Kupa 10pc Carbide Bit Kit 0

I Love this 10 piece Carbide Bit set from one of the top leaders in the industry- Kupa.  This kit literally has all the tools one would ever need to perform a perfectly finished sculpted manicure!!

Carbide bits shave enhancement product as opposed to scratching it the way sand, file, and diamond bits do.  Beware not to use carbide bits on natural nails.  They are specifically designed for use on nail enhancements.

The Kupa 10 Piece Carbide Bit Kit includes:

- 10 sanding bands

Stainless Steel Mandrel

- 2 Week Backfill Bit: 1/4 the size of a barrel bit, & trenches out 2 weeks worth of growth at the smile line & to replace white tip powder. (Is also commonly referred to as a Maintenance Bit)

- 4 Week Backfill Bit: 1/2 the size of a barrel bit, and is created to trench out 4 weeks of growth.  It is large enough to cut and remove entire nail product if needed. (is also known as a Maintenance Bit)

- Cone Bit: slim longer tapered bit that is used under the nails, cuticles, on top of the nail,  sidewalls, and or to prep the cuticle area for a fill.

- Inverted Backfill Bit: angled & larger at the top, this bit is used to cut and remove nail product in its entirety.

- Large Barrel Bit: used for surface work, shortening length, and backfill cutting. The flat top of the bit can be used to cut a new smile line also.

- Small Barrel Bit: like the Large Barrel Bit mentioned previously, this is also used for surface work, shortening length, and backfill cutting.

- Tapered Barrel Bit: It is perfect for doing work on the top surface, and to cut maintenance on small nails at a flat angle, & at the cuticle and sidewalls.  Also can be used to prep the cuticle area product for a fill due to small circumference at the tip.

- Under Nail Cleaner Bit: a highly pointed bit that's used for tight spaces like under the nail, sidewalls, and for making designer holes in nails to attach jewelry or dangling charms.

- Safety Bit: designed to perform safe cuticle work.  It can be used for underneath the nail and for shaping.  Is also perfect for beveling the enhancement at the cuticle during a fill.

For more information on Kupa and its products, or to purchase, check them out here: http://www.kupainc.com/