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OPI Starlight Collection Review

OPI Starlight Collection Review 0

"For this holiday season, OPI looked to the stars for guidance and inspiration.  The result: 18 out-of-this-world shades for nails that break the beauty barrier at the speed of starlight! The shades of Starlight- OPI's collection for the holidays and beyond- include rich, jeweled tones, unearthly metals, and spectacular glitters.  OPI reminds you to savor the beauty of life in every precious moment as you watch the stars for a glorious future, and invites you to express your vision in the celestially beautiful colors of Starlight by OPI" according to the press release. 

The Starlight Collection by OPI is comprised of the following colors:

Love is in my Cards: a bright candy apple red creme. [this warm, romantic red is destined for me]

Ro-Man-ce on the Moon: a shimmering crimson red. [rendezvous in the glow of this lustrous, rich red]

Guys & Galaxies: a classic oxblood creme. [this maroon beauty makes my world go 'round]

I'm in the Moon for Love: a shimmering medium plum purple. [simply because I'm wearing this plum]

Cosmo with a Twist: a deep purple with shimmering blue particles in it. The color is so gorgeous in the light! [subtle sparkle adds depth to this purple]

Give Me Space: a medium blue with iridescent and holographic fine glitter particles in it. [night-sky blue with room to sparkle]

Center of the You-niverse: a blackened steel with silver and black glitter specks in it. [endless space black shimmer]

Super Star Status: a fine silver glitter with a chunky round gold glitter particles.  A very textured and multi-dimensional shade. [a spotlight- sterling silver and gold glitter]

I Drive a SuperNova: a platinum metallic silver. [hitch a ride on this lustrous sterling silver]

By the Light of the Moon: a platinum silver, similar to I Drive a SuperNova, however it featured various sized silver glitter particles. [silvery and sparkly... prepare to swoon]

Comet Closer: a light shimmering yellow gold that has a slight texture and depth to it. [may I take this warm, textured gold?]

Is this Star Taken?: a light shimmering yellow gold, similar to Comet Closer, however it also features fine holographic bar glitters. [iridescent icicles fly in this smooth gold]

Infrared-y to Glow: light pink v's & small iridescent glitter particles in a clear base. [strike up the glam with red confetti and glitter]

Let Your Love Shine: a shimmering deep cranberry red. [show it off in shimmery, red splendor!]

Ce-less-tial is More: a mix of light pink and light yellow gold glitter particles in a textured finish. [this pink super glitter shines with heavenly light]

Press * for Silver: a mix between a rose gold and a white gold in a metallic finish. [this warm, rosy silver really calls to me]

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite:  the same as Infrared-y to Glow, but with the addition of gunmetal diamond shaped glitter pieces. [this rosy, golden confetti is so right-on!]

No More Mr. Night Sky: a gorgeous metallic gunmetal. [an assertive, dark, shimmery gray]

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

What a fun and rather extensive collection!  What I really like about it is a lot of the shades can be layered a top one another to create really unique and spectacular looks.  I really admire how glitter and metallic focused this collection is.  I feel like OPI usually sticks to shimmers and creams, however, this collection definitely mixes things up, which I love, especially around the holiday times as we celebrate and dress festively.

I didn't experience any issues with any of the metallic chromes in this collection.  They all painted on smoothly and evenly, and didn't show any brush strokes whatsoever. 

Also, I found the glitters to be densely packed with glitter.  All of the shades shown here are only two coats.  There was no need for a third coat. 

This does happen to be a rather large collection, but here are some of my favorites and recommendations: Cosmo with a Twist, Give Me Space, Super Star Status, and Ce-less-tial is More.

The Starlight Collection from OPI is out and available now.

For more info on OPI, check them out here:

And for nail tech professionals:


Morgan Taylor Gifted with style holiday collection 2015 review

Morgan Taylor Gifted with style holiday collection 2015 review 0

"Spreading holiday joy won't be a problem this year with Morgan Taylor's Gifted with Style 2015 Holiday Collection.  With six festive colors, there is no denying holiday parties will be filled with cheer and sassy style.  From sultry red creme and lush dark purple to a silvery shimmer, every shade will make your nails the life of any celebratory occasion.

"For this collection, we wanted to build a selection of luxurious cremes and brilliant shimmers that any lacquer lover would feel confident wearing during the holidays and beyond," namesakes Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniels express.  "With any of these shades you can create applause-worthy nail art or rock a solid finish with distinction." according to the official press release.

The Morgan Taylor Gifted with Style Holiday Collection 2015 is comprised of the following-

Ruby Two-Shoes: a bright and bold red creme with a magenta pink undertone upon closer inspection.

I'm So Hot: a sultry metallic shimmering deep cranberry crimson red. 

All Wrapped Up: a shimmering purple with some silver flecks in it. a very unique shade.  I absolutely love it.

Gifted in Platinum: a shimmering shiny silver with a slight iridescent shimmer running trough it.  The iridescent shimmer not only adds extra beauty to this shade, but it also makes it very unique compared to conventional silver shades.

Tinsel My Fancy: a light gunmetal shimmer that also features an iridescent shimmer running through it, like Gifted in Platinum has.  I also absolutely adore this shade. 

A Little Naughty: a dusty light burgundy plum creme.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, & are taken outdoors in natural light).

  I must say I am really happy with this collection.  I feel that when most companies come out with a holiday collection this time of year they always include at least one color that totally doesn't make sense to me.  However, this collection is totally not like that.  All of the shades are super holiday appropriate, and are all very pretty.

  They each painted on smoothly and evenly, with absolutely no streaking, which can be a major issue with silvery metallic shades like Gifted in Platinum and Tinsel My Fancy are.  Even if at first glance these shades don't seem to be super unique, do not pre-judge, because upon closer inspection they are quite special and multi faceted.

My personal favorites in this collection include: All Wrapped Up & Tinsel My Fancy

The Gifted With Style 2015 Holiday Collection from Morgan Taylor is out and available now for a limited time, so make sure to grab your before it's too late.  The shades retail for $8.50 per 0.5 fl oz (15 mL).

For more information on Morgan Taylor, check them out online here: