The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 Collection

The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 Collection 0

"Joy to the world, Gelish and Morgan Taylor bring you the Little Miss Nutcracker 2017 Collection for the holiday season! Inspired by toy soldiers and nutcrackers, this collection brings holiday cheer to light with seven lively shades. From glistening silver metallic to a bold, red shimmer, each shade will bring cheer to your nails and heart throughout the festivities.  As an added Holiday bonus the collection features a limited edition silver special effect glitter than can be worn alone or as an overlay on top of any of the collection shades for an even more festive look! 

"We like to keep the color palette joyful and full of spirit for the holidays," says Danny Haile, CEO. "This collection was extra fun to create as we used an assortment of glitters and metallic finishes expressing that new toy shine look for your manicure.  We also wanted to make the shades even more over the top so we created a special glitter effect that should be paired with all of the collection colors." according to the official press release. 

The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 collection is comprised of the following shades-

You Crack me up: a glittery green. [bright green glitter]

Baby its Bold Outside: a navy blue cream. [navy blue cream]

Dreaming of Gleaming: a shimmering metallic silver. [silver metallic]

Silver in my Stocking: an irregular chunky shaped silver glitter in a clear base.  Can be used on its own with a few coats, or can be painted on top of any shade. [silver special effect]

Just tutu Much: a shimmering metallic gold. [gold metallic]

Plum- thing Magical: a shimmering purple plum. [royal purple shimmer]

Don’t toy with my Heart: a crimson red shimmer. [red shimmer]

     This is a super fun collection especially for the upcoming holiday season.  The collection plays with a lot of different textures and finishes- some glitter, some shimmer, some metallic, there is a bit of something for everyone.    

     I found all of the shades applied smoothly, evenly, and easily and didn't give me any trouble whatsoever.  Each color was fully opaque in two coats, except of course for Silver in my Stocking.

My personal favorite shades in this collection are: Baby its Bold Outside, and Silver in my Stocking.  They would also look beautiful layered together 😉

The Morgan Taylor lacquers are 0.5 fl oz (15 mL), and the Gelish MINI are 0.3 fl oz (9 mL).

 “The joy doesn’t stop there; get the entire collection in matching nail lacquer and gel polish shades! Pop open the toy box and get ready to play with the Little Miss Nutcracker 2017 Collection from Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor; at MorganTaylorLacquer.com and SallyBeauty.com. For more info, please visit www.GelishMINI.com or www.MorganTaylorLacquer.com




Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Starter Kit Review

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Starter Kit Review 0

"Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Nail Colour Dip System is the new way to give salon and spa clients up to 14 days of professional nail colour with the wearability of a gel and the durability of an acrylic! This odour-free system utilizes specially formulated resins, state-of-the-art activator and finely milled, highly pigmented powders to create a super vibrant set of nail colour with an unbeatable high-gloss shine! 

Powder Polish is designed for easy application and is priced to help increase profitability for the nail professional in today's highly competitive nail colour category.

In addition to solid colour application, the Powder Polish Dip System is perfect for creating flawless French nail styles, performing simple fills and building a perfect Apex nail formation. "

The Cuccio Difference:

102 trendsetting colours!

No light required! Zero cure time!

Flawless finish with no damage to natural nails!

Thinner, lighter and stronger results!

No sculpting necessary!

No odour!

Create Perfect Smile Lines!" according to the official ad. 

The Kit retails for $49.95 and contains the following goods-

1/2 oz Passionate Pink (a bright magenta pink)

1/2 French Pink (a light ballet pink with fine shimmer in it)

1/2 Clear (pretty straight forward)

1/2 White (a pure opaque white)

1/2 Silver w/ silver mica (a shimmering fine glittery silver)

3 Dipping trays

Step 1 Nail Primer (1/2 oz): fast acting pre-wash thoroughly cleanses the nail plate of oils and debris creating a superior bond for the powder polish.

Steps 2+4 Nail Base & Top Coat (1/2 oz): ultra thick, 2-in-1 creates the ultimate smooth surfaced foundation and protective top coat layer all in the same formula. [the bottle's neck has a guard on it that helps remove excess product off the brush, so you have an ideal amount each time.] 

Step 3 Layering Gel Dip (1/2 oz): thin viscosity gel layers the powder polish to create a perfect structured nail. [this bottle's neck also has a guard on it that helps remove excess product off the brush.] 

Step 5 Gel Activator (1/2 oz): fast reactive activator initiates the curing process without the use of a LED/UV light. [what's most amazing and fascinating to me about this product is after you apply it the nail is legit cured and hardened.] 

Step 6 Brush Cleaner (1/2 oz): use to clean application brushes of any residue powder colour left after application. [Initially I didn't know what to do with this product or why I would need it, but after experimenting a few minutes with the system I clearly saw why this product is added to the kit.  Especially useful after using strong colours like Passionate Pink].

Step 7 Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil (1/2 oz): hydrating cuticle and nail treatment provides a revitalizing complex that contains milk proteins, honey and vitamins to nourish, moisturize and protect the cuticle and nails. [I love the way this product feels, and the scent isn't too overwhelming or over powering]  

Complete Instructions enclosed as well.

Some FAQ's include:

Cost Per Usage: approximately $1.25- $1.60

How long does it take to apply?: approximately 20-25 minutes of a full set.

How many full sets can I create from a 2 oz jar?: approximately 20-25 sets. 

Okay, so first things first, what is dipping nails.  Dip nails is a popular salon service that's been around for years (since the 80's actually) and has become very popular again recently. It is essentially a resin glue and acrylic powder, and you either dip the nail or sprinkle the powder onto the nail.  Apply an activator to harden/cure the product, buff, top coat and your done.  

Why is this good and why would you need it? There's a few beneficial reasons to use a dip system such as this one featured here. It's relatively easy to apply, there's no strong odors, no UV/LED lamps to scare or intimidate clients.  Also there's no need to sculpt extensions with forms, using a dip system you'd use nail tips.  Also, when all is said and done, if applied well and properly, there is very little finish filing required. 

I will admit the French nail design takes some practice.  I tried it about 3 times, and wasn't super thrilled with the results.  Nonetheless, I personally dislike French manicures, and shrug whenever clients request them and suggest they try a different nail look. 

I am a huge gel fan, so personally I am not going to switch my clients over to a dip system.  However, if you are interested in trying a dip system I highly suggest and recommend you give this kit a try.  It is highly affordable and contains everything you need to get started. 

For more info on Cuccio, check them out online here: http://cuccio.com/


introducing Brillbird

introducing Brillbird 0

Hey everyone, i am so excited to introduce you all to Brillbird, one of Hungary's top nail product lines.  I was first introduced to Brillbird at the ISSE trade show in Long Beach.

Brillbird offers a rather extensive product line, including many different builder gels, art gels, acrylic, polish, gels, brushes, etc.

Some of the products I have featured here to share with you all include-

Brush & Go Color Gel: This is a hard gel that is ideal for doing nail art.  I have it shown here in #25 (a light blue periwinkle) and #19 (an antique bronze gold). The Brush & Go line contains over 43 colors, and doesn't bleed or spread.  It is incredibly well pigmented, one coat is all you need, no need for a second coat or to go over your design again.  There is very low odor, and a little goes a long way.  This line is excellent for detailed nail art.  Also worth mentioning the fine glitter in #19 didn't smear or travel when top coated.  

Designer 3D Gel: shown here in Silver.  Allows you to create amazing raised and slightly textured nail art designs.  Comes in 5 shades.  Doesn't move, stays where you paint it.  Also doesn't need to be cleansed after curing.

ICY Gel: a clear super dense builder gel that doesn't cause heat spikes typically related with builder hard gels.  There is no yellowing, the product is easy to file, doesn't flow, is pinchable, and incredibly durable.  If you enjoy a strong builder gel that doesn't move this is the gel for you.

Cover Tan Gel: a gorgeous rosey pink builder gel that is perfect to elongate the natural nail bed.  It is very easy to work with, and is less controlled than the stiffer Icy Gel mentioned above.  

Chrome Flakes: in Purple.  I am beyond obsessed with this product.  It takes the chrome trend to a whole new level.  These are larger particles of chrome pigment, that depending on how hard you rub them into cured gel layer, can have different results.  The color is absolutely gorgeous and shifts between a purple and indigo blue, and then under other light, reflects hints of green/gold.

I highly recommend you give some of Brillbird's products a try.  You won't regret it.  

For more info on Brillbird, check them out online here: https://www.brillbirdusa.com/


Essie Spring 2016 Review

Essie Spring 2016 Review 0

"This season, the runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris are filled with jets.  That's right, from Heathrow to JFK, fashionistas and discerning travelers are packing up and taking off to the same place: Florida! With so many luxurious destinations to choose from, the sunshine state offers every shade of fun in paradise.  Like the sun, fashion burns hotter in Florida and essie's new spring 2016 collection is no exception.

Reflecting the spirit of spring in chic retreats like Palm Beach, essie's newest collection strikes the perfect balance between fashion forward and retro glamour.  These six new compelling shades are bold, bright and each a slice of life from paradise.  So when spring arrives, don't resist the call of the beach: head to the Sunshine State or if you can't get away, try to cultivate a sunshine state of mind" according to the official press release. 

The new Essie Spring 2016 Collection consists of the following shades:

Sunshine State of Mind: a bright and bold tangerine creme. [blazing coral tangelo]

Poolside Service: a deep blue/gray/teal cream.  I know that doesn't seem to help explain much, but this is a very beautiful and highly unique shade. [crisp cerulean blue]  

High Class Affair: a creamy nude with slight peach undertones.  [amorous blush nude]

Shades On: a lovely lilac cream. [mysterious cool violet]

Lounge Lover: a creamy flamingo pink. [pretty pink peach]

Off Tropic: a rich forest green cream. [lush grove green]

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

To be entirely frank and honest, upon first glance at this collection I thought to myself, "well this doesn't look very Spring!" but after spending some more time swatching the shades and reading what the inspiration was behind the collection it all started to make sense.  Much like the Metropolitan musings of Miami and other Florida destinations, there's rich intense colors abound, such as Off Tropic and Poolside Service that can do very well in warm spring months; particularly for toes.  Other shades in the collection are straight up reminiscent of Florida, and I find totally on point, like Lounge Lover and Sunshine State of Mind.

As far as the formula is concerned, I found all the shades in this collection to be very well pigmented.  I achieved full coverage in two nice coats.  I didn't experience any issues with any of the colors.  There's no visible brush strokes, streaking, or anything of the nature to report on. 

My personal favorites from this collection include High Class Affair and Poolside Service.

Also worth mentioning, this collection comes in matching gel polish form.

Essie's Spring 2016 Collection retails for $8.50 per 0.46 fl oz (13.5 mL) bottle, and is available now.

For more info on Essie, check them out online here: http://www.essie.com/

Manicurist Mondays x Marisol Alvarado

Manicurist Mondays x Marisol Alvarado 0

Name: Marisol Alvarado

Salon: The Beauty Parlor, Stockton, CA 

Instagram: SinplyCreativeNails



What inspires you and your designs?

Everything outside the nail room- cars, wires, metal, the hardware store.

What's the most "out there." non-traditional material you've incorporated into a manicure?

 Human hair and wire.

Describe a favorite manicure you've performed?

Encapsulation with 3-D art, wire, broken watch pieces.  It was a very feminine Steampunk look.  

What's a favorite trick you've learned?

How to gel crystals properly to secure them onto the nail while maintaining their shine and brilliance.  Also, how to encapsulate point back crystals.

What's the most unique request you've received from a client?

Dicks, balls, and vaginas for a bachelorette party.

check out some of Marisol's work below.

Celebrate Halloween with Zoya

Celebrate Halloween with Zoya 0

Get 3 Spooky Glam ZOYA NAIL POLISH shades for FREE.

· Storm (Black Metallic Glam Sparkle Nail Polish)

· Mimi (Purple Metallic Glam Sparkle Nail Polish)

· Amy (Orange Metallic Glam Sparkle Nail Polish)

With any purchase of $25 or more, exclusively on zoya.com!

Now thru Halloween (10/31/15)