Introducing Aora Nails! 0

I am so over the moon excited to introduce you all to Aora Nails! It's a revolutionary product line that is blowing the minds of nail technicians and nail art fans alike around the world.  

I duo-chrome powder pigment in a small orbital sphere creates an almost mirror like chromatic finish simply by rubbing it in- too good true be true, I know, but it's not, it's totally legit.  

I found the product really easy to use and work with.  To burnish the pigment onto a nail you can use either your finger, a disposable eye shadow brush, or a silicon applicator tool.  I prefer the silicon tool personally.  Choose whichever base color you'd like, but I personally recommend doing this over a black base. And literally all you do is rub a tiny tiny amount of the powder into a cured layer of the Base Gel. I rubbed pretty vigorously, and got remarkable results. Seal with Top Gel and your good to go. 

The results are simply out of this world.

The color I have on hear to share with you all is A1, and I would have to describe it as a purple/green duo-chrome, that also shifts to shades of blue under certain light. The color is insanely gorgeous and I get constant complements on it everywhere I go. 

The Aora Polarized pigments are sold in a set, not featured here, which includes 6 shades, 7 mL bottles of the Base and Top gel, and a silicon applicator tool. The set retails for around $120.

I'm aware the price might seem a bit steep, but let me assure you clients are going to go bananas for this effect.  Not only that, but you use such a tiny amount, the set will definitely last you a very long time and get you through hundreds of services easily.

I know there are many knock offs going around out there on the internet, with imitations made in China popping up all over eBay, Amazon, and the like. But do not be fooled people, This Aora is truly exceptional and delivers sensational results.  I highly highly recommend it.

For more info on Aora, or to purchase online, check them out here: