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GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit- Summer 2014

GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit- Summer 2014 0

I am very excited to introduce to my fellow readers the latest gel polish kit from ANS (Alfalfa Nail Supply)- the GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit for Summer 2014. This is hands down the most comprehensive and complete gel polish kit I have ever seen on the market place!  If you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with gel, or if your collection can use some bright popping neon colors, than search no further, this is the kit for you!

 The amazing GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit literally contains everything you will need to perform a perfect sumptuous summer gel manicure from start to finish.  Inside the kit, you receive:

-2 bottles of Geluv Pro Coat (which serves as both your base and top coat. Also it cures in LED light in a record 10 seconds!! or 30 seconds in traditional UV lamps.)

- 10 shades of Geluv Gel Polish 

- 10 GelOff soak off clips (I personally LOVE these! They make soak off removal so easy, and not having to cut and fuss with aluminum foil ever again, these save me so much time!)

- 8oz Cleanser (Alcohol based)

- 8oz Remover (Acetone based)

- a French Gel Brush (for doing art/detail work, or for those who prefer to apply their gel polish in a more traditional paint- on application method).

- 5 Nail Files

- 5 Buffers

- 50 Wood Sticks

- 250 Lint Free Wipes

- a wheel of Neon Studs for Nail Art


The 10 GELUV Gel Polish shades included in the kit are:


- Deep Thoughts: the perfect quintessential black.

- Porcelain White: ideal bright white.  It can be used on it's own, or as a base to make the neon colors really pop to the extreme.

- Tupi Tupi Too: a bright hot firey apple red.

- Lipstick On His Collar: a hot magenta pink.

- Tetra-Cana: A stop traffic bright orange. 

- Tweet-This: a neon bright Highlighter yellow. One of my personal favorites in the collection.

- Mojito- Rita: a neon lime green with yellow undertones.  Also one of my favorite in the collection.

- Lucky Me: a bright grass green.

- Macaw-Ling Zoo: a beautiful bright sea ocean blue.

- Leggo My Eggplant: a pretty purple with a punch.

 (all of the colors shown swatched here, except for Deep Thoughts & Porcelain White, I layered over a base of Porcelain White in order to make the neon colors truly pop.)

All in all I am very pleased and impressed with this latest kit from GELUV.  Not only did I find the gel polishes of fantastic quality, but they were also very easy to work with.  I am so in love with the Pro Coat that cures in LED in just 10 seconds! That saves me so much time when performing manicures.  Most importantly, I can not get over the incredible value of this kit!  At only $149 this kit truly has Everything you need! I highly highly recommend it!

For more information on GELUV, or to purchase, check them out here:

Introducing Crystal Nails

Introducing Crystal Nails 0

I am so excited to introduce my readers to Crystal Nails.  A revolutionary company that's changing the way we see and use gels! They have many innovative lines, that feature new and different technology that's never been seen before in the US! Some of the various lines I'll be reviewing of theirs include: Metallic finish, Magnet, 1 Step color, and Thermo Color Change.

ChroMe Crystalac- Mirrored Metallic!

12 new shades that offer an irresistible metal metallic like sheen that I personally have seen unparalleled to any other product out their on the market, other that foils.

The Colors I reviewed here include:

Silver, Gold, and Milk Pink.  

I found the finish to be irresistible on these shades.  Like a Mylar balloon, you really have to see it in person to get the full effect. 

Tiger Eye Crystalac!

12 gel polish colors that when you hold the magnet up to it, before final curing, a magnetized "tiger eye" effect is created, that shifts as one moves their hand.

The shade I tried out was TIG9, a deep dark beautiful purple. 

 1 Step Color!

Offered in many hues, this is probably hands down the quickest way to perform a gel manicure on a client.  Cures for 2 minutes in UV or 30-60 seconds in an LED light, this one stop shop gives you beautiful coverage and doesn't require a base or top coat. 

The color I reviewed here is OS46, a beautifully sparkling brilliant shade of glittery raspberry.

Chameleon Thermo Gels!

The last style of gel I tried from Crystal Nails was their Chameleon Thermo Gels, which change in color based on heat. 

The color I tried here was OS21, which starts off neutral as a warm coral red,  and shifts to a lighter bright shade of coral. 

All in all I am very pleased and impressed with the variety and offerings at Crystal Nails.  In order to gain hold of this vast nail industry, it's truly important to branch out and think outside of the box, and I believe Crystal Nails has done an excellent job in doing just that.

For more information on Crystal Nails, or to purchase, check them out here:


GelColor by OPI- Coca-Cola Swatches

GelColor by OPI- Coca-Cola Swatches 0

The latest collection of GelColor by OPI is a limited edition collaboration with Coca-Cola.  I think they did a great job of correlating the colors of gel polish with some of Coca-Cola's most popular soft drink beverages.  There is a little something for everyone in this diverse collection.

The GelColor by OPI Coca-Cola Collection includes the following shades:

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today: the perfect bright pink.  Reminds me the color of a delicious strawberry milkshake. This shade is inspired by Vanilla Coke

Today I Accomplished Zero: a blackened base with fuchsia glitter pieces.  A fun yet easy transitional way to wear glitter; especially for customers who traditionally might shun or shy away form a glitter gel manicure.  The shade is inspired by Coke Zero

Green On The Runway: a magical shimmering deep emerald green.  This shade will be so beautiful for the Fall season.  It is inspired by Sprite.

***Turn On The Haute Light***: a metallic foil-y silver.  The shade is very prismatic in person, and glistens and gleams like no other metallic gel polish I have seen.  The shade is inspired by Diet Coke.(*To correct any confusion, please note this is the shade's name in the EU. In the US this color is called "My Signature is "DC""!)

Coca-Cola Red: your classical quintessential red.  This will be requested by customers for years to come.  A must have red.  Inspired by the one and only Coca- Cola.

Get Cherried Away: a beautiful deep eggplant burgundy.  A very sophisticated shade.  It is inspired by Cherry Coke.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, with a top coat, and cured between each coat for 30 seconds in an LED light).

In addition to the 6 shades mentioned above, GelColor by OPI Coca-Cola Kit also includes :

- 20 count of Expert Touch Removal Bads (which I absolutely adore for the quickest, safest, and easiest method of gel polish removal)

- a Blank Nail Color Palette with chain to display all the collection's colors.

- GelColor by OPI Tabletop instructions

- GelColor by OPI Instructional Brochure

 - the kit's contents provides enough product to perform 82 sets of nails!! 

 All in all I am very pleased and impressed with this kit.  Not only are the colors fantastic, but they are reliable and realistic shades that customers are going to be requesting again and again.  I would definitely recommend picking up this limited edition kit before it's gone forever.

For more information on OPI, or to purchase, please check them out at:


The Latest from ENP Gella, including new Matte Top Coat

The Latest from ENP Gella, including new Matte Top Coat 0

The folks at ENP Nail Design have introduced some new shades to their collection of Gella gel polishes, and a brand new Matte Top Coat.  What I personally love and adore about this brand is that each layer of color cures in a remarkable 10 seconds in an LED light, which is essentialy unheard of for the nail industy.  

Some of the new ENP Gella colors featured here include:

Judy:  an aqua turquoise with slight green undertones. If you look very closely there is a slight highly subtle shimmer.

Gabriella: a red/ dark pink hybrid.  

McKenzie: a semi sheer black base with multi-color glitter flecks. 

Daisy: a true magenta pink.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured for 10 seconds each in an LED Light.

Also featured is the new ENP Gella Matte Top Coat.  Whether you want to mattify the entire nail, or just sections of it to create unique and fun nail art looks this is the top coat for you.   

 For more information on ENP Nail Design, check them out here:

ASP- All Season Professional- Soak Off Gel Polish

ASP- All Season Professional- Soak Off Gel Polish 0

ASP, All Season Professional, has an awesome and highly affordable line of soak off gel polishes available exclusively at your local Sally Beauty Supply Stores.  At present they offer over 24 shades, and the collection is continuously growing.

I found the formula quite excellent and very easy to work with.  The size of the bottle was great, and fit wonderfully in the palm of my hand.  The product had a smooth application that was also very easy to control.

The ASP gel polishes I have chosen to review here include:

Lighten the Mood: a pale sheer pink with an opalescent glimmer to it.

Rendezvous in Red: a light red with pink shimmer.

Golden Opportunity: a creamy nude with gold shimmer.

Tease me Turquoise: a sparkling emerald/ blue hybrid.  

Passionate Pink: a sparkling Barbie pink.

Blue Bayou: a midnight navy blue.

Rile me up Red: a great traditional bright coral red.

Swept away Gray: a true gray with very fine subtle shimmer.

Ravishing in Raspberry: a true dark raspberry red.

Beaming in Burgundy: a very dark blackened burgundy.

(each swatch shown here was 2 coats for full opacity, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light.)

For more information on ASP & all of their products, check them out here:

To purchase, go here:

Gelish- “Colors of Paradise” Summer 2014 Collection

Gelish- “Colors of Paradise” Summer 2014 Collection 0

Introducing the latest collection of Gelish gel polish for Summer 2014, the "Colors of Paradise".  I personally love and adore how vibrant the colors are.  They are very topical and remind me of beaches far away on remote islands when one is on vacation.  I highly recommend you pick up this collection! 

The 6 piece collection includes:

Pacific Sunset: a hot neon pink.

Tahiti Hottie: a bright neon magenta purple.

Rub me the Sarong Way: a gorgeous bright teal.

Mail-Blue me Away: a rich cobalt blue.

Rockin' the Reef: a hot neon coral.

Lime all the Time: a hot neon lime green. My personal favorite color in the colleciton, and a very difficult color to come by in the gel polish realm.

(each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light.)

For more information on Gelish, check them out at:

CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014

CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014 0

For Summer 2014, the creative minds at CND have concocted a beautiful array of Shellac hues perfect to embrace those scorching sunny summer days.  According to co-founder Jan Arnold, "lush tropical hues capture the beauty of a faraway island... the exotic exploration of bold gorgeous colors transports you to a world of fantasy and hedonism." 

This exotic and bright 6 piece collection includes:

Electric Orange: a bright creamy summer orange.  This is a majorly hot on trend color for the summer season!!

Cerulean Sea: a bright cerulean aqua blue.

Tango Passsion: a shimmering magenta purple.

Sultry Sunset: a bright and shiny magenta pink, with purple undertones.

Bicycle Yellow: a sunshine yellow.

Lush Tropics: a bright green. This shade totally brings me back to the 90's and I Love it!!

(Each shades is 2 coats, cured each for 2 mins in a UV light).

For more information on CND or Shellac, check them out here:


INM Says “Cheese” @ NailPro Pasadena 2014 !!

INM Says “Cheese” @ NailPro Pasadena 2014 !! 0

I would have to say the biggest draw and commotion at this years NailPro “nails only” show in Pasadena was not the presence of multi talented singer/actress Anna Kendrick, but INM’s introduction of their Photobooth! Everyone from show regulars, top personalities- Katie Cazorla (the Painted Nail), to top competitors- Lorena Marquez & Chris Mans, to brand reps- Mami Griffin (Sha-Nail) & Morgan Haile (Morgan Taylor Lacquer) all stopped by INM‘s newest addition to their booth to flash their pearly whites along with some fun goofy props.

Not only was INM’s photobooth a huge draw, but so were the amazing nail demos they performed by top industry leader Lorena Marquez, and new competing protegee Chris Mans.

Also at NailPro Pasadena, was a challenge for the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest pink & white nails ever in history, to perform a full set in under 10 minutes- a truly remarkable feat!

In case you missed out on all the great deals on INM’s wonderful products, you can still check them out on their website:

CND Shellac- “Open Road” Spring 2014

CND Shellac- “Open Road” Spring 2014 0

I recently got to swatch and play around with CND Shellac’s latest collection for Spring 2014 “Open Road”. CND Co- founder Jan Arnold says this “collection inspires women to let their hair loose, put the top down and drive towards the sunset… Living for the moment and wearing colors that reflect this attitude incites the need for adventure.” Amen to that. I in particular love the earthy qualities of this seasons hues.

The 6 piece collection includes:

Desert Poppy: a shimmering orange tomato.

Mint Convertible: a pale mint green apple.

Sun Bleached: a dusty rose pink.

Powder My Nose: a creamy nude.

Sage Scarf: a muted green sage with blue undertones.

Clay Canyon: a creamy buttery light yellow.

(Each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured each in a UV light for 2 mins.)

For more information on CND, check them out here:

AnGel Artist Gel Pots- Series 2

AnGel Artist Gel Pots- Series 2 0

I recently had the privilege of playing with the Series 2 of Artist Gel Pots from AnGel by Ikonna. .

Series 2 comes in a convenient case, perfect for traveling, and features 12 awesome new shades. Say goodbye to using traditional acrylic paint when doing nail art! These potted gels do not set or dry out, like acrylic paint, until you cure them in the light. The gels have an amazing viscosity, which makes them ideal and perfect to work with, allowing ease of control. The kit retail for $119, and will last many a manicure. I can not recommend it enough! Every manicurist that performs any type of Nail Art NEEDS this kit in there arsenal!!

The colors included in Series 2 are:

Lemonade Parade: a bright creamy yellow

Blank Pages: a pure bright white

She’s Got Envy: a great and creamy grass green

Pinch Me Pink: a flamingo pink

Frostbite: a cement gray

Fresh Face: a peach apricot

In the Buff: a caramel camel

Ice Cold Stares: robin’s egg blue

Lavishly Lavender: a deep grape purple

Peri”wink”le: a cornflower blurple (blue/purple hybrid)

Sparkle My Interest: a glistening dark gunmetal metallic

Silver Stars Shine: a metallic silver

For more information, or to purchase AnGel products, check them out here:

Gel Color by OPI- Brazil Collection Spring/Summer 2014

Gel Color by OPI- Brazil Collection Spring/Summer 2014 0

I recently had the privilege of reviewing some of the hottest gel colors from OPI’s latest collection for Spring Summer 2014- Brazil.  The color palette is highly diverse in this collection, meaning every customer will be satisfied with one of the gorgeous shades offered.

I am also very happy to state that a lot of the colors in this collection happened to be what I love to call “1 Coat Wonders”. Usually this is a term I render solely to conventional nail polish, but in this instance, many of the hues in this collection I had complete coverage and opacity with a single coat.  This cuts manicure time in half, allows you to take on more customers, and saves tons of product; its a win win situation.

The shades I reviewed include:

Don’t Boss Nova me Around: a creamy opaque nude.

OPI Scores A Goal!: a deep rich burgundy eggplant. A 1 Coat Wonder!

I Sao Paulo Over There: a warm mocha brown with purple undertones. A 1 Coat Wonder!

Red Hot Rio: a bright rich ruby red.

Next Stop… The Bikini Zone: a shimmering metallic purple silver

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian: a hot summery pink.

Taupe-less Beach: a greige (gray/beige) with lavender undertones. A 1 Coat Wonder!

AmazON…AmazOFF: a deep dark jungle green.  My personal favorite in this colleciton.  A 1 Coat Wonder!

(All shades swatched here were 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED lamp.)

I found the formula on all of the shades to be quite excellent, with much consistency. I could not recommend this collection enough.  Many of the shades, particularly the earth neutral tones, could work well year round on majority of your clients. Each gel color retails for $14.95.

For more information on OPI or to purchase, check them out here:

INM’s 1st Elite Educator Training

INM’s 1st Elite Educator Training 0

The weekend of March 1-3,  thirteen nail technicians from around the country were hand selected to congregate at INM’s headquarters in Anaheim, CA to participate in INM’s first ever Elite Educator Training.

The 3 day extravaganza was organized and ran by the remarkable, and newly appointed director of education for INM, Lorena Marquez,  a 26+ year nail tech veteran who has competed in over 200 competitions.

We laughed, we cried, we worked out butts off, and learned a ton.

 We started off the first day with an initial ice breaker, not only to get to know one another, but also to familiarize with each other’s artistic and creative abilities.  We were assigned a homework assignment prior to the weekend, where we had to create a nail design in 6 steps or less.  We than presented our work in front of the class.  After all the presentations and ice was officially melted, the initial training day was devoted to acrylics- Pink and whites, and colored acrylic, using INM’s numerous and beautiful powder paint acrylic powders.  We were partnered up, and got to work.

The second day of training was devoted entirely to gel- both traditional hard gel systems, the Entity gel system, and soak off gel polish, Gelavish.  We really got to get creative and have fun when it came to designing nail art with INM’s Gelavish soak off gel polish.

The third and final day was split into two parts.  The first half of the day each educator was assigned an INM product they had to present and “sell.”  The second half of the day was devoted to an exam to test what we’d learned the last couple of days.  We first had a 40+ question fill-in the blank exam that tested our knowledge of the INM brand, its history, and all of their products.  Than we had the practical part of our exam, where we were all partnered up and had 2 hours to perform 4 nails.  Two acrylic nails, one pink and white, one artistic colored acrylic.  And 2 gel nails, one a pink and white performed with traditional hard gel, and the second nail being a nail art design of our choosing using Gelavish soak off polish.

The educator training closed with a fabulous dinner/ awards ceremony at The House of Blues in Downtown Disney.  Christian Mans, was the star winner of the weekend, taking home 3 trophies.  Jessica Luna, Shannon Weissinger, and Elyse Perry also went home not empty handed.  Nonetheless, we are all winners.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and a tremendous experience.  We built relationships with fellow nail techs that will last a lifetime.

The INM Elite Educators include: Tara Cote, Sheera Gerth, Deneen Daniels, Elyse Perry, Sharon Midgley, Christian Mans, Jessica Luna, Isabel Olmeda, Tita Carter, Shannon Weissinger, British Burnett, Diane Self, and yours truly Merrick Fisher.

For more information on INM and their products, check them out at:

Need not Fear, Essie Gel is here!!

Need not Fear, Essie Gel is here!! 0

At long last Essie has come out with a line of LED gel polishes to match their incredibly popular lacquer line. Presently, there are 36 colors in the line, but I can almost guarantee there will be many more in the near future.

No longer will customers come into your salon and say “Give me a gel manicure that looks like “Mint Candy Apple.” And then you have to go struggle to find something that closely resembles it.  Problem is finally solved.

I’ve italicized the nail polish equivalent for each gel shade mentioned below.

Dance Class: a pale semi- sheer beige nude. (Ballet Slippers)

Members Only: a shimmering pink beige. (Tea & Crumpets)

Well Collected: a creamy rose. (Eternal Optimist)

Net Worth: a bright aqua turquoise. (Where’s my Chauffeur)

Break a Sweat: a shimmering deep purple. (Sexy Divide)

Decadent & Devine: a shimmering deep dark chocolate brown.(Decadent Diva)

Life Partner: a deep dark burgundy. (Sole Mate)

Leather on Top: jet black. (Licorice)

All swatches shown here were 2 coats, cured each in an LED light for 30 seconds.

For more information on essie, check them out here:

Gel II Reaction Color Changing Gels!

Gel II Reaction Color Changing Gels! 0

I can never get enough of Gel II Reaction color changing gels.  They are my most favorite, and people just go nuts when they see the colors change in front of their very eyes.

Also, the fact that NO base coat or primer is required, saves you so much time when servicing clients!!

The shades I’ve swatched here include:

After Dark: black when cold, changes to a light gray when warm.  A thin coat of this can be used over any gel art design, and will still show through.

Champagne Fizz: a bright fuchsia when cold that changes to white when warm.

Shark Bite: a deep purple when cool that changes to a bright aqua blue. My personal favorite and most dramatic color changing in the collection!!

Jamaican Winter: a deep mysterious teal when cool that changes to a bright neon tropical green.

Hawaiian Hurricane: a dark primary blue when cool that changes to an ocean cerulean blue when warm.

(Each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED lamp.)

For more information on Gel II & their fabulous innovative products, check them out at: