Le Chat Gelee Powder Gel Nail System Review 0

Hi guys.  I am really excited to share the Le Chat Gelle powder gel system with you.  I first learned about it at the ISSE trade show from one of the top Le Chat educators.  The system is meant to add strength to the natural nail in a very easy way and I am personally obsessed with it.

I saw videos on Instagram from Europe of technicians sprinkling a fine powder on to wet nails and I had no idea what it was or why they were doing it.  Now I know, the secret is out of the bag. 

The Gelee Professional Kit comes with everything you need to get started.  Included in the kit is primer (.5 oz), base coat (.5 oz), top coat (.5 oz), cleanser (.5 oz), remover (.5 oz), and clear gel powder (2oz). 

"The newly designed Gelée Powder Gel® Nail System now reformulated with soak-off & LED/UV curable technology.

Effortlessly create beautiful nails that last for weeks, are strong, durable, and natural looking. With added benefits of quick & easy removal and faster curing times, what’s not to love about the NEW Gelée Powder Gel® Nail System.

• Easy Brush On Application
• LED/UV Cured Soak Off System
• Maximum Glossy Finish
• Odorless
• Strength and Durability
• Natural Elegant Look" according to the website. 

The system is remarkably easy to use and is my new favorite trick to add strength to my clients nails.  Forget the hassle of doing a hard gel overlay or even an acrylic overlay.  This takes all the grunt work out of having to do that. 

I have been testing out and wearing the system on my own nails now for over a month, and my nails are stronger and better than ever.  If I am a busy nail technician handling tons of chemicals on a daily basis, and my nails are amazing from using this system, imagine how incredible clients nails will be.   

Please be sure to check out the video below for step-by-step instructions and to see how truly easy the system is to use.

I highly recommend you give it a try. Your clients will be thanking you.

For more info on Le Chat, check them out online here: http://www.lechatnails.com/