Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Starter Kit Review

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Starter Kit Review 0

"Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Nail Colour Dip System is the new way to give salon and spa clients up to 14 days of professional nail colour with the wearability of a gel and the durability of an acrylic! This odour-free system utilizes specially formulated resins, state-of-the-art activator and finely milled, highly pigmented powders to create a super vibrant set of nail colour with an unbeatable high-gloss shine! 

Powder Polish is designed for easy application and is priced to help increase profitability for the nail professional in today's highly competitive nail colour category.

In addition to solid colour application, the Powder Polish Dip System is perfect for creating flawless French nail styles, performing simple fills and building a perfect Apex nail formation. "

The Cuccio Difference:

102 trendsetting colours!

No light required! Zero cure time!

Flawless finish with no damage to natural nails!

Thinner, lighter and stronger results!

No sculpting necessary!

No odour!

Create Perfect Smile Lines!" according to the official ad. 

The Kit retails for $49.95 and contains the following goods-

1/2 oz Passionate Pink (a bright magenta pink)

1/2 French Pink (a light ballet pink with fine shimmer in it)

1/2 Clear (pretty straight forward)

1/2 White (a pure opaque white)

1/2 Silver w/ silver mica (a shimmering fine glittery silver)

3 Dipping trays

Step 1 Nail Primer (1/2 oz): fast acting pre-wash thoroughly cleanses the nail plate of oils and debris creating a superior bond for the powder polish.

Steps 2+4 Nail Base & Top Coat (1/2 oz): ultra thick, 2-in-1 creates the ultimate smooth surfaced foundation and protective top coat layer all in the same formula. [the bottle's neck has a guard on it that helps remove excess product off the brush, so you have an ideal amount each time.] 

Step 3 Layering Gel Dip (1/2 oz): thin viscosity gel layers the powder polish to create a perfect structured nail. [this bottle's neck also has a guard on it that helps remove excess product off the brush.] 

Step 5 Gel Activator (1/2 oz): fast reactive activator initiates the curing process without the use of a LED/UV light. [what's most amazing and fascinating to me about this product is after you apply it the nail is legit cured and hardened.] 

Step 6 Brush Cleaner (1/2 oz): use to clean application brushes of any residue powder colour left after application. [Initially I didn't know what to do with this product or why I would need it, but after experimenting a few minutes with the system I clearly saw why this product is added to the kit.  Especially useful after using strong colours like Passionate Pink].

Step 7 Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil (1/2 oz): hydrating cuticle and nail treatment provides a revitalizing complex that contains milk proteins, honey and vitamins to nourish, moisturize and protect the cuticle and nails. [I love the way this product feels, and the scent isn't too overwhelming or over powering]  

Complete Instructions enclosed as well.

Some FAQ's include:

Cost Per Usage: approximately $1.25- $1.60

How long does it take to apply?: approximately 20-25 minutes of a full set.

How many full sets can I create from a 2 oz jar?: approximately 20-25 sets. 

Okay, so first things first, what is dipping nails.  Dip nails is a popular salon service that's been around for years (since the 80's actually) and has become very popular again recently. It is essentially a resin glue and acrylic powder, and you either dip the nail or sprinkle the powder onto the nail.  Apply an activator to harden/cure the product, buff, top coat and your done.  

Why is this good and why would you need it? There's a few beneficial reasons to use a dip system such as this one featured here. It's relatively easy to apply, there's no strong odors, no UV/LED lamps to scare or intimidate clients.  Also there's no need to sculpt extensions with forms, using a dip system you'd use nail tips.  Also, when all is said and done, if applied well and properly, there is very little finish filing required. 

I will admit the French nail design takes some practice.  I tried it about 3 times, and wasn't super thrilled with the results.  Nonetheless, I personally dislike French manicures, and shrug whenever clients request them and suggest they try a different nail look. 

I am a huge gel fan, so personally I am not going to switch my clients over to a dip system.  However, if you are interested in trying a dip system I highly suggest and recommend you give this kit a try.  It is highly affordable and contains everything you need to get started. 

For more info on Cuccio, check them out online here:


Cuccio Colour Cocktails Summer 2016 Collection Review

Cuccio Colour Cocktails Summer 2016 Collection Review 0

"Raise your glass and toast to the new 2016 Cuccio Colour Cocktail Collection- a magnificent mixology or 8 soft and subtle shades that embody the true essence of Summer. Lets drink to your unique sense of style and passion for fashion with the trendsetting palette of luscious lacquers that help turn any mundane moment into your personal HAPPY HOUR!" according to the official ad release. 

The 8 new shades comprising the Summer 2016 Cocktail Collection include-

Strawberry Colada: a light glittery peony pink.

White Russian: a creamy milky white.

Pink Lady: a carnation pink cream.

Pink Champagne: a light ballet slipper pink cream.

Mojito: a light lemon yellow cream.

Bloody Mary: a see thru tomato red.

Long Island: a pumpkin orange cream.

Blue Hawaiian: a robin's egg blue cream.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

This latest collection from Cuccio is a very fun and festive themed one, in my opinion one of the best themed collections yet from them! I love that all of the shades are named after cocktails and that for the most part really embody the spirit and essence of the name reflected in the shade. 

I think this is a very wearable color palette offering lots of colors I see clients requesting. 

I found most of the shades to be highly pigmented, and they all painted on smoothly and evenly providing full coverage in two coats.

My personal favorites are: Strawberry Colada and Long Island.

For more info on Cuccio, check them out here: 

SS 2016 Cuccio Colour Cruise Collection Review

SS 2016 Cuccio Colour Cruise Collection Review 0

"All hands on deck as we set sail on the maiden voyage of the SS Cuccio Colour Cruise Collection. A nautical inspired collection of modern Spring shades guaranteed to help you navigate the changing tides of current styles and fashion in 2016. Ride this wave of glowing, illuminating shades on what we like to call the Love Boat of Colour!" according to the official ad. 

The SS Cuccio Colour Cruise Collection consists of the following shades:

Pier Pressure: a soft pale pink nude creme.

Shore Thing: light icy blue frost with gold shimmer running through it.

On Sail: a carnation pink creme.

Got the Navy Blues: a deep royal blue creme. Had great coverage with even one coat.

I Want Moor: a soft peachy champagne pearl.  Had amazing coverage, especially for a polish with this type of finish.

Message in a Bottle: a pale lilac with pink shimmer running through it.

All Decked Out: a coral pink creme.

All Tied Up: a cornflower blue creme.  Incredibly pigmented. 

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

This is a wonderful collection for the spring time, there is something offered here for everyone.  I really appreciate the funny and quirky names.  In the past, Cuccio's names never really struck a major chord with me, but perhaps they have hired someone new in their naming division ;).

I was really impressed with the formulas on these polishes.  Many of the colors were very highly saturated with pigment, meaning you get great coverage with even one coat.  I didn't experience any issues with streaking or brushstrokes.

My personal favorites in this collection include: All Tied Up, Shore Thing, and Message in a Bottle.  

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online here:

Cuccio: Nudetrals Winter 2015 collection

Cuccio: Nudetrals Winter 2015 collection 0

"Slip into something more natural looking with the new Nudetrals Colour Collection- a sensual array of nude shades to compliment all skin types.  Expose your inner fashionista while adding sparkle to your natural beauty with fine mica elements that will amplify the bare essentials of the holiday season.  Revealing, soft and subtly erotic this collection is the perfect way to undress from the dark shades of the Fall season and help you uncover your passion and love of colour" according to the press release. 

The Winter 2015 Nudetrals collection from Cuccio includes the following shades:

Nude-a-Tude: a creamy mauve. [medium tan with nude shimmer and pink base]

Skin to Skin: a light pink nude cream. [light tan with nude shimmer]

Fair Game: a solid white with a pink iridescent pearly shimmer running through it. [opal white]

Olive You: a light greenish gold with tiny iridescent flecks in it. [gray with gold shimmer and green tone]

Sun Kissed: a super fine glittery copper. [medium tan with gold shimmer]

Blush Hour: a super fine glittery rose. [salmon pink with gold shimmer]

Oh Naturale: a light beige cream. [taupe with silver shimmer]

Grey's Anatomy: a super fine glittery gray. [gray with gold shimmer and blue tone]

(all swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED lamp).

I really love this entire collection. You really can't go wrong with various shades that compliment skin tones.  Cuccio went above and beyond doing simple creamy nudes, and included many super fine glittery shades in the collection I also adore. I believe it's fine mica that gives off their glowing allure, so its a bit different from your conventional glitters.  Even the creamy flesh tones in this collection feature a microscopic shimmer in them, that you can really only notice if you look super closely.  Nonetheless, it adds a brilliant shine to the shades.  

As far as the formula is concerned, I didn't have any issues with any of the colors, and I also didn't experience any difficulties such as unevenness or brushstrokes.

My personal favorites from the collection include: Fair Game, Sun Kissed, and Olive You

For more info on Cuccio, check them out online:

Cuccio Pro Forms Review

Cuccio Pro Forms Review 0

"Designed by professionals for professionals, these high quality forms from Cuccio Pro are made from a thick mylar that help guide nail techs in the building and design of square or stiletto shaped nails. Used as an alternative to nail tips, these forms are applied to nails making it easy to construct any length with the assistance of the guide lines. Leave it as is for square, or squeeze the form sticker together at the tip of the nail to design a stiletto shape. Each roll contains 250 forms. For more info, please visit" according to the press release. 

I really love these forms.  I have used so many different ones and have always had some sort of issue.  Some forms require you to physically cut them, this takes way too much time. Other forms can be way too sticky.  Prior to trying these my favorite forms were by Gelish.  However, Gelish re-designed their forms and the newer version is way too sticky.  These new forms however from Cuccio are such a breeze to work with.  They are honestly my new favorite.  They have the perfect amount of adhesiveness, they don't need to be cut, and they stay put in place.  They make sculpting a dream.

I couldn't recommend them more. 

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online:

Cuccio Royale Fall 2015 Collection Review

Cuccio Royale Fall 2015 Collection Review 0

 "Cuccio Royale-The Fall 2015 collection is a majestic mix of emotionally inspired autumn hues and rich jewel tones. Each luxurious shade of our triple pigmented lacquer and matching soak off gel colour are infused with a bit of creamy couture and sexy shimmer topped off with an imperial high gloss shine only a true princess could appreciate.

Scandalous, mysterious and steeped in old world charm, this regal collection puts your client first in line as heir to the throne of the kingdom of colour.

Cuccio Royale is by far our crowning achievement to date," according to the press release. 

The Cuccio Royale Fall 2015 collection includes:

Prince I've been gone: a deep dark jungle green creme with teal undertones. (teal)

Duke it out: an espresso brown shimmer.

Crown Jewels: a gilded coppery yellow gold metallic.  Like most metallic gels, be very careful when applying to avoid making brushstrokes. (copper with green metallic undertones) 

That's so Kingky: a rich berry creme.

Count me in: a deep dusty purple creme. (purple)

Wild Knights: a midnight navy blue creme.

Dancing Queen: a medium blue shimmer.  Kind of on the sheer side, I would recommend doing three coats of this color for full opacity.

Royal Flush: a dark burgundy shimmer.

(all swatches shown here are two coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

I review a lot of collections that come my way, and I must admit that this is the first collection that actually reads Fall to me.  So many other brands have included bright or pastel shades in their fall color palette, which makes zero sense to me.

I think the shades are great in this collection, they will make for excellent fall manicures.  I like that Cuccio has introduced some new metallics and shimmers to the mix.  I also think the names are getting way more fun & tongue-&-cheek.  

I found the shades to be well pigmented, and they painted on smoothly and evenly.  The only shade I would advise being a little careful when painting is with Crown Jewels, just to avoid any major streaking.

My personal favorites include: Crown Jewels & Dancing Queen.

The Cuccio Royale Fall 2015 collection will be available soon, and will retail for approximately $11.95 per 13 ml bottle (.44 fl oz)

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online:


Cuccio T3 Cool Cure Hard Gel Review

Cuccio T3 Cool Cure Hard Gel Review 0

A lot of fellow nail techs ask me, "Merrick, what hard gel is the best? What do you use?" and I am very happy to finally share it with you all.

Introducing T3 LED/UV Cool Cure Versatility Gel from Cuccio.  I love this product for so many reasons, but my main #1 is the "cool cure".  I only use an LED lamp in all of my services, and when you use a conventional hard gel system in an LED light, there is a huge heat spike, which causes a very uncomfortable burning sensation for your clients.  Not with the T3 from Cuccio; hence the "cool cure"!

"The first ultra-thick viscosity gel to replace acrylics!  Acrylics are not flexible and can snap against too much stress.  Incredible flexibility combined with professional strength adhesion, T3's thick viscosity offers total user control and gives you the ability to create exceptional results from a gel at affordable prices," as mentioned in the press release. 

The super thick formula of this gel makes it ideal for traditional acrylic technicians who are interested in working with gel.  

There is absolutely no odor with this gel, so for all those clients who can't stand the smell of acrylic, this product is Heaven sent.  

The gel can be used for either sculpting nails or can be used easily with tip overlays.  I've even used it to set my Swarovski Crystals, and it works like a charm.    

The gel comes in a few different shades, to address all of your needs: clear, white, pink, and an opaque pink (shown here). Each shade also comes in 2 formulas- self leveling or controlled leveling.  Now, the leveling totally depends on you and what you prefer.  I personally love self leveling formulas, but other technicians love to control their gel, and place it exactly where and how they want it.  That's completely up to the individual.  I love that Cuccio offers both, and lets the technician decide what works best for them.  

I highly highly recommend you pick up from T3 Cool Cure Versatility Gel yourself and give it a try.  I promise you won't regret it. 

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online:





Cuccio Pro Max Pro 5 Mini Curing Lamp Review

Cuccio Pro Max Pro 5 Mini Curing Lamp Review 0

Hey everyone! Hope you guys didn't miss me too much while I was gone in Mexico! Fortunately I discovered some nail magic while there, and will be posting about it soon, so stay tuned... 

In the meantime, I've got an awesome new state-of-the art mini LED gel curing lamp from the folks at Cuccio- introducing the MaxPro5, a professional LED mini curing lamp that cure all 5 fingers efficiently and evenly.  

Do not let the space saving compact design fool you, this little bad boy packs a mighty curing punch!

 The unit features strategically placed LED lights at an angle to ensure even curing, including on thumbs.  It is very light weight and portable, making it ideal for mobile techs on the go, or even to share among technicians in a salon.

The MaxPro5 features a removable dual- sided bottom, one side for hands, the other side, which is slightly elevated, is for gel pedicures.

There is a timer with three different preset times: 60, 30, and 10 seconds.  

The unit is super easy to use, highly intuitive, and requires no formal instructions.  Simply plug it, and push the timer for desired curing time- voila.  

And unlike traditional UV lamps that require light bulbs be changed every few months, the LED bulbs featured in this unit never require replacement; just be sure to keep the bulbs free and clear of dust, to ensure proper curing.   

Also worth mentioning- how quiet the machine is.  I have worked with some LED machines in the past that made tons of unnecessary noise, this doesn't at all.  

 I am personally taking this bad boy with me to all of my clients, and highly recommend you pick one up for yourself as well.

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online here: 

Cuccio Sweet as Sugar Summer 2015 Collection Review

Cuccio Sweet as Sugar Summer 2015 Collection Review 0

"Cuccio Sweet as Sugar the Candy Colour Collection: A hyperactive colour collection of charismatic confectionary classics that candy coat you nails for the ultimate taste of the sweet life," according to Cuccio

I'm excited to introduce the latest Summer 2015 collection from Cuccio.  The shades are bold, beautiful, and bright, and will look fantastic on either fingers or toes!  The Sweet As Sugar! Candy Colour Collection includes:

Goody, Goody Gumdrops!: a coral shimmer with slight orange undertones.

Sweet Treat: a bold bubblegum pink creme.

Sugar Daddy: an aqua blue shimmer.

Grape to See you: an electrifying grape purple with slight shimmer. 

Double Bubble Trouble: a deep magenta creme.

Lemon Drop me a Lime: a bright neon yellow creme.

Tutti Frutti: an orange creme.  Looks somewhat like a jelly formula when used on its own, but when used with white as a base color, could really Pop! 

Very Sherbert: a creamy apricot orange. 

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light. And images are taken outdoors in natural sunlight).

I think overall this is a very fun collection.  I tend to be a fan in general of bright colors, they go perfectly with the warm summer weather.  Needless to say, this color palette definitely does remind me of candy :).  

The formulas were all great, I didn't experience any issues with any of the shades.  They all painted on smoothly and evenly in two even coats.

My personal favorites include: Grape to See You, Very Sherbert, and Double Bubble Trouble.

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online here:


Cuccio Finger Mates Soak Off Gel Removal System Review

Cuccio Finger Mates Soak Off Gel Removal System Review 0

Hey guys.

I'm very excited to introduce you all to this revolutionary new product from Cuccio, that will forever change the way you remove gels- Cuccio Finger Mates Soak Off Removal Gel System Caps & Foams

They are super easy to use, and most importantly no more needing to cut individual pieces of tin foil to wrap your clients nails.  

Here are some important facts/details on the system:

-Can be used with any soak off gel system.  Also acrylics. I used these the other day to remove a clients set, and they worked beautifully!

-Designed to use body heat to speed up the color gel removal process.

-Less exposure to acetone due to precision delivery system.

-Quick and easy to apply on a customer or yourself, and I can definitely vouch for that! Easy as pie. 

- the Caps are re-usable, non-latex and are designed to fit all finger sizes.  

-User can freely move hands while soaking.  

- The foam pads are designed with a proprietary hydrophilic material, the foam pads are extremely absorbent which controls dripping and requires up to 50% less acetone.  

 I honestly can't say enough great things about this product.  I am so in love with it, I have already moved onto the larger refill bag size.  Never again will I find myself slaving away cutting square pieces of aluminum foil.  Good riddance!  I highly recommend you pick these up, you will not regret it.

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online:



Venice Beach ’81 Collection Spring/Summer from Cuccio

Venice Beach ’81 Collection Spring/Summer from Cuccio 0

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys all had a great weekend.

Today I've got a great new Spring/Summer collection of gel polishes to share from the folks at Cuccio.

"In 1981 Roby and Tony Cuccio set up shop selling nail polish on the world famous Venice Beach boardwalk.  On that day their dream of building an international beauty brand that embodied the essence and magic of the California lifestyle began!

Inspired by the boardwalk's boundless energy and inspiration, the VENICE BEACH '81 collection is a celebration of color honoring the spirit of this dream and the mecca for style, fashion and creativity that Venice Beach has become," according to the press release.  

The Venice Beach '81 Collection of Cuccio Colour Veneer includes:

A Star is Born: various sized pink and baby blue matte hexagonal glitters, along with tinnier matte navy glue glitters, all in a clear base. 

Soul Surfer: a light dusty lilac purple creme.

Mimes & Musicians: a mix of pale yellow, pink, and magenta matte hexagonal glitters, all in a clear base.  

Roller Skate: an aqua teal blue shimmer.

Good Vibrations: a pastel buttery yellow creme.

Pink Cadillac: a bright magenta pink creme.

Muscle Beach: a bold deep teal creme with slight green undertones.

California Dreamin': a vivid orange coral creme.  

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured each for 30 seconds in an LED light, and are taken outdoors in natural sunlight). 

Overall I think this is a great collection from Cuccio.  The color palette is really pretty and a very good representation of the colorful eclecticism Venice Beach embodies.  Growing up in Los Angeles myself I have frequented the beaches and boardwalks of Venice since childhood, and have many  fond memories.  All that aside, I won't let my childhood interfere with providing a non-biased review.  

The formulas on all of the shades was really great, and applied smoothly and evenly in two coats.  None of the shades required a third coat, which I was very pleased with.  

My personal favorites from the collection include: California Dreamin;, Soul Surfer, and Roller Skate.

The Venice Beach '81 Collection of Cuccio Colour Veneer is available now.  

Check out Cuccio online here for more information:


Merricures visits ISSE- 2015

Merricures visits ISSE- 2015 0

Hey guys.  I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I sure did.

This past weekend was ISSE, the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach California, held at the Long Beach Convention Center.

I started the first of 3 days off with a bang, having a VIP Media meeting with Jan Arnold, co-founder and style director for CND.  I was so honored to find out I was her first appointment of the day!! Go Team Merricures!! I absolutely adore Jan, her passion, knowledge, and charisma I find to be both infectious and inspiring.  She walked me through a wonderful presentation of both Spring and Summer 2015 Shellac and Vinylux collections.   She also told me about a brand new revolutionary product launching next month, that I can’t wait to share with you all (trust me, I wasn’t leaving that meeting without a bottle of it).  Jan was also very eager and proud to mention CND U, an online forum for nail education, had proudly launched.

We gabbed about New York Fashion Week and all of the amazing collaborations CND does with various designers, including: Libertine, Opening Ceremony, The Blonds, etc.  Because we are both so passionate about fashion I had to take a break from nails and quiz Jan on her amazing fashion sense.  I had to know who are her favorite designers.  I was very surprised at how quickly and proudly she responded: 1. Comme Des Garcons (because they are never trendy). 2. Libertine (because of their unique perspective). and 3. Simone Rocha: (her latest obsession from London).


Then it was off to the show.  The show didn’t begin on Saturday until 1 pm, and I unfortunately had to work an event on the other side of town in the early evening, so I was only able to stick around for 2 hours that day.  Needless to say, the adrenalin rush of frantically running around trying to have catch up conversations with friends and colleges was a bit of a challenge.  I did manage however to have a couple demos done at Young Nails and Akzentz.

DSCN5393 DSCN5395

While getting a demo, I spotted 3 of the lovely contestants from the hit nail reality show “Nail’d It”, including Ashley Craig, the 1st place winner, who received $100,000!  They are all so great and sweet.

DSCN53971 DSCN5399

The next day, Sunday, was much better and more relaxed.  I had a full day to properly catch up with a majority of my friends, and get some really cool demos done, including from Britney Tokyo and Natalie Minerva (of Nail Swag) at the Nail Labo booth.

DSCN5452 4

I must admit I’m not the only one who was excited to get a demo done by these ladies.  People were aggressively lining up and causing a stir at the Nail Labo booth because everyone was so excited and needed to purchase the exact products the girls were using to create their remarkable designs.


But when you see the kind of art these incredibly talented ladies do you understand why there was such a commotion/line.  In addition to promoting Nail Labo products, which are of the highest quality, all made and imported from Japan, the girls were promoting their latest endeavor, a 6 piece line of highly pigmented gels specifically made for doing nail art, called Tokyo Swag.  I’ve got some to review for you all, but more on that a little later.


I also had the honor of meeting the top 3 finalists of NAILS Magazine’s Next Top Nail Artist Contest Lexi Martone, Lavette Cephus, and Danielle Costantino.  The girls were all so lovely and humble despite their immense creative talent.  I was lucky enough to have a demo performed by Lavette Cephus (who was later announced that evening as the winner).

DSC_0028 DSC_0026  DSC_0029

I couldn’t get over how cool Lexi Martone’s Nails were.


This is Lavette working her magic on me-


Nonetheless, the girls are each so remarkably talented.

DSC_0025DSC_0023DSC_0021 DSC_0020 DSC_0019 DSC_0018 DSC_0016 DSC_0015

Sunday I also died when I met one of my idols, celebrity nail tech Kimmie Kyees.  She was such a delight and a wonderful person, more so than I ever could have imagined.  She even gave me a few pieces of advice on tips she has learned over the years.

IMG_7798 IMG_7783

I also got to spend some quality time with my favorite buddies over at INM.  They filled me in on all the new awesome products they have added to their line, including 4 new multi-use pens, quick dry spray, and an expanded lacquer line.

DSC_0080DSC_0092DSC_0099DSC_0090 DSC_0086 DSC_0082DSC_0010 DSC_0009 DSC_0003 DSC_0004

Sunday evening, after the show ended,  NAILS Magazine and CND hosted a wonderful cocktail party/awards ceremony at nearby Cafe Sevilla where the winner of the Next Top Nail Artist competition was announced.  There were tons of nail industry guests in attendance, including Sam Biddle, Katie Cazorla,  and Doug Schoon to name a few.  The awards themselves were MC’d by Hannah Lee and Jan Arnold.

DSCN5491 DSCN5493 DSCN5492 DSCN5490 DSCN5489 DSCN5487 DSCN5484 DSCN5483 DSCN5480 DSCN5478

As you probably know by now, my girl Lavette Cephus won! She cried and was physically shaking.  Once she calmed herself down she delivered a beautiful acceptance speech.

DSCN5509 DSCN5508 DSCN5507 DSCN5504 DSCN5503 DSCN5502

Monday was the last day of the show.  A lot of people in the industry call this “Students Day;” lots of individuals training in beauty school, hair, or nails come.  By this day, Akzentz was highly picked over, virtually sold out of most products; having to take down many orders to be filled later on.  I honestly think they did the best out of all the nail companies exhibiting at the show as far as selling product is concerned.

DSCN5515 DSCN5510

New to the convention this year was an awesome multi-competition winning line from Hungary, Crystal Nails.  They have been highly successful throughout Europe for the last ten years, and are making a splash Stateside, offering an incredible insane amount of colors.  They make over 500 shades of each hard gel, gel polish, and acrylic.  Some of the colors I saw were incredibly unique and oh so beautiful, and glitters for days in every shade of the rainbow and beyond.

DSCN5530 DSCN5531 DSCN5533 DSCN5534 DSCN5535 DSCN5537

All sorts of technological innovation including: color changing, chrome finish, magnets, and light refraction were being demonstrated by award winning and famous nail techs, including Classic Mully, who also appeared on Oxygen’s hit show Nail’d It.  I was fortunate enough to have a demo with her, which she shared her incredible art technique with me using their ChroMe & Tiger Eye Crystalac gel polishes, painting the underside of my nail primarily.

DSCN5542 DSCN5546 DSCN5529 DSCN5527

Also new this year to the convention was The Nail Spot, a designated area for all things specifically nails related: hands-on and complimentary nail classes, creative nail demonstrations, and competitions.

DSCN5564 DSCN5563 DSCN5561 DSCN5560

Absent this year from the show were a few major brands, including Essie, Cuccio, and hair care giant Moroccanoil.  I also noticed some companies downsized their booth, and in some cases significantly,  as much as half.  I do not know why, but I am sure they all have their reasons.

Overall the show was great.  I had an incredible time, and highly recommend everyone experience the ISSE show at some point. It’s an experience not to be forgotten.

Check out the rest of my photos in the gallery below.

Backstage with Cuccio @ NYFW

Backstage with Cuccio @ NYFW 0

"London designers Cute Circuit wanted a colorful French manicure that would match the bright colors of its Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Celebrity manicurist Gina Eppolito began working on the nails days before the show began Thursday by mounting approximately 200 individual almond shaped tips to boards using sticky putty adhesive. She used Cuccio Colour's Cupid in Capri as the first coat then followed using Tahitian Villa for an iridescent pearl hue that was the center of the manicure. The half moon at the cuticle was over exaggerated using St Bart's in a Bottle and the free edge was finished off in a custom formulated orange that Cuccio Colour created especially for the Cute Circuit show.

The toes, visible in open toe flat sandals, were polished during backstage prep with one coat of Cupid in Capri and one coat of Tahitian Villa for a white iridescent finish. The High Gloss Top Coat and Quick Dry Drops, both from Cuccio Nail Solutions, were applied to complete the look."

Cuccio Colour Veneer Fall 2014 “Cafe Cuccio”- Swatches + Review

Cuccio Colour Veneer Fall 2014 “Cafe Cuccio”- Swatches + Review 0

The latest collection of Cuccio Colour Vaneer for Fall 2014 has finally arrived, "Cafe Cuccio", and I couldn't be more pleased with the color offerings.

According to the press release, "Cuccio Veneer takes a trip to the coffee house for it’s newest collection. Café Cuccio features eight opaque, glitter and metallic shades that are inspired by freshly ground beans, rich robust espressos, fragrant cinnamon, sweet caramels and frothy creams."

the Cafe Cuccio collection includes:

Cuppa Cuccio: a shimmering platinum pale yellow gold with silver and gold glitter flakes. 

Higher Grounds: a sparkling robust shade of rust.

Cream & Sugar: a creamy neutral toffee with subtle shimmer running through it.

Bean there Done that!: a rose gold glitter with holographic glitter particles also mixed in.  My personal favorite in the collection.  It is such a gorgeous and highly unique shade!

Brew Ha Ha: a medium brown tone with burgundy undertones. 

French Pressed for Time: a rich chocolate brown with purple undertones.

Java Va Voom: a creamy camel color.

Coffee, Tea, or Me!: a shimmering mocha brown with pink/purple undertones. 

Also featured here are two new shades of Cuccio Colour Veneer that aren't a part of the new Fall 2014 Cafe Cuccio line.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share them with my readers as well, because they are both so beautiful, and would also make a great addition to one's collection.

Jakarta Jade: a rich ripe green jade with a subtle blue undertone.

Purple Rain in Spain: a rich deep majestic purple with very fine shimmer upon close inspection.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, cured for 30 seconds each in an LED lamp, and sealed with a top coat.  All photos are taken in natural outdoor sunlight).

Overall I must express how truly pleased I am with this latest color palette from Cuccio.  Sometimes for fall collections companies introduce too many dark drab moody colors, that can be quite bleak and lifeless.  I found these earthy browns and neutrals, even though some have shimmer in them, to be very refreshing and excellent for the coming fall season.  

A lot of the colors featured in this collection are very unique, and I have never seen done before in a gel polish.  I couldn't recommend more that you pick up this collection.  Clients will definitely be requesting these shades as the weather cools off and the parkas and coats come out. My personal favorite pics include: Cream & Sugar, Bean there done that!, Coffee Tea or Me!, and Purple Rain in Spain.      

For more information on Cuccio, check them out online:


Light Caps by Cuccio!!

Light Caps by Cuccio!! 0

The folks of Cuccio have introduced a revolutionary new technology that is exclusive to them, an LED built in illuminated light cap.  This greatly helps with 2 main factors: 1) allows customers to properly see the true nail color, and 2) allows for nail technicians to perform a perfect manicure with ease; no more straining ones eyes or need to have a cumbersome desk lamp.

With a simple click on the cap, the light illuminates very brightly, and provides hundreds of hours of light without needed to change a battery or bulb.  Y

ou can purchase the LED Light Caps on their own, or chose from 100+ Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer shades and they will package the color with the light cap.

The colors I chose were:

Swept off your Feet in Sardinia: a creamy sheer porcelain pink.

Los Angeles Luscious: a shimmering peach nude with micro gold flecks.

Bologna Blush: a soft creamy rose blush.

Longing for London: a slightly smokey grayed lilac.

Dubai me an Island: a gorgeous rich khaki army green.

Grecian Sea: an ocean aqua blue green.

Playing in Playa del Carmen: a deep plum.

Brooklyn never Sleeps: a shimmering deep purple.

Belize in Me: a smokey dark gray with purple and brown undertones.

London Underground: a deep blackened midnight blue.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats).

For more information or to purchase go to: