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Introducing Gel Play by Akzentz!

Introducing Gel Play by Akzentz! 0

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope you are all having a great week.

I am so excited to introduce the brand new "Gel Play" line from Akzentz.  Two new gel products, "Bling On" and "Glitter Me" that will revolutionize the gel manicures you perform.  Both of the products are inspired by famed Japanese manicurist guru Mami Griffin.

"Bling On" is a thick clear gel that is used to help adhere rhinestones, crystals, charms, and various objects to the nail without having to seal with top coat.  The formula is a bit on the thick side, which I loved, because it was very easy to work with.  I laid out a thin layer and than started adding my crystals and gold studs one by one.  I was able to move the gems around to the exact position I wanted without any trouble.  Once everything was in it's proper place, I cured for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, and then wiped off the inhibition layer and voila.  

I love this product for so many reasons! I have been dying to find a product that will strongly and effectively secure my rhinestones and crystals to the nail without needing to cover them with a top coat.  Once you cover a Swarovski crystal with a clear top coat gel you completely dull the shine and brilliance of the crystal, which is the entire point of buying and using pricey Swarovski Crystals.  With Bling On, once the design is cured, the gems aren't going anywhere, and sparkle and shine exactly how they were intended to do so.  This product is the answer to my prayers! I highly highly recommend it for everyone!!  

"Glitter Me" is a thin light weight clear gel designed for mixing glitter.  There are a few different ways you can work with this product.

1) You can apply a small amount of the "Glitter Me" gel directly to the client's nail, and then sprinkle the glitter onto it.

2) You can mix equal parts of the "Glitter Me" with glitter to make a completely customized glitter gel that you can than paint onto the clients nails.

I really enjoyed working with this product, because I found it highly versatile and helpful.  I traditionally would use a conventional clear soak off base gel to mix my glitters with, but "Glitter Me" is a much better consistency to work with regarding that.

I love the brand Akzentz and am so pleased they introduced these two new products.  I strongly feel and highly recommend all manicurists give both "Glitter Me" and "Bling Me" a try.

For more information on Akzentz, you can check them out online:




I recently met with the wonderful folks of VETRO at this years ISSE Convention in Long Beach.  Introduced for the first time ever to the US market at the convention. VETRO is a gel polish line made in Japan from the creators of ever popular brand Bella Forma.

The line has 69 beautiful gel colors.  The line also has some innovative products exclusive to them, such as the “Flat Design” and “Design Liner,” that are nail art brushes suspended in a cleansing solution, that enable you to easily create peacock designs, fine art, marble effect, or tie- dye patterns using any color you prefer.

Some of their colors, like 065 Luce Bronze, swatched here, come with a built in thin detailing liner brush, so nail art and design are a breeze.

I chose 3 colors from the line to showcase and swatch here.

076-Oro: a shiny sparkling bright yellow gold.

006-Seta Lip: a pearlized soft baby pink.

065-Luce Bronze: a sparkling rose gold.  This shade as the built in liner brush for detailing and nail art work.

Each of the colors shown here are two coats, cured each for 20 seconds in an LED lamp as directed.

For more information on VETRO, check out their website:

CND Shellac Intimates Collection Swatches!!

CND Shellac Intimates Collection Swatches!! 0

I recently got to review one of the latest Shellac collections from the folks over at CND– the Intimates collection.  This collection is comprised of 4 shades natural pink/ blush shades that are very feminine and flattering.  These shades are perfect for conservative clients, or those who work in corporate 9-5 type jobs.

The collection includes:

Bare Chemise: A pale peach nude pink with a very subtle shimmer in it. The lightest of the 4 shades.

Nude Knickers: a light peachy pink nude shade.

Blush Teddy: a light bubble gum pink. features a very fine and subtle blue shimmer that runs through it.

Satin Pajamas: a dusty rose pink, with a bit of mauve mixed in it.

(For each swatch shown here I did 2 coats.)

For more information on CND or to find out where to purchase, please check them out at:

Gelish gel polish Swatches

Gelish gel polish Swatches 0

I recently tried some of the gre

at Gelish gel polish colors by Hand & Nail Harmony.

Carnival Hangover: a warm fuchsia.

Shake it till you Samba: a bright neon pink watermelon shade.

Gossip Girl: a dark fuchsia.

Strut your Stuff: a deep dark rich chocolate brown.

Hot Rod Red: a true pure perfect red shade.

Sweet Dream: a milky white sheer shade.  Would be great for french manicures, or for clients who want a white washed look.

Simple Sheer: an incredibly sheer, virtually clear shade.  There is a subtle light pink tinge to this essentially sheer clear shade.  Makes the nail appear a healthy and with a slight rosy pink glow.  Is ideal for clients who prefer a natural nail look.

Each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light.

For more information on Gelish, please check them out at :

Artistic Colour Gloss Winter 2013 Collection

Artistic Colour Gloss Winter 2013 Collection 0

I recently had the privilege of trying out the latest Artistic Colour Gloss Winter 2013 Collection of micro fine glitter/shimmer gel polishes from Artistic Nail Design.  The colors in this 4 piece collection are all wonderful, and would be great to offer your clients.

Sinful: a shimmering cranberry holiday red.

Loyal: a shimmering denim blue shade.

Envied: a shimmering solid green shade.  Out of the 4 colors in this collection this was the only shade that was slightly problematic for me.  This shade did not apply as smoothly as the other shades did, and I had some issued with improper curing and shrinkage.  Perhaps I just got a faulty bottle.  Nonetheless, I am still a big fan of the color, and find it very pretty.

Desired: a shimmering purple magenta shade.

Each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp.

For more information on Artistic Nail Design or the other products they offer, check them out at:

More Swatches of ENP Nail Design Gella Gel Polishes !!

More Swatches of ENP Nail Design Gella Gel Polishes !! 0

I recently got to try out more Awesome gel polishes from ENP Gella.  I particularly love this line because they feature a shorter nail brush, which allows for a smoother and more controlled application. In addition to the shorter brush, these gels are the fastest curing on the market! Each coat cures in a REMARKABLE lightning fast 10 seconds!!

Macie #85565: a fine sparkling salmon pink glitter.

Lola #85547: an opaque mint green. I personally LOVE this shade.  Also, not too many companies offer a similar shade on the marketplace.

Christine #85505: a light blue with gray undertones.

Grace #85533: a cute cornflower blue.

Ruby #85545: a multi- faceted shimmer gray.

Elissa #85569: egg yolk yellow.

Poppy #85571: a crisp Dutch orange.

Natalie #85528: a peacock teal.

Jade #85542: a grassy green.

Claire ## 85530: a royal blue with a subtle reflective purple sheen.

All swatches shown here are 2 coats, and were cured for an amazing 10 seconds each in an LED lamp.

For more information on ENP Nail Design, check out:

Cuccio Colour Veneer- Fall 2013 Gel Color Swatches

Cuccio Colour Veneer- Fall 2013 Gel Color Swatches 0

Nantucket Navy: a deep navy blue with shimmer.

Jamaica me Crazy: an opaque periwinkle. Falls more on the purple than blue side of the color spectrum.

Never can say Mumbai: a light metallic copper.

Cheeky in Helsinki: an opaque perfect purple.

One night in Bangkok: a metallic medium purple shade.

Call in the Calgary: a metallic fuchsia.

All gel colors required 2 coats for full opacity.  Cured each coat entirely in an LED light for 30 seconds, or can cure for 120 seconds in UV light

To find out more, or to purchase, check Cuccio out at:

Cuccio Colour Veneer Gel Holiday 2013 Sparkles

Cuccio Colour Veneer Gel Holiday 2013 Sparkles 0

Russian Oppulence: a metallic warm shiny gold. 2 coats

Hong Kong Harbor: a metallic shiny silver. 2 coats

Manhattan Mayhem: a fine glitter red. Required 3 coats for full opacity. My personal favorite of this collection!

To purchase, you can find this Holiday sparklers at: