Introducing Bio Seaweed Gel

Introducing Bio Seaweed Gel 0

Hey guys! I hope you've all had an awesome week and are excited the weekend is here.

I've got some new gel polishes to share with you all from Canadian based brand- Bio Seaweed Gel.  What makes Bio Seaweed Gel different from other gel polish brands on the market is their claim: "Zero dehydration, staining or weakening: the healthier gel polish."

But how and why is Bio Seaweed Gel different?  According to them, they are 5 free, so no formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, BHA, or solvents.  They are specifically designed to promote natural nail growth and shine.  All products are said to be self-leveling with zero shrinkage.  They also have a record in the industry for fastest removal- in under 5 minutes.  

Their gel polishes also come in two different lines, a "3 Step Colour" line, with over 76 colors, which requires a top and base coat, and a revolutionary "UNITY All-In-One" line, available in over 114 colors, which has all three steps in one single bottle.  I have one shade from each line to share with you all.

The 3 Step Colour gel I tried was Whimsical #52.  It is a fine holographic silver glitter.  I personally am OBSESSED with this shade.  This is an incredibly difficult and rare color to come across in the gel polish world and I highly recommend you all pick it up.  Its precise beauty is rather difficult to capture in photographs; although I have tried my hardest to accurately show it.  I used three coats in the photos for complete coverage, but honestly you can get excellent coverage with two coats.  

Because this color is part of the 3 step system, I used it with the "No- Sanding Base" and "No-Wipe Top."  The No-Sanding Base Gel, as the name implies requires no sanding or drilling of the natural nails prior to application.  It also doesn't require the use of any primers or bonders.

The No-Wipe Top coat is excellent too for a couple of reasons.  First off it is scratch resistant, secondly it has an immense shine to it, and thirdly it cures completely to the touch with no sticky residue/inhibition layer; saving you both time and product from not having to wipe it clean.

The UNITY All-In-One Colour I tried was Starry Nights #152. It is a deep midnight blue with fine silver glitter in it.  Two coats of this are you are completely done.  My mind is still blown.  I am so used to applying base and top coats, I barely knew what to do with my new found extra free time ;).  Also, once cured it is completely dry to the touch without a sticky residue to be wiped away.  This product not only saves you tons of time, but it also saves you lots of money.

A good friend of mine, who is a big name sake in the nail industry, taught me the chemical smell test once.  Whenever you get a new nail product, open it up and smell it- if it smells like crazy gnarly chemicals, then you know there's crazy gnarly chemicals in it.  When I opened up the bottles of Bio Seaweed Gel, I must say I was heavily impressed- very low odor.  Less odor means less chemicals, which means it is technically better for you.

I loved the Bio Seaweed Gels that I tried and look forward to hopefully testing out more in the near future.  In the meantime, I suggest you check out their site for more information and pick up some bottles for yourself to try.

For more info on Bio Seaweed Gel, check them out online here:







ASP “Flair for Fall” 2014 Collection- Swatches + Review

ASP “Flair for Fall” 2014 Collection- Swatches + Review 0

The latest collection of gel polishes from ASP (All Season Professional) has just arrived- "Flair For Fall".  Four new coffee inspired hues, two cremes and two shimmers, that are the perfect pick me up for the soon to be chilly weather.

The Flair for Fall collection includes:

Sweater Weather: a beautiful light mocha brown shimmer. Has a faint purple undertone to it depending on the light's reflection. A very unique gel color I have not come across before. 

Cuddle Up: a shimmering nude taupe.  This is a perfect neutral shade that can be worn year round.    

Hot Cocoa Morning: a rich dark chocolate brown, with deep purple undertones. 

Spice as Nice!: a medium brown with burgundy undertones. 

(All swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light.  Also, all photos are taken outdoors in natural light to show most accurate color depiction).

 All in all I really adore this latest collection from ASP.  The formula was great and really easy to work with.  Each color was highly pigmented, and covered completely in two coats.  I think they are all highly wearable shades that are perfect for the coming fall season.  All the shades are a great way to transition from summer to fall, prior to the brutal harsh cold of winter.  

ASP gel polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores, and have an excellent low price point in my opinion; and Sally Beauty stores always seem to be offering some sort of special discount, so make sure to keep a look out.

For more information on ASP, check them out online:

And to purchase, check out Sally Beauty Supply online:

CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014

CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014 0

For Summer 2014, the creative minds at CND have concocted a beautiful array of Shellac hues perfect to embrace those scorching sunny summer days.  According to co-founder Jan Arnold, "lush tropical hues capture the beauty of a faraway island... the exotic exploration of bold gorgeous colors transports you to a world of fantasy and hedonism." 

This exotic and bright 6 piece collection includes:

Electric Orange: a bright creamy summer orange.  This is a majorly hot on trend color for the summer season!!

Cerulean Sea: a bright cerulean aqua blue.

Tango Passsion: a shimmering magenta purple.

Sultry Sunset: a bright and shiny magenta pink, with purple undertones.

Bicycle Yellow: a sunshine yellow.

Lush Tropics: a bright green. This shade totally brings me back to the 90's and I Love it!!

(Each shades is 2 coats, cured each for 2 mins in a UV light).

For more information on CND or Shellac, check them out here:


ARTGENiC the hygienic Gel!!

ARTGENiC the hygienic Gel!! 0

I recently got to try out the first and only hygienic gel available on the marketplace= ARTGENiC.  ARTGENiC gels come from Japan, and are formulated with Nano Silver, which is said to posess natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

I LOVE this gel for so many reasons.  First, it comes in professional jars, as opposed to the polish-style bottles.  This means the nail technician has to paint on the gel, which allows for a more controlled application, and looks better to the customer.  In addition, the jars allow you to  you mix colors together easily to create new colors.

I have never seen gels in a jar that cure in both LED or UV light systems. This can save a lot of time when performing a manicure.  Also this gel is highly fantastic for doing any nail Art related work! I did some various Union Jacks/British Flags as a quick demonstration.



The 3 gel colors I tried were:

Non-Yellowing White 001: classic pure white. Would be excellent to use in a French Manicure.

Forever Black 107: the perfect black.

XOXO 109: a deep dark red.

The formula was Excellent and self- leveling on all colors.

All swatches shown here have a Base G (clear base), 2 coats of color, cured each in an LED lamp for 30 seconds, and Brush on Top Gel.

For more information on ARTGENiC, or to purchase, go to:

CND Shellac Fall 2013 Forbidden Collection Review/Swatches

CND Shellac Fall 2013 Forbidden Collection Review/Swatches 0

For the Fall 2013 season, CND has come out with 6 new shades that will have your fingers Falling into the winter season wit ease.

Steel Gaze: a multi-color, multi-faceted metallic pewter.  Falls more in the silver than gold side of the color spectrum.

Tinted Love: a rich opaque dark raspberry red

Dark Dahlia: an opaque blackened plum. Almost looks black, but is a very dark and deep purple.  Reminds me of OPI’s famed Lincoln Park After Dark.

Burnt Romance: a rich rusted brown tinged ruby red.

Night Glimmer: also a multi faceted metallic deep chocolate brown/ grey shimmer.

Blue Rapture: a dusty and muted Dodger blue.

All swatches are 2 coats, cured in a UV light for 1 minute.

To find out where to purchase these fabulous Fall shades or for further information, contact CND at:

ENP Gella Gel Polish- Fall 2013 Glitters

ENP Gella Gel Polish- Fall 2013 Glitters 0

The fastest curing gel polish on the market! Base coat, and each color coat cures in a record breaking 10 seconds in LED lamp! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Now onto these Holiday apropos shades.

Zoey: a micro silver glitter.

Aaryn: a micro gold glitter.

Amanda: a micro purple glitter.

Noelle: a micro red shade of glitter. (also my personal favorite in this collection)

Each shade required 3 coats to become completely opaque, but was well worth it, and barely took any time at all, for each coat cured completely in an AMAZING 10 seconds!!

To find out more info on ENP Nail Design’s Gella, or other products, check them out at:

Sally Beauty Supply launches ASP At- Home Gel Manicure Kit!!

Sally Beauty Supply launches ASP At- Home Gel Manicure Kit!! 0

Sally Beauty Supply launches ASP At- Home Gel Manicure Kit!!

The perfect do it yourself, at home kit than includes everything one needs to perform a salon quality gel manicure at home ($33); that’s less than a single gel manicure in a salon.

The kit does not come with the LED curing lamp, however, I do highly recommend one invest in one for a few reasons.  There is zero exposure to damaging UV rays with an LED Lamp. LED Lamps also reduce curing time from 2 mins to 30 secs.  This particular lamp works great, and comfortably fits all 5 fingers, and costs around $59.

My personal favorite aspect of this kit was the informative 12 minute long step-by-step instuctional DVD.  It shows you exactly how to use all of the kits contents, and even how to remove the gels safely without harming your nails.

I have tried other at home gel polish kits in the past and always found them to perform sub par.  The gel wouldn’t cure, the color started to chip and peel after a few days, or it took half an hour of soaking off to remove.

To purchase this kit online, visit Sally Beeauty’s website:,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH

Cuccio Colour Veneer- Fall 2013 Gel Color Swatches

Cuccio Colour Veneer- Fall 2013 Gel Color Swatches 0

Nantucket Navy: a deep navy blue with shimmer.

Jamaica me Crazy: an opaque periwinkle. Falls more on the purple than blue side of the color spectrum.

Never can say Mumbai: a light metallic copper.

Cheeky in Helsinki: an opaque perfect purple.

One night in Bangkok: a metallic medium purple shade.

Call in the Calgary: a metallic fuchsia.

All gel colors required 2 coats for full opacity.  Cured each coat entirely in an LED light for 30 seconds, or can cure for 120 seconds in UV light

To find out more, or to purchase, check Cuccio out at:

Cuccio Colour Veneer Gel Holiday 2013 Sparkles

Cuccio Colour Veneer Gel Holiday 2013 Sparkles 0

Russian Oppulence: a metallic warm shiny gold. 2 coats

Hong Kong Harbor: a metallic shiny silver. 2 coats

Manhattan Mayhem: a fine glitter red. Required 3 coats for full opacity. My personal favorite of this collection!

To purchase, you can find this Holiday sparklers at: