Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 0

I know Father's Day isn't until Sunday June 15th, however, it is never too soon to be prepared for that special man in all of our lives.  This year I would like to take care of daddy from the top of his head, down to the bottom of those tired feet.  No more gifting neck ties or silly sweaters, this years gift is super thoughtful, and one that he will never forget. 

If you think men do not like grooming or taking care of themselves, guess again! Mens feet get sore and tired from all that walking, not just ladies in their stilettos, and those poor cuticles on those manly hands alone could make a manicurist faint.  So I've put together an excellent way to take care of everything a man could need for all of those situations and then some. 

I packaged it all in this attractive and highly functional/practical camouflage print Dopp kit from Herschel Supply Co.  Inside the Dopp kit, I've included the following 4 products:

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy: "an intense, refreshing moisturizing complex to help heal and repair dry cracked skin on heels, as well as knees, elbows, and other areas prone to roughness." This thick cream has a delicate but pleasant cucumber scent, and I personally keep this in my bedside night stand and use it every night before hitting the hay.

CND SolarOil: "a synergistic blend of naturally light oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect." This is hands down the best cuticle oil on the market, and has been voted as such for years and from multiple sources.  I too keep this bedside, and use it daily! 

American Crew Alternator: "A styling and finishing spray that uses polymer based technology for all-day control while allowing the hair to remain flexible for styling and adjusting."

American Crew Post- Shave Cooling Lotion: "A dual-action formula that works as a lightweight moisturizer and calming aftershave containing a blend of extracts and essential fatty acids for healthy, balanced skin."

By all means feel free to customize the kit specifically towards the father in your life, adding your own personal flare.

For more information on any of these products, or to purchase, check them out here:


American Crew:

Herschel Supply Co: 

CND Additives “Open Road Collection”- Spring 2014

CND Additives “Open Road Collection”- Spring 2014 0

Yes I know you always hear me boating and bragging about how much I Love and Adore CND's Additives, but this latest collection for Spring 2014 hits it out of the Park!!!! This is the ultimate collection, and if you have not gone to pick it up yet I highly highly recommend you do so ASAP!

The Spring 2014 CND Additives "Open Road Collection" comes with 5 highly prismatic pigments and glitters that I personally can not get enough of, along with a free silver toned smart phone wallet.  Although the free wallet is not my personal style, it will make a great gift I will pass along to someone else.

The Additives in the collection include:

Denim Geode (glitter): a multi-tonal holographic super fine silver glitter.

Emerald Mirage (pigment effect): a green/gold shimmer.

Amethyst Flash (pigment effect): a deep blue/ purple sparkle shimmer.

Copper Mine (pigment effect): a gorgeous bright shiny metallic true copper.

Desert Chameleon (pigment effect): a burnished terracotta with green iridescence. My personal favorite in this collection!!

(each swatch shown here I burnished the Additives into the sticky layer of a cured Shellac polish, and than covered it with top coat gel).

For more on CND or their Additives, check them out at:

CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014

CND Shellac “Paradise Collection” Summer 2014 0

For Summer 2014, the creative minds at CND have concocted a beautiful array of Shellac hues perfect to embrace those scorching sunny summer days.  According to co-founder Jan Arnold, "lush tropical hues capture the beauty of a faraway island... the exotic exploration of bold gorgeous colors transports you to a world of fantasy and hedonism." 

This exotic and bright 6 piece collection includes:

Electric Orange: a bright creamy summer orange.  This is a majorly hot on trend color for the summer season!!

Cerulean Sea: a bright cerulean aqua blue.

Tango Passsion: a shimmering magenta purple.

Sultry Sunset: a bright and shiny magenta pink, with purple undertones.

Bicycle Yellow: a sunshine yellow.

Lush Tropics: a bright green. This shade totally brings me back to the 90's and I Love it!!

(Each shades is 2 coats, cured each for 2 mins in a UV light).

For more information on CND or Shellac, check them out here:


CND Vinylux- Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection

CND Vinylux- Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection 0


I would describe CND’s latest summer 2014 "Paradise" Collection as Bold, bright & beautiful.  The 7 day wearing, chip free, fast drying Vinylux line created by the master minds at CND, have done it again with yet another fabulous collection.

What I love most about the Vinylux collection, besides the week long wear, is the no need for a base coat, saving tons of time when performing manicures, and saving on unnecessary product, it’s a win win.

The Paradise Collection includes:

Sultry Sunset: a metallic shimmering magenta.

Cerulean Sea:a creamy aqua blue.

Bicycle Yellow: a shimmering streak-free sunny yellow.  Usually I find yellows difficult to work with, but this was smooth sailing, streak free, and a pleasure to paint with.

Lush Tropics: a bright green. Reminds me of my childhood in the 90’s.

Tango Passion:a shimmering pink purple.

Electric Orange: a bright creamy orange.

(each shade shown here was 2 coats for full opacity, with the Vinylux weekly Top Coat.)

For more information on CND and their products, check them out here:

CND Additives Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection

CND Additives Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection 0

As you all my now know I am a huge fan of CND’s Additives, and for summer 2014 they have introduced 5 brand spanking new limited edition shades that definitely set the summer sun ablaze. I personally love how creative one can truly be with the Additives, the possibilities are endless.

The “Paradise” collection of Additives includes not only the 5 new shades, but 2 awesome art implements- a Spatula for mixing (I personally love mine to custom mix glitters for gel manicures) and an Amazing Thumb Palette (which I Love and use all the time, and previously wrote a blog post on:

The 5 limited edition pigment shades in the Paradise collection are:

Tropic Sunrise: a sultry hot neon yellow.

Island Heat: a shimmering gold kissed hot orange.

Pink Lotus: a bright neon hot pink.

Midnight Tide: a metallic shimmering deep ocean blue.  My personal favorite in this collection!

Sizzling Sand: an iridescent sparkling white.

As per usual, this CND Additives kit is limited edition, so pick up yours fast before they’re all gone!

For more information on CND, check them out:

CND Vinylux- “Open Road Collection” Spring 2014

CND Vinylux- “Open Road Collection” Spring 2014 0

Introducing CND’s latest collection of week long wearing Vinylux polishes for Spring 2014 called the “Open Road Collection”.  The collection is comprised of 6 earthy and beautiful shades that are the perfect pedicure complement to the Shellac collection of the same shades, or for the customer who prefers polish as opposed to a gel manicure.

I love this collection and found the formula incredible.  All shades covered completely to full opacity in two coats, and there was zero streaking.

The collection includes:

Sage Scarf: a rich sage green.

Desert Poppy: a shimmering fiery orange coral.

Sun Bleached: a pale buttery yellow

Clay Canyon: an earth toned dark dusty rose.

Powder My Nose: a very clean milky nude.

Mint Convertible: a mint green colored apple.

(All swatches shown here are 2 coats, and are sealed with a top coat).

For more information on CND and their Vinylux line of polishes, check them out here:

CND Shellac- “Open Road” Spring 2014

CND Shellac- “Open Road” Spring 2014 0

I recently got to swatch and play around with CND Shellac’s latest collection for Spring 2014 “Open Road”. CND Co- founder Jan Arnold says this “collection inspires women to let their hair loose, put the top down and drive towards the sunset… Living for the moment and wearing colors that reflect this attitude incites the need for adventure.” Amen to that. I in particular love the earthy qualities of this seasons hues.

The 6 piece collection includes:

Desert Poppy: a shimmering orange tomato.

Mint Convertible: a pale mint green apple.

Sun Bleached: a dusty rose pink.

Powder My Nose: a creamy nude.

Sage Scarf: a muted green sage with blue undertones.

Clay Canyon: a creamy buttery light yellow.

(Each swatch shown here is 2 coats, cured each in a UV light for 2 mins.)

For more information on CND, check them out here:

My Top 9: CND Shellac

My Top 9: CND Shellac 0

Because CND’s Shellac has won #1 best gel polish formula from NAILS Magazine for the last 3 consecutive years, I decided to give CND some extra love.  I have chosen my top 9 favorite colors from their core collection to swatch and review.  I can not number them or choose favorites, for I love them all equally.

Azure Wish: the perfect creamy robin egg blue.

Water Park: a metallic shimmering ocean blue.

Lilac Longing: a soft purple that’s irrisistible.

Purple Purple: a true blurple.  In some light it’s purple, in other light it’s blue.  The perfect combination of both colors.  I love the dual chrome characteristics of this shade shifting color.

Rock Royalty: a rasin purple.

Rubble: a smoky taupe.

Fedora: a vampy blood midnight burgundy red.

Asphalt: a dark slate granite/gray.

Overtly Onyx: a light metallic black with gunmetal/silver shimmer running through it.

(each swatch shown here is 2 coats)

Check out for more on their incredible Shellac, and other nail products

CND Shellac Intimates Collection Swatches!!

CND Shellac Intimates Collection Swatches!! 0

I recently got to review one of the latest Shellac collections from the folks over at CND– the Intimates collection.  This collection is comprised of 4 shades natural pink/ blush shades that are very feminine and flattering.  These shades are perfect for conservative clients, or those who work in corporate 9-5 type jobs.

The collection includes:

Bare Chemise: A pale peach nude pink with a very subtle shimmer in it. The lightest of the 4 shades.

Nude Knickers: a light peachy pink nude shade.

Blush Teddy: a light bubble gum pink. features a very fine and subtle blue shimmer that runs through it.

Satin Pajamas: a dusty rose pink, with a bit of mauve mixed in it.

(For each swatch shown here I did 2 coats.)

For more information on CND or to find out where to purchase, please check them out at:

CND Additives Review

CND Additives Review 0

I recently tried 2 of the Additives from CND‘s staple collection.  I could not be more pleased with these pigments.  I find Additives to be the easiest & most fun way to create an amazing gel ombre effect that will please All of your clients.

The creative possibilities with Additives is truly endless, & CND offers many suggestions on their website:

I’ve said it before, and I will re-state it again, I personally am OBSESSED with CND’s Additives!! They are so unique, and no other nail companies on the market are making anything similar.  And I receive countless compliments and positive feedback from others whenever I use them in my manicures.

The 2 Additive colors I tried are:

Spectrum Shimmer: a chunky glittery pink/purple iridescent pigment.

Haute Pink: a deep rich hot magenta pink pigment.

For both swatches shown here, I buffed the Additive into the tacky layer of a black Shellac gel polish.

For more information on CND Additives, or any of their other products, check them out online at:

CND Fall 2013 “Forbidden Collection” Additives Review

CND Fall 2013 “Forbidden Collection” Additives Review 0

For the Fall 2013 season, the folks at CND created an incredible new limited edition Additives nail art kit.  I personally am OBSESSED with CND’s Additives, they are so wonderful and unique, and no other nail companies on the market are making anything like it.

The kit comes with 5 limited Additive shades, 20 Silver round studs, 20 Gold round studs, and a Silver roll of decorative nail foil.  All of this comes packaged in a beautiful & highly chic metallic silver travel case; it even has compartments to store your nail art brushes!!

The limited edition Additive colors include:

Burning Ember: a metallic red- bronze pigment.

Deep Blue: a deep cobalt royal blue pigment.  My personal favorite in the collection!

Blue Heaven: an ultra fine blue/purple holiday iridescent shimmer pigment.

Plum Love: a metallic mid-tone plum purple pigment.

Steel Dreams: a metallic gunmetal pigment.

For all swatches shown here, I buffed the Additive into the tacky layer of a black Shellac gel polish.

For more information on CND Additives, or any of their other products, check them out at:

CND Shellac Fall 2013 Forbidden Collection Review/Swatches

CND Shellac Fall 2013 Forbidden Collection Review/Swatches 0

For the Fall 2013 season, CND has come out with 6 new shades that will have your fingers Falling into the winter season wit ease.

Steel Gaze: a multi-color, multi-faceted metallic pewter.  Falls more in the silver than gold side of the color spectrum.

Tinted Love: a rich opaque dark raspberry red

Dark Dahlia: an opaque blackened plum. Almost looks black, but is a very dark and deep purple.  Reminds me of OPI’s famed Lincoln Park After Dark.

Burnt Romance: a rich rusted brown tinged ruby red.

Night Glimmer: also a multi faceted metallic deep chocolate brown/ grey shimmer.

Blue Rapture: a dusty and muted Dodger blue.

All swatches are 2 coats, cured in a UV light for 1 minute.

To find out where to purchase these fabulous Fall shades or for further information, contact CND at: