CHANEL Sunrise Trip 683 Review

CHANEL Sunrise Trip 683 Review 0

Leave it to the folks at CHANEL to introduce a single color for the Spring Summer 2016 season! Only they could do this, and boy am I ever obsessed.  

The notion that companies introduce upwards of 18 colors in a single collection I find silly and unnecessary.  How many shades of bright cherry red creme do we honestly need? CHANEL typically introduces 3 shades in a season's collection, however, they're starting off this year with a bang by focusing on a single color- Sunrise Trip #683.

Sunrise Trip is quite magical and a chameleon of sorts.  It is a purple/blue hybrid that sort of changes depending on the light's reflection.  It is a jelly finish, which I personally Love, and is quite unique for CHANEL polish.  Typically CHANEL polish comes in a creme or pearlized finish, but this glass-like jelly formula I absolutely adore.  It painted on smoothly and evenly, with absolutely no visible brush strokes or streaking.

Very highly pigmented, in a single coat there is tremendous coverage.  With two coats you have complete coverage.

I love the shade, I find it highly unique, and greatly recommend you pick it up before its too late. 

Le Vernis CHANEL in Sunrise Trip 683 is available now, and retails for $28 per 0.4 fl oz (13 ml) bottle.

For more information on CHANEL or to purchase, check them out online:


CHANEL- Les Beiges Collection Summer 2015

CHANEL- Les Beiges Collection Summer 2015 0


Today I am excited to share with you all a new classic and timeless collection from CHANEL. Introducing Les Beige Collection for Summer 2015; four sumptuous new creamy shades that complement virtually ever skin tone. 

CHANEL's Les Beige Collection includes:

Beige Rose 655: a carnation pink creme.  Not a beige color at all really, but still very pretty nevertheless.

Beige Pur 659: a creamy beige nude with slight peach undertones.  It's very sophisticated looking.

Precious Beige 661: a creamy beige with rose pink undertones, and the finest pearl shimmer that glimmers in the light.  I'm obsessed with this shade.  It's very unique, especially due to the pearl effect.  I also find it very elegant. 

Lovely Beige 663: a creamy mocha mauve with rose undertones.  Perfect for those with a darker skin tone.  

(all swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

You can't ever go wrong with a collection of nudes in my opinion, and I like the fact that CHANEL threw in Beige Rose, which is honestly a pale pink.  Like I mentioned earlier, these are all classic and timeless shades that clients will request again and again.  

They each painted on smoothly and evenly, giving me zero issues, including no brush strokes. Sometimes, nudes or flesh tone polishes can lean on the sheer side, so I was very pleased to see how highly pigmented these colors were, and how they didn't come out sheer at all. 🙂

My personal favorite color from this collection if I had to pick just one, is: Precious Beige

Les Beige Collection from CHANEL is available now, and retails for $27 per 13ml (0.4 fl oz) bottle.

For more information on CHANEL, or to purchase online-


CHANEL Nail Colour Fall 2015 Review

CHANEL Nail Colour Fall 2015 Review 0

Hey guys,

I hope your all having a wonderful week thus far  I know I sure am. 

I am so beyond excited, thrilled, privileged, honored, and overjoyed to say the least to present to you all the latest collection of nail polish from none other than CHANEL- what in my opinion is literally the "Holy Grail" of nail polishes. 

"Discover a rich tapesty of shades inspired by beautiful fall foliage.  Earthy neutrals dress eyes in natural splendor, while copper tones and deep reds blaze on the lips.  An ideal complement to autumnal colour, a new manicure range helps prep and perfect any nail look," according to the official press release.  

the CHANEL Fall 2015 Nail Colour collection includes the following three shades:

Chataigne (669): a semi-sweet dark chocolate creme.

Vert Obscur (679): a deep dark forest green jelly with slight teal undertones.  I am obsessed with the jelly formula.  It almost has some translucency to it.  The color builds up beautifully in just two coats too.  Also happens to be my personal favorite of the three! 

Ecorce Sanguine (671): a red apple creme with a very faint fine shimmer running through it.  Also has slight blue undertones.  

(All swatches shown here are two coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light). 

I am very pleased with this latest collection from CHANEL. I think the colors are all very pretty and highly wearable.  These are shades I know for sure my clients will be asking me for time and time again.  

I found the formula to be absolutely divine.  The colors were all incredibly richly pigmented, and painted on smoothly and effortlessly, with absolutely zero brushstrokes. Don't get me started on the jelly formula of Vert Obscur.  I don't have any other polishes in my immense arsenal that even come close.  Not only is the color very unique, but that jelly formula I just absolutely Love and can''t get enough of.

The bottles fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are so easy to work with.  The paint brush is phenomenal, allowing you to paint perfectly and with tremendous ease.  And the neck of the bottle is relatively thin, and in my opinion, wipes off any and all access paint from the brush, so each and every time you have the perfect amount of product to work with.    

I highly recommend all three shades, but if you have to pick just one, my personal favorite would have to be Vert Obscur.

The CHANEL Fall 2015 Nail Colour collection is out and available now for a limited time and retails for $27 per 0.4 fl oz (13 ml) bottle.

For more information on CHANEL or to purchase online, check them out here: 


Turn any Nail Polish into Gel with- Gelibility

Turn any Nail Polish into Gel with- Gelibility 0

I am so honored and excited to introduce this revolutionary product to all my readers.  You are not seeing things.  You absolutely read the title correctly.  Introducing GELibility, a 2 part system them enables you to turn any conventional nail polish you presently have in your stash, and transform it into a gel polish that will last over two weeks, saving you tons of money!

 When I first heard about GELibility I was highly skeptical.  The components in nail polish and gel polish are entirely different and aren't usually compatible.  The solvents in nail polish need to air dry, and gel polish requires curing in either UV or LED light in order to properly harden.  Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some GELibility and put it to the test.

In order to really prove that GELibility works, I purposefully chose a difficult color of nail polish, CHANEL"s Peridot, a green-gold dual chrome, to see how well GELibility truly works.  I was amazed and shocked by the final outcome.  Not only was I able to turn my favorite nail polish color into a long lasting gel, the dual color properties of the original nail polish carried over to the gel!

The GELibility process was really easy and user friendly as well.  

1) Apply GELibility "Stick It" to clean dry nails as a bonder/base. Cure for 30 seconds.

2) Remove the tacky layer with alcohol.

3) Mix equal parts of GELibility "Fix It" with any nail polish lacquer, in a small dish or mixing palette.

4) Using a gel brush, apply 3 thin layers of the mixture to the nails, curing for 1 minute each time.

5) Apply a thin coat of GELibility "Fix It" as a top coat.

6) Wipe away the sticky layer with alcohol, and voila.  

I found the entire GELibility process very easy, and it's a fantastic way to interact and customize and manicure for your clients.  I can not recommend this product more! Every single salon should have GELibility!! 

For more information on GELibility, or to purchase, check them out here:


CHANEL Couture Fall 2013 Nail Rings!!! 0

O- M- G!! What will they think of next!??