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Morgan Taylor + Gelish MINI Selfie Summer 2017 Collection Review

Morgan Taylor + Gelish MINI Selfie Summer 2017 Collection Review 0

"Now there's another reason to smile big in those summer selfies; Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor introduce Selfie Summer 2017 Collection.  Snapping and sharing those summer moments just got more vibrant.  This collection is filled with neon corals, pinks and purples; you'll need sunglasses to stare!

"Summer is all about fun in the sun and capturing every moment with your phone," says Danny Haile, CEO and founder of Gelish.  "We'll help you nail that manicure so you can nail the ultimate shot!"

Grab your friends, a selfie stick and pick up the collection for a summer to remember! Colors so hot you won't be able to resist taking photos." according to the official press release.

The Selfie Summer Collection is comprised of the following colors-

Me, Myself-ie and I: a neon coral pink with fine gold shimmer running in it. [coral neon shimmer]

Best Face Forward: a deep purple with fine blue shimmer running in it. [purple neon]

Woke up this way: a deep magenta cream. [electric fuchsia neon]

All about the pout: a fun beige peach cream with light pink undertones. [light coral creme]

No Filter needed: a bold aqua blue cream. [blue neon]

Pretty as a Pink-ture: a hot pink cream. [pink neon]

(all swatches are two coats of color, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

This collection is young and fun and definitely reminds me of summer.  I think the colors are gorgeous saturated hues, very well pigmented, and would look particularly beautiful on toes poolside or in the summer sand of the beach.

My personal favs are: Me, Myself-ie and I, Best Face Forward, and No Filter needed.

The Selfie 2017 Collection from Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor will be available for a limited time beginning June 2017.  Gelish MINI will be available for $12.99 at and Morgan Taylor will be available for $9 at For more information, please visit or



UNO by Gelish MINI Review

UNO by Gelish MINI Review 0

"Long lasting manicures just got a whole lot easier, especially for those who are challenged in the art of a DIY gel manicure. The makers of popular professional soak-off gel polish line, Gelish, introduce UNO by Gelish MINI, a new nail technology.  UNO by Gelish MINI is a single-step process that applies long-lasting nail color in under 5 minutes, making at-home gel manicures as easy as polish.

"Today, we're living as a faster-than-ever pace and have little time to spare on nail maintenance," says Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish. "Maintaining vivid color and durability in one easy step was a challenge we gladly seized."

The name says it all- no basecoat, no topcoat and no cleansing needed.  UNO by Gelish MINI only requires a one-step gel polish and an LED light to achieve durable, high-shine, and superb looking manicures that will last up to 7- 10 days.  Removal takes less than 15 minutes to soak-off.  Choose from 20 colors, ranging from neutral cremes to metallic glitters, for customizable looks." according to the official press release.

The UNO by Gelish MINI line consists of the following shades-

1.Honey Bare: a creamy camel.

2. Magic Mauve: a dusted rose shimmer.

3. Sprinkles on Top: a bold bright pink cream.

4. Selfie Centered: a deep magenta cream.

5. Always a Bridesmaid: a bright bubble gum pink cream.

6. You're such a Girl: a bold peony pink cream.

7. Unimpeachable: an orangey peach cream.

8. Traffic Stopped: a deep cherry red cream.

9. Ruby Lips: a crimson red shimmer.

10. Corner Office: an oxblood red cream.

11. Teal Then: an aqua blue cream.

12. Mermaid of Honor: a mix of fine blue, green, and teal glitters.

13. Very Blueberry: a cobalt blue cream.

14. Dragonfly: a lilac cream.

15. Electric Kiss: an electric fuchsia cream.

16. Violets are Blue: a medium purple cream.

17. Spiced Plum: a dark purple grape cream.

18. Charm Bracelet: a sterling silver frost.

19. Gold Rush: a yellow gold frost.

20. Classic Vinyl: a black licorice cream.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

I absolutely LOVE this revolutionary product! At long last there's actually an awesome DIY gel for the at-home consumer.  In the past two years virtually every brand has been coming out with a hybrid gel-like system, that's essentially just polish with some marketing jargon mumbo-jumbo thrown around. UNO, however, is totally different. It's an actual gel polish, meaning it has to be soaked off with acetone to remove, and it requires an LED lamp to cure it.

The fact that there's no primer, base coat, or top coat are major time savers! 

I found it incredibly easy to use and all of the shades painted on smoothly, easily, and evenly.  

I did apply two coats of each shade to achieve complete coverage.  

My personal favorite colors are: Honey Bare, You're such a girl, Very Blueberry, and Electric Kiss. 

The bottles are 5 mL (0.17 fl oz).

"Available beginning May 2016 at Sally Beauty Supply Stores and at for $11.49 per bottle."

For more info on Gelish MINIs check them out online here:

Street Beat Summer 2016 Collection Review

Street Beat Summer 2016 Collection Review 0

"Turn up your boom box this summer, it's time to start feelin' the beat on the street! Introducing Gelish and Morgan Taylor's bold and eye-catching array of bright colors for the summer 2016- the Street Beat collection.  The collection includes six new shades: from a striking coral, to a powerful pink pearl, and a fierce teal, to a wild style yellow-orange creme.

"We were inspired by the artistic expression of street art and hip hop for this collection," says CEO and founder of Gelish and Morgan Taylor, Danny Haile. "Each bright shade resonates with inspiration and expressiveness. From energetic, upbeat pinks to a must-have pastel lilac, every shade is trendy from the runway to the streets." according to the official press release.

The Street Beats Summer 2016 collection includes:

B-girl Style: a neon bubble gum pink creme. [neon pink pearl]

Street Cred-ible: a bright nacho cheese orange creme. Took 3 coats for full opacity. [orange/yellow creme]

Cou-tour the Streets: a light pink creme with slight lilac undertones. [lilac creme]

Tag, You're It: a bold neon magenta shimmer. [fuchsia pink pearl]

Give me a Break-dance: a more green leaning teal with slight shimmer running through it. Took 3 coats for full opacity. [teal pearl]

Hip Hot Coral: a bright coral/pink hybrid shimmer. Took 3 coats for full opacity. [hot coral pearl]

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats of the Gelish Minis, unless stated otherwise, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

What I love and enjoyed most about this collection is how fun, bold, and bright the colors all are.  What I didn't love about this collection is the lack of pigmentation.  As gorgeous as the colors are, half of them required 3 coats in order to become fully opaque.  The main downside to three coats is the time required for application.  If your clients aren't in a hurry, or if you don't have clients booked up back-to-back than it shouldn't be an issue.

My personal favorites include: Give me a Breal-dance, Tag, You're it, and Street Cred-ible.

The Street Beat Collection from Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor will be available for a limited time in May 2016.  Gelish MINI is available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and for $13.99 per bottle and Morgan Taylor is available at for $9 per bottle. 


Kung Fu Panda 2016 Collection from Morgan Taylor and Gelish MINI Review

Kung Fu Panda 2016 Collection from Morgan Taylor and Gelish MINI Review 0

"Become a polished warrior as fast as lightening.  In conjunction with DreamWorks Animation's release of Kung Fu Panda 3, Morgan Taylor and Gelish MINI introduce the Kung Fu Panda Collection.  Find your favorite feminine hue amongst our six flirty colors to welcome Mei Mei- the fearless and fun-loving, ribbon-dancing panda. With varying, vibrant shades, take on theaters with style and spunk.

"For this collection we wanted to create a color palette around the new character Mei Mei in the movie," Taylor Daniel from the brands expresses.  "She's courageous and bursting with personality.  We wanted to bring that to life, and drew inspiration from her colorful, eye-catching ensemble flowing with red, purple, pink and other vivacious shades." Morgan Haile from the brands adds," according to the official press release.

The Kung Fu Panda Collection includes the following shades:

Warriors Don't Wine: a warm purple plum creme. [plum creme]

Extra Plum Sauce: a medium purple with a pink shimmer to it. [amethyst pearl]

Po-riwinkle: a light lilac creme. [light periwinkle cream]

Tigress Knows Best: a cherry red creme. [hot red creme]

It's Gonna be Mei: a metallic magenta pink. [rose pearl]

Kung Fu-chsia: a metallic fuchsia. [bright fuchsia pearl]

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats of the Gelish MINI, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

Overall I really like this collection.  I think the colors are fun, girly, very wearable and are shades clients would definitely request.  Although I have never seen any of the Kung Fu Panda films, I can already see the inspiration transpired in these colors.

I didn't have any problems with the formulas.  They each painted on smoothly and evenly.

I'm not the only one who is a fan of this collection; my 3 month old maltipoo BooBoz stole the print ad from me and had a grand ol time.

"Kung Fu Panda 3, will be opening in theaters on January 29, 2016.  The Kung Fu Panda Collection from Morgan Taylor and Gelish MINI will be available for a limited time beginning January 2016.  Morgan Taylor will be sold at select salons nationwide and at for $8.50 per bottle and $14.95 for the 4-piece mini pack. Gelish MINIs will be sold at Sally Beauty Supply Stores and for $13.99 each." 

Gelish MINI Red Matters Holiday Collection 2015 Review

Gelish MINI Red Matters Holiday Collection 2015 Review 0

"Stand out this season with nails dressed to the nines in Gelish MINI Red Matters Holiday 2015 Collection.  This winter, Gelish MINI introduces six stunning reds- two NEW colors and four classic shades.  Turn nails into a must-have accessory for every holiday party.  From flashy bright to darling chunky glitter, everyone will find a perfect match in this collection, which is all that matters!

"Red is such an iconic and classy color, so this season we wanted to capture that with a special collection that includes different finishes," says CEO and Founder of Gelish, Danny Haile. "With our definitive palette, anyone can find the perfect red that will instantly become their favorite," according to the official press release.  

The Gelish MINI Red Matters Holiday 2015 Collection includes the following shades-

Good Gossip: a super fine cranberry red glitter. (red glitter)

Man of the Moment (new): a strong classic crimson red creme with blue undertones. (ruby red creme)

I'm so Hot (new): a deep red shimmer.  Not quite a vampy red, but a deep blue/red. (burgundy shimmer)

Life of the Party: a multi-sized red glitter. (chunky red glitter)

Hot Rod Red: a classic bright cherry red creme. (bright red creme)

Queen of Hearts: a red with blue undertones in a shimmering finish. (red frost)

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are cured for 30 seconds each in an LED light, and are taken outdoors in natural lighting).

Tis the season, and I don't possibly see how one could go wrong with this collection.  Red is probably the most requested color I get, aside from nude, and this collection physically offers something for everyone, even the pickiest of clients. Regardless of age, young or old, there is a shade of red and finish in here to delight everyone from chunky fun glitters, to glittering shimmers, to classic cremes.

My personal favorites are: Life of the Party & I'm So Hot. 

The Gelish MINI Red Matters Collection is available now for a limited time, at Sally Beauty Stores, and online here: They retail for $13.99 per 0.3 fl oz (9 mL) bottle.


Urban Cowgirl Fall 2015 from Gelish + Morgan Taylor

Urban Cowgirl Fall 2015 from Gelish + Morgan Taylor 0

"Cowgirl up with big city style this fall.  It's time to saddle up and wrangle in a style statement this season.  Morgan Taylor and Gelish MINI's Urban Cowgirl Collection for fall 2015 is kicking with daring to soothing, rustic colors.  From a gorgeous earthy green creme to a standout, stunning pink with a pearl finish, each shade was created for the strong, sophisticated woman with a spirit that's wild at heart.

"We wanted to capture the essence of a fearless, modern woman, whether she is a cowgirl who loves the city lifestyle, or a city girl with a country side." namesakes Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel express. "With this theme in mind, we immediately thought of an earth tone color palette.  The wide range in this collection will complement any lifestyle this fall." according to the press release.  

The new colors comprising the Urban Cowgirl Collection include:

Pumps or Cowboy Boots?: a rich deep dark brown creme with purple undertones. [black/brown creme]

From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive: a grayed out purple creme with a very subtle shimmer to it. [taupe creme. a Gelish MINI exclusive]  

Tex'as me Later: a shimmering splendid light raspberry pink. [copper/pink pearl]

Holy Cow-girl!: a sage green creme with shimmer in it. [sage green creme]

Tan my Hide: a milky beige creme with shimmer.  [pale nude creme]

Plum Tuckered Out: a dark purple grape creme. [plum creme]

**A Touch of Sass: a deep darkened cranberry red creme. [dark red creme. Morgan Taylor exclusive]

(unless otherwise stated, all swatches shown here are of the Gelish MINI shades, and are two layers, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, and are taken outdoors in natural lighting).  

I have to say this is the first collection for Fall 2015 I have reviewed, and I must say I am very pleased.  I think this is a gorgeous color palette, that I honestly want to start offering my clients right now, despite the fact it's summer and a million degrees outside.  This collection is so wearable and classic, & consists of colors your clients are going to be obsessed with and receive countless complements on.  

I found the formulas on both the gel polishes and the nail lacquers to be excellent, providing me complete and full coverage in two smooth coats.  

I also really like the fact that Gelish and Morgan Taylor are coordinating their collections colors, so clients can have matching hands and toes if they so desire.  Helps take all the grunt work out of trying to match up the colors just right.  

My personal favorite shades include: From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive, and Tan my Hide, and Tex'as me Later. 

"Grab a lasso and roundup the Urban Cowgirl fall collection from Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor, which will be available for a limited time beginning August 2015.  Gelish MINI is available exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores, and for $13.99 per bottle and Morgan Taylor is available at for $8.50 per bottle." 

Gelish Mini- Cinderella Spring 2015 Collection Review

Gelish Mini- Cinderella Spring 2015 Collection Review 0

"This spring will be filled with magic and fantastical colors as Gelish MINI introduces the Cinderella 2015 collection.  Celebrating Walt Disney Pictures' release of the new live-action Cinderella, the collection showcases a unique palette inspired by the movie to spark anyone's fancy.  With six whimsical creme to sparkly shades and a trio of glitters from the TRENDS line, any pick is perfect to accent this season with charm and grace"  according to the press release.  

CEO and Creator of Gelish, Danny Haile says, "For this classic story, we really wanted to create an iconic selection.  Drawing inspiration from the movie, we were inspired to develop colors and statement glitters in soft, playful shades for the collection."

The 6 main colors from the Cinderella Collection include:

Watch Your Step, Sister!: a vibrant magenta pink creme.

My Carriage Awaits: a peachy coral with subtle fine pink shimmer up close.

Party at the Palace: a Tiffany aqua blue with shimmer.

If the Slipper Fits: an icy blue with iridescent and holo glitters.  A very unique shade.  This reminds me most of Cinderella in the collection, and happens to be my favorite shade.  Required three coats to make it opaque.

Ella of a Girl: a strawberry pink milkshake creme.

Live Like There's No Midnight: a deep blue with fine micro purple shimmer.

 (all swatches shown here are 2 coats, unless stated otherwise).

And the three new TRENDS shades include:

Make it Fit: multi colored glitter in a clear base.

A Moment of Magic: mostly yellow gold glitter, with some white and pink glitter bits mixed in, all in a clear base.

Stepsisters Rule!: mostly red glitter, with some magenta and holo glitters mixed in, all in a clear base.  This shade is Perfect for Valentine's Day.

(all TRENDS swatches are three coats to show color accurately).

 Overall I think Gelish did an excellent job of curating a collection that embodies the classic fairy tale.  There is honestly something in this collection for everyone.  Some of the colors are highly unique, like If the Slipper Fits, but some are also just okay, like Ella of a Girl; I must have reviewed at least 6 other gel polishes that look like this.  Nonetheless, I am a huge fan of the shimmer in a lot of the colors, like Party at the Palace, and Live Like There's No Midnight; it provides depth and dimension to the colors.  

As far as the TRENDS are concerned, I think they're great.  Layered they can be amazing on their own, or used as a top coat over another color, for some extra added oomph and pizzazz.  

My personal favorites include: If the Slipper Fits, Stepsisters Rule!, I'll Make it Fit, and Party at the Palace.

Now that I have played around with this collection, I can't wait to see the film when it comes out March 13th.  

In the meantime, this Cinderella collection of Gelish MINI's will be available for a limited time starting in February, and will be available at Sally Beauty Stores.  They retail for $11.95 per .3 fl oz (9mL) bottle. 

For more information on Gelish, check them out online:

And until the film comes out, enjoy the trailer: 






Gelish Mini- The Big Chill Winter 2014 Swatches and Review

Gelish Mini- The Big Chill Winter 2014 Swatches and Review 0

"This winter Gelish MINI is serving up an arctic storm of cool, shimmery colors that are fearless and bold.  The Big Chill 2014 collection offers style-defining picks from a twist on a classic white to a seductive burgundy with subtle shimmers.  With six rich, distinctive shades... nails will be ready to show off through any type of weather.

"I wanted to build a palette of colors that was bold, crisp, and awe-inspiring" explains CEO and founder Danny Haile.  "For me, it was about creating a story around a mythical queen living in a majestic, winter wonderland.  And, these intense and shimmery colors for this line-up will complement any wintry attire."  according to the press release.

I personally haven't tried Gelish MINI's prior to this post, I am better familiar with the regular sized Gelish bottles.  Nonetheless, Gelish MINI serves up .3 oz (9 mL) as opposed to the larger Gelish which is .5 oz (15 mL).  Aside from the amount the main difference I found was in the application brush.  On the MINI's, the brush length is significantly shorter, which I personally prefer;  I feel it provides much greater control and precision.  Also, the bottles are physically smaller, so they don't take up as much space on my nail wall racks.  A Win Win!!

Now onto the collection itself.

The Big Chill Winter 2014 collection includes:

Call Me Jill Frost: a deep regal and royal purple shimmer.

I'm Snow Angel: a rich burgundy with fine gold shimmer.

Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate:  a dark forest green shimmer with teal undertones.

Snowflakes & Skyscrapers: a mocha taupe with multi-colored fine shimmer.

The Big Chill: a pale elephant grey with a pearl shimmer.

My Jewels Keep Me Warm: a fun coppery glitter.  It is not quite rose gold, if that's what you are thinking.  It is more of a salmon pink shade in person.  Took three coats to get fully opaque.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, unless stated otherwise). 

Overall I really enjoyed this collection.  I think the collection as a whole is delightful for this time of year.  I also found all of the colors to be very work appropriate, yet still maintain some pizzazz.  Many of the colors are very unique, and because this collection will only be around for a limited time, I highly recommend you pick up your favorite shades fast.

My personal favorites include: The Big Chill, Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate, and Snowflakes & Skyscrapers.

The Big Chill Collection is available for a limited time, for $13.99 a bottle, at Sally Beauty Stores.  

For more information on Gelish MINI, check them out online here: