CND Additives Fall 2015 Contradictions Collection

CND Additives Fall 2015 Contradictions Collection 0

"Turn up the contrast with the new Fall 2015 Contradictions collection from CND. Textures and tones collide for an unexpected elegance: leather and lace, street and chic, metal and pearl.

“This season’s trends celebrate an unexpected clash between gritty street elements and elegant details for a dynamic combination of glamour and grunge,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “Nails evoke an edgy narrative with blackened pigments and heraldic ornaments. Enhanced almonds in purple and red are deepened and oxidized with smoked pearl and steel finishes” according to the press release. 

The CND Fall 2015 Additives Contradictions Collection includes:

Jaded Rebel: (pigment effect) a deep shimmering jade green pigment powder.

Midnight Revelry: (glitter) a gunmetal gray glitter.

Crystal Crush: (glitter) irregularly shaped iridescent blue glitter sliver chunks.  My personal favorite Additives in the collection.  Looks insanely gorgeous over black or similar dark hues. 

Amethyst Blast: (glitter) a dark purple bar glitter. 

Whiteout: (glitter) a white circular matte glitter.  

(all swatches shown here are taken in outdoor light and for the most part are done on both white and black backgrounds to show different levels of effects that can be achieved).  

I have always been a big fan and advocate for CND's Additives, and sure enough this latest collection manages to exceed my expectations.  What I love most about the Additives is the creative freedom.  CND enables and empowers you, the technician, to create endless and such imaginative works of art, you are only limited by your own imagination.  I think this latest collection of theirs offers a nice variety of completely different textures, that can certainly enhance and add some rich ornamental fun to any manicure; from bar glitters, to fine pigments, to glitter flecks that resemble shards of glass. 

My personal favorites in this collection are: Midnight Revelry & Crystal Crush.

The CND Fall 2015 Additives Contradictions Collection sells for $29.75 for the set of 5, and is available now.  

For more info on CND,  check them out online here:

NCLA: an L.A. Fairytale Spring 2015 Review

NCLA: an L.A. Fairytale Spring 2015 Review 0

Hey guys.  Happy Hump Day!

I hope you're all doing well.  

Today I'm stoked to share with you all the latest collection from hip Los Angeles based nail brand NCLA- An L.A. Fairytale for Spring 2015.  Comprised of four matte glitters, although a relatively small collection it still packs a magical punch!

an LA Fairytale Collection includes:

Once Upon a Time: a creamy oatmeal beige with white, magenta, baby pink, baby blue round matte glitter particles and yellow tiny bar glitters.  Has great coverage with even just one coat! ["Your fairytale finish is here with this multi-colored glitter confection that adds a magical final touch to any look!"]

Enchanted City: a sheer clear base with micro fine silver holo glitter, and larger matte aqua blue glitter bits.  Visible nail line does show if used on its own. ["Who needs a bluebird on their shoulder when this sparkly baby blue lacquer adds a cheerful dose of color to any look?"]

Valet My Carriage: a sheer clear base with micro find gold holo glitter, and larger matte light peach round glitter bits.  Also has visible nail line showing if used on its own. ["No need for Rumpelstiltskin here! This glitter-infused topcoat will give you more gold than any princess in all of La La Land."]

Ever After in LA: a sheer clear base with fine silver holo glitter, and larger matte white/pink glitter bits.  Also has visible line showing through if used on its own.  ["Mirror, mirror, on the wall, our silver glitter polish is the best reflective surface of them all!"]

(all swatches shown here are two coats and are shown without a top coat, as recommended to ensure matte effect.) 

This was my first time trying NCLA's nail lacquer line, although I have used and Love their Nail Wraps.  I must say I was also pleased with their polishes.  Glitter can be a nightmare, we've all been there, and know it all to well.  However, these all removed very easily;  I didn't have to struggle or soak them in acetone, they simply came off with regular polish remover.  Also, I have to note how densely packed with glitter they are.  Unlike most other glitter polishes on the marker these didn't require multiple coats or finagling of the glitter in any way to get specific pieces.  It painted on smoothly and easily.  

Once Upon A Time aside, I recommend using the other three shades to layer atop other solid shades, for instance paring Enchanted City with a baby blue creme like Santa Monica Shore Thing or Eight Days a Week (not shown here).  But if you are into the sheer look and want some magical pizzazz and sparkle wear them alone.  Either way you can't go wrong.

Each of the NCLA shades from an L.A. Fairytale retails for $16 and is available now.

For more information on NCLA or to purchase, check out their website: 

CND Additives- Flora & Fauna Collection Spring 2015

CND Additives- Flora & Fauna Collection Spring 2015 0

"Retreat to the peaceful harmony of nature with the new Spring 2015 Flora & Fauna collection from CND. Colors and styles are inspired by watercolor impressions of luminous landscapes.

“This season’s trends are all about unplugging from today’s digital world and embracing the simpler things. Sun-bleached tones and dreamy watercolor paintings emerge from the perfection of nature,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “Nails are easy and softly squared – as wearable and simple as a barefoot stroll through the grass while finishes play with matte and shiny effects,” according to the official press release.

CND's Additives are in my opinion one of their most versatile and innovative products to date.  They can be used in so many different creative ways, the possobilites are literally endless.  They can be blended with nail polish, acrylic powder, or gel (my personal favorite).  I personally love to do ombre fades with them over gel polish.  For the pro's out there, CND's site offers tons of wonderful step-by-steps on very cool creative looks you can achieve with them; check it out here:   

CND Flora & Fauna Additives Collection includes:

Hydrangea Bloom: a glistening light blue with silver shimmer undertones. (pigment effect)

Dream Lily: a fine holographic pink glitter.  It truly pops in person, and looks amazing when layered onto darker shades. (glitter)

Nectar Glaze: a glistening light pink with silver shimmer undertones.  Think of this as the pink alternative to "Hydrangea Bloom". (pigment effect)

Silver Ponyfoot: a shimmering silver gunmetal. (pigment effect)

Hummingbird: a fine iridescent glitter, that reflects shades of green and pink.  When layered over white you get a very snowy Holiday effect, but when you layer it over black, or a dark color, the magic really starts to happen.  Hands down my most favorite in the collection!  It is so gorgeous in person.  I would personally buy the entire kit just to get this shade alone.  

(all swatches are shown on either a white or black gel background to demonstrate different effects).

As you all well know I am a Huge huge fan of CND's Additives, and this latest limited edition offering is no different.  I personally am obsessed with CND's Additives, and if you haven't ever tried them for yourself, I highly recommend you find your local distributor and get some.    

For more information on CND, check them out online:

Cinapro Nail Sugar- Swatches and Review

Cinapro Nail Sugar- Swatches and Review 0

Hi guys.  I hope all is well.  Happy Hump Day.

Today I've got the "Nail Sugar" collection to share with you from Cinapro Nail Creations.  The line is comprised of 10 fun over the top glitters that can bring immense sparkle and pizzazz to any manicure.

According to the press release, "Nail Sugar [is] liquid nail art loaded with 100,000 3D holographic shimmers in every bottle. Combine different Nail Sugar colors to create these exciting nail art designs and kick- start your manicures and pedicures!" Also, "each bottle of Nail Sugar comes with an LED light cap for precision application."  

The Nail Sugar line includes:

Hyperactive: a sheer lime green base, with various sized hexagonal holographic silver glitter particles in it. 

Cotton Candy: a sheer candy pink base with various sized hexagonal iridescent glitter particles.

Sugar Rush: multi sized various glitters.  The primary shade of glitter is a pink/salmon shade.  I am amazed at how densely packed with glitter this shade is.  Essentially full coverage in a single coat.  This is very rare for glitter polishes.

Salt Water Taffy: various sized white hexagonal glitter with tiny cobalt blue bar glitter, in a clear base.  Covers well even in a single coat.

Cherry Cola: medium sized hexagonal red glitter, and teeny tiny fine red glitter particles all in a clear base.  Take 3 coats for full opacity.

Sweet Tooth: medium sized hexagonal blue glitter, and tiny fine blue glitter particles in an opal iridescent base.

Black Licorice: various sized black and silver glitter in a clear base.

Golden Ticket: rose gold/ pale pink glitter particles in two sizes,  in a semi sheer gold base.  

Rock Candy: various sized hexagonal purple, silver, black, and light pink glitters in a clear base. 

Creamcicle: tangerine tiny bar glitters, and two sizes of orange hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  This shade reads very Fall/ Autumn to me.  Makes a gorgeous Halloween themed nail when painted over a black base.!

(all swatches shown here are 2 shades.)

 Overall, I really enjoyed the entire Nail Sugar line.  Who doesn't love great glitters?  One can never own too many in my opinion.  Not only that, but these are very unique and different from what is already available on the market.  

I can't get over how densely packed they all were, becoming opaque in two coats.  I found them removed with relative ease.  And I really enjoyed the illuminated LED cap.  I found it both helpful and really cool.

My personal pics from the line include: Golden Ticket, Cotton Candy, and Sugar Rush.

For more information on Cinapro Nail Creations, check out their website:

Color Club Fiber Optics set swatches

Color Club Fiber Optics set swatches 0

Hi Everyone.  Today I have the latest limited edition mini set from Color Club, "Fiber Optics" to share with you.  

According to their press release, the kit includes "4 unique glitters that'll make heads turn."

The set contains four 0.25 fl oz bottles.

The Fiber Optics set includes:

Neon Static: a mix of neon pink, blue, white, black, and yellow glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Watt's Up: shiny silver glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Electric Spark: gilded yellow gold glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Wired: black and white glitter bar particles in a clear base.

(all swatches shown here are two coats.) 

In general I did not think I was going to like this collection at all.  I have come across similar "bar glitter polishes" in the recent past, with different companies calling them things like "feathered nails" or "fuzzy coat", but I just ignored them.  

These however, despite their diminutive size, pack a punch.  They remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting.  

I was particularly surprised as to how densely packed they were with glitter.  I got excellent coverage with even a single coat, and with two coats, I achieved complete coverage.  

I feel there's a few different ways you can wear or use these polishes as well. You could paint the entire nail, you could do a funky take on a French manicure, or you could do an interesting gradation fade.  Nonetheless, the artistic freedom is totally up to you. 

 I also found the removal to be very easy, which is always a major plus with glitters.

I believe the Fiber Optics set will retail for around $12.95, and should be available soon for purchase on Color Club's website.

For more information regarding Color Club, check out their website in the meantime:


CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review

CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review 0

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. 

Today I have the latest Additives Collection "Gilded Dreams" from CND for Holiday 2014 to share with you all. Three new pigment effects and one new glitter, this limited edition kit will have your nails sparkling and shinning well into the New Year.

The Additives Gilded Dreams collection includes:

Gold Adorned (pigment effect): a glistening gilded yellow gold shimmer. 

Lavishly Rose (glitter): a small rose gold particle glitter.  Rose gold glitter is very hard to come by, so this is an absolute must in my book! 

Pave Diamonds (pigment effect): a gorgeous gleaming foil silver.  This shines and sparkles like no other in person! 

Sapphire Hope (pigment effect): a sparkling cerulean sea blue shimmer. 

 (all swatches shown here were layered over a white gel polish.  The images were taken outdoors in natural sunlight.)

The Additives are very easy to use.  They can be blended into CND's weekly polish Vinylux, any sculpting or gel, or layered over CND's Shellac.  I personally love to burnish the Additives onto the sticky layer of a gel manicure with a brush.  Nonetheless, the creative possibilities one can come up with using Additives are endless. 

I am always a huge fan of CND's Additives collections and this latest one is no different.  CND is always so innovative with all of their products, but I feel they hit the nail on the head with their Additives line.  They are always coming up with amazing new hues and effects that all manicurists could really use in their arsenal- take the rose gold glitter "Lavishly Rose" for instance. I have scoured the internet and craft stores high and low for a good rose gold glitter, and I hadn't found one until now. 

The Gilded Dreams Additives Collection is only available for a limited time, so you better act fast and pick yours up soon.

For more information on CND, check them out online here:

Zoya Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014 Swatches & Review

Zoya Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014 Swatches & Review 0

Hi guys.  I hope everyone has has a great week.  It's been crazy hot here in Los Angeles, but it is finally starting to cool off. 

Today I've got the latest collection from Zoya to share with you: "Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014." 3 new beautiful red toned textured matte glitters that sparkle and shine.  

The Ultra PixieDust collection includes:

Oswin: a classic ruby red matte textured glitter.  

Arianna: a magenta red matte textured glitter.

Noir: a deep magenta purple matte textured glitter. My personal favorite of the three shades! 

(all swatches shown here are two coats. there was no base or top coat used, as suggested for maximum effect.)

Although I myself am not a huge fan of red polishes, I enjoyed this Ultra PixieDust collection.  If it were up to me, I personally would have also included some darker more vampy shades of red, especially because this collection was released for fall, but that's neither here nor there.  

Nonetheless, I am a big fan of Zoya's PixieDust collections as a whole.  I love the fact that you do not need to apply a base or top coat.  This saves so much time.  They also dry very quickly, which is a great thing.  No one likes to wait around endlessly for their polish to dry.  Lastly, I was amazed at how easily they removed.  Naturally I used "Zoya's Remove +" which is an excellent nail polish remover in general, but usually I have to struggle to remove glitter polishes.  These removed very easily after holding a cotton soaked in the solution over the nail for a couple of seconds, and then I gently rubbed from side to side, and voila! 

The Ultra PixieDust Fall 2014 collection comes in 0.5fl oz bottles, retails for $10 each, and is available now.

For more information on Zoya, or to purchase online, check them out here:


Introducing Gel Play by Akzentz!

Introducing Gel Play by Akzentz! 0

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope you are all having a great week.

I am so excited to introduce the brand new "Gel Play" line from Akzentz.  Two new gel products, "Bling On" and "Glitter Me" that will revolutionize the gel manicures you perform.  Both of the products are inspired by famed Japanese manicurist guru Mami Griffin.

"Bling On" is a thick clear gel that is used to help adhere rhinestones, crystals, charms, and various objects to the nail without having to seal with top coat.  The formula is a bit on the thick side, which I loved, because it was very easy to work with.  I laid out a thin layer and than started adding my crystals and gold studs one by one.  I was able to move the gems around to the exact position I wanted without any trouble.  Once everything was in it's proper place, I cured for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, and then wiped off the inhibition layer and voila.  

I love this product for so many reasons! I have been dying to find a product that will strongly and effectively secure my rhinestones and crystals to the nail without needing to cover them with a top coat.  Once you cover a Swarovski crystal with a clear top coat gel you completely dull the shine and brilliance of the crystal, which is the entire point of buying and using pricey Swarovski Crystals.  With Bling On, once the design is cured, the gems aren't going anywhere, and sparkle and shine exactly how they were intended to do so.  This product is the answer to my prayers! I highly highly recommend it for everyone!!  

"Glitter Me" is a thin light weight clear gel designed for mixing glitter.  There are a few different ways you can work with this product.

1) You can apply a small amount of the "Glitter Me" gel directly to the client's nail, and then sprinkle the glitter onto it.

2) You can mix equal parts of the "Glitter Me" with glitter to make a completely customized glitter gel that you can than paint onto the clients nails.

I really enjoyed working with this product, because I found it highly versatile and helpful.  I traditionally would use a conventional clear soak off base gel to mix my glitters with, but "Glitter Me" is a much better consistency to work with regarding that.

I love the brand Akzentz and am so pleased they introduced these two new products.  I strongly feel and highly recommend all manicurists give both "Glitter Me" and "Bling Me" a try.

For more information on Akzentz, you can check them out online:


3 New Gella Collections from ENP Nail Design

3 New Gella Collections from ENP Nail Design 0

The folks over at ENP Nail Design have just introduced 3 brand new collections to their popular line of Gella gel polishes.  The 18 new shades in total are divided amongst three new collections: Splatter Collection, Glitter Collection, and Colors Collection.  I am going to share with you today an exclusive look at some from each collection.

Splatter Collection: 4 new matte glitter toppers.  (the Purple Splatter is not shown here)

Yellow Splatter: small yellow hexagonal glitter, mixed with pieces of black and white square glitter, black and white dots of glitter, and black thin bars of glitter all suspended in a clear base.  

Blue Splatter: small blue hexagonal glitter, mixed with pieces of black and white square glitter, black and white dots of glitter, and black thin bars of glitter all suspended in a clear base.  

Red Splatter: small red hexagonal glitter, mixed with pieces of black and white square glitter, black and white dots of glitter, and black thin bars of glitter all suspended in a clear base.  

I used three coats to swatch the Splatter shades, so I could accurately depict the different types of glitter in it.  I would recommend using this as a single top coat over another base color, giving the solid colored nail a fun festive effect.  

Glitter Collection: 6 new glitter shades to spruce up any gel manicure. (London, Faith, Hillarie, and Katie are not shown here).

Goldie: flakes of yellow gold in a clear base.  Is very unique, and I haven't come across a gold flake top coat like this in gel before! 

Gisele: an iridescent purple glitter suspended in a very fine gold glitter. I used three coats for full opacity on this shade.  I guess I could have used it as a top coat over another shade, but the gold glitter base in this made me think otherwise.  

Colors Collection: eight new colorful shades added to their ever expanding array of hues. (Elsa, Maryann, & Anna aren't shown here).

Ariel: a  shimmering mermaid teal with blue undertones.  

Tiffany: a robin's egg blue creme.  This is the exact shade as the infamous jewelry company of the same name Tiffanys.  

Celia: a regal rich purple with a very faint pink shimmer that runs through it depending on the light reflections.

Kendall: a bright hot magenta pink with purple iridescent shimmer running through it.

Missy: a very pretty periwinkle blue creme.

 Overall, I am a HUGE fan of ENP's Gella gel polishes.  It is one of the only line of gel polish on the market that cures in only 10 seconds per coat, in an LED light! This saves so much time amonst clients. I am always so delighted when they introduce new colors to their line.  Not only is the cure time remarkable, the formula is very easy to work with, and applies very easily.  If you haven't tried out ENP's Gella for yourself I highly recommend you do.

For more information on ENP Nail Design, you can check them out online: 

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Swatches + Review

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish Swatches + Review 0

I am very excited to introduce to my readers FACE Stockholm's Nail Polish Line.  These lovely lacquers come in a gorgeous variety of over 130+ shades and finishes, ranging from cremes, glitters, crackle top coats, to holographic.

According to the FACE Stockholm website: "Our exclusive three-free formula contains no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde and is available in a variety of long lasting hues. A full spectrum of sheer iridescence, deep color and glitter to take you from classic to cutting edge with just a few brush strokes."  They retail for $12 each.

And regarding their holographic lacquers: "A new dimension in nail color, this special effect polish offers high impact holographic shimmer.  Each shade captures the light to reveal a full spectrum of radiant, iridescent color combinations.  Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP-free." They retail for $16 each.

The shades I have swatched here include:

#33: a gorgeous deep jungle green.  

#72: a beautiful bright peacock blue.

#15: a multi-colored medium sized hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  

Aura: a lavender pink tinged holographic shade.

Athena: a silver holographic shade.  My personal favorite of the shades shown here!! 

(each color shown here is 2 coats, with a top coat.)

Overall I am very impressed with FACE Stockholm's line of nail polish.  The formula was great, and applied very smoothly, and provided full coverage in two coats, even with the glitter (#15).

I am personally swept away with the Holographic polishes in their line! Typically holographic polishes can be a major pain to work with, and require specific nail bed preparation, or a special base coat to make the holographic effect truly pop, but not these!  I have been searching for years now for the perfect holographic polishes, and at long last I have finally discovered the perfect ones.

I highly recommend my readers pick up some FACE Stockholm polish for themselves and give it a try, you wont regret it.

For more information on FACE Stockholm, or to purchase, check them out online at:


Introducing Crystal Nails

Introducing Crystal Nails 0

I am so excited to introduce my readers to Crystal Nails.  A revolutionary company that's changing the way we see and use gels! They have many innovative lines, that feature new and different technology that's never been seen before in the US! Some of the various lines I'll be reviewing of theirs include: Metallic finish, Magnet, 1 Step color, and Thermo Color Change.

ChroMe Crystalac- Mirrored Metallic!

12 new shades that offer an irresistible metal metallic like sheen that I personally have seen unparalleled to any other product out their on the market, other that foils.

The Colors I reviewed here include:

Silver, Gold, and Milk Pink.  

I found the finish to be irresistible on these shades.  Like a Mylar balloon, you really have to see it in person to get the full effect. 

Tiger Eye Crystalac!

12 gel polish colors that when you hold the magnet up to it, before final curing, a magnetized "tiger eye" effect is created, that shifts as one moves their hand.

The shade I tried out was TIG9, a deep dark beautiful purple. 

 1 Step Color!

Offered in many hues, this is probably hands down the quickest way to perform a gel manicure on a client.  Cures for 2 minutes in UV or 30-60 seconds in an LED light, this one stop shop gives you beautiful coverage and doesn't require a base or top coat. 

The color I reviewed here is OS46, a beautifully sparkling brilliant shade of glittery raspberry.

Chameleon Thermo Gels!

The last style of gel I tried from Crystal Nails was their Chameleon Thermo Gels, which change in color based on heat. 

The color I tried here was OS21, which starts off neutral as a warm coral red,  and shifts to a lighter bright shade of coral. 

All in all I am very pleased and impressed with the variety and offerings at Crystal Nails.  In order to gain hold of this vast nail industry, it's truly important to branch out and think outside of the box, and I believe Crystal Nails has done an excellent job in doing just that.

For more information on Crystal Nails, or to purchase, check them out here:


Color Club- Poptastic Remix Swatches

Color Club- Poptastic Remix Swatches 0

As part of a fun kick off to the warm summer months, Color Club has introduced this fabulous mini 4 piece kit of their Poptastic Remix collection.  Various colored glitters suspended in a clear base, they can either be layered and used on their own, or over a solid color to add some spunk.

The colors included in the Poptastic Remix mini kit are:

Woodstock or Bust: neon yellow and white glitter suspended in a clear base. 

British Invasion: hot pink, bright electric blue, and white glitter suspended in a clear base.  My personal favorite among the 4 shades.

My Generation: hot pink and white glitter suspended in a clear base.

Do the Twist: hot pink and neon yellow and white glitter suspended in a clear base. 

All swatches shown here are 2 coats with a top coat. 

All in all I think the mini's kit is perfect for anyone wanting to try out the Poptastic Remix collection. This is a great representation of the shades offered in the full 6 piece collection, and for only $10 you can't go wrong.

For more information on Color Club, or to purchase, check them out here:

Deborah Lippmann- Bold Glitters

Deborah Lippmann- Bold Glitters 0

Back by very popular demand, Deborah Lippmann has re-introduced 2 fabulous glitter polishes to her permanent collection.

The shades initially came out in miniature bottles as a gift set sold exclusively at particular department stores, but due to high demand, and after swatching them, I too understand why they are back and here to stay.

The 2 new glitter shades are:

Just Dance: a sparkling bright aqua blue glitter.

Flash Dance: a sparkling glimmering purple with fuchsia glitter.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats & a top coat.  

I personally have never come across such Fantastic glitter polishes.  Usually glitter polishes are very sparse, and require multiple coats to build up the color for full opacity.  Not these! In 2 coats the color is completely solid! I have Just Dance on my toes right now, and I can't even begin to tell you the amount of compliments I have received in the last couple of days alone! (and I haven't even made it to a beach or pool yet ^-^).  I can't choose a favorite out of these two because I love them both so much, and recommend you pick them both up, for they're an excellent addition to any ones collection.

For more information on Deborah Lippmann, or to purchase, check out:





Zoya- Magical PixieDust Spring 2014

Zoya- Magical PixieDust Spring 2014 0

For Spring 2014, Zoya introduced a brand new beautiful line to their already popular PixieDust textured polishes, the Magical PixieDust collection.  What sets this collection apart from Zoya’s conventional matte textured glitter polishes, is these are infused with my personal favorite- large holographic glitter particles.  These bad boys sparkle and shine like no ones business, and I am a huge fan. The 3 shades in this initial collection include: Cosmo: a silver, with holographic glitter infused. My personal favorite in this collection.  I can’t get enough of this particular shade!! Vega: a light blue, with holographic glitter infused. Lux: a baby pink, with holographic glitter infused. (all swatches shown here were 2 coats for full opacity, and NO Base or Top coat, as recommended by Zoya.) Each shade retails for $10. For more information on Zoya, or to purchase, check them out here: