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More Swatches of ENP Nail Design Gella Gel Polishes !!

More Swatches of ENP Nail Design Gella Gel Polishes !! 0

I recently got to try out more Awesome gel polishes from ENP Gella.  I particularly love this line because they feature a shorter nail brush, which allows for a smoother and more controlled application. In addition to the shorter brush, these gels are the fastest curing on the market! Each coat cures in a REMARKABLE lightning fast 10 seconds!!

Macie #85565: a fine sparkling salmon pink glitter.

Lola #85547: an opaque mint green. I personally LOVE this shade.  Also, not too many companies offer a similar shade on the marketplace.

Christine #85505: a light blue with gray undertones.

Grace #85533: a cute cornflower blue.

Ruby #85545: a multi- faceted shimmer gray.

Elissa #85569: egg yolk yellow.

Poppy #85571: a crisp Dutch orange.

Natalie #85528: a peacock teal.

Jade #85542: a grassy green.

Claire ## 85530: a royal blue with a subtle reflective purple sheen.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats, and were cured for an amazing 10 seconds each in an LED lamp.

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ENP Gella Gel Polish- Fall 2013 Glitters

ENP Gella Gel Polish- Fall 2013 Glitters 0

The fastest curing gel polish on the market! Base coat, and each color coat cures in a record breaking 10 seconds in LED lamp! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Now onto these Holiday apropos shades.

Zoey: a micro silver glitter.

Aaryn: a micro gold glitter.

Amanda: a micro purple glitter.

Noelle: a micro red shade of glitter. (also my personal favorite in this collection)

Each shade required 3 coats to become completely opaque, but was well worth it, and barely took any time at all, for each coat cured completely in an AMAZING 10 seconds!!

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