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Dashing Diva Pro French Wrap Manicure – Tutorial 0

I Love how easy to use the French Wrap Manicure kit from Dashing Diva Professional is. You create the Perfect smile line each and every time, and there is absolutely No chipping!

The French Wrap Manicure Kit physically includes Everything you need to create 20 full sets of Perfect French manicures:

– 140 French white thick bands (for long free edges)

– 140 French white thin bands (for short free edges) 

– Base & Top seals

– Brush on Glue

– Pink file 150/240 grit

– White file 100/180 grit

– an informative display table tent

– and instruction booklet

For more information on this or any other Dashing Diva Professional products, check out their website here: http://dashingdivapro.com/

Dashing Diva- Get The Look

Dashing Diva- Get The Look 0

Of all the appliques Dashing Diva makes, the “Get the Look” all in one nail design kit is probably my most favorite.

Designed to be used on either fingers or toes, each Get the Look kit comes with 22 full appliques, in 11 sizes, with 83 accents.  Mix and match and get creative.  These kits are all about having fun and coming up with your own unique fabulous design.

At present, Dashing Diva offers 6 different designs in their Get the Look line.  Featured here are Mirage & Wild Belle

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase, check them out here: http://dashingdivapro.com/

Dashing Diva- Design FX & Color FX

Dashing Diva- Design FX & Color FX 0

I Love love Love the ease and creative fun one can have with these awesome pre-sized nail appliques from the folks of Dashing Diva.

Design FX comes in over 35 different fun art styles.  Color FX come in over 35 different solid colored hues.

Each package comes with 58 total appliques, 34 full nail appliques in 17 sizes, & 24 French appliques in 12 sizes.  The appliques can also be used on your toes!  And if that’s not enough, these appliques are applied without the use of any heat! With a gel overlay they can last up to 2 weeks.

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase, check them out here: http://dashingdivapro.com/

glamgel by Dashing Diva

glamgel by Dashing Diva 0

I recently played around with new glamgel nails from Dashing Diva.  These easy to apply and super secure nail tips have a smooth finish, and come with both glue and addhesive depending on the stregth of adhesion you desire.

Each glamgel package features 24 nails in 12 sizes, 24 super adhesive tabs, and a pink gel adhesive.  The adhesive tabs last approximately 5 days of wear, and with the pink gel one should anticipate 10 days of wear. Also included is a mini nail file and instruction booklet to help one achieve perfect application.

I was most impressed by the smooth finish of these nails.  Despite them having a lot of glitter in their design, the style of these nail tips truly resembles that of a professional gel manicure.

The 3 styles featured here are:

Silver Starlet: a pale silver base with silver and holographic glitter fade at the tips.

Quiet Riot: a pale sheer pink base, with glitter ombre tips, and large gold circular glitter holograms.

Starcraft: black base with multi-colored glitter fade, with magenta glitter at the tips.

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase any of their products, chem them out here: http://dashingdivapro.com/

No-Blend Tips from Dashing Diva

No-Blend Tips from Dashing Diva 0

I absolutely LOVE these No-Blend Tips from the wonderful folks at Dashing Diva.  I have worked with tips from multiple different brands in the past, but these are significantly superior.  For starters, I find them incredibly easy to work with.  They are very flexible, yet incredibly strong. The shapes are absolutely perfect, very little filing is required for the perfect fit on ones clients.  I personally love to use them for extensions to add length when I am doing gel manicures.

The No-Blend Tip comes in a few different varieties including natural, french, and glitter styles.  Pictured here are: Natural, White, and Glitter (white- an iridescent glitter embedded in a white nail tip).

Also featured above are 2 different brush on glue options:

Brush-on Glue: has a thin viscosity, and is very flexible, allowing for excellent adhesion.

Tailor Bond: has a thick viscosity, and is designed to be used with full cover nails. Has very minimal bubbles upon application.

For more information on these products, or to purchase, check them out at Dashing Diva’s website here: http://dashingdivapro.com/

It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva

It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva 0

Leave it to the fabulous folks of Dashing Diva to offer these fun fabulous 3D Jewels that will add immediate pizzazz to any manicure or pedicure!

Pictured here is a sampling of the many bejeweled add on’s to the vast Dashing Diva arsenal from fun floral flowers, to loving hearts, to the rebellious rocker with skulls.

The jewels are super easy to apply, and can be secured with either acrylic or nail glue.

This is a fantastic addition to any salon service, and your client’s are going to love you for it as they gain countless complements on their new bling.

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase, check the out here: http://www.dashingdivapro.com/