craft stores, from nail supply stores, from Japan, and these out perform ALL of them. I could not recommend them more.

I also came across the remarkable AnGel Gel Pot Series 1 featured here. The collection comes conveniently in a plastic case and features 12 perfect shades to aid in creating whatever nail art you desire.  No longer having to rush with conventional acrylic paint, these potted gels do not set until you cure them in the light. The gels are incredibly thick and very easy to control and work with.

The colors include:

The Dark Ages: black

Blank Pages: pure bright white

Kiss This: primary fire engine red.

Never Evergreens: kelly green

Warmest Wishes: sunshine yellow

Its OK to be Blue: cobalt blue

Plumb out of Luck: a deep dark purple

Plain Orangutan: bright orange

Feeling Fierce: fun fuchsia

Turquoise Tantrum: a turquoise aqua blue

Tan my Hide: a rich camel beige

Beg for Burgundy: a perfect dark burgundy

To purchase any of these AnGel products, or for more information, check them out here: