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CND Additives- Flora & Fauna Collection Spring 2015

CND Additives- Flora & Fauna Collection Spring 2015 0

"Retreat to the peaceful harmony of nature with the new Spring 2015 Flora & Fauna collection from CND. Colors and styles are inspired by watercolor impressions of luminous landscapes.

“This season’s trends are all about unplugging from today’s digital world and embracing the simpler things. Sun-bleached tones and dreamy watercolor paintings emerge from the perfection of nature,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “Nails are easy and softly squared – as wearable and simple as a barefoot stroll through the grass while finishes play with matte and shiny effects,” according to the official press release.

CND's Additives are in my opinion one of their most versatile and innovative products to date.  They can be used in so many different creative ways, the possobilites are literally endless.  They can be blended with nail polish, acrylic powder, or gel (my personal favorite).  I personally love to do ombre fades with them over gel polish.  For the pro's out there, CND's site offers tons of wonderful step-by-steps on very cool creative looks you can achieve with them; check it out here:   

CND Flora & Fauna Additives Collection includes:

Hydrangea Bloom: a glistening light blue with silver shimmer undertones. (pigment effect)

Dream Lily: a fine holographic pink glitter.  It truly pops in person, and looks amazing when layered onto darker shades. (glitter)

Nectar Glaze: a glistening light pink with silver shimmer undertones.  Think of this as the pink alternative to "Hydrangea Bloom". (pigment effect)

Silver Ponyfoot: a shimmering silver gunmetal. (pigment effect)

Hummingbird: a fine iridescent glitter, that reflects shades of green and pink.  When layered over white you get a very snowy Holiday effect, but when you layer it over black, or a dark color, the magic really starts to happen.  Hands down my most favorite in the collection!  It is so gorgeous in person.  I would personally buy the entire kit just to get this shade alone.  

(all swatches are shown on either a white or black gel background to demonstrate different effects).

As you all well know I am a Huge huge fan of CND's Additives, and this latest limited edition offering is no different.  I personally am obsessed with CND's Additives, and if you haven't ever tried them for yourself, I highly recommend you find your local distributor and get some.    

For more information on CND, check them out online:

CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review

CND Additives “Gilded Dreams” Collection Holiday 2014- Swatches + Review 0

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. 

Today I have the latest Additives Collection "Gilded Dreams" from CND for Holiday 2014 to share with you all. Three new pigment effects and one new glitter, this limited edition kit will have your nails sparkling and shinning well into the New Year.

The Additives Gilded Dreams collection includes:

Gold Adorned (pigment effect): a glistening gilded yellow gold shimmer. 

Lavishly Rose (glitter): a small rose gold particle glitter.  Rose gold glitter is very hard to come by, so this is an absolute must in my book! 

Pave Diamonds (pigment effect): a gorgeous gleaming foil silver.  This shines and sparkles like no other in person! 

Sapphire Hope (pigment effect): a sparkling cerulean sea blue shimmer. 

 (all swatches shown here were layered over a white gel polish.  The images were taken outdoors in natural sunlight.)

The Additives are very easy to use.  They can be blended into CND's weekly polish Vinylux, any sculpting or gel, or layered over CND's Shellac.  I personally love to burnish the Additives onto the sticky layer of a gel manicure with a brush.  Nonetheless, the creative possibilities one can come up with using Additives are endless. 

I am always a huge fan of CND's Additives collections and this latest one is no different.  CND is always so innovative with all of their products, but I feel they hit the nail on the head with their Additives line.  They are always coming up with amazing new hues and effects that all manicurists could really use in their arsenal- take the rose gold glitter "Lavishly Rose" for instance. I have scoured the internet and craft stores high and low for a good rose gold glitter, and I hadn't found one until now. 

The Gilded Dreams Additives Collection is only available for a limited time, so you better act fast and pick yours up soon.

For more information on CND, check them out online here:

CND Additives- Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Swatches

CND Additives- Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Swatches 0

Introducing, brand new for Fall 2014, the CND Additives Modern Folklore Collection.  Five stunning new pure pigments to add nail art and creative designs to your client's manicures.  I LOVE CND's Additives, and this new collection definitely doesn't disappoint!

Included in the Modern Folklore Collection is:

Ornate Halo: a glistening gilded golden yellow.

Rose Notion: a sparkling shimmering rose magenta pink.

Crushed Suede: a micro iridescent pearlized magenta/blue.  My personal favorite in this collection! It is so stunning in person, it is hard to put into words.  

Jade Rekindled: a glowing emerald jade green.

Plush Velour: a matte velvet navy blue.  I think this particular pigment would look incredible with a matte top coat. 

(all swatches shown here are over a black Shellac gel polish). 

All in all, I absolutely Love the Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Additives Collection.  I think the colors are absolutely stunning, and are quite different from all the other pigment Additives CND has already created.  As per usual, this Fall set is limited edition so I highly recommend picking up yours fast before it's too late!

For more information on CND, or to purchase, check them out here:

CND Additives “Open Road Collection”- Spring 2014

CND Additives “Open Road Collection”- Spring 2014 0

Yes I know you always hear me boating and bragging about how much I Love and Adore CND's Additives, but this latest collection for Spring 2014 hits it out of the Park!!!! This is the ultimate collection, and if you have not gone to pick it up yet I highly highly recommend you do so ASAP!

The Spring 2014 CND Additives "Open Road Collection" comes with 5 highly prismatic pigments and glitters that I personally can not get enough of, along with a free silver toned smart phone wallet.  Although the free wallet is not my personal style, it will make a great gift I will pass along to someone else.

The Additives in the collection include:

Denim Geode (glitter): a multi-tonal holographic super fine silver glitter.

Emerald Mirage (pigment effect): a green/gold shimmer.

Amethyst Flash (pigment effect): a deep blue/ purple sparkle shimmer.

Copper Mine (pigment effect): a gorgeous bright shiny metallic true copper.

Desert Chameleon (pigment effect): a burnished terracotta with green iridescence. My personal favorite in this collection!!

(each swatch shown here I burnished the Additives into the sticky layer of a cured Shellac polish, and than covered it with top coat gel).

For more on CND or their Additives, check them out at:

CND Additives Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection

CND Additives Summer 2014 “Paradise” Collection 0

As you all my now know I am a huge fan of CND’s Additives, and for summer 2014 they have introduced 5 brand spanking new limited edition shades that definitely set the summer sun ablaze. I personally love how creative one can truly be with the Additives, the possibilities are endless.

The “Paradise” collection of Additives includes not only the 5 new shades, but 2 awesome art implements- a Spatula for mixing (I personally love mine to custom mix glitters for gel manicures) and an Amazing Thumb Palette (which I Love and use all the time, and previously wrote a blog post on:

The 5 limited edition pigment shades in the Paradise collection are:

Tropic Sunrise: a sultry hot neon yellow.

Island Heat: a shimmering gold kissed hot orange.

Pink Lotus: a bright neon hot pink.

Midnight Tide: a metallic shimmering deep ocean blue.  My personal favorite in this collection!

Sizzling Sand: an iridescent sparkling white.

As per usual, this CND Additives kit is limited edition, so pick up yours fast before they’re all gone!

For more information on CND, check them out:

CND Additives Review

CND Additives Review 0

I recently tried 2 of the Additives from CND‘s staple collection.  I could not be more pleased with these pigments.  I find Additives to be the easiest & most fun way to create an amazing gel ombre effect that will please All of your clients.

The creative possibilities with Additives is truly endless, & CND offers many suggestions on their website:

I’ve said it before, and I will re-state it again, I personally am OBSESSED with CND’s Additives!! They are so unique, and no other nail companies on the market are making anything similar.  And I receive countless compliments and positive feedback from others whenever I use them in my manicures.

The 2 Additive colors I tried are:

Spectrum Shimmer: a chunky glittery pink/purple iridescent pigment.

Haute Pink: a deep rich hot magenta pink pigment.

For both swatches shown here, I buffed the Additive into the tacky layer of a black Shellac gel polish.

For more information on CND Additives, or any of their other products, check them out online at:

CND Fall 2013 “Forbidden Collection” Additives Review

CND Fall 2013 “Forbidden Collection” Additives Review 0

For the Fall 2013 season, the folks at CND created an incredible new limited edition Additives nail art kit.  I personally am OBSESSED with CND’s Additives, they are so wonderful and unique, and no other nail companies on the market are making anything like it.

The kit comes with 5 limited Additive shades, 20 Silver round studs, 20 Gold round studs, and a Silver roll of decorative nail foil.  All of this comes packaged in a beautiful & highly chic metallic silver travel case; it even has compartments to store your nail art brushes!!

The limited edition Additive colors include:

Burning Ember: a metallic red- bronze pigment.

Deep Blue: a deep cobalt royal blue pigment.  My personal favorite in the collection!

Blue Heaven: an ultra fine blue/purple holiday iridescent shimmer pigment.

Plum Love: a metallic mid-tone plum purple pigment.

Steel Dreams: a metallic gunmetal pigment.

For all swatches shown here, I buffed the Additive into the tacky layer of a black Shellac gel polish.

For more information on CND Additives, or any of their other products, check them out at: