Introducing “Sparkle”- Orly Holiday 2014 Collection

Introducing “Sparkle”- Orly Holiday 2014 Collection 0

"This holiday indulge in all things that sparkle and shine. Crank up the volume on color with Sparkle, the new holiday 2014 collection from ORLY. Sparkle offers a palette of metallics, glitters and exploding sequins in festive shades of silver and gold mixed with avant-garde hues of pink and teal. With six shades to choose from, Sparkle delivers a double dose of glitter, adorning finger tips for every holiday occasion.

The six lacquers in the Sparkle Collection include:

Mirrorball: Silver Micro Holo Glitter
Tinsel: Christmas Tree Bar Glitter
Bling: Gold Micro Holo Glitter
Explosion of Fun: Hot Pink Shimmer
Steal the Spotlight: Teal and Pink Glitter
Glitterbomb: Multi Colored Glitter

All Orly Nail Lacquers including the Sparkle Collection are formulated without DBP, Toluene and all traces of Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.

The Sparkle Collection will be available starting November 2014 for $8.50 each. ORLY Nail Lacquers and Treatment products are available at, Sally Beauty, Ulta and other purveyors of beauty throughout the U.S. and in over 100 countries worldwide."- from the official press release. 

Morgan Taylor Midnight Masquerade Winter 2014 Collection Swatches

Morgan Taylor Midnight Masquerade Winter 2014 Collection Swatches 0

"This winter, dress your nails with an alluring personality by donning Morgan Taylor's Midnight Masquerade Winter 2014 color collection, which features six all-new shades inspired by the mystique of an after- hours affair" according to the press release.  

Typically Winter collections tend to be very gold, silver, and glitter heavy.  But the girls behind their namesake line of polishes chose to not follow the typical color conventions, which I have huge respect for.  According to the girls, Taylor Daniel and Morgan Haile, "The color palette of winter is typically muted, dark shades, so we wanted to create something a little different this year."  

The Midnight Masquerade Winter 2014 Collection includes:

My Kind Of Ball Gown: a deep rose pink creme.  Incredibly pigmented; provided solid coverage in 1 coat.

Flirting With The Phantom: a dusty mauve creme.  Also highly pigmented, covered completely in a single coat.

Vixen in a Mask: a shimmering blackened berry.

Don't Rain on My Masquerade: a brown/pink copper glitter.  It is Not rose gold, if that's what your thinking.  I found it to be densely packed with glitter.  I had complete coverage in two coats.  Removed easily, which is always a huge + for me when it comes to stubborn glitter removal. 

Jest-er Kidding: ultra fine silver glitter with larger multi-color glitter pieces.  It is very fun and festive, while staying sophisticated and office appropriate.  I didn't think I would like this color initially, but it really grew on me.  

The Big Reveal: a dark mysterious teal shimmer.  My personal favorite in this collection.  It is stunning in person.  It also didn't stain the nail plate upon removal, which is fantastic.

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

I really enjoyed this collection.  I found it to be very refreshing and a nice departure from the typical winter collections I review.  I think there is nice breath and variety, literally offering something for everyone at any age.  

I found the quality of the polishes to be excellent.  They all applied very smoothly and evenly, giving me zero brush strokes or problems.  I also found the polishes to be highly pigmented, which I love.  I highly suggest you pick up some Morgan Taylor Lacquers if you haven't tried them yet! Their colors are usually always on point, stylish, and on trend;  customers will be requesting them in no time. 

Morgan Taylor Lacquers are 5 free.  The suggested retail price is $8.50 per .5 fl oz (15 mL) bottle.

For more information on Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer check out their website here:

Smith & Cult- Nailed Lacquer

Smith & Cult- Nailed Lacquer 0

I would like to take you all on a journey back in time.  The year is 1995, The cult cosmetics brand Hard Candy has launched at high end retailers such as Nordstrom, a then unheard of $18 a bottle for crazy hued nail lacquer complete with rubber ring, and a 10 year boy in Beverly Hills fell in love.  It is hard for me to express in words how much this brand meant to me.  It paved a foundation for what truly evolved into a lifelong passion.  I was completely spellbound and enamored to say the least.  The outrageous colors offered, the sleek and chic packaging, and those rings! The rubber rings! O-M-G! I had died and gone to Heaven, twice!!  I collected as many bottles of the precious polish as I could, even though I was prohibited from wearing them.  I also kept a journal where I penned my own polish colors complete with funky names.  I too wanted a piece of the action, and at 10 years old I thought I was destined to create the next Hard Candy.

Fast forward approximately 13 years.  I had just graduated from college and started a small scale jewelry business.  I received a special request to attend a private client's home in the Hollywood Hills.  Little did I know the house belonged to Dineh Mohajer- the Queen of Hard Candy herself.  As you can only imagine I died, yet again.  

Nine years now after that fateful evening, Ms. Mohajer has turned out some new tricks from her sleeve, debuting a brand new polish line- Smith & Cult!  The brand itself abides by it's ideology "juxtaposing of two polar extremes."  Smith & Cult recently launched with 30 long wearing, high- shine shades that are said to be inspired by the "Diary of a Beauty Junkie".  

If you find yourself scratching your head, pondering what the heck this is all about let me explain. 

According to their splashy website, "Smith & Cult represents the duality we all inhabit throughout our lives and our individual expressions of beauty, which reflect who we've been, are and aspire to become. Each shade is inspired by and representative of the experiences depicted in the diary entries of our beauty addicted heroine who sees her world through a lens of color... each shade is inspired by and representative of the experience depicted by our heroine in her diary entries." I think it helps tie together the hole concept behind this innovative "Nailed Lacquer" line.   

 Now onto the polishes themselves!

Bitter Buddhist: a dusty sage green with gray undertones. They call it an "opaque celadon green." The diary entry reads, "The crowd was a mixture of teenagers attempting to solve their problems (before they actually have any) and middle age people, mostly women, with a desperate look of "save me" on their faces- it was depressing."

Fauntleroy: a light lilac.  Incredibly pigmented.  They call it an "opaque muted lavender." The diary entry behind it reads, "He has a slight lisp, he covers his mouth when he giggles and he whispers everything that is slightly scandalous."

Kings + Thieves: a rich regal royal blue.  Very highly pigmented.  A gorgeous and very unique shade.  My personal favorite! It is beyond perfection in person.  The pictures do not do it justice.  They describe it as an "opaque dark ink blue." The diary entry states, "Why do I love scavenging through other people's leftovers."  

Dirty Baby: a semi-sheer black base with fine silver glitter particles.  Removed very easily, which is always a major plus when it comes to stubborn glitter polishes.  They describe it as "Ultra fine silver glitter suspended in obsidian base." The diary entry reads, "Wife no. 4 and Co's collective eating disorder means we get all the cake."

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

The product is excellent! The polishes painted on very smoothly, evenly, and effortlessly, all providing full coverage in two coats.  There was zero struggle or brush strokes evident.  

The packaging is gorgeous & highly unique.  The round bottles are larger than your conventional polishes, but pack a punch, and definitely make an eye-catching statement;  clients will definitely be reaching for these colors over other brands in your salon.  (Keep in mind, because of their size, the bottles do not fit traditional polish wall racks, so get creative in how you display them).  The gold hammered dented caps, which are decorative and easily removable, are said to be representative of all our life experiences, according to Mohajer.  I love the attention to detail they have put into every single aspect of this brand.      

The polishes are all 5 free & retail for $18 per 14 mL/ .5 fl oz bottle.  Smith & Cult Nailed Lacqueres are available on their website, C.O. Bigelow, and other top salons nationwide. 

Also, make sure to check out the Awesome video below starring Dineh Mohajer herself explaining the brands vision!

For more information on Smith & Cult or to purchase, check them out here:


Dior Abricot!

Dior Abricot! 0

Hi guys! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was very relaxing and sort of lazy, which is great and highly needed once in a while.

Today I've got some luxury nail care products to share from Dior cosmetics.  Dior has been making nail treatment oriented products formulated with a special ingredient derived from apricots for almost half a century now, and it's finally my time to give them a try.

First up I've got the cult Creme Abricot- Fortifying Cream for Nails.  This product was originally created in 1963, and is touted as "Dior's cult-favorite magic multi- tasker."  It is a thick, salmon hued salve that's said to accomplish three things: promote nail growth, aid nail strength, and provide moisture to cuticles.  Due to its consistency it is highly recommended the product be applied in the evening and left on overnight.    

I found the cult creme to be incredibly thick and tacky.  It made me want to wash my hands immediately after applying.  This saddens me greatly because I had very high hopes for this particular salve.  I would not recommend one fidget with their smart phone after applying this.  I tried applying it in smaller and smaller quantities over various evenings to see if perhaps I was applying too much product, but I still found the same results- sticky and unpleasant.  While it didn't do the trick for me, I went onto to check out some reviews, and plenty of people, thousands actually, are devotees and can't live without it.  The only thing I personally liked about this product was its light pleasant scent.

The Creme Abricot retails for $26 for .35 oz 

The Huile Abricot- Daily Nutritive Serum on the other hand was a completely different story for me.  A daily use cuticle oil packaged in a convenient tube, complete with brush applicator tip, I found this product both innovative and effective.  I didn't find it sticky or messy in the slightest, compared to the Creme.  The application couldn't have been easier or cleaner thanks to the brush applicator tip.  I also loved the light scent it had too.  I used this daily, storing it in different places- my nightstand, gym bag, car, etc.  

I highly recommend everyone give this product a try.  Its wonderful!

The Huile Abricot retails for $26 for .25 fl oz.

For more information on Dior cosmetics, you can check them out online

Dior Vernis- swatches & review

Dior Vernis- swatches & review 0

Hello guys.  Today I've got some very exciting new products straight from France to share with you.  Introducing Dior Vernis! Although it is not brand new to the market, it is new to me, and I am so grateful to get the opportunity to try it out. 

Lets jump right into the reviews shall we!

Diorlisse Abricot- Smoothing Perfecting Nail Care, in Pink Petal 500: a ridge filling base coat to help smooth out imperfections on the nail, conceal slightly, and provide a perfect canvas for color application.  Pink Petal is a sheer milky pink that works great on medium to light skin tones.  The wide brush allows for a smooth, flawless, and incredibly easy application.  Also comes in shade: Snow Pink 800 (not shown here).  Retails for $23 for .33 fl oz.

 Instant French Manicure Pen: a felt tip pen that helps create the perfect French manicure in the privacy of one's home.   You can customize the width and thickness of the French line to your liking.  I found the product flowed smoothly and painted on easily.  I literally had a perfect French manicure within seconds! A very cool product I highly recommend, especially for at-home users.  The pen retails for $23 for .13 fl oz.

Now onto the polishes...

Ruban 268: a light petal pink with a fine shimmer.  Fun, yet sill a sophisticated shade.

Sienna 428: a dusty rose mauve creme.

Wonderland 575: a bright coral pink creme.

Glory 660: a bright watermelon coral creme. Incredibly pigmented.  A "One Coat Wonder!" Almost neon in person, very eye catching.  My personal favorite in this collection!

Massai 853: a true deep red with blue undertones.  Highly pigmented, had great coverage in one coat.

Diorette 988: a berry plum creme.  Highly pigmented.

Spring 798: a smoky grayed lavender.  Also one of my favorites in this collection! 

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

 Dior Vernis, which is "polish" in French, is said to be a couture product, with a gel-effect.  I found the colors to be supremely shiny and long wearing.  I love the silver decorative removable cap featuring the brands logo.  The polish brush was amazing! It was the perfect width and shape, allowing for a very smooth and controlled application, with the perfect amount of polish.  

As far as the "gel- effect" is concerned, I personally think this is a marketing term used for advertising purposes to stay on-trend with popular salon services.  Unfortunately,  it is not possible for nail polish to last 2 weeks without chipping, and it's not nearly as thick as a gel manicure.  Nail polish and Gel polish are made of completely different chemicals, so I think it's misleading to call a product "gel" when it's not.  Nonetheless, I really enjoyed Dior Vernis and would highly recommend everyone give it a try.

Dior Vernis retails for $25 per .33 fl oz bottle, and is available world wide.

For more information on Dior,  check out their website:   




Lauren B. Beauty Botanical Nail Treatments

Lauren B. Beauty Botanical Nail Treatments 0

Hi guys.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween weekend, and a nice Dia de los Muertos celebration.   

I have some fun at-home, not designated for professionals only, nail products from Lauren B. Beauty to share with you all today.  I introduced you last week to Lauren B's Nail Couture, the nail polish line; and now I am following up that post with a review of her Botanical Nail Treatment products.

Although I haven't tried and reviewed all of Lauren B. Beauty's treatment products, I will share with you the ones I have.

Cucitle Oil: "Massage in this luxuriously light oil at the start of your manicure, or anytime your cuticles need a little extra moisture. Custom-blended from 12 pure plant, nut and flower oils, it’s packed with amino acids to promote healing, and comes with a little brush so you can take as little or as much as you need – no mess. So good you will want to rub it all over your body!" 

It is lightweight, non greasy formula that sinks right into the nail plate and cuticle area.  It didn't smear onto my cell phone as I began to text after applying it.  There is a light floral scent, that reminds me of gardenia or rose, but the scent isn't overpowering or unpleasant by any means in the slightest.  The scent reminded my bestie of Johnson's Baby Shampoo, the one in the yellow bottle, but I am not familiar with that.

Retails for $20 for a .5fl oz bottle.

Nourishing Hand Creme: "A super rich indulgence. Laced with antioxidants, peptides and amino acids, this remarkably non-greasy hydrator leaves hands ridiculously smooth and soft. A special delivery system ensures that moisturizing agents sink in fast to plump and soothe for hours. And the heavenly orchid and peony scent alone will make you want a lifetime supply."

It is lightweight.  Absorbed quickly, which is always a major plus in my book.  Was non- greasy, and didn't have a tacky feel to it like some had creams do.  It has a very pleasant light floral scent to it.  Comes in a great compact size that is ideal for travel, in either your purse, a car glove compartment, office desk, etc.  

Retails for $24 for a 2 fl oz (60 ml) tube.   

Nail Polish Remover Pads: "A nail polish remover is a nail polish remover – unless it’s ultra-gentle, spring blossom-scented, and a joy to use. Our set of 15 non-acetone pads are infused with aloe to leave skin silky and moisturized. They also come stacked in an adorable screw-top puck, making them perfect for quick polish changes or on-the-go touchups."   

There is a very sweet scent to them that reminds me of  Mr. Sketch Scented Markers from the 90's.  The container aspect of the packaging is very smart and practical, and makes this remover excellent to travel with.  I found the remover pads did an okay job at removing regular nail polish.  It was however a bit greasy, slightly too oily for my taste, and can get a bit messy/runny.  I would not recommend these to remove stubborn glitter polishes.    

Retails for $15 for 15 pre- soaked pads.   

Nail & Cuticle Balm: "This rich hydrator absorbs instantly to restore parched, straggly cuticles to their prime. Our advanced amino acid complex and biotin promotes healing; sweet almond oil, mango & shea butter, and Vitamin E add moisture; and beeswax creates a water-resistant barrier for extra protection. We love the click-pen applicator – perfect for dotting on throughout the day."

 This was probably my favorite of the Lauren B. Beauty nail treatment products! I really loved this.  It provides a thick consistency, probably do to the nourishing mango and shea butters, which made it very easy to control.  I found it non messy and not greasy in the slightest.  I love the packaging, along with the click-twist pen applicator.  It is ideal for travel: the car, gym bag, purse, nightstand, office desk, etc.  I highly recommend this product for everyone, buy a few of them and store them in different places to make sure your nails and cuticles are always properly taken care of.

Retails for $30 for .05 fl oz (1.5g) pen.  

For more information on Lauren B. Beauty, or to purchase any of the products mentioned in this post, check them out online here:

Lauren B Beauty Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Swatches

Lauren B Beauty Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Swatches 0

Hi guys.  I am very excited today to introduce Lauren B Beauty.  A relatively new luxury nail lacquer line that is treatment based.  

Lauren B herself is California born, and was raised in the high end beauty industry; her uncle is the creator of fine hair care line Philip B, (so we know beauty is in her roots 😉 )

According to the company, "Our nail couture's are not only good for you; they are where beauty meets trend setting fashion, creativity, and luxury. After all nails are your best accessories!"  I couldn't agree more !

The Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture, or polishes as they're traditionally called, are 5 free (no formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, resin or camphor), are made in the USA, are cruelty free and vegan friendly.  The brush bristles are of high quality and are double packed, ensuring a smooth application.  The over cap on the lid is removable, so you can choose whether to paint with a square or cylindrical cap.  The polishes retail for $18-$20 per .50 fl oz bottle.  They are available for purchase at:,, Bergdorf Goodman, Planet Beauty, etc.

I have a few colors from their latest Fall/Winter 2014 collection to share with you all.  "Filtered through Lauren's own youthful L.A. sensibility, her 16 hew fall/winter polish colors represent historical Hollywood influences in ways that look totally fresh now.  From a Chateau Marmont- inspired Cabernet to an Elizabeth Taylor- worthy silver glitter, each hue is designed to flatter hands and feet better than most shades, and with just the right amount of attitude" according to the press release. 

The Fall/Winter 2014 Collection includes:

Sunset Tower: a creamy pinky peach. ["The perfect marriage of peach and pink, this is so much more interesting than either one: the color glows. "]

Hollywood Royalty: a deep dark plum purple with shimmer. ["A hint of gray lends this inky purple tone a little toughness.  The result: a luminous, velvety shade that take our breath away."]

Greystone Grey: a cool grey with slight subtle shimmer. ["Muted but with a wild side: This glossy dark slate hue makes the prettiest neutral, while staying unexpectedly moody and dark."]

33 Carats: a holographic silver glitter in a clear base.  I used three coats for the images shown.  I found this shade applied best in a dabbing motion; I placed a nice large bead in the center of the nail, wiped off my brush, and then I would play around moving and spreading the glitter particles with the dry brush.  This is my personal favorite in this collection! It is so stunning and incredibly shiny. ["Sounds like a rock that Elizabeth Taylor might wear, and that's what inspired this polish.  Packed with flecks of silver glitter... it's diamond sparkly and festive without being gaudy."]

House of Blues: a shimmering navy blue. ["Almost black and just as edgy.  One swipe of our dark midnight blue leaves nails looking drop-dead gorgeous in a subversive yet sophisticated way."]

Angeleno: a metallic pewter with a faint lavender/rose undertone. ["A shimmery rose gold with silver undertones and chameleon properties.  Up close it looks more golden; at arm's length, it has more of a purple-y effect.  Either way, it's hauntingly beautiful."]

One Night in WEHO: a multi-colored glitter extravaganza in a clear base.  The dominant glitter color is fuchsia.  Also featured in: blue, silver, green, and holographic glitter particles.  Like 33 Carats, is best applied in a dabbing motion.  I used three coats for the swatches shown here.  ["If we want to look Rock-and-roll one swipe of this glinty polish does the trick.  Apply it to nude or painted nails: the mix of sheer, kaleidoscope glitter- with particles of purple, blue, green, silver, gold, turquoise, and hot pink- creates a dazzling metallic gleam."]

* #ImSoLA: a bright hot magenta cream.  Very highly pigmented; it covered completely in a single coat!! ** please note this is not part of the Fall collection.  This is part of the spring/summer collection.**

Calabasas Cash: a shimmering deep emerald green. ["The look of the season is metallic- and there's nothing more thrilling than this dark, glossy emerald.  Laced with glints of shimmer, it looks cool and provocative, and lifts a minimalist outfit into a whole new league."]

Gel Like Top Coat: a clear top coat that plumps up the look of polish and provides immense amazing shine.  Applied smoothly and dried relatively quickly.  I wore it over 33 Carats and my nails look like gels.  There is such shine to them in person, they truly look stunning!! ["offers the long-lasting gleam of a salon gel manicure, without any dangerous exposure to UV light.  It comes off with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover."]

(please note, also from the Fall/Winter 14 collection, but missing from this review are: Polo Lounge Punch (deep burgundy), The Chateau (cabernet), Runyon Canyon (deep caramel), Coachella Valley Sun (yellow), #ImJuicing (kiwi green), Sky Bar (pale blue), Private Cabana (pale mint green), Hollywoodland (pure white).

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, unless stated otherwise.)

Overall I really enjoyed the Lauren B Beauty polishes.  I found them well pigmented, easy to work with, and they all had a smooth application.  I found the body of the brush to be quite long, which helped apply the polish evenly and smoothly, but be sure to wipe off any excess product on the neck of the bottle to prevent dripping.  I like the removable lid, and the fact it provided options I though was really great and different.    

I think this collection as a whole is fun and reflective of the fall and winter seasons.  There is something here for everyone. I recommend you all pick up a couple bottles for yourselves and give it a try.

My personal pics include: Calabasas Cash, 33 Carats, Angeleno, and One Night in WEHO and the remarkable Gel Like Top Coat.   

For more information on Lauren B Beauty check them out online here:

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2014 Swatches + Review

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2014 Swatches + Review 0

Hey guys.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today I've got Deborah Lippmann's Holiday 2014 collection "Fantastical" to share.  Six brand new shades, both glitters and shimmers, that will dazzle your fingertips well into the New Year.  

According to the press release, "Bewitching, Mystical, Mesmerizing- An exotic illusion of the nails.  Let your creativity run wild with unexpected colors that are beautifully whimsical.  The only limit is your imagination."

The Fantastical collection includes:

Dear Mr. Fantasy: a bright metallic shimmering magenta, with purple shimmering undertones.  Highly pigmented.  It covered well in one coat.

Marrakesh Express: a shimmering coppery gold duo chrome with large gold shard flecks of glitter.  Reminds me of "The Hunger Games" series; it's very fiery.  It removed easily as well.  A highly unique shade.  

Weird Science: a bold lime green with gold shimmer.  Highly pigmented.  Had excellent coverage in a single coat. A very rare color.

Dream Weaver: a blackened purple/ teal/ green hybrid duo chrome.  Very beautiful in person.  The color shifts with the light.  It is similar to Essie's "For the Twill of it" and OPI's "Peace, Love, and OPI", but it's more teal than sage green.  This was my personal favorite color in this collection!

Xanadu: an icey blue with purple/pink iridescence, and small blue glitter particles.  I wouldn't categorize this as a duo chrome exactly,y however, it definitely has light reflecting properties to it. 

Magic Carpet Ride: multi- shaped holographic glitter in a semi- sheer black base.  The glitter shapes include- circles, bars, diamonds, and hexagons.  This shade was tricky to work with.  I found it best applied in a dabbing motion as opposed to in smooth brush strokes.  Nonetheless, I found it very clumpy, messy, and not pretty overall.  I was highly disappointed because I was so looking forward to being obsessed with this shade.  🙁   

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

Overall I am pretty happy with the Fantastical Holiday 2014 collection.  I think there excellent variety offered, and some vary rare shades that you don't normally come across.  I was however disappointed with Magic Carpet Ride and do not recommend it.  Other than that, the shades were all great, and painted easily and smoothly, and I couldn't recommend them higher.  

The Deborah Lippmann Fantastical collection retails for $18-$20 each, and is available for purchase now.

For more information on Deborah Lippmann, check her out online here:

Cinapro Nail Sugar- Swatches and Review

Cinapro Nail Sugar- Swatches and Review 0

Hi guys.  I hope all is well.  Happy Hump Day.

Today I've got the "Nail Sugar" collection to share with you from Cinapro Nail Creations.  The line is comprised of 10 fun over the top glitters that can bring immense sparkle and pizzazz to any manicure.

According to the press release, "Nail Sugar [is] liquid nail art loaded with 100,000 3D holographic shimmers in every bottle. Combine different Nail Sugar colors to create these exciting nail art designs and kick- start your manicures and pedicures!" Also, "each bottle of Nail Sugar comes with an LED light cap for precision application."  

The Nail Sugar line includes:

Hyperactive: a sheer lime green base, with various sized hexagonal holographic silver glitter particles in it. 

Cotton Candy: a sheer candy pink base with various sized hexagonal iridescent glitter particles.

Sugar Rush: multi sized various glitters.  The primary shade of glitter is a pink/salmon shade.  I am amazed at how densely packed with glitter this shade is.  Essentially full coverage in a single coat.  This is very rare for glitter polishes.

Salt Water Taffy: various sized white hexagonal glitter with tiny cobalt blue bar glitter, in a clear base.  Covers well even in a single coat.

Cherry Cola: medium sized hexagonal red glitter, and teeny tiny fine red glitter particles all in a clear base.  Take 3 coats for full opacity.

Sweet Tooth: medium sized hexagonal blue glitter, and tiny fine blue glitter particles in an opal iridescent base.

Black Licorice: various sized black and silver glitter in a clear base.

Golden Ticket: rose gold/ pale pink glitter particles in two sizes,  in a semi sheer gold base.  

Rock Candy: various sized hexagonal purple, silver, black, and light pink glitters in a clear base. 

Creamcicle: tangerine tiny bar glitters, and two sizes of orange hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  This shade reads very Fall/ Autumn to me.  Makes a gorgeous Halloween themed nail when painted over a black base.!

(all swatches shown here are 2 shades.)

 Overall, I really enjoyed the entire Nail Sugar line.  Who doesn't love great glitters?  One can never own too many in my opinion.  Not only that, but these are very unique and different from what is already available on the market.  

I can't get over how densely packed they all were, becoming opaque in two coats.  I found them removed with relative ease.  And I really enjoyed the illuminated LED cap.  I found it both helpful and really cool.

My personal pics from the line include: Golden Ticket, Cotton Candy, and Sugar Rush.

For more information on Cinapro Nail Creations, check out their website:

Color Club Fiber Optics set swatches

Color Club Fiber Optics set swatches 0

Hi Everyone.  Today I have the latest limited edition mini set from Color Club, "Fiber Optics" to share with you.  

According to their press release, the kit includes "4 unique glitters that'll make heads turn."

The set contains four 0.25 fl oz bottles.

The Fiber Optics set includes:

Neon Static: a mix of neon pink, blue, white, black, and yellow glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Watt's Up: shiny silver glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Electric Spark: gilded yellow gold glitter bar particles in a clear base.

Wired: black and white glitter bar particles in a clear base.

(all swatches shown here are two coats.) 

In general I did not think I was going to like this collection at all.  I have come across similar "bar glitter polishes" in the recent past, with different companies calling them things like "feathered nails" or "fuzzy coat", but I just ignored them.  

These however, despite their diminutive size, pack a punch.  They remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting.  

I was particularly surprised as to how densely packed they were with glitter.  I got excellent coverage with even a single coat, and with two coats, I achieved complete coverage.  

I feel there's a few different ways you can wear or use these polishes as well. You could paint the entire nail, you could do a funky take on a French manicure, or you could do an interesting gradation fade.  Nonetheless, the artistic freedom is totally up to you. 

 I also found the removal to be very easy, which is always a major plus with glitters.

I believe the Fiber Optics set will retail for around $12.95, and should be available soon for purchase on Color Club's website.

For more information regarding Color Club, check out their website in the meantime:


Color Club “Made in NY” Holiday 2014 Swatches

Color Club “Made in NY” Holiday 2014 Swatches 0

Hi Everyone.

Today I've got an exclusive first look at the latest collection from Color Club, "Made in NY" for Holiday 2014.  The collection is comprised of "4 shimmers and 3 cremes to twinkle and shine like the city that never sleeps," according to the press release.

The "Made in NY" collection includes:


Lady Liberty: a pale icy blue/green iridescent shimmer in a clear base.  The polish looks very pale blue in the bottle, but on the nail it looks virtually clear.  Reminds me of an iridescent icicle.  

Million Dollar Listing: a shimmering ultra fine white pearlescent glitter in a clear base.

Bright Kights Big City: an ultra fine cotton candy pink glitter in a clear base.

Concrete Jungle: a pale purple/blue/pink glittery shimmer iridescence in a clear base.  This shade also looks like a pale icy blue in the bottle, but on the nail it translates to almost an iridescent pearly white shimmer.

In general, I am not a huge fan of the shimmers.  They were not build able and you could see visible nail line.  I personally would only recommend using them as a top coat over another color to add dimension.  On the bright side, they did remove easily.  Concrete Jungle was the only one I particularly cared for. 


Off Duty: a coppery rusted bronze.

Apple of my Eve: a deep jeweled magenta wine.

Night at the Met: a strong shimmering medium blue with grey undertones.

(all swatches shown here are two coats.)

Overall I think this was an okay collection.  I definitely prefer the cremes over the shimmers.  Like I mentioned earlier I wouldn't use or recommend the shimmers on their own.  I would only suggest one use them as a top coat over another solid color.  As far as consistency and application is concerned I didn't experience any issues.  

The "Made in NY" collection from Color Club will be available soon.

For more information on Color Club, check them out online here:

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins- Fall 2014 Swatches

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins- Fall 2014 Swatches 0

Good afternoon all.  I hope everyone had a great start to their week!

Today I've got the Fall 2014 collection from Color Club to share with you all, "Seven Deadly Sins."  According to the press release, "7 matte, textured glitters. Each of the deep, sexy hues was created to bring out the bad girl in all of us. Being sinful never felt so glamorous"

The Seven Deadly Sins collection includes:

Friends with Benefits: a light lavender with silver undertones.

Fierce: a scintillating medium toned purple with brown cafe undertones.

Obsessed: a midnight peacock teal.

Under Your Spell: a purple glitter with flashes of green and gold shimmer depending on the light's reflection.

Indulge Me: a coppery bronze.

Dirty Money: a light blonde yellow gold.

You're So Vain: a multi-faceted deep dark purple.

(each swatch shown here was two coats for full opacity, with NO base or top coat.)

Overall I was very impressed with the collection.  What I love Most about matte textured glitter polishes is that they do not require a base or top coat.  Not only does that save product being used, but more importantly it saves a tremendous amount of time.  I found each of the polishes removed very easily, which is usually a major struggle removing glitter.  The polishes all dried incredibly fast, which is always a huge Plus in my book.  And I found each of the colors to be highly saturated in pigment.  With two coats I got complete coverage.      

My personal favorite from this collection include: You're so Vain, Under Your Spell, and Obsessed.

 The Seven Deadly Sins polishes retail for $8.50 each.

For more information on Color Club, or to purchase, check them out online here:

Q & A with Deborah Lippmann

Q & A with Deborah Lippmann 0

Hi Everyone.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  I know I sure did.

I am still pinching myself.  This past Saturday I got the honor and privilege of sitting down with Deborah Lippmann to interview her for my blog.  I have idolized and admired Deborah for many years now, following her magical career's journey featuring endless collaborations with musicians (Lady Gaga, Cher, Kelly Clarkson), actresses (Renee Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker), super models (Lara Stone, Dree Hemingway), fashion houses (Narciso Rodriguez), photographers (Inez van Lamsweerde), Television shows (HBO's True Blood and Girls), and regular HSN appearances just to name a few.  

Celebrating her 15 years in business, and brand new Barney's exclusive 12 color collection (Gold Digger, Magic is the Moonlight, Love me Tender, When Doves Cry, Knock on Wood, Stephanie Says, She's a Rebel, Virtual Insanity, Let's Misbehave, Walking After Midnight, Bettina's Song, Night Fever); Barney's New York in Beverly Hills threw a fabulous daytime fete honoring Ms. Lippmann.  There was tray pass French Macaroons, sparkling rose champagne, and personalized nail assessments with Lippmann herself, where she would diagnose your nails and prescribe polish recommendations suitable for your skin tone and lifestyle.  

Now on to our interview.

Deborah and I had so much to discuss, we could have gone on forever discussing a topic we're both so passionate about- Nails.  Needless to say, here's a summation of our half hour together.

What Inspires You?

 I find inspiration Everywhere.  I have a room, here upstairs at Barney's, where I shop that has gray/taupe suede walls, and depending on how the light hits each of the walls, it reflects a different shade of this nude taupe, and I'm very inspired by that.  

A couple days ago we were having lunch and we had this stone table with all these beautiful shades of rust, dirty green, and I took pictures of it.

I find tons of inspiration working in fashion, working on the on the runway shows.  I just finished doing the Spring 2015 shows , and getting to sit with Donna Karen and actually hear her say what she feels is the important nail for her collection...

I find with this whole advent of Social media,  I think it's incredible because I can here my customer, she can talk to me.  On social, I can see if a bunch of people are asking for the same things.  And then I see if I can accommodate those requests.  I love that people are always emailing me song titles, or putting out on social song titles... it takes it to a whole other level for you if you do know the song.  

I might find inspiration in a rock that I kick on the street later tonight, it's everywhere, it's everywhere.     

Now that you're celebrating 15 years in business, what has been your proudest accomplishment to date with your brand?

There are a couple things. 

Making it through the recession, I think surviving the recession as a luxury niche brand without a big team is a really proud accomplishment for us.  

I would have to say my 15th Anniversary Music Box...  I wrote a song, my best friend Daryl Brown and I, best friends from high school, he's a super successful song- writing producer, he and I wrote a song, I'm speaking to my customers about dreaming outside the box.  It'a like an ode to Disney. All of the colors are things that we don't have in the brand,  and the names of the colors have to do with some part of our journey.  "1999" is the year we launched, a purple glitter for Prince.  "Hey Jude", who is my husband,  it's a super soft black base with silver sparkles to reflect his sparkling eyes.  "I will survive" to show that we survived.  This is one of my most favorite songs to sing "Land of make believe" and it's where my husband says I live most of the time.  This is a color I was inspired by sombodys boot once,  I have a picture of a boot, and so in the office we call it boot, but in the collection it's called "Come Fly with Me".  "The Climb", the Miley Cyrus song about climbing on your journey.  "Pure Imagination"  which is what I love about the brand.  "We are Family" because we are a family business.  There's a color named for my brother Mark, "Love will leave a Mark" because he is my partner also, he has done all the creative from the beginning.  "My Coloring Book" Barbra Streisand,  of course all of this is part of my private coloring book.  "Magic to do" which is looking to our future, we're not finished, we've got a lot more to do.  "I Dreamed a Dream", I auditioned for "Les Miserables" on Broadway, that's what took me to New York.  "A Hard Day's Night" it hasn't always been easy, so that has a little bit of black with a little bit of magical, it's been hard, but there's a bit of a twinkle in the stars, and a light that has always drawn us through our darkest times.

It's not easy, and its definitely not been an easy road, but it's exciting and thrilling.  I am sitting now in Barneys meeting with customers, I mean who would have ever thought?  It's Amazing.  The sky is the limit.                

What Comes first in your creative process, the song title or the polish shade?

 The colors come first.  I for sure have a very extensive list of song titles that I love, that I hope one day will connect with something,  but the color comes first, and then we find the story that names that color.  And when I name them song titles my thought was "I didn't want to say to you that this color is fuchsia, because some people think this is red and some people might say that this is coral, or orange."  We all see color so differently that I wanted to make sure I was just letting the color speak to you. I'm not telling you that it's red, or telling you that it's green.  Let it Sing to you.  Let it Sing to you!  

What do you see in store for the future of nails?

What I hope for the future of nails is that technology will continue,as it has,to get better and better so that we will have longer wearing products that don't require harsh removal.  I think we all want a product that's going to last a long time, the challenge is with those products that are available now, is that the removal process can be really damaging to the nails, and we damage them ourselves, and they get damaged in the salon.  We enjoy ripping them off with our teeth sometimes which we know it's not good for the nails... so I hope that we will find technologies where that polish will really stay on the nails longer if you want it.  But, I also hope that the consumer's vision will continue to go back to the place where nail polish is an accessory and we want to change it.  It's not a commitment to have a hair cut, it's not a commitment of a hair color, it's something that you should want to change and switch it up... I'm hoping that the technology also in application becomes simpler for the end user.   

What do you have up your sleeve for us? Perhaps some suggestions as to what we might expect in the coming months...

 Our customer's asking us for more treatment products.  Our customer is really hungry to have beautiful natural nails.  We are definitely working on formulas and products that are going to really help the natural health of the nail.  

I don't bring things to market until I really feel like they make a difference so there are things that I see in the line that I wish i had but if I cant make it better...  

We are working on some anti- aging products for the hands.  

We're working on some new base coats and tops coats that will make a difference, I can't tell you exactly what (wink wink)....

I have a really fun out of the box Holiday assortment that's really happy, and then in the Spring your going to see a big change.  

What I love is that it's easy for us to try and change and switch things up, and I like to spice it up.      


Deborah started her eponymous brand in 1999, and has been a manicurist since 1982. Her product line is fantastic and I highly recommend it.  I have been a huge fan ever since 2006 when I was first introduced to her line with the dark gleaming gunmetal shade "Hit me with your Best Shot" created with Pat Benatar.

For more information on Deborah Lippmann, or to purchase her products, check out: and

CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review

CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review 0

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. 

Today I have the latest Additives Collection "Gilded Dreams" from CND for Holiday 2014 to share with you all. Three new pigment effects and one new glitter, this limited edition kit will have your nails sparkling and shinning well into the New Year.

The Additives Gilded Dreams collection includes:

Gold Adorned (pigment effect): a glistening gilded yellow gold shimmer. 

Lavishly Rose (glitter): a small rose gold particle glitter.  Rose gold glitter is very hard to come by, so this is an absolute must in my book! 

Pave Diamonds (pigment effect): a gorgeous gleaming foil silver.  This shines and sparkles like no other in person! 

Sapphire Hope (pigment effect): a sparkling cerulean sea blue shimmer. 

 (all swatches shown here were layered over a white gel polish.  The images were taken outdoors in natural sunlight.)

The Additives are very easy to use.  They can be blended into CND's weekly polish Vinylux, any sculpting or gel, or layered over CND's Shellac.  I personally love to burnish the Additives onto the sticky layer of a gel manicure with a brush.  Nonetheless, the creative possibilities one can come up with using Additives are endless. 

I am always a huge fan of CND's Additives collections and this latest one is no different.  CND is always so innovative with all of their products, but I feel they hit the nail on the head with their Additives line.  They are always coming up with amazing new hues and effects that all manicurists could really use in their arsenal- take the rose gold glitter "Lavishly Rose" for instance. I have scoured the internet and craft stores high and low for a good rose gold glitter, and I hadn't found one until now. 

The Gilded Dreams Additives Collection is only available for a limited time, so you better act fast and pick yours up soon.

For more information on CND, check them out online here: