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Zoya wishes winter/holiday 2014 swatches and review

Zoya wishes winter/holiday 2014 swatches and review 0

Hello everyone.  Happy Hump Day, you've survived and made it to the middle of the week, only a few more days till the weekend.

In the meantime, I've got a great new collection to share with you all from Zoya- Wishes 2014 Winter/Holiday.  Six new winter inspired shades, three of which are Magical Pixie Dusts (matte textured glitter) and three regular nail polishes.

The Wishes Winter/Holiday Collection includes:

Prim: a shimmering periwinkle.  Provided excellent coverage in one coat, and was very highly pigmented.

Haven: a shimmering deep majestic plum with magenta undertones.  I also found this shade to be highly pigmented, and had great coverage in a single coat. 

Willa: a classic black creme.  Unfortunately there isn't anything too special to report regarding this shade.  Most people already own a black creme or two in their collection, so this would then be a pass. 

And now onto the three Magical Pixie Dust polishes.

Nori: a medium blue with various sized holographic silver glitter particles.  This reads more of a summer shade to me than it does winter, but it's still pretty nonetheless.  For a winter blue I picture a paler icier blue.

Thea: a medium plum purple with silver holographic glitter particles.

Imogen: a black with silver holographic glitter particles. 

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

Overall I enjoyed this collection.  I like the fact that Zoya keeps things fresh by regularly introducing new shades of their Magical Pixie Dust line.  I personally love these matte texture glitters because you don't use them with a base or top coat, and they dry relatively quickly.  Whenever a little girl, say around the age of 5, asks me to paint her nails, I always make her choose from the Pixie Dust collection, and they always Love it.  The sparkle and shine is always truly magical.

I think the Wishes Collection as a whole has a little bit of something for everyone.  It is a nice representation of the season, as we transition from fall to the chillier winter months.  I also find this collection to be a nice departure from the conventional Holiday collections most nail companies come out with, featuring red, gold, and silver glitters.  

My personal favorites from this collection include: Imogen, Prim, and Haven. 

Each bottle retails for $9-$10 per .5 fl oz, and is available now.

For more information on Zoya or to purchase online, check out their website:

NARS Holiday 2014 Collection- swatches + review

NARS Holiday 2014 Collection- swatches + review 0

Brand new for the Holiday season, I've got the three new limited edition online exclusive shades that comprise the  NARS Cosmetics Holiday 2014 collection to share with you all.  

For those of you who don't recall or know, I made a post earlier on the re-launched NARS polish line.  I LOVE the new brush! It makes application smooth, easy, and flawless.   

The Holiday 2014 Collection includes:

Barents Sea: a shimmering true blue.

Sherwood: a shimmer medium mauve with cafe undertones.  Had great coverage in a single coat.

Algonquin: a light lilac shimmer, with silver sparkle undertones.  You know what they say, "save the best for last," and this shade is definitely the winner.  My personal favorite of the three shades.  Also had good coverage with just one coat.  Reads the most "holiday" to me of the three.   

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

Also note that the bottles are different for this collection.  They feature special artwork on the bottle, that sort of resembles abstract shattered glass; least that's my take on it.  

Overall I enjoyed the collection.  I personally don't think the shades scream "holiday" time to me, I picture more gold and silver, or heavy glitters for that, but these shades are nice nonetheless.  I didn't have any problems with application, each shade painted on effortlessly, with much help of the fantastic redesigned application brush, and didn't show any brush strokes or streaking.  I also found the shades to be very highly pigmented, which I always prefer.

***Note: Although they are not “holiday” colors, Mr. Nars (NARS’ Founder and Creative Director) does not believe in beauty trends or seasonal-focused collections, he expresses his current inspirations in the colors compiled.

This new note makes me love the collection all the more!  

The polishes retail for $20 for a .5 fl oz bottle. 

This collection is available for a limited time exclusively online at NARS' website , so if you want to pick up any of the polishes better do so fast:

For more information on NARS Cosmetics, check them out online:

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2014 Swatches + Review

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2014 Swatches + Review 0

Hey guys.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today I've got Deborah Lippmann's Holiday 2014 collection "Fantastical" to share.  Six brand new shades, both glitters and shimmers, that will dazzle your fingertips well into the New Year.  

According to the press release, "Bewitching, Mystical, Mesmerizing- An exotic illusion of the nails.  Let your creativity run wild with unexpected colors that are beautifully whimsical.  The only limit is your imagination."

The Fantastical collection includes:

Dear Mr. Fantasy: a bright metallic shimmering magenta, with purple shimmering undertones.  Highly pigmented.  It covered well in one coat.

Marrakesh Express: a shimmering coppery gold duo chrome with large gold shard flecks of glitter.  Reminds me of "The Hunger Games" series; it's very fiery.  It removed easily as well.  A highly unique shade.  

Weird Science: a bold lime green with gold shimmer.  Highly pigmented.  Had excellent coverage in a single coat. A very rare color.

Dream Weaver: a blackened purple/ teal/ green hybrid duo chrome.  Very beautiful in person.  The color shifts with the light.  It is similar to Essie's "For the Twill of it" and OPI's "Peace, Love, and OPI", but it's more teal than sage green.  This was my personal favorite color in this collection!

Xanadu: an icey blue with purple/pink iridescence, and small blue glitter particles.  I wouldn't categorize this as a duo chrome exactly,y however, it definitely has light reflecting properties to it. 

Magic Carpet Ride: multi- shaped holographic glitter in a semi- sheer black base.  The glitter shapes include- circles, bars, diamonds, and hexagons.  This shade was tricky to work with.  I found it best applied in a dabbing motion as opposed to in smooth brush strokes.  Nonetheless, I found it very clumpy, messy, and not pretty overall.  I was highly disappointed because I was so looking forward to being obsessed with this shade.  🙁   

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

Overall I am pretty happy with the Fantastical Holiday 2014 collection.  I think there excellent variety offered, and some vary rare shades that you don't normally come across.  I was however disappointed with Magic Carpet Ride and do not recommend it.  Other than that, the shades were all great, and painted easily and smoothly, and I couldn't recommend them higher.  

The Deborah Lippmann Fantastical collection retails for $18-$20 each, and is available for purchase now.

For more information on Deborah Lippmann, check her out online here:

Color Club “Made in NY” Holiday 2014 Swatches

Color Club “Made in NY” Holiday 2014 Swatches 0

Hi Everyone.

Today I've got an exclusive first look at the latest collection from Color Club, "Made in NY" for Holiday 2014.  The collection is comprised of "4 shimmers and 3 cremes to twinkle and shine like the city that never sleeps," according to the press release.

The "Made in NY" collection includes:


Lady Liberty: a pale icy blue/green iridescent shimmer in a clear base.  The polish looks very pale blue in the bottle, but on the nail it looks virtually clear.  Reminds me of an iridescent icicle.  

Million Dollar Listing: a shimmering ultra fine white pearlescent glitter in a clear base.

Bright Kights Big City: an ultra fine cotton candy pink glitter in a clear base.

Concrete Jungle: a pale purple/blue/pink glittery shimmer iridescence in a clear base.  This shade also looks like a pale icy blue in the bottle, but on the nail it translates to almost an iridescent pearly white shimmer.

In general, I am not a huge fan of the shimmers.  They were not build able and you could see visible nail line.  I personally would only recommend using them as a top coat over another color to add dimension.  On the bright side, they did remove easily.  Concrete Jungle was the only one I particularly cared for. 


Off Duty: a coppery rusted bronze.

Apple of my Eve: a deep jeweled magenta wine.

Night at the Met: a strong shimmering medium blue with grey undertones.

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

Overall I think this was an okay collection.  I definitely prefer the cremes over the shimmers.  Like I mentioned earlier I wouldn't use or recommend the shimmers on their own.  I would only suggest one use them as a top coat over another solid color.  As far as consistency and application is concerned I didn't experience any issues.  

The "Made in NY" collection from Color Club will be available soon.

For more information on Color Club, check them out online here:

CND Gilded Dreams Holiday 2014- Shellac + Vinylux Swatches

CND Gilded Dreams Holiday 2014- Shellac + Vinylux Swatches 0

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far.

I am very excited to introduce the latest collection from CND, "Gilded Dreams" for Holiday 2014 in both Shellac and VINYLUX.  

According to the press release, "Holiday 2014 is adorned with sparkle and splendor.  Gilt finishes add shimmering allure to party couture with the new Gilded Dreams collection from CND.  This holiday season, nails are luminous with glittery paillettes on sleek almond shapes, magically iced in rose gold, icy blue, and silvery pastels," says CND"s Jan Arnold.  "Marie Antoinette meets Cinderella with out Limited Edition Gilded Dreams collection, which can be used to create scene- stealing nail designs for a glamorous grand entrance."

CND did things a little differently with regards to this collection.  You aren't able to purchase the three new shades individually, instead they come in a two pack.  Each of the three two packs comes with a .25 fl oz Shellac and a matching .5 fl oz VINYLUX of the same shade. 

The Gilded Creams collection includes:

Grand Gala: a yellow and rose gold hybrid duo chrome.  Depending on the light, the hue changes from yellow to rose gold.  Has more yellow gold in it than it does rose.  My personal favorite in this collection! 

Chiffon Twirl: a shimmering rose gold with silver undertones.  

Dazzling Dance: a sheer icy blue with a pink iridescence running through it, and speckled with tiny holographic glitter particles. For the VINYLUX swatch I used two coats.  This is a sheer shade, so the natural nail line and any imperfections on your nail will show.  For the Shellac swatch I used three coats because it wasn't as highly pigmented as the VINYLUX version of the shade.  I did however use a single coat of the Shellac over both a white and a black gel polish and the results were Gorgeous, especially over the black.   

(all swatches shown here are two coats, unless stated otherwise).

 Overall I am very impressed with this collection.  I really love and enjoy the color palette and direction CND chose.  It is very magical, ethereal, and Holiday appropriate in my mind.  In general, duo chromes and rose golds are very rare to come by in gel polish, and this collection has both of those.  Although the color "Dazzling Dance" didn't do much for me on its own, I did like it a lot as a top coat to other base shades (especially black).  '

As with most CND collection introductions, the "Gilded Dreams" collection is limited edition, so do make sure to go out and pick up yours before it's too late.

For more information on CND, check them out online here:


CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review

CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review 0

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. 

Today I have the latest Additives Collection "Gilded Dreams" from CND for Holiday 2014 to share with you all. Three new pigment effects and one new glitter, this limited edition kit will have your nails sparkling and shinning well into the New Year.

The Additives Gilded Dreams collection includes:

Gold Adorned (pigment effect): a glistening gilded yellow gold shimmer. 

Lavishly Rose (glitter): a small rose gold particle glitter.  Rose gold glitter is very hard to come by, so this is an absolute must in my book! 

Pave Diamonds (pigment effect): a gorgeous gleaming foil silver.  This shines and sparkles like no other in person! 

Sapphire Hope (pigment effect): a sparkling cerulean sea blue shimmer. 

 (all swatches shown here were layered over a white gel polish.  The images were taken outdoors in natural sunlight.)

The Additives are very easy to use.  They can be blended into CND's weekly polish Vinylux, any sculpting or gel, or layered over CND's Shellac.  I personally love to burnish the Additives onto the sticky layer of a gel manicure with a brush.  Nonetheless, the creative possibilities one can come up with using Additives are endless. 

I am always a huge fan of CND's Additives collections and this latest one is no different.  CND is always so innovative with all of their products, but I feel they hit the nail on the head with their Additives line.  They are always coming up with amazing new hues and effects that all manicurists could really use in their arsenal- take the rose gold glitter "Lavishly Rose" for instance. I have scoured the internet and craft stores high and low for a good rose gold glitter, and I hadn't found one until now. 

The Gilded Dreams Additives Collection is only available for a limited time, so you better act fast and pick yours up soon.

For more information on CND, check them out online here:

Morgan Taylor Holiday: Home for the Holidays Swatches + Review

Morgan Taylor Holiday: Home for the Holidays Swatches + Review 0

Now that summer is slowly coming to an end, kids are going back to school, vacations are finishing up, and warm weather is beginning to cool down.  Before you know it the Holidays will be here, and to celebrate Morgan Taylor is launching their latest collection: "Home for the Holidays"! Six new fun and festive shades to really get one in the mood and to celebrate this wonderful time of year.

According to Morgan Taylor, "Celebrate what matters most with Morgan Taylor's Home for the Holidays collection.  Inspired by the memories made during the holidays, these six luxurious shades will have you catching the festive spirit in no time.  You may not get everything you want under the tree, but with its cremes, glitters, and shimmers this collection ensures you'll have the perfect manicure to help you look your best through the Holiday season."

The Home for the Holidays collection includes:

New Year, New Blue: a midnight shiny navy blue. Provided virtually full coverage in a single coat. 

Snuggle by the Fire: a rich ruby red creme. Covered completely in a single coat.

Just for the Occasion: a plum purple with fine magenta pink shimmer.

Deck the Halls: a glittery raspberry red/pink featuring larger pink hexagonal glitter pieces.

Midnight Rendezvous: a blackened base with fine blue and copper glitter flakes.  

Snow place like Home: an iridescent glitter in a semi sheer white shimmer base.

(all swatches shown here are two coats with a top coat.)

I really enjoy the colors offered in this latest collection from Morgan Taylor, they definitely capture and embody the true essence of the holidays.  With this being said, some shades I prefer more than others, but that's just a matter of personal preference.

Each shade polished very smoothly and easily, with zero fuss or streaking.  Some of the shades surprised me with how highly pigmented they were; both New Year, New Blue and Snuggle by the Fire provided full coverage in essentially a single coat.    

Much like the holidays, this collection won't be around for long, so go out and pick it up fast.

For more information on Morgan Taylor, check them out online: