Introducing Crystal Pixie from Swarovski

Introducing Crystal Pixie from Swarovski 0

"Swarovski Create Your Style announces the debut of its innovative Crystal Pixie for nails. Featuring hundreds of crystals in the smallest sizes for maximum sparkle, this product allows for limitless creative expression. Pixie is perfect for application by in-salon professionals and for creating endless fun DIY looks at home. Crystal Pixie will be available in four stunning colors—Cute Mood, Rock Shock, Deluxe Rush and Classy Sassy—from the end of 2015, just in time to light up the party season.

Four colors for endless effects

The hundreds of tiny crystals in Crystal Pixie create a mesmerizing effect that is like fingers dipped in stardust. Presenting a dazzling style for every occasion, Cute Mood offers a playful, girly palette, while Rock Shock takes an edgy, bold approach with metallics, studs and spikes. Deluxe Rush boasts a high-end, luxury mood with golden accents, in contrast to the restrained, monochrome elegance and pared back simplicity of Classy Sassy. Each style can be applied to a variety of nail polish colors to maximize their brilliance and beauty. The effect is always one of extraordinary three-dimensional radiance.

Brilliant contents

Inside each nail box the nail art fan will find a sparkling shot (five grams) of Crystal Pixie plus thirty Swarovski crystal Flat Backs in three complementary colors. A design sheet illustrating a range of style examples to aid inspiration can also be found, together with an instruction and application leaflet. The recommended retail price of this first-of-a-kind product is 24.90 EUR / 28.90 USD per box, according to the official press release.

I am so beyond in love with this product, it's almost difficult for me to express in words. Think of it like magical sand; thousands of teeny tiny bullion beads, mixed with crystal particles, nails brilliantly shine and come to life like never before. Crystal Pixie is hands down my most favorite new product that was introduced last year.  This is also the first nail specific product Swarovski has come out with, and I am hoping it won't be their last.    

Featured here are three of the four shades; Rock Shock is not featured.

Cute Mood: a crystal clear with iridescence.  This can look stunning and quite feminine on it's on, or under lighter shades.  However, when used against a dark color, or black, it takes on a whole new feel, and becomes this gorgeous multi-color cosmic creation.  The flatback crystals that accompany it include pale pink pearls, light pink and magenta crystals.

Deluxe Rush: a fun mix of gunmetal and gold.  The flatbacks that accompany it are white pearls, red and blue crystals. 

Classy Sassy: a pure jet black.  The flatbacks that accompany it include white pearls, grey and clear crystals.

I found Crystal Pixie very easy and incredibly fun to work with.  The creative possibilities are literally endless.  Check out some of the designs I came up with.  All of them were done using gel products.  

The depth, dimension, and shine you get from Crystal Pixie is truly out of this world, and is unlike anything on the market.  

I can not recommend it enough!! A must try.

For more information on Swarovski, check them out online:

Swarovski event featuring O.P.I.

Swarovski event featuring O.P.I. 0

Yesterday I had the honor of attending a fabulous presentation from world renowned crystal Mecca Swarovski.  Their latest Fall Winter 2016 collection, titled "Power to Shine," incorporates French haute couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier.  Some of the latest crystal innovations include: crystal embedded fabric, a four-holed crystal button, and a new crystal effect sheen that resembles a scarab beetle and its many colors.    

The afternoon could not be complete without an OPI accent nail art using their latest collection Starlight, coming soon for Holiday 2015, coupled with Swarovski crystals of course.

Check out some of my pics from the event in the gallery. 

It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva

It’s a “Jeweled Life” with Dashing Diva 0

Leave it to the fabulous folks of Dashing Diva to offer these fun fabulous 3D Jewels that will add immediate pizzazz to any manicure or pedicure!

Pictured here is a sampling of the many bejeweled add on’s to the vast Dashing Diva arsenal from fun floral flowers, to loving hearts, to the rebellious rocker with skulls.

The jewels are super easy to apply, and can be secured with either acrylic or nail glue.

This is a fantastic addition to any salon service, and your client’s are going to love you for it as they gain countless complements on their new bling.

For more information on Dashing Diva, or to purchase, check the out here: