Introducing Gel Play by Akzentz!

Introducing Gel Play by Akzentz! 0

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope you are all having a great week.

I am so excited to introduce the brand new "Gel Play" line from Akzentz.  Two new gel products, "Bling On" and "Glitter Me" that will revolutionize the gel manicures you perform.  Both of the products are inspired by famed Japanese manicurist guru Mami Griffin.

"Bling On" is a thick clear gel that is used to help adhere rhinestones, crystals, charms, and various objects to the nail without having to seal with top coat.  The formula is a bit on the thick side, which I loved, because it was very easy to work with.  I laid out a thin layer and than started adding my crystals and gold studs one by one.  I was able to move the gems around to the exact position I wanted without any trouble.  Once everything was in it's proper place, I cured for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, and then wiped off the inhibition layer and voila.  

I love this product for so many reasons! I have been dying to find a product that will strongly and effectively secure my rhinestones and crystals to the nail without needing to cover them with a top coat.  Once you cover a Swarovski crystal with a clear top coat gel you completely dull the shine and brilliance of the crystal, which is the entire point of buying and using pricey Swarovski Crystals.  With Bling On, once the design is cured, the gems aren't going anywhere, and sparkle and shine exactly how they were intended to do so.  This product is the answer to my prayers! I highly highly recommend it for everyone!!  

"Glitter Me" is a thin light weight clear gel designed for mixing glitter.  There are a few different ways you can work with this product.

1) You can apply a small amount of the "Glitter Me" gel directly to the client's nail, and then sprinkle the glitter onto it.

2) You can mix equal parts of the "Glitter Me" with glitter to make a completely customized glitter gel that you can than paint onto the clients nails.

I really enjoyed working with this product, because I found it highly versatile and helpful.  I traditionally would use a conventional clear soak off base gel to mix my glitters with, but "Glitter Me" is a much better consistency to work with regarding that.

I love the brand Akzentz and am so pleased they introduced these two new products.  I strongly feel and highly recommend all manicurists give both "Glitter Me" and "Bling Me" a try.

For more information on Akzentz, you can check them out online: