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Artistic Nail Design’s 2015 Spring Collection Femme Florale Review

Artistic Nail Design’s 2015 Spring Collection Femme Florale Review 0

"This season, make an electrifying and vibrant statement with Artistic Nail Design's 2015 Spring Collection Femme Florale.  Inspired by an overload of fierce floral prints and exaggerated, oversized silhouettes storming the runway by high-fashion designers, the 4 brand new shades in the collection exude the essence of femininity and power."

"For this collection, I wanted to build a color palette that was stunning, bright and playful," says Artistic Nail Design VP & Creative Director, Alisha Botero.  "Each new shade is fresh and bursting with personality to complement any spring style," according to the press release.

 The four colors that comprise the Femme Florale Collection include:

Budding Fixation: a bold medium blue creme.  The press release calls it a rich cornflower blue, but in my opinion its not nearly dusty enough to consider it cornflower.

Killer Stems: a bright grassy green creme.  Reminds me of a color I'd see in a video game from my youth, think Super Mario Bros.  

Takes Tulips to Tango: a bright fiery coral creme.

Petal to the Metal: a vivid magenta creme.  The press release calls it lavender- pink orchid.

(each swatch shown here is two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED.  All swatch pics are taken outside to depict accurate color.)

Overall I think this is a great collection.  I like that it's a small, only four colors, as opposed to other brands who make an unnecessary 12 colors per season; it gets way too redundant.  

I find all of the colors to be very pretty, and highly pigmented.  I thought for sure I was going to have to use a white base in order to make Killer Stems pop, but it wasn't necessary in the slightest.  

As far as the formula is concerned, I had zero issues: no brush strokes, pooling, or bleeding.  I personally Love the shades Takes Tulips to Tango & Killer Stems- I find them both beautiful and unique in the gel polish world.    

The Femme Florale Collection is out and available now.  I highly recommend you go out and pick it up for yourselves.

For more information on Artistic Nail Design, check out their website:

Introducing Bio Seaweed Gel

Introducing Bio Seaweed Gel 0

Hey guys! I hope you've all had an awesome week and are excited the weekend is here.

I've got some new gel polishes to share with you all from Canadian based brand- Bio Seaweed Gel.  What makes Bio Seaweed Gel different from other gel polish brands on the market is their claim: "Zero dehydration, staining or weakening: the healthier gel polish."

But how and why is Bio Seaweed Gel different?  According to them, they are 5 free, so no formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, BHA, or solvents.  They are specifically designed to promote natural nail growth and shine.  All products are said to be self-leveling with zero shrinkage.  They also have a record in the industry for fastest removal- in under 5 minutes.  

Their gel polishes also come in two different lines, a "3 Step Colour" line, with over 76 colors, which requires a top and base coat, and a revolutionary "UNITY All-In-One" line, available in over 114 colors, which has all three steps in one single bottle.  I have one shade from each line to share with you all.

The 3 Step Colour gel I tried was Whimsical #52.  It is a fine holographic silver glitter.  I personally am OBSESSED with this shade.  This is an incredibly difficult and rare color to come across in the gel polish world and I highly recommend you all pick it up.  Its precise beauty is rather difficult to capture in photographs; although I have tried my hardest to accurately show it.  I used three coats in the photos for complete coverage, but honestly you can get excellent coverage with two coats.  

Because this color is part of the 3 step system, I used it with the "No- Sanding Base" and "No-Wipe Top."  The No-Sanding Base Gel, as the name implies requires no sanding or drilling of the natural nails prior to application.  It also doesn't require the use of any primers or bonders.

The No-Wipe Top coat is excellent too for a couple of reasons.  First off it is scratch resistant, secondly it has an immense shine to it, and thirdly it cures completely to the touch with no sticky residue/inhibition layer; saving you both time and product from not having to wipe it clean.

The UNITY All-In-One Colour I tried was Starry Nights #152. It is a deep midnight blue with fine silver glitter in it.  Two coats of this are you are completely done.  My mind is still blown.  I am so used to applying base and top coats, I barely knew what to do with my new found extra free time ;).  Also, once cured it is completely dry to the touch without a sticky residue to be wiped away.  This product not only saves you tons of time, but it also saves you lots of money.

A good friend of mine, who is a big name sake in the nail industry, taught me the chemical smell test once.  Whenever you get a new nail product, open it up and smell it- if it smells like crazy gnarly chemicals, then you know there's crazy gnarly chemicals in it.  When I opened up the bottles of Bio Seaweed Gel, I must say I was heavily impressed- very low odor.  Less odor means less chemicals, which means it is technically better for you.

I loved the Bio Seaweed Gels that I tried and look forward to hopefully testing out more in the near future.  In the meantime, I suggest you check out their site for more information and pick up some bottles for yourself to try.

For more info on Bio Seaweed Gel, check them out online here:







Gelish Mini- Cinderella Spring 2015 Collection Review

Gelish Mini- Cinderella Spring 2015 Collection Review 0

"This spring will be filled with magic and fantastical colors as Gelish MINI introduces the Cinderella 2015 collection.  Celebrating Walt Disney Pictures' release of the new live-action Cinderella, the collection showcases a unique palette inspired by the movie to spark anyone's fancy.  With six whimsical creme to sparkly shades and a trio of glitters from the TRENDS line, any pick is perfect to accent this season with charm and grace"  according to the press release.  

CEO and Creator of Gelish, Danny Haile says, "For this classic story, we really wanted to create an iconic selection.  Drawing inspiration from the movie, we were inspired to develop colors and statement glitters in soft, playful shades for the collection."

The 6 main colors from the Cinderella Collection include:

Watch Your Step, Sister!: a vibrant magenta pink creme.

My Carriage Awaits: a peachy coral with subtle fine pink shimmer up close.

Party at the Palace: a Tiffany aqua blue with shimmer.

If the Slipper Fits: an icy blue with iridescent and holo glitters.  A very unique shade.  This reminds me most of Cinderella in the collection, and happens to be my favorite shade.  Required three coats to make it opaque.

Ella of a Girl: a strawberry pink milkshake creme.

Live Like There's No Midnight: a deep blue with fine micro purple shimmer.

 (all swatches shown here are 2 coats, unless stated otherwise).

And the three new TRENDS shades include:

Make it Fit: multi colored glitter in a clear base.

A Moment of Magic: mostly yellow gold glitter, with some white and pink glitter bits mixed in, all in a clear base.

Stepsisters Rule!: mostly red glitter, with some magenta and holo glitters mixed in, all in a clear base.  This shade is Perfect for Valentine's Day.

(all TRENDS swatches are three coats to show color accurately).

 Overall I think Gelish did an excellent job of curating a collection that embodies the classic fairy tale.  There is honestly something in this collection for everyone.  Some of the colors are highly unique, like If the Slipper Fits, but some are also just okay, like Ella of a Girl; I must have reviewed at least 6 other gel polishes that look like this.  Nonetheless, I am a huge fan of the shimmer in a lot of the colors, like Party at the Palace, and Live Like There's No Midnight; it provides depth and dimension to the colors.  

As far as the TRENDS are concerned, I think they're great.  Layered they can be amazing on their own, or used as a top coat over another color, for some extra added oomph and pizzazz.  

My personal favorites include: If the Slipper Fits, Stepsisters Rule!, I'll Make it Fit, and Party at the Palace.

Now that I have played around with this collection, I can't wait to see the film when it comes out March 13th.  

In the meantime, this Cinderella collection of Gelish MINI's will be available for a limited time starting in February, and will be available at Sally Beauty Stores.  They retail for $11.95 per .3 fl oz (9mL) bottle. 

For more information on Gelish, check them out online:

And until the film comes out, enjoy the trailer: 






cnd- flora & fauna collection spring 2015 swatches + review

cnd- flora & fauna collection spring 2015 swatches + review 0

"Retreat to the peaceful harmony of nature with the new Spring 2015 Flora & Fauna collection from CND. Colors and styles are inspired by watercolor impressions of luminous landscapes.

“This season’s trends are all about unplugging from today’s digital world and embracing the simpler things. Sun-bleached tones and dreamy watercolor paintings emerge from the perfection of nature,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “Nails are easy and softly squared – as wearable and simple as a barefoot stroll through the grass while finishes play with matte and shiny effects” according to the press release.

There are 8 new shades in Vinylux, six of which are part of the new Flora & Fauna Collection, and two are being released, Thistle Thicket and Blush Teddy, which were both previously released in the Shellac line.  

The Vinylux Flora & Fauna Collection includes:

Dandelion: a pearlized peach/pink shimmer.  Has a pearlized golden sheen running through it.  Slightly on the sheer- streaky side.  Required three coats to even out the brushstrokes.  I wish the formula was a little better because I really love this color.

Salmon Run: a salmon pink creme with peach undertones.  Also on the streaky/patchy side.  Required three coats.

Creekside: a powdery pastel baby blue creme.  I Love this shade.

Field Fox: a neutral creme taupe with mauve undertones.  A gorgeous year round color in my opinion!

 Wild Moss: a medium mossy green with micro silver shimmer specks. The silver specks give this shade an almost texturized look, although it's not a texture polish.

Fragrant Freesia: a pale peony pink with iridescent pink/purple shimmer running through it.

Now the two shades being introduced to the Vinylux line, but not necessarily part of the Flora & Fauna Collection.

Thistle Thicket: a very pale lavender gray.

Blush Teddy: a creamy light pink rose with a slight shimmer.  Reminds me of a strawberry milkshake.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, unless stated otherwise)




The Flora & Fauna Shellac collection includes the same six new shades as mentioned and shown above, with the exception of Thistle Thicket & Blush Teddy, both of which are already available in Shellac.



I really enjoyed this collection as a whole.  I find the colors to be very refreshing and going back to a place of Earthy nature.  I was a little disappointed in the formula on a couple of the Vinylux shades.  I have never had issues in the past with any Vinylux, so I am not sure if it's these particular colors, or if I happened to receive a  poorly mixed batch.   On the other hand, I had zero issues with the Shellac shades, so if you are still interested in those particular shades I had difficulty with in Vinlyux, I would recommend you skip those and get the Shellac version of the color instead.  My personal favorites include: Creekside, Field Fox, and Dandelion.

The CND Flora & Fauna Collection for Spring 2015 is available now for a limited time.

For more information on CND or to purchase, check them out online here:

Gelish Mini- The Big Chill Winter 2014 Swatches and Review

Gelish Mini- The Big Chill Winter 2014 Swatches and Review 0

"This winter Gelish MINI is serving up an arctic storm of cool, shimmery colors that are fearless and bold.  The Big Chill 2014 collection offers style-defining picks from a twist on a classic white to a seductive burgundy with subtle shimmers.  With six rich, distinctive shades... nails will be ready to show off through any type of weather.

"I wanted to build a palette of colors that was bold, crisp, and awe-inspiring" explains CEO and founder Danny Haile.  "For me, it was about creating a story around a mythical queen living in a majestic, winter wonderland.  And, these intense and shimmery colors for this line-up will complement any wintry attire."  according to the press release.

I personally haven't tried Gelish MINI's prior to this post, I am better familiar with the regular sized Gelish bottles.  Nonetheless, Gelish MINI serves up .3 oz (9 mL) as opposed to the larger Gelish which is .5 oz (15 mL).  Aside from the amount the main difference I found was in the application brush.  On the MINI's, the brush length is significantly shorter, which I personally prefer;  I feel it provides much greater control and precision.  Also, the bottles are physically smaller, so they don't take up as much space on my nail wall racks.  A Win Win!!

Now onto the collection itself.

The Big Chill Winter 2014 collection includes:

Call Me Jill Frost: a deep regal and royal purple shimmer.

I'm Snow Angel: a rich burgundy with fine gold shimmer.

Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate:  a dark forest green shimmer with teal undertones.

Snowflakes & Skyscrapers: a mocha taupe with multi-colored fine shimmer.

The Big Chill: a pale elephant grey with a pearl shimmer.

My Jewels Keep Me Warm: a fun coppery glitter.  It is not quite rose gold, if that's what you are thinking.  It is more of a salmon pink shade in person.  Took three coats to get fully opaque.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, unless stated otherwise). 

Overall I really enjoyed this collection.  I think the collection as a whole is delightful for this time of year.  I also found all of the colors to be very work appropriate, yet still maintain some pizzazz.  Many of the colors are very unique, and because this collection will only be around for a limited time, I highly recommend you pick up your favorite shades fast.

My personal favorites include: The Big Chill, Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate, and Snowflakes & Skyscrapers.

The Big Chill Collection is available for a limited time, for $13.99 a bottle, at Sally Beauty Stores.  

For more information on Gelish MINI, check them out online here:


OPI Spring Summer 2015 Artistic Design Preview

OPI Spring Summer 2015 Artistic Design Preview 0

The other night I had the privilege and honor of attending the OPI Artistic Design Preview event in Hollywood, California, to showcase the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 Hawaii Collection.  

Nine Nail Artists from around the world,( Japan, the UK, Canada, etc) were flown to Hollywood to participate in a two day intensive art camp where they got to share and express their creative skills utilizing this latest collection.  Some of the artists included: Sophie Harris-Greenslade of The Illustrated Nail,,  Tomoka Dei, award winning Japanese competitor, and Robert Nguyen, one of the contestants of Oxygen's hit show "Nail'd It". The artists were individually inspired by different aspects of Hawaii, including: nature, Earth, land, sea, volcanoes, rain, lava, trees, lush greenery, or blooming flowers.  

I had a wonderful time shmoozing with everyone.  Fellow attendees included Nail Pro, NAILS, and DaySpa Magazine editors, other fabulous nail bloggers, and tons of talented nail techs, including Chelsea King of ChelseaQueen,     

The party was perfectly planned with tons of traditional tropical touches.   From bright tropical colored flowers, palm tree leaves, macadamia nuts, to lush greenery,  everything reflected the Hawaiian theme. 

Check out my pics from the party below.  And for even more pics, check out the event's hashtag on Instagram: #opiasart

If you are a nail tech, find out more about OPI here:

For all other OPI fans, check them out online here:

New Fall & Winter 2014 from Akzentz

New Fall & Winter 2014 from Akzentz 0

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was wonderful and relaxing.

I am excited to introduce some brand new products from Akzentz for Fall & Winter 2014.  

Akzentz gel products are all formulated in house in Canada, and I find their formulations far superior to many other brands.  I was taught by a good friend of mine, Mami Griffin, a nail stylist superstar herself, who instilled I always smell a product to see how strong the chemicals used in it are.  When compared to other brands I test Akzentz always wins the smell/chemical test by a landslide. Not only that, but I find Akzentz products to be of top- notch quality.      

For their Luxio UV/LED Soak Off Gel Polish line, they have introduced 6 new colors for the Fall/Winter season: Seduction, Magic, Wisp, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold.  I have a couple of them to share with you here.

I tried Rose Gold: a fine rose gold glitter.  A great rose gold is very difficult to come by, and I Love this one, its perfect! I highly suggest you pick it up. I applied three coats here for full opacity.  

Seduction: a shimmering blackened ruby red.  I applied two coats.  

They have introduced 10 new shades to their UV/LED Options Gel Line, a potted gel for traditional paint on application with a gel brush; very Japanese style- super Kawaii 😉  .  The 10 new shades include: Cobalt Blue, Berry Truffle, Sweet Maple, Blue Moon, Floral White, Purple Dusk, Purple Smoke, Fire, Merlot, and Mulberry.  This is an additional 10 shades to their over 140 colors and counting.  I also have a couple of these to share with you all.

I tried Merlot: a glistening dark Merlot  purple, with a very fine glitter shimmer to it up close. 

Blue Moon: a deep dark navy blue creme.

This was my first time trying out the Options products from Akzentz, and I am really impressed.  I found them to be highly pigmented, providing complete coverage in two coats, as shown here.  The formula was self leveling and easy to work with.  There was zero brush strokes or any issues.  If you are interested in trying a good potted gel that can cure in both UV and LED look no further.  I highly suggest you try the Options line from Akzentz.  

Akzentz is also introducing their brand new Matte-On, a brush on matte effect top coat.  It "can be applied over any cured gel as a final top coat to add a velvety matte look and feel," according to the press release.  I used Matte-On here over three shades from the Luxio Gel Polish line: Spirit (dark blue), Myth (teal), & Breathless (powder blue). It is incredible easy to use and the results are stunning..  You can transform literally any gel color you already own into a new, very on trend, matte look. Customers will be very pleased and highly interested, I can assure you.  

For more information on Akzentz or to find a distributor in your area, please check them out online:


3 New Gella Collections from ENP Nail Design

3 New Gella Collections from ENP Nail Design 0

The folks over at ENP Nail Design have just introduced 3 brand new collections to their popular line of Gella gel polishes.  The 18 new shades in total are divided amongst three new collections: Splatter Collection, Glitter Collection, and Colors Collection.  I am going to share with you today an exclusive look at some from each collection.

Splatter Collection: 4 new matte glitter toppers.  (the Purple Splatter is not shown here)

Yellow Splatter: small yellow hexagonal glitter, mixed with pieces of black and white square glitter, black and white dots of glitter, and black thin bars of glitter all suspended in a clear base.  

Blue Splatter: small blue hexagonal glitter, mixed with pieces of black and white square glitter, black and white dots of glitter, and black thin bars of glitter all suspended in a clear base.  

Red Splatter: small red hexagonal glitter, mixed with pieces of black and white square glitter, black and white dots of glitter, and black thin bars of glitter all suspended in a clear base.  

I used three coats to swatch the Splatter shades, so I could accurately depict the different types of glitter in it.  I would recommend using this as a single top coat over another base color, giving the solid colored nail a fun festive effect.  

Glitter Collection: 6 new glitter shades to spruce up any gel manicure. (London, Faith, Hillarie, and Katie are not shown here).

Goldie: flakes of yellow gold in a clear base.  Is very unique, and I haven't come across a gold flake top coat like this in gel before! 

Gisele: an iridescent purple glitter suspended in a very fine gold glitter. I used three coats for full opacity on this shade.  I guess I could have used it as a top coat over another shade, but the gold glitter base in this made me think otherwise.  

Colors Collection: eight new colorful shades added to their ever expanding array of hues. (Elsa, Maryann, & Anna aren't shown here).

Ariel: a  shimmering mermaid teal with blue undertones.  

Tiffany: a robin's egg blue creme.  This is the exact shade as the infamous jewelry company of the same name Tiffanys.  

Celia: a regal rich purple with a very faint pink shimmer that runs through it depending on the light reflections.

Kendall: a bright hot magenta pink with purple iridescent shimmer running through it.

Missy: a very pretty periwinkle blue creme.

 Overall, I am a HUGE fan of ENP's Gella gel polishes.  It is one of the only line of gel polish on the market that cures in only 10 seconds per coat, in an LED light! This saves so much time amonst clients. I am always so delighted when they introduce new colors to their line.  Not only is the cure time remarkable, the formula is very easy to work with, and applies very easily.  If you haven't tried out ENP's Gella for yourself I highly recommend you do.

For more information on ENP Nail Design, you can check them out online: 

ASP “Winter Wow” 2014 Collection- Swatches + Review

ASP “Winter Wow” 2014 Collection- Swatches + Review 0

I am very excited to present my readers with an exclusive look at the upcoming winter 2014 collection of ASP soak off gel polish, "Winter Wow,"  to be sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide.  Comprised of three glitters and one shimmer, these four new shades add the perfect amount of twinkle and pizzazz to brighten up anyone's winter blues. 

The Winter Wow collection includes:

Champagne Sparkle: a mix of rose gold and holographic glitters.  I personally am obsessed with this shade and find it so unique.  I have never seen a gel polish shade similar out on the market.  I highly recommend everyone pick up this bad boy!

Seal the deal Silver: a shimmering metallic silver.  I was surprised at how smoothly this gel painted.  Usually metallic colors tend to be very streaky, and reveal a lot of brush strokes.  Fortunately, this didn't. 

Cranberry Crimson: a cranberry red glitter suspended in a semi-sheer red base.   

Golden Goddess: a silver glitter packed in a yellow gold shimmering metallic base. I too find this color to be quite unique.  I would say this shade is the perfect combination of gold and silver; a "Gilver" if you will...

(all swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light, and sealed with a gel top coat.  All photos are taken outdoors in natural lighting to depict ideal color swatch.)

Overall, I find this a great new addition of colors to the ASP gel polish offerings.  Majority of these colors could easily be used on clients year round, and don't only have to be reserved for the cooler holiday months towards the end of the year.  I really like the opaque coverage I got with two thin coats.  This saves a lot of time not having to personally mix small batches of glitter gel for individual clients and their requests.  

The Winter Wow collection from ASP will be available soon at your local Sally Beauty Supply stores.  

For more information on ASP, check them out online here:  

To purchase online, visit Sally Beauty Supply's website:

ASP “Flair for Fall” 2014 Collection- Swatches + Review

ASP “Flair for Fall” 2014 Collection- Swatches + Review 0

The latest collection of gel polishes from ASP (All Season Professional) has just arrived- "Flair For Fall".  Four new coffee inspired hues, two cremes and two shimmers, that are the perfect pick me up for the soon to be chilly weather.

The Flair for Fall collection includes:

Sweater Weather: a beautiful light mocha brown shimmer. Has a faint purple undertone to it depending on the light's reflection. A very unique gel color I have not come across before. 

Cuddle Up: a shimmering nude taupe.  This is a perfect neutral shade that can be worn year round.    

Hot Cocoa Morning: a rich dark chocolate brown, with deep purple undertones. 

Spice as Nice!: a medium brown with burgundy undertones. 

(All swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light.  Also, all photos are taken outdoors in natural light to show most accurate color depiction).

 All in all I really adore this latest collection from ASP.  The formula was great and really easy to work with.  Each color was highly pigmented, and covered completely in two coats.  I think they are all highly wearable shades that are perfect for the coming fall season.  All the shades are a great way to transition from summer to fall, prior to the brutal harsh cold of winter.  

ASP gel polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores, and have an excellent low price point in my opinion; and Sally Beauty stores always seem to be offering some sort of special discount, so make sure to keep a look out.

For more information on ASP, check them out online:

And to purchase, check out Sally Beauty Supply online:

GelColor by OPI Fall/Winter 2014 the Nordic Collection- Swatches + Review

GelColor by OPI Fall/Winter 2014 the Nordic Collection- Swatches + Review 0

I am excited to introduce the latest collection of GelColor by OPI for Fall/Winter 2014- the Nordic Collection.  Twelve new hues to satisfy any and all clients during the coming cooling months.

According to OPI Co-Founder Suzi Weiss- Fischmann, "The colors of the Nordic Collection by OPI echo all the contrasts that inspired me for this palette.  Spicy browns and rich wines like the cinnamon buns and heady glogg of Sweden (Going My Way or Norway?, Ice-Bergers & Fries, How Great is Your Dane?, Skating on Thin Ice-Land), the floral tones of the colorfully painted houses of Denmark (Can't aFjord Not to, Suzi Has a Sweed Tooth), gazing in wonder at the northern lights of Finland (My Voice is a Little Norse, My Dogsled is a Hybrid, Thank Glogg it's Friday!), the moonlike surface of Iceland's lava fields (Viking in a Vinter Vonderland); and the glow of Norway's midnight sun and the moody waters of its fjords (OPI with a Nce Finn-ish, Do you have this color in Stock-holm?)."

The gel polishes are sold individually, or in 2 kits.  Each kit contains six gel polish shades from the collection, 20 Expert Touch Removal Wraps, a blank chained nail palette to display swatches, tabletop instructions, and an instructional brochure.  Each kit contains enough product to perform approximately 82 complete sets.

The fist kit, Nordic #1, contains the following shades:

OPI with a nice Finn-ish: a warm Butterscotch copper color.  Has a shimmering/slight metallic finish to it. (This light, mellowed bronze completes me. The end.)  

Thank Glogg it's Friday!: a deep shimmering cranberry. (The start of the weekend is nothing to "wine" about!)

Ice-Bergers & Fries: a warm milk chocolate brown. ("Wood" you like a chocolate shake with that?)

My Dogsled is a Hybrid: a ripe mint creme with blue undertones. (Enliven your environment by wearing this creamy sea green.)

How great is your Dane?: an espresso bean brown. (Pass up this cinnamon coffee? You're barking up the wrong tree!)

Can't aFjord not to: a bright tangerine orange creme. (Whatever it takes, get your hands on this extravagantly creamy coral!)

The second kit, Nordic #2, contains the following colors:

Suzi has a Swede Tooth: a bright magenta pink creme. (That's why I always have this strawberry candy pink on hand!)

Do you have this color in Stock-holm?: the perfect bright blurple, a hybrid of a bright purple and cobalt blue. This is one of my personal favorites in this collection! It is so gorgeous and striking in person. (Stock up! This icy blue-violet is in hot demand!)

Going my way or Norway?: a creamy camel color. (No two ways about it... this caramel is delicious!)

Skating on thin Ice-Land: a plum purple. (Watch out! This black cherry is dangerously close to gorgeous!)

Viking in a Vinter Vonderland: a deep dark majestic purple. (You can conquer anything in this powerful, deep purple.)

My Voice is a little Norse: a small silver holographic glitter in a semi sheer gray base.  I used three coats for this shade for full coverage, and to make the gray base more apparent. (This prismatic super-shimmer is worth shouting about.)

(all swatches shown here are two coats, unless stated otherwise, cured fro 30 seconds each in an LED lamp, and sealed with GelColor by OPI Top Coat.  All swatch photos were taken outdoors in natural light for best color representation.)

 All in all I am quite pleased with this collection.  Comprised of 9 solid cremes, 2 shimmers, and a glitter I truly believe there is a shade and finish to satisfy even the pickiest of clients.  Typically with fall/winter collections companies introduce a bunch of supremely dark and rather dull shades in my opinion;  Not OPI! These shades are fun, warm, and inviting.  Some I don't necessarily agree are quite right for a fall collection, like Suzi has a Swede Tooth, Can't aFjord not to, and My Dogsled is a Hybrid. Depending on where you live, like me in Los Angeles, CA for instance, it might be 73 degrees outside during Christmas, so you might not go wrong with choosing one of those colors.  It's not that there's anything wrong with those shades, I just personally would have saved them for a spring/summer collection launch.

As far as the formulas are concerned, I didn't experience any issues when working with any of the colors.  They all applied smoothly and beautifully, providing full coverage in two coats, except for My Voice is a Little Norse, which I used three coats to achieve full opacity.    

My personal pics from this collection are: Do you have this color in Stock-holm?, My Voice is a Little Norse, and Ice-Bergers & Fries. 

For more information or to purchase online, check out OPI's Professionals site:

Cuccio Colour Veneer Fall 2014 “Cafe Cuccio”- Swatches + Review

Cuccio Colour Veneer Fall 2014 “Cafe Cuccio”- Swatches + Review 0

The latest collection of Cuccio Colour Vaneer for Fall 2014 has finally arrived, "Cafe Cuccio", and I couldn't be more pleased with the color offerings.

According to the press release, "Cuccio Veneer takes a trip to the coffee house for it’s newest collection. Café Cuccio features eight opaque, glitter and metallic shades that are inspired by freshly ground beans, rich robust espressos, fragrant cinnamon, sweet caramels and frothy creams."

the Cafe Cuccio collection includes:

Cuppa Cuccio: a shimmering platinum pale yellow gold with silver and gold glitter flakes. 

Higher Grounds: a sparkling robust shade of rust.

Cream & Sugar: a creamy neutral toffee with subtle shimmer running through it.

Bean there Done that!: a rose gold glitter with holographic glitter particles also mixed in.  My personal favorite in the collection.  It is such a gorgeous and highly unique shade!

Brew Ha Ha: a medium brown tone with burgundy undertones. 

French Pressed for Time: a rich chocolate brown with purple undertones.

Java Va Voom: a creamy camel color.

Coffee, Tea, or Me!: a shimmering mocha brown with pink/purple undertones. 

Also featured here are two new shades of Cuccio Colour Veneer that aren't a part of the new Fall 2014 Cafe Cuccio line.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share them with my readers as well, because they are both so beautiful, and would also make a great addition to one's collection.

Jakarta Jade: a rich ripe green jade with a subtle blue undertone.

Purple Rain in Spain: a rich deep majestic purple with very fine shimmer upon close inspection.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp, and sealed with a top coat.  All photos are taken in natural outdoor sunlight).

Overall I must express how truly pleased I am with this latest color palette from Cuccio.  Sometimes for fall collections companies introduce too many dark drab moody colors, that can be quite bleak and lifeless.  I found these earthy browns and neutrals, even though some have shimmer in them, to be very refreshing and excellent for the coming fall season.  

A lot of the colors featured in this collection are very unique, and I have never seen done before in a gel polish.  I couldn't recommend more that you pick up this collection.  Clients will definitely be requesting these shades as the weather cools off and the parkas and coats come out. My personal favorite pics include: Cream & Sugar, Bean there done that!, Coffee Tea or Me!, and Purple Rain in Spain.      

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online:


Gelish “Haute Holiday” Collection 2014- Swatches

Gelish “Haute Holiday” Collection 2014- Swatches 0

"Celebrate this season with the Haute Holidays Collection, brought to you by Gelish.  Whether you're sneaking kisses under the mistletoe, sipping your favorite bubbly or dreaming of sugar plum fairies, these six glamorous glitters and shimmers will keep your manicure shining all through the holidays," according to the press release.

The Gelish Haute Holidays Collection includes:

Your Sleigh or Mine?: a silver glitter with larger hexagonal blue and purple glitter pieces, all suspended in a clear base.  This is the latest addition to the Gelish "Trends" collection

Berry Merry Holidays: a deep dark shimmering and glittery berry.

Sugar Plum Dreams: a lighter semi sheer glistening raspberry shimmer. 

Feeling Bubbly: the gold sister to "Your Sleigh or Mine?". a gold glitter with larger hexagonal blue and purple glitter pieces, suspended in a clear base.  This is also a new addition to the Gelish "Trends" collection.

Kisses under the Mistletoe: a shimmering blue green fine glitter. 

Here's to the Blue Year: a deep semi- sheer navy blue with multi sized blue glitter in it.  I used three coats here for better coverage, although it covers well in two coats. 

(all swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light, and are sealed with Gelish "Top it Off".  All swatch photos are taken outdoors in natural light.)

I was very surprised when I first came across this collection, for I had no idea companies were making a specific holiday oriented collection for gel polishes now.  Much to my delight, I truly love this collection.  I think the colors are very fun and holiday appropriate, without being too contrived or cheesy.  I don't think these will be around for long, so make sure to pick yours up fast.

For more information on Gelish, check them out online:


Gelish: Get Color-Fall Collection review + swatches

Gelish: Get Color-Fall Collection review + swatches 0

Introducing the latest collection from the folks at Gelish: "Get Color Fall Collection." Six new stylish shades that will serve as the perfect transition to the cooler fall months.

According to the press release, "Inspired by the season's changing palette, this collection features deep hues and rich pops of color reminiscent of beautiful fall landscapes and skies... will have you ready to break free from drab color and be captivated by the bold."  

The Get Color Fall Collection includes:

Clean Slate: a concrete gray with blue undertones. 

Berry Buttoned Up: a shimmering sparkling magenta with purple undertones.

Do I Look Buff?: a creamy nude with a subtle pink iridescent shimmer running through it.

Hello Merlot: a ravenous raspberry red.

Whose Cider You On?: a scintillating and sparkling mocha brown. A very unique shade I don't believe I have ever personally come across before!  

Rake in the Green: a midnight blackened army green. 

(each swatch shown here was 2 coats, cured each for thirty seconds in an LED lamp, and a top coat).

The formula was great, as per usual, and each shade covered completely in two coats.  I read on a couple other sites that they used three thin coats, which you totally can do.  I however felt I got complete coverage in only two.

Overall I am very impressed with this latest collection of Gelish shades.  Normally fall collections tend to be a bit drab in my opinion, but this collection is definitely anything but that! There is a very nice range of colors offered here, literally something for everyone, whether your conservative, (Do I look Buff?), or more outgoing and artsy (Berry Buttoned Up). 

My personal pics from this collection are: Do I Look Buff? and Whose Cider You On?

For more information on Gelish, or to purchase, check them out online here:


Turn any Nail Polish into Gel with- Gelibility

Turn any Nail Polish into Gel with- Gelibility 0

I am so honored and excited to introduce this revolutionary product to all my readers.  You are not seeing things.  You absolutely read the title correctly.  Introducing GELibility, a 2 part system them enables you to turn any conventional nail polish you presently have in your stash, and transform it into a gel polish that will last over two weeks, saving you tons of money!

 When I first heard about GELibility I was highly skeptical.  The components in nail polish and gel polish are entirely different and aren't usually compatible.  The solvents in nail polish need to air dry, and gel polish requires curing in either UV or LED light in order to properly harden.  Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some GELibility and put it to the test.

In order to really prove that GELibility works, I purposefully chose a difficult color of nail polish, CHANEL"s Peridot, a green-gold dual chrome, to see how well GELibility truly works.  I was amazed and shocked by the final outcome.  Not only was I able to turn my favorite nail polish color into a long lasting gel, the dual color properties of the original nail polish carried over to the gel!

The GELibility process was really easy and user friendly as well.  

1) Apply GELibility "Stick It" to clean dry nails as a bonder/base. Cure for 30 seconds.

2) Remove the tacky layer with alcohol.

3) Mix equal parts of GELibility "Fix It" with any nail polish lacquer, in a small dish or mixing palette.

4) Using a gel brush, apply 3 thin layers of the mixture to the nails, curing for 1 minute each time.

5) Apply a thin coat of GELibility "Fix It" as a top coat.

6) Wipe away the sticky layer with alcohol, and voila.  

I found the entire GELibility process very easy, and it's a fantastic way to interact and customize and manicure for your clients.  I can not recommend this product more! Every single salon should have GELibility!! 

For more information on GELibility, or to purchase, check them out here: